B.Tech [Computer Science & Engineering]

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Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful innovative and flexible and to secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical Skills.

Personal Information:
24th September, 1988 Male Indian,gayatri nagar,pratapgarh(UP). 3/11,vibhav khand,gomtinagar,lucknow(UP)

Date of Birth: Sex: Nationality: Permanent address: Current address:

Skills and Proficiencies:

Programming Skills: Software Packages: Operating Systems:

C, C++, C#, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, HTML. Turbo C/C++, Net beans, Eclipse ganymade, Myeclipse 5.1.0 Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Vista, Windows7,Linux,Unix English, Hindi, German (little slow)

Language skills:

3 4 5 . Have been in the Event Organization Committee of Samanvaya. Our project was to show the work of pipelining 3 4 and MS. entering them into QuickBooks.LTD. 2 I have worked on projects “MULTILEVEL MARKETING”. Our project is to receive Internal as well as External time Sheets from client. Extra Curricular Activities and Hobbies 1 2 Member of the working body of AMITY CLUB OF TECHNOLOGY – The society of CS&E students at AMITY UNIVERSITY. Actively take part in ROBO WAR in Integral University and got 2nd prize. New Delhi I have worked on a project on LAN Computer at BHEL jagdishpur I have made a project on PAYROLL in Software Enginnering which was given in 5 semester.NET at APPIN KNOWLWDGE SOLUTION PVT. We used Venus (Payroll Software).Excel (Report Generation). Member of Cyber Warfare samanvay 09 in Amity University Actively take part in the various cultural activities in AMITY UNIVERSITY. the annual Cultural Festival of AMITY UNIVERSITY. entering Internal Time Sheets. Quickbooks (Accounting Software) th I have made a project on PIPELINING in Computer Architecture which was given as a summer project after 2nd semester end.”STUDENT MANAGEMENT” using C# in .”PARKING LOT”. calculating tax to be deducted from each pay slip. Reconciling the External Time Sheets with the record as per the payroll Software.Projects Done/Undertaken 1 in computer architecture that how it fetch the next instruction while the processor is performing arithmetic operation.

2006) B. Key Competencies: 1 2 3 4 Adaptability nature Energetic. C++. JAVASCRIPT.a social service organisation.enthusiastic and assertive Quick learner Workholic . 7 8 9 Academic Record: Class 10 (Uttar Pradesh Board.8% marks CGPA – 5.6 Have been participated in ROBOTICS EVENT and got the excellent grade by DENSO. 2004) Class 12 (Uttar Pradesh Board. held at Amity University on14th Oct’2010 I have designed websites by using dot net.85 Self Initiated Works 1 I have a keen interested in the field of PROGRAMMING and ROBOTICS and have been working on my own apart from regular academics. Attended a workshop on ETHICAL HACKING. 2007-11) till 7th Sem. I have a good basic knowledge of different types of languages. I am also a member of Child Association . and JAVA. Our robot worked as a fire extinguisher by using Artificial Intelligence.Tech(CS&E)( Amity University Lucknow. 63% marks 66. HTML.C.

5 Ambitious .

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