Sovereign or Slave – Your Choice

It seems to me to be a huge task to help people realize that they are sovereign, that they are free. People are so conditioned that if they are arrested or served papers that they are obliged in some way to resolve their issues within the LEGAL system, rather than to simply return their paperwork and simply issue their own rule over the situation as Sovereigns or as a free individual. I hear complaints that they will get dragged into court if they don't comply with the orders, yet seldom do they ever consider how their previous actions tell the people in the court that they are subject to their laws. It is truly insidious for me to see this happen in so many ways. The main way people get trapped is that they make use of a title or a name, such a Minister, Free-ManOn-The-Land etc. It never occurs to them that the truth is rather simple and they seldom question any of their own assumptions about who they are and what is law. Law resides within the world of fiction because in order for law to work one must somehow identify another individual as being different than they are and thus names and titles are great for that, but we were not born with these names and titles attached to us, we are all simply a kind of life amongst an infinite diversity of life, within the dream of life. Yes indeed a dream of life. How is Life a dream versus a reality of truth? Well again you were never taught that everything around you is composed of light slowed down to a lower frequency via conscious thought. Much of it is done through DNA which provides the frequencies to which light vibrates at to form structures we call life and even the planets, suns and universe. In the Bible God said let there be light. God is love a simple enlightened awareness of all that exists. When I look at objects, I do see light energy coming from them, the exact same as my own light within me. All is light and light is the Conduit of Love. What the Parasites want is simply to invert everything about truth and have you believe in their world of fiction. The result is that you see road signs, corporations, names, court documents and everything to do with Law all "spelled" as in casting a spell, in capital letters. You are so completely immersed in this that you can't see that it is all fiction and thus a fraud, so you go along with it. Further you are taught never to question authority, because if you do it simply comes to mind that only each individual has the right to make decisions for them. What has happened is that the parasites have created a refuge for themselves away from the high frequencies of love and thus awareness by slowing the vibrations of light so much that light takes on density. Because all is light, we have energy bodies of light that are manipulated at each level to lower the frequency of light until a physical body can be formed. There are some of us that can tune into these bodies as healers and heal them and when we do, we sometimes run into these Parasites that hide in these realms that are sucking energy from us through these astral bodies.

Andov Pane says that a wave of light is coming towards the earth from the center of our Galaxy and is to arrive December 23, 2012 I think he said. Because all is made of light everything that this light touches will transform into higher form of life in terms of vibrational frequencies. It will be much to high for the Parasites to feed off us and thus they will have to go somewhere else in the Universe to play their game or be transformed into pure spirit if they stay. What we see happening now is their last ditch effort to control us. They don't want this to happen of course and they think that by manipulating our DNA and toxifying our environment with radioactive particles etc, will prevent us from transforming into our 12 strand DNA Light bodies along with all other life on the planet, which has been manipulated as well. Because all is light, it is unlikely that that they will be successful, but they are desperately trying to bring in their New World Order none the less. Anu or A New is a play on the alien race Annunaki. Anu is their leader and the entire Bible is actually a story about the Annunaki and the Nephelim if you care to open your eyes to it. They are an Ego based race of beings that I imagine have manipulated thier bodies so that they have cut themselves off from the light and must feed off us as parasites drawing on pure emotion, mainly fear based emotions to survive. We are there food, nothing more and hence why the enslavement exists. So there is absolutely no proof that you are required to participate in their slave based system. They have to make use of force in order to force people into using their system or else it would simply fall apart, which is why I think it is so completely insane of us to be trying to find a legal solution when there are none. The simple reality is that we are free. If you get a summons or a ticket you got it because you allowed them to make use of a name or title somewhere. You have to challenge their use of fiction in identifying you as being a fraud and return their paperwork. No you are not going to win every time. No they are not nice people. No they are not going to say yes right away and beg for your forgiveness. But you have to believe that you are free and stand by it as best you can. You have to think things through a bit and realize how you are making use of fiction in ways that allow them to identify you as being something, rather than a kind of life and part of all that exists. I can't do this for you. It comes from within, the desire to be free. Unfortunately there are comfort zones where you are perhaps getting by and things are fine. You are probably participating in the enslavement of your fellow man through the money you are making and are willing to put up the the garbage that all ensues with keeping your ship in order at work. The system needs you because if there were no slave masters around there would be too many slaves running amuck and doing what they wanted rather than what the system wants, which is for the many to be living in poverty and desperation. Open your eyes and see what you are doing. We can't fix this right now, but we can make it more difficult for the people in positions of apparent power to exercise their will over us. They are all

