Dramatic Structure & Character Bibles for “The Close” – Eric Euchler

Dramatic Structure1) Exposition- In Asgard, Loki has three children who are each banished to a different realm. Depressed at this, Loki gets drunk and belligerent at a party, offending many of the Aesir present. He was expelled from the party and forced on the run. He was eventually caught and arrested by Heimdallr. Odin sentenced him to then spend eternity bound to a boulder, with his wife Syggin by his side. Years later he escapes to seek vengeance. 2) Rising Action- Loki proceeds to search throughout the realms for allies against the Aesir. In particular are his now full grown children Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hel. His believed abandonment of them causes them to be in conflict with them until able to convince each of his innocence. 3) Climax (Ragnarok) - Loki’s army meets the Einherjar in the fields of Asgard. Odin is killed by Fenrir. Thor and Jormungandr kill each other. 4) Falling Action- Loki and Heimdallr fight once again. Then Surtr unleashes an attack that kills everyone present at the battle. 5) Denouement- Hel mourns over her dead father in the field. Then she returns to the underworld where his spirit is waiting for her.

Biography Name – Age – Gender – Race – Eye Color – Hair Color – Skills – – – – – – Position – Affiliates – – – – Traits – – – – – – Loki Immortal, looks youthful Male Jotunn Green Light Brown Puzzle solving Tactics Public speaking Debate/rhetoric Hand – to – hand combat Illusion/misdirection Escaped Convict Sigyn (wife) Fenrir (Elder Son) Jormungandr (Son) Hel (Daughter) Honorableness Stubborn Calm Cunning Patient Peaceful


Loki has lived with a “red-headed step child” syndrome throughout his life. While living as an Aesir within Asgard, he is born of Jotunn parents, the mortal enemies of the Aesir. He is also known for exceeding all others in cleverness and puzzle-solving, and using these skills in a pacifist approach of dealing with issues, a trait that is looked down upon by the violent and simple culture of the Aesir. As such he has always been viewed upon with an amount of contempt from his fellow Aesir. Each of his children has in turn been banished from Asgard as a monster, while actually being innocent of any crime. Loki is then arrested for offending the others while drunk and convicted by a kangaroo court. He is sentenced to spend eternity bound to a boulder, as a snake drips venom into his face so as to prevent him from planning or considering beyond the moment’s torture. Sigynn has stayed by his side to collect the venom in a bowl and periodically pour it out. After years passed, he has finally been released. With this final injustice directed toward his family, Loki has begun planning revenge against his people. Using his connections within the other realms, he is intent on setting all of the enemies of the Aesir against them at once. Loki is a calm and calculating individual. Despite the scorn it has brought, he is convinced that intellect is capable of overcoming all challenges, with a greater efficiency than brute force. He has a strong sense of loyalty, firstly to his family, and also once to the Aesir as well. This then ties to his sense of honor, which differs from those of the Aesir. Rather than being based off of power or brutality, Loki believes in a moral right and wrong. He places a great deal of importance on his composure. He sees his abandonment from such a principle and the embrace of alcohol as a partially responsible for his arrest and imprisonment. In contrast he has a noticeable gambling problem as well, but one that he doesn’t recognize, as he is convinced he can think his way out of any problems that would arise from it. Timeline – Loki is born to Jotunn, but is raised by the Aesir and grows to adulthood. – Loki makes a bad wager with some dwarves in which he bets his head. The result is Loki temporarily has his mouth sewn shut, while the Aesir laugh at his expense. – Loki’s three children are born. Jormungandr is banished to Midgard. Hel is given dominion of the underworld as a way of keeping her out of Asgard. Fenrir is arrested and locked up. – The next day Loki goes to Aegir’s party, and becomes intoxicated. This causes him to vent his frustration at the Aesir. They cast him out but are bent on claiming revenge for Loki’s insults. – Heimdallr apprehends Loki, and Odin sentences him to spend eternity bound to a bolder as snake venom falls in his face. – Many years later Loki breaks free. Armor Fear Injustice Effect On Character Loki has suffered enough at the hands of the Aesir. These are people he considered his friends and family who betrayed him. As such failing in his mission would be tantamount to failing a universal order. Loki finds alcohol as partially responsible for his imprisonment. Ads such he abstains from it.



This can bring him into conflict when trying to earn the friendship of others, as it is a large part of the culture. Thor is the most powerful of the Aesir. He is also too dumb to be tricked. He is more a force of nature than a sentient being. It’s completely understandable that Loki is terrified of crossing his path.

