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From the President
Outgoing Mayor Richard M. Daley ended his 22-year reign by declaring the week of May 9th “PIMA Week” in Chicago...well, not really, but it certainly SEEMED that way! A host of important PIMA initiatives took place over the course of four days here, and I want to share a summary of those activities with you. On Wednesday morning, a late spring thunderstorm was gathering energy. But nature’s innate majesty revving up for an impressive display couldn’t compete with the energy generated INSIDE the Nathan Davis conference room at the AMA’s headquarters. This was where the initial meeting of the PIMA Brand Task Force was in progress, and the level of brainstorming was ratcheted way up! The session was facilitated by Paul Meyer, co-President of Tecker Associates (the best in the Association org. dev. consulting business). Paul has an extensive background in both the for-andnot-for-profit worlds, including expertise in affinity programs as well as insurance and other benefits. Chairing the Task Force is Bill Tyson, a long time PIMA member and marketing strategist. Also on the team are Al Drowne, Senior VP of continued on page 3

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We hope that you have registered for PIMA’s MidYear Meeting & Trade Show from July 28-31 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Our Meeting Chairs, Sherri Lagana, Liberty Mutual; Dave Schaeffer, American Independent Marketing, Inc. and Mike Wise, WebWisedom have produced a forward-looking session that will challenge assumptions and assist you in envisioning new opportunities for business growth. Opening keynote speaker David Zach, is an internationally-recognized Futurist whose professional experiences include a role in environmental scanning and strategic planning at Northwestern Mutual. He has also taught Future Studies. He will lead a forward-facing tour of technology, economics, busi-

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ness, education, and society – and related strategic trends affecting the insurance business. The future will be an Age of Measurement or an Age of Design. And the paradox of these two will be both very contentious and very innovative. It will also be an age where customers will be key players in the design of products and services and yes, even marketing. Customization of everything will come with just a few clicks. Have you thought about…how to help people deal with the unlimited choices they now have – and then help them be satisfied with the choices made? How underwriting can be automated? How to reach consumers who receive more than 3,000 messages per day? Now is the time to make some choices about what can be different about your organization’s future. Much has been written about Multi Channel Marketing. According to the Internet
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from various companies and trade associations (ACLI and AHIP most notably).we had a media inquiry from Consumer Reports about sponsored insurance programs and met our goal of “providing context” and a response (when appropriate) in the Legislative & Regulatory area. we have learned that implementation of the Rules is on-hold and the department is having internal discussions about next steps. Your support is what has ensured that PIMA has thrived during a tough two years for many associations.org Next Issue Deadline Date is September 9th. proposed new Rules in Rhode Island related to Trusts. Past President (ex officio) James Gallagher USI Affinity CIR PIMA CEO (ex officio) Mona Buckley Executive Committee Directors Allen Bress (2014) Merchants Benefit Administration Ron Clarke (2012) Affinion Group Cathy Colburn (2013) Affinitas Partners John Kelly (2013) Prudential Mark Kelsey (2014) Kelsey National Corporation/ healthinsurance. Denise Friday AMA Insurance Agency. Mona Buckley. All present shared concerns/opposition to the Rules’ broader implications. It was a cordial meeting. Thank you! many Insurance Company members have Trusts in the state). PIMA’s annual Budget is in the $900K range. costs to handling consumer complaints. please contact any of us. we are doing just that. The Rule raised issues for the customers of many PIMA member organizations (some Agency and 2 . nationally. IL 60601-2106 (817) 569-7462 (PIMA) From the CEO By Mona Buckley Year End Audit PIMA recently received our final accountant’s Year End Audit and results were consistent with Treasurer Ed Miltenberger’s Report at the Annual Meeting—we had an extraordinarily good year.pima ConnXions Volume 37. If you have any questions. The Department’s staff shared that their primary goal was to gain a better understanding of the nature and size of the Trust business in the state. The Department invited additional written comment through June 10th and also noted that their administrative rule making process required posting and a date—but there was no urgency. To recap.org 817-569-PIMA (7462) www. On April 26th I joined our temporarily-engaged lawyer (who works with several members in this area) at a public hearing at the Department’s Administrative Offices—along with about a dozen reps. In early April co-chairs of the Legislative & Regulatory Action Group—Jerry Wickersham and Chris Carway— alerted us to posted. PIMA has a six month Operating Reserve and our goal is not to grow that—but to reinvest any excess Net Revenue in enhanced member services. the Exec. as Denise’s column notes. Inc. PIMA’s officers authorized a letter to the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation. After a couple of quick conference calls and a ‘heads-up’ alert to members. Suite 850 Chicago. In addition. was able to engage Legal Counsel on our members’ behalf for a pressing and important Regulatory issue without hesitation (see below). CEBS Gilsbar/CAAGS Treasurer. Thanks go to your officers along with Jerry and Chris for quick response. Comm. our year-end Net Operating Margin ‘goal’ is less than 3%. Edwin Miltenberger. 