frauds and only represent a small minority of people. There is no democracy, they all swear their allegence to the Queen, so it only matters what the Crown says is law, not what the law says as the Queen is a Corporation owned by the Banker, hence the all capital letter title. As for the USA, the dictatorship there resides within their constitution in that only those People as in We the People, who signed the document hold power and their relatives. Obama took a false Oath and thus operates outside of the Constitution as a defacto leader of the People, but he doesn't represent anyone, in fact is merely a puppet for the ruling elite and the Nephilum mainly. In order for there to be law there must be property. Property is imaginary, because in order to prove you own something you must identify yourself somehow other than being a kind of life or man, by using fiction again such as a name or title. This is a lie. Because all is composed of light vibrating at various frequencies we are truly all one light one love. This is the simple truth, so you can't own anything because we are all equal to each other and all that exists. Just because something doesn't think or exhibit what we consider to be life, doesn't mean that it's existence allows us to own it. However try explaining this to the ones who think in terms of there never being enough money and how much crap and toys they can accumulate in life for status and prestige. It is such a fraud, yet that is all they know. They are among the first to run to a lawyer for anyone who dares threaten their right to own anything even people as slaves. If you think this is farfetched, then you need to open your Bible to Exodus 21 where LORD God gives the Children of Israel the laws by which they can treat their slaves. Yes LORD God is all about enslavement of man, not about love and freedom. If you want that throw away the Bible as the Bible is all about ownership and thus possession. Hence why ownership and property are so important to parasite as they can not only have slaves, but they can possess their bodies as well. They have ways to manipulate the minds of their slaves to the point where they can implant memories and make them kill others on trigger words. It a very dark and sad place we are in right now. Andov Pane says that a lot of destruction to the earth may happen over the next year and if we die, there are ships waiting in the astral to scoop us up and take us to another place where we are out of reach of the light wave coming from the center of the Universe. I hope he is wrong and I hope there is other more advanced life that will come to help us that are not parasites. I hear of so many fathers getting screwed over by the courts in court battles, yet not one has stepped up to use their Sovereignty to create their own justice. There simply is no solution in a court system that has it in for Fathers. They shouldn’t be going there at all. Yet again they are so focused on the fact that they must own things that they forget that they are all that exists and authority is merely a lie. They don’t think it through and they don’t act on their sovereignty. This is only but one of many situations that are going on. Children are being abducted and abused by the state all the time, many as 3000 disappear from foster homes each year in the USA for Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice most likely and

covered up by police and the powers that be. Israel is among the worst abusers on the planet and is wholly controlled by the Rothchild’s a Nephilim bloodline family. By the way Is means Isis the moon, Ra means the Sun and el means Saturn aka Satan the ruler over earth. It is LORD God in Exodus 19:5 who states that he owns the earth and thus in Exodus 19:12 states that it is okay for the Children of Israel, the Nephalim to enslave those that are not one of them, the Nephalim. When there is no love there is ownership, which leads ultimately to ownership of your fellow man. The Annuaki are perhaps about to return to earth with the passing of Niburu and again perhaps another motivation for their children the Nephilum to get earth totally under their control. What they have in store for humanity is nothing less than pure horror and suffering as we again are their food. They want nothing less from Goyium. As parasites they have to keep their hosts alive, but their creature comforts are of no concern. So for those that want a future of war, suffering and abuse, just keep cooperating with the system and you will get what you are so seeking for. The enslavement of your fellow man only ensures that you to are enslaved for the benefit of the controllers. Rob September 7, 2011

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