Actions Animation Idle Walk Run Combat Habits Description Will stroke his chin or brow. He is always in thought and planning. Deliberate steps. Each move is planned out. Quick and acrobatic maneuvers. In motion he is calculating the most efficient path. Skilled in hand to hand combat because he is skilled at predicting an opponent’s moves beforehand. Gambling, games, puzzles

Reactions Person/Thing Odin Reaction They were once best friends. It was through Odin that Loki became an Aesir. As such his betrayal has been the greatest to Loki. He still responds with bewilderment to him, rather than the controlled rage that he feels toward the rest of the race. Loki knows he can’t beat Thor. That’s doesn’t mean everyone else has to know that. The best reaction to a confrontation is to calmly stall while think of an escape route. Despite being his favorite child, there is a friction between them. Due to his long absence, he has trouble letting go of the girl he knew so as to get to known woman that is in front of him. Loki and Heimdallr have always been enemies. His contempt for Loki has always be completely un masked, and he was the one to finally capture Loki in the first place.

Thor Hel


Dreams and Ambitions Loki would like nothing better to see the reign of the Aesir end. Ideally accomplishing this task would allow him to live peacefully with his family.

Biography Name – Odin Age – immortal, appears elderly Gender – male Race – Aesir Eye color – Blue Hair Color – White Skills – – Tactics – Cold weapon combat – Psychology – Divination Position – Highest ranking Aesir Affiliates – Einherjar (Aesir Army) – Thor – Heimdallr Traits – Vicious – Wrathful – Self-righteous – Prideful Archetype Odin is the ruler of the Aesir. Within their culture this is a position with absolute power. An order given is law and unquestionable. Odin was once the greatest friend of Loki. Despite this he is extremely stubborn. After giving his sentence to Loki, he never once reconsidered it. In decisions he is cold and ruthless. Any opposition is only responded to with his wrath, which is continuous and terrible. Odin is well aware of Loki’s plots against him, and is attempting to make preparation for any possible occurrence. Odin is well known for his need for control and order within his reign. Using the norns, or fates, as well as other methods he is attempting to prevent any possibility of being surprised.

Timeline – N/A Armor Fear Being wrong The unknown Effect On Character Being contradicted doesn’t happen. To be presented with a mistake or an error in his way would be terrifying, if it seemed at all likely. Odin has a great fear of being unprepared. He is known to consort with fates and oracles as a way to prevent this.

Actions Animation Idle Walk Run Combat Habits Description Stands up tall, head raised. Has a regal air. Slow steps. Nothing has the authority so as to force him to hurry. Does not run. If in a hurry he would be astride his horse Sleipnir. Uses his spear Gungnir. Allows for both long ranged and mid – range combat tactics. Uses various divination methods to plan battle tactics

Reactions Person/Thing Loki Thor Aesir Reaction Sees him as insubordinate, which is an unpleasant rarity. He sees Loki’s mission as a small nuisance, but one that must be stomped out to ensure peace and order. Sees him as a powerful weapon against his enemies. Also recognizes him as an idiot and trusts him only with very specific tasks. Sees them all as soldiers, rather than citizens. If ordered, he would expect any to give their life for him. With Loki causing trouble it may just come to that.

Dreams and Ambitions – His life is a dream already fulfilled. To be king of the greatest nation in the universe, ruling over all others. The only thing that matters then is maintaining this form of order.

Biography Name – Thor Age – immortal, appears middle aged Gender – Male Race – Aesir Eye color – Black Hair Color – Red Skills – – Strength – Perseverance Position – Einherji Commander Affiliates – – Odin – Heimdallr – Einherjar Traits – Proud – Dim – Wrathful/ short tempered – Crude – Fun loving/boisterous Archetype Thor is Odin’s right hand man. He’s is the stereotypical henchman, the brawn to his brains. He is the most powerful of the Aesir. He is also the most moronic, but he knows his place. He is there to take orders, and to fulfill them. This is usually the case as there is nothing that can physically heed his path. Despite this, unless chastised, he is rarely serious. He’s is confident he’ll get the job done, no matter the condition of his mind set. Only Loki may just stand a chance, as his are methods that Thor has no defenses for. These being mind games and trickery. In his leisure Thor is also known for his love of partying. He greatly enjoys the atmosphere in which to boast of his heroics over to much ale, to anyone who will still listen. He also loves causing a raucous with his dirt or crude jokes. Often it is at the expense of his companions. Few are brave enough to object, let alone direct even the tamest joke at him.

Timeline – N/A Armor Fear failure disgrace Effect On Character This doesn’t happen often, but Thor knows to return to Odin defeated would be the ultimate insult. Not to mention Odin’s punishment for him. Thor puts a lot of importance on face. To embarrass him would be a near complete victory over him.