2011 PIMA Communications Manager Kelly Wixson Kelly@pima-assn. CLU. Ed and I then shared.) As Denise. including the regulatory implications for them and any related admin. We ended the year with a $49K surplus. ChFC (2012) Liberty Mutual Michael Mercer (2013) Transamerica Affinity Services Joan O’Sullivan (2012) Marsh Shannon Warner (2014) American General Life Michael Wise (2012) WebWisedom RI Regulatory Matters In addition to the activities Denise detailed. Samuel Fleet AmWINS Group Benefits Secretary. Issue 2 ConnXions is published 3x annually by the Professional Insurance Marketing Association 35 East Wacker Drive. (Our IRS Financial Reporting Form 990 and Audit are available to any member upon request.com Edward Klayman (2013) IMAC Sherri Lagana. due in large part to the attendance success at the first “new” MidYear Meeting & Trade Show. We hope to see you at the MidYear Meeting for another great program that should get you thinking and multiple networking opportunities. Daniel O’Brien New York Life Imm. President-Elect.org Board of Directors President.pima-assn. mona@pima-assn. Since that time. CLU. for those not at the Annual Meeting Business Meeting. This year. as written. and a willingness to assist the Department in refinement. dialogue and action. CEO.

Also lending their expertise to the discussions that day were Executive Committee members Ed Miltenberger. Eddie Klayman. “don’t want-to-miss-it” program! Come to Colorado to network with your peers. • A two-thirds affirmative vote by the Board is needed to bestow the Legend Award. • The Award. Mike Wise. Typically the Forum is scheduled as part of the formal conference agenda during the Annual and MidYear Meetings. growth and evolution of the insurance direct marketing industry’ and to PIMA. and build some new and lasting. A couple of other quick updates: Board Member John Kelly is hard at work on identifying quality providers to finalize the Leadership Program parameters that I first reported on at the Annual Meeting dinner. to recognize members who have distinguished themselves by making ‘an outstanding contribution in the creation. David Schaeffer and Mike Wise have put together a stellar. Marketing Method Competition judging was conducted at the new home of our Association HQ/Association Management staff (Bostrom). and staff members Mona Buckley and Jeanne Sheehy. explore potential business opportunities. In addition. Prior recipients include: David Dunn. dedicated strictly to their issues. an American General Life Marketing Officer. See CEO Mona Buckley’s column. Sam Fleet and Jim Gallagher.) • An affirmative vote of the Executive Committee is needed to forward the recommendation to the Board. However. Jack Pearl and Al Wohlers. AMWins) and Allen Bress (President. (Note: Prior nominees may be renominated. Our 2011 judges Stephanie Johns-Chin (Chubb). and a letter PIMA sent. Marty McCarthy & Mike Fox. in this issue. You will hear more as the year unfolds. Eric Rozencwaig (ABIS) and Cindy Warden (AMA Insurance Agency) spent two days evaluating approximately 40 entries across 11 categories to determine “the best of the best”. Tri-Chairs Sherri Lagana. an expanded Membership & Marketing communications strategy and plans. Gary Kirke & Bill Van Orsdel. as well as other legislative and regulatory issues. co-chaired by PIMA Board members Sam Fleet (President.com. Joan O’Sullivan and Ken Kelting. including a formal brand marketing plan. Mark Kelsey. and it provided both time and opportunity for PIMA leaders to explore the topics that most concern them.friday@amainsure. This initiative is a pivotal undertaking for PIMA. as well as Board Member/ Membership Committee Chair Cathy Colburn of Affinitas. provocative. One last reminder…please register today. and future-focused. and will continue in the future. An Executive Committee meeting was also held in Chicago that week to recap the status of current initiatives for the year. PIMA is a vibrant organization that brings together the most influential leaders in the insurance/affinity benefits marketplace. Merchants Benefit Administration) was well-received. this peer group sought more time together for this conclave. This should include a detailed description of the contributions the nominee has made both to the industry and to PIMA. In addition. if you haven’t. if bestowed. for the Mid-Year Meeting. a formal presentation will involve the full Board to secure approval on next steps. from time to time. John is supported by his other committee/board members. such as the current situation on Rhode Island. Initial feedback from the participants indicated that this ancillary session. Results will be announced at PIMA’s MidYear Meeting so don’t miss your chance to see excellence unveiled in gorgeous Colorado Springs. always thoughtful. The conversations were intense. In July. Frank Cella & Don Lang. relationships in an educational and convivial atmosphere! I hope to see you there! PIMA Legend Award The PIMA Legend Award was created in 1997 and is awarded. myself. would be presented at the Annual Meeting. of WebWisedom. Finally PIMA hosted the first offsite PIMA Agency CEOs Forum in Chicago on May 12th and 13th. Shannon Warner. as we focus on our future and our brand as ‘the reputation for relevance that you’re awarded’ in the marketplace.pima ConnXions From the President (continued from page 1) AXIS. on May 11th and 12th. Arch Parker. I think it’s evident that much good work is underway to deliver on our implicit promise of delivering relevant and meaningful value to both current AND future members. PIMA President-elect Ed Miltenberger will be polling PIMA leaders for topics of interest to serve as the framework for formal Benchmarking Surveys to be launched in 2012. 3 . How to Nominate • By August 1 send a written nomination to PIMA President Denise Friday at denise.

indd 1 1/24/11 5:23 PM . a cape and a cool nickname. R E T I R E E B E N E F I TS | P H A R M AC Y B E N E F I TS | ACC I D E N T & H E A LT H TPA SERVICES | SMALL GROUP | STOP LOSS | UNDERWRITING SPECIAL INITIATIVES | ALTERNATIVE FUNDING 9515-AGB Mask_Cnxn.The caped crusader had a uTiliTy belT. you have us. they’ll think you deserve a mask. we can provide you with the power to solve complex issues for your clients. As a leading wholesale broker and group insurance administrator. At AmWINS Group Benefits our team can make you look like a hero to your clients. And once you’ve saved the day.

He will guide us through the once-in-a-generation changes coming our way—and assess how enterprises of all types will have to adjust not just to survive. the emergence of mobile computing. orchestrate and deploy a series of multiple contact strategies. well-executed multichannel campaigns generate a sales lift ranging from 7% to 34%. shifting demographics. Also. applicants are individually underwritten. competitive pressures that will challenge status quo business models. not all applicants may qualify.2407 CliCk LibertyMutual. demographic pressures that will drive both a more finely grained segmentation of the market and greater customization of protection products offered. and more. cross sell/up-sell and retention campaigns. insurance direct marketers need to develop. Coverage provided and underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates. both for how the industry markets. President of Risk Information Inc. they could enjoy exclusive group savings of up to $327 or more on insurance they need. how the sales process changed? Gaining channel synergies – Traditional single vs. To the extent permitted by law. Best practices – including targeting. All rights reserved. sells. management and marketing so you can focus on your membership. Just a couple of event sponsorships remain—call PIMA at 817-569-7462(PIMA). and services insurance buyers and for the upcoming (and dramatic) shift in the insurance work force. we’ll take care of the setup.857. Insurance 2020 The insurance industry is embarking on a grand reset of its business model-. developments in cross-selling. 5 .pima ConnXions MidYear Meeting Overview (continued from page 1) Advertising Bureau. Boston. We know how focused you are on doing the right thing for your members. the ‘consumerization’ of technology that will itself have profound implications. Individual premiums and savings will vary. And our Exhibitor Trade Show will showcase resources for your business. personalization & messaging both online and offline as well as leveraging automation and technology. taking a look at the new information flows that are transforming every aspect of insurance operations. ©2011 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.224. messages & offers. Savings available where state laws and regulations allow. multi-channel efforts (what works and what doesn’t).and even its very identity. how social media fits into the marketing mix. This reset is being driven by four primary forces: the post-financial crisis’ “new normal” that will have major impact on how & where insurance buyers go about their daily lives. Success stories of improved acquisition. Ellen Carney of Forrester Research will examine the four mega forces that will shape the insurance industry over the next 10 years.* Plus. MA. while your association enjoys additional non-dues revenue. Find out why we’re the #1 sponsored auto and Home benefits program in the industry. With the fatigue of single channel direct mail efforts. To geT sTarTed conTacT sherri Lagana Call 1. and entries displayed. Auto And Home insurAnce benefits to engAge And retAin your members. With Liberty Mutual’s Auto and Home Benefits Program. and may vary by state. and veteran insurance journalist & analyst has spent three decades tracking changes in the business environment that impact insurance and financial services industries. PIMA’s 2011 Marketing Methods Competition winners will be announced. Bill Tyson will moderate a panel that will cover: Quantitative research findings on the subject. including the “Best of PIMA” recipient. He will explore the state of the insurance market. and finally. but to thrive. Brian Sullivan.com/associations auto Home *Figure based on a February 2011 national sample of auto policyholder savings when comparing their former premium with those of Liberty Mutual’s group auto and home program. 175 Berkeley Street.