Actions Animation Idle Walk Run Combat Habits Description Arms crossed with a cocky smile Takes large, heavy strides. One hears a thunderous roar when he approaches Powerful, chaotic swings with his hammer, Mjolnir.

Reactions Person/Thing Loki Odin Reaction Sees him as a traitor, who deserves his full furry. It is his duty and honor to serve at the will of his king Odin.

Dreams and Ambitions – Thor puts much stock in his work. His dream would be to truly earn a hero’s accolades as a soldier– or a hero’s funeral.

Biography Name Age Gender Race Eye color Hair Color Skills – Heimdallr – immortal, looks middle-aged – Male – Aesir – Gold – Blond – Detection/deduction – Cold weapon combat – Tracking Position Affiliates – Commander of the Guard – Odin – Thor – Einherjar Traits – observant – Tactical – cold – cautious – humorless/business – like Archetype – Heimdallr acts as the eyes and ears of Asgard. He prides himself his keen observation skills. He is capable of perceiving all aspects of the environment around him in incredible detail. When necessary he takes the as their detective. This is a position he fulfills to perfection. His observational skills and environmental awareness allow him to pick up on and interpret any clues left behind, and his cold and formal demeanor ensure that his mission is not just first priority, but the sole imperative. These skills caused him to be designated in charge of the retrieval of Loki after his escape. This only acts as a way of legitimizing of his pre – existing feelings toward Loki. Part of why he has such refined observational skills is due to his extremely cautious and suspicious manner. Knowing that Loki was a Jotunn living among Aesir, Heimdallr was always acutely suspicious of and prejudiced towards him. Timeline – n/a

Armor Fear Pain of kinsmen Effect On Character Heimdallr takes it as a personal responsibility to protect the Aesir from any possible threat.

Actions Animation Idle Walk Run Combat Habits Description Quiet breath and darting eyes. Taking in every aspect of the area. Light, meticulous steps. He does not disturb the environment he is in. Silent movements. He is completely aware of his every movement. Skilled swordsman. Uses very deliberate maneuvers and attacks

Reactions Person/Thing Loki Reaction He is suspicious of him and expects the worst out of him. This friction has caused them to be long term enemies. With Loki as an enemy of the state, Heimdallr can justify any violence towards him. Realize that he is a great asset toward the army; he still finds it difficult to maintain his patience around him.


Dreams and Ambitions – Knowing just how dangerous Loki has the potential to be, he only wants to catch him before it is too late.

Biography Name – Hel Age – immortal, looks young Gender – Female Race – Jotunn Eye Color – black Hair Color – black Skills – Swordsmanship – Management/organization Position – Queen of the Underworld Affiliates – Loki – Odin – The dead Traits – Cynical – Sarcastic – Rebellious – Independent Archetype Hel was cast out of Asgard told the underworld at a young age. Then Loki was arrested, and Syggin was busy by his side. This forced her grow up alone, in a very difficult environment. Since his arrest was so quick after her and her siblings’ banishment, she had no idea what had become of them. This caused the development of some severe abandonment issues. Doing so has forced her into becoming a strong and independent, but jaded woman. When Loki returns she is outright hostile toward him. After he gets the opportunity to explain his plight, she decides to take his side and help him, allowing him access to her army of the undead. Timeline – Hel is born from Loki and Angrboða. – Fenrir and Jormungandr are also born from the pair. – The three siblings are then separated from Loki and each other, banished from Asgard. – Hel is sent to the underworld.

– Over the period of Loki’s incarceration, Hel grows up and gains dominion over the underworld. – Loki visits her after his escape. After an initial conflict, Loki explains what had happened. Armor Fear Getting close to people Disappointing her father Actions Animation Idle Walk Run Combat Habits Description Twirls hair or examines nails. Is indifferent to the current situation. Limps, as half her body has taken on the properties of a corpse. Is skilled with foil and fencing weapons. Effect On Character Having her whole family taken away from her when she was young, she has trouble trusting people, subconsciously expecting to lose them eventually as well. Being separated for such a long time, she has feelings that she’d have to re – earn his trust and respect. These feelings are kept hidden though.

Reactions Person/Thing Loki Aesir Reaction While logically she knows Loki’s absence from her life was not of his doing. Despite this she can’t help but act distant toward him. After being enlightened by Loki, the Aesir then become responsible for the state of her life, and the target for years of pent up frustration.

Dreams and Ambitions - She dreams of proving her capabilities alone to both her father and to herself.

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