Call Lance Dordick at 770-407-2416 for a review of your auto and home membership insurance program. Over the past two years. and very sincerely – if you have ideas for Webinar topics for PIMA to pursue. If interested. there is a new proposal form on the Website—submitted for content review by the Education Action Group.” – Linus B:5” S:5” T:5” MetLife Auto & Home can identify new opportunities to enhance your membership benefits. This includes receiving pre and post webinar promotion and acknowledgement along with the opportunity to introduce your organization to webinar attendees.5” • Be prepared to submit your materials 4 weeks before the webinar date to PIMA for content and preparation review. © 2011 PNTS L0311165631[exp0214][All States] 6 . experts and industry leaders throughout the year.com “Expanded business requires improved methods. Recently. Inc. RI.5” Education Action committee or Board). The events will be coordinated by and through PIMA’s web vendor and will provide a vehicle for ensuring topnotch content and presentations. well-attended and well-versed conferences is legendary. New York.5” S:7. Susan Hussar of The Hartford is PIMA’s new Education Action Group Chair. Dozens of members (and others in their organizations) have participated in those educational Webinars. Susan.hussar@thehartford. Warwick. Key aspects: • Present an informational vs. MetLife Auto & Home is a brand of Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and its affiliates. PIMA hosts the technology & registration aspects of the event via our regular vendor. We’re now ready to expand on that activity. If you or your organization would like to co-sponsor a Webinar via PIMA. © 2011 MetLife. NY 10166. we have taken that level of commitment one step further. [LC] Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. In doing so. hosted through PIMA. the PIMA Board of Directors approved the criteria and process for sponsoring a Webinar. Many have accessed the archives for replays. by ‘connecting’ members between our two conferences—via Webinars.pima ConnXions PIMA Webinar Co-Sponsorship By Susan Hussar PIMA’s commitment to industry education through well-planned. • Conduct a one-hour session that includes intros. T:7. and a Q & A session (program content to be guided by a member of our B:7. The goal in 2011-2012 is to expand the number of Webinars we offer to 3-4 from 2. ® Our forward-thinking approach and experience as one of the nation’s leading* auto and home insurance providers ensure that we provide the right products to protect what’s most important to your members. simply go to the PIMA website to obtain the “PIMA Webinar Proposal/Request Form. please let myself or PIMA CEO Mona Buckley know.” Also. we hope that more member organizations can learn from PIMA peers. *Source: 2009 Group A&H Market Assessment & Competitive Landscape Review. selfpromotional topic via a Webinar Program Proposal Form (see the website). Co-sponsorship of a PIMA Webinar is $900 (50% of PIMA’s costs).

Military.com Gabe Cabrera Assistant Vice President. New York.846. Hospital Indemnity and more. Talk to us today and see how Group Membership Association can help improve your customer’s insurance options and coverage. 51 Madison Avenue.HERE FOR YOU YEAR AFTER YEAR Group Membership Association For over 55 years. A. Sales 914. ese programs are designed to meet the needs of Professional Associations. Dan O’Brien Vice President. Employer groups and Financial institutions.M. Disability Income. New York Life has been serving the needs of association members and their families. Moody’s (Aaa) and Fitch (AAA) for nancial strength. AD&D. We provide the broker.newyorklife. backed by the highest possible ratings for nancial strength make New York Life indeed.04/2013) 7 .com Standard & Poor’s (AAA).4057 gcabrera@nyl.3345 dobrien@nyl. New York Life Insurance Company.846. Source: Individual ird-Party Ratings Report (as of 1/25/11). the company you keep. Business Overhead Expense. TPA and association communities with a diverse portfolio of products including Life. Our exibility to tailor programs to meet your customer’s needs. NY 10010 SMRU #00444572 CV (Exp. Alumni. Best (A++). Sales 914. Government.® www.com THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. Educational. Union.

 The joint buying power of group trust policyholders   associations.          8 . Rhode Island has served as the leading U. The proposed regulation was designed to remedy this problem by: 1. will had an effective date of June 1. Bldg. This has allowed insurance companies.S. dental service plans.S. it stated that the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner had received complaints from consumers residing out of state who receive certificates of insurance issued to groups outside of Rhode Island and whose resident states claim that they do not have regulatory authority over the health insurance policy. Dwyer:  Cranston. Dwyer:  Silver Aon Gilsbar ING Association Sales KBM Marsh Consumer MetLife USI Affinity We are writing on behalf of the Professional Insurance Marketing Association  (“PIMA”). Bldg. agents    and brokers to more quickly and efficiently bring products to market that serve    the needs of consumers. Comments on the proposed regulation were due by April 26. retirees and association members across  to urge the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation and Office of the  multiple states with a common benefit structure. 2011  Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer  Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer  State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations  Department of Business Regulation   State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations  Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner  1511 Pontiac Avenue. if adopted. insurance companies  and other businesses involved in the direct marketing of insurance products to  associations. Rhode Island’s  organizations. RI 02920  Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner  Re:  Proposed Regulations 16 and 117   1511 Pontiac Avenue. Illinois 60611 • Phone (817) 569-PIMA (7462) • Fax (312) 644-8557 • www.        Dear Ms. Suite 400 • Chicago. brokers. credit unions and other affinity groups. 69‐1  Dear Ms.    While we applaud the efforts of the Agencies to improve consumer protection  measures. The Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner felt that this created a regulatory vacuum. we believe the Proposed Regulations are overbroad and unnecessary  as state regulators and courts in other jurisdictions already possess the  authority to oversee insurance products issued in their states either directly   or under a trust established in another state. the Health Insurance Commissioner for Rhode Island published a Public Notice of Proposed Rule-Making to address Insurance Issued to Trusts or Associations. 2011. The proposed regulation. a not‐for‐profit membership association of approximately 110  organizations. agents  and brokers to more quickly and efficiently bring products to market that serve  and other businesses involved in the direct marketing of insurance products to  the needs of consumers. For more than 35 years. For more than 35 years. Rhode Island has served as the leading U. 2011  April 21. PIMA has served as the leading national  progressive approach to regulating group insurance policies issued to trusts and  associations has benefited consumers through lower costs associated with  organization of agents. etc. credit unions and other affinity groups.        regulatory agencies and courts of such jurisdiction. employers. brokers. we believe the Proposed Regulations are overbroad and unnecessary  as state regulators and courts in other jurisdictions already possess the  for group insurance policies issued to trusts and associations.   Health Insurance Commissioner (the “Agencies”) to withdraw proposed  The Proposed Regulations appear to be intended to extend extra‐territorial  jurisdiction over policies issued to Rhode Island trusts by requiring that such  Insurance Regulation 117 and proposed Office of the Health Insurance  policies (i) meet the laws of all states where groups are located or an individual  insured is located. employers. Gold Affinion Group AXIS Global Accident & Health Chubb Consumer Solutions The Hartford Liberty Mutual Prudential April 21. have jurisdiction over the individual or group health insurance coverage and health benefit plan as if such coverage or plan were issued directly to the insured. This has allowed insurance companies. jurisdiction   measures. RI 02920  We are writing on behalf of the Professional Insurance Marketing Association  (“PIMA”).    progressive approach to regulating group insurance policies issued to trusts and    associations has benefited consumers through lower costs associated with    reduced administrative expenses. and (ii) include a provision extending jurisdiction to the  Commissioner Regulation 16 (the “Proposed Regulations”). Rhode Island’s  authority to oversee insurance products issued in their states either directly   or under a trust established in another state.I. 69‐1  Department of Business Regulation   Cranston. a not‐for‐profit membership association of approximately 110  For the past 50 years. We are writing  to urge the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation and Office of the  Health Insurance Commissioner (the “Agencies”) to withdraw proposed  Insurance Regulation 117 and proposed Office of the Health Insurance  Commissioner Regulation 16 (the “Proposed Regulations”). trusts Issue In April.) issuing insurance through a Rhode Island trust or association to comply with the applicable insurance laws of the state where the insured person or group resides and 2. and (ii) include a provision extending jurisdiction to the  regulatory agencies and courts of such jurisdiction.     Strategic Partners Empire Meeting Solutions The Proposed Regulations appear to be intended to extend extra‐territorial    jurisdiction over policies issued to Rhode Island trusts by requiring that such    policies (i) meet the laws of all states where groups are located or an individual  230 E.pima-assn.    While we applaud the efforts of the Agencies to improve consumer protection  For the past 50 years. third‐party administrators.pima ConnXions Thank You to 2011 Sponsors Diamond American General Life Companies AmWINS Group Benefits New York Life Transamerica Affinity Services PIMA Response on R. insurance companies  reduced administrative expenses. retirees and association members across    multiple states with a common benefit structure.org insured is located. requiring every health insurer (as well as HMOs. jurisdiction   for group insurance policies issued to trusts and associations. The joint buying power of group trust policyholders     has allowed thousands of small employers and associations to provide quality    insurance benefits for employees. Ohio Street. Within the “Purpose” section of the proposed Regulation 16. life. We are writing  has allowed thousands of small employers and associations to provide quality  insurance benefits for employees. third‐party administrators. that all policy forms include a term providing that the insurance regulatory agency and courts of the jurisdiction in which the individual resides or the group is located. PIMA has served as the leading national  Re:  Proposed Regulations 16 and 117   organization of agents.

230 E. the Proposed Regulations will produce several unintended consequences  that will actually be harmful to insurance consumers as well as Rhode Island taxpayers. not‐for‐profit affinity organizations.  Sincerely.  In our view. and the State of Rhode Island.        We are greatly concerned that.  • Increase in the cost of coverage – Insureds could see an increase in their premiums based on the increased     administrative expenses for insurers.        the Proposed Regulations will likely result in decreased revenues for certain Rhode Island businesses and thus tax      revenue to the State. KBM Group designs. employers.  These jobs may be eliminated or moved to other states. numerous jobs have been created in Rhode Island with      financial institutions servicing this business. delivers.  THE PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE MARKETING ASSOCIATION  Denise S.  We  ask that the Agencies consider the following potential consequences of the Proposed Regulations:  • Market impact – The Proposed Regulations may cause some companies to withdraw from this segment of the       market. creative. database. which will make coverage less available for consumers. this segment of the market has functioned and served the insurance buying public well for more than 50  years. and manages integrated healthcare and insurance marketing solutions that help clients identify.  In this difficult economic climate. we  encourage the Agencies to carefully consider these issues before moving forward.com to find out.indd 1 4/29/11 4:46 PM 9 . we would strongly encourage  a much more narrow and focused approach and that you work with the industry. however.  Likewise. Illinois 60611 • Phone (817) 569-PIMA (7462) • Fax (312) 644-8557 • www. Ohio Street. employees and businesses. it is not clear to us how the Proposed Regulations will be implemented and enforced.pima-assn.kbmg. the impact of the Proposed Regulations could be devastating to many insurance  consumers nationally.  As a result. Guaranteed. and  • Economic impact to Rhode Island – As a leading trust state. the Agencies believe it is necessary to increase regulation in this area. and retain members — and grow those valuable relationships. acquire. KBM Group brings a team of marketing professionals with experience to offer your business unparalleled expertise in direct marketing. This lack of clarity will  likely cause some companies to stop issuing policies to Rhode Island trusts or to move this business to other states with  more favorable laws and regulations. analytics. Additionally. Friday   President                                         Mona Buckley        Chief Executive Officer                                Better results. employers would see an increased complexity of their human      resource functions and other related costs. brand strategy. consumer groups and other regulators  to directly address the consumer protection concerns that originally prompted the Proposed Regulations.org PIMA2011. Suite 400 • Chicago. if promulgated. How can KBM Group guarantee better results for you? Call 800-673-1685 or visit www.  If.pima ConnXions Moreover. and online services.

©2011. 50-Plus Term Life.com/affinitybenefits.Let us help you reach your group insurance goals With trusted partners. .americangeneral. All rights reserved. www.com/benefitsolutions. Long-term. Insurance that works n n n O ngoing product development C ost-effective coverage members need H igh service standards that will help ensure member satisfaction A full spectrum of group products n L ife Insurance – Term Life. American General provides a variety of innovative solutions to meet your association and affinity group insurance needs. better results. and 10-year and 20-year Level Term H ospital Accident and Hospital Indemnity D ental C ancer Recovery Plan O ther products available upon request n n n A ccidental Death & Dismemberment C atastrophic Medical Insurance D isability – Short-term. Joint Term Life. Business Overhead C omprehensive Accident n n n n n For more information on how our solutions can meet your benefit needs. increased member satisfaction Benefit Solutions. call 1-877-800-8691 or visit www.americangeneral. is a division of American General Life Companies.

Prudential’s proven underwriting and claims administration. is an independent insurance broker serving the employeebenefits brokerage and consultant community on a national basis. In addition. Call John Kelly at 1-985-624-5224. We’ll introduce you to a new way of protecting your members that’s more than 60 years in the making. (Note: we maintain a list of interested volunteer meeting chairs and rotate that opportunity by organization. The Education Action Group is looking for volunteers who want to assist with the educational aspects of the PIMA experience. will exceed your expectations and offer real insurance solutions to your membership. including conference & Webinar content. Ternian Insurance Group LLC. and those who recently embraced our expertise. or long term care insurance—or a suite of coverages— to your members. length of member experience in PIMA and member type).com/. 0176430 0176430-00001-00 Ed.hussar@thehartford. One way to boost your PIMA experience is to serve on a committee. The insurance. For more information. The plan features different levels of coverage for different classes of employees – a mid-level plan for owners and two affordable limited medical plans for salaried and hourly employees. whether your organization is an association.nextgenins. This offering reflects NGI’s mission to safeguard investments in education while educating students and young adults on lifestage risks. Offering our Rock Solid reputation for excellence and well over half a century of proven experience. room. please contact PIMA Member Bill Suneson at bsuneson@nextgenins. NJ. disability. as well as industry recognized marketing services. We are eager to share with you the same breadth of knowledge and service we provide to all our clients—those with whom we have decades of history. affinity group or TPA. ji Call for Committee Members! The PIMA Education Action Group is Looking for volunteers. provided as a new tuition insurance benefit within Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan. Arizona. Prudential and The Rock logo are registered service marks of The Prudential Insurance Company of America and its affiliates.12/10 5096 11 . or visit www. Their enthusiastic acceptance of our services is the best endorsement we could offer. ® Find out what Prudential can do for your organization—and the people who count on you. HealthBasic also meets small employers’ needs by offering hassle-free administration. ji Next Generation Insurance Group (NGI) is now delivering its tuition insurance directly to Sallie Mae student loan borrowers. Association/Affinity Services Group coverages issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America.com or PIMA CEO Mona Buckley. Newark. reimburses up to $5. a voluntary solution that’s 100% employee-paid and usable benefits with first-dollar coverage and no deductibles. board and other covered fees not refunded by the school if a student is forced to withdraw for eligible medical reasons. a limited medical plan for small employers with as few as five lives.pima ConnXions j Grapevine i ji Ternian Insurance Group has introduced HealthBasic. The Prudential Insurance Company of America has the depth of knowledge and reputation of stability to match your goals. com.000 of tuition. based in Phoenix. If you’re offering life. if interested in being a volunteer Meeting Chairs for an upcoming meeting.. With more than 60 years of experience. please contact Education Action Group Chair Susan Hussar at susan.

CLU.S. Miltenberger. Policies sold in New York are underwritten by Hartford Life Insurance Company. © 2011 The Hartford.dangler@willis.pima ConnXions new Members AGENCIES Aegis Administrative Services.com Geri Ann Cangelosi. Inc Sam Cozzo. The Hartford has led the way with our Ability philosophy that focuses on what people of all abilities can do. Griffin.S. Home Office of both companies is Simsbury. Inc.com ASSOCIATION/ AFFINITY MARKETS LET OUR ABILITIES SUPPORT YOURS.1 Because our abilities support yours. It’s why we’re No.642. President (VM) emiltenberger@caags.A. LLC Edwin J.com Prospective Members Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP Michael T.com ProLawInsurance Ron Weltmann.com Carrier and Affinity Group Strategies. PARALYMPICS. RHU.com Willis Michael P. ron@prolawinsurance.843. and its subsidiaries. 1 LIMRA 2010 new fully insured group life and disability sales.com Los Angeles City Employees Association and LACEA Insurance Services John Hawkins. mike@ccminsuranceservices. CT 06089 12 . President & CEO jhawkins@cityemployeesclub. President gac@aegisadmin. 1 in new fully-insured disability sales. Partner mgriffin@eapdlaw. The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group.5890 THE HARTFORD IS THE OFFICIAL DISABILITY INSURANCE SPONSOR OF U. And we deliver solutions through a set of capabilities that are focused on customer needs. Simsbury.com CCM Insurance Services Michael Guglielmo. contact: Jim Larson 312. Nat’l Affinity/ Assn Practice Leader michael.4826 Greg Pihl 860. Marketing Director (VM) sc@aegisadmin. CT. including issuing companies Hartford Life Insurance Company and Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. ChFC. JD. To learn more about The Hartford’s products.384. while helping your business be more productive.7629 Susan Hussar 703. 36USC220506 4062 Printed in the U. Dangler.

associations.“I WANT EASY” Delivering The Human Side of Insurance ® EASY PLANNING. Inc.com Transamerica Life & Protection is an operating division of Transamerica Life Insurance Company and its affiliated AEGON companies offering life and health insurance and financial products. consultants.TransamericaAffinity. offers benefit solution strategies designed with one thing in mind—helping you get what you want. 520 Park Avenue | Baltimore | MD 21201-4500 23199658 13 . third party administrators and managing general underwriters to place supplemental life and health insurance products with groups such as employers. EASY SOLUTIONS. 5330 or visit www. part of Transamerica Life & Protection. 5312 • John Zipp ext. unions. For information call (800) 229-6565 Mike Mercer ext. Ask us about Medicare solutions for 2011–2012! Transamerica Affinity Services. credit unions.. Transamerica works with brokers. government entities. 5298 • Mark Zimmerly ext. 5346 • Keith Schaub ext. travel agencies and other organizations.

Emergency regulation rule establishes standards and requirements for use of senior-specific certifications and designations in the sale of life insurance and annuities. or both the consumer’s residential phone number and mailing address. or TRI-CARE supplement insurance. or other entity complies with this section or Section 1368. PIMA was represented at the hearing by retained Counsel and CEO Mona Buckley. (2) A link to prescription drug formularies or instructions on how to obtain formulary information. (e) Nothing in this article shall preclude an insurer from including additional information on its Internet Web site for applicants or insureds. the cost of procedures or services by health care providers in an insurer’s network. Changes the name of the “consumer protection division telephone solicitation fund” to the “do not contact fund”.pima ConnXions LegaLink State Issues California: SB 296. of the insured to request an independent medical review pursuant to subdivision (i) of Section 10169. (3) A detailed summary description of the process by which the insurer reviews and approves. insurer. following up on a letter sent on behalf of PIMA earlier. ID cards must include the health insured internet web site address. Reg. The proposed regulation also requires that the forms used in connection with insurance issued through a Rhode Island trust include a provision giving the regulatory agencies and courts in the state where the insured person or group resides jurisdiction. a link to the Internet Web site of each health insurer described in subdivision (a). (5) A detailed summary of the health insurer’s grievance process. Medical ID Cards. but not limited to. including the extent to which benefits have been exhausted. provided that the health insurer provides a link on its Internet Web site to an Internet Web site operated by the specialized health care service plan. in the do not contact list. or other entity with which it contracts. Effective 4/4/11. or other entity to cover professional mental health services for its insureds. Effective 3/30/11. Rhode Island: Use of Trusts The Rhode Island Insurance Division held a hearing on April 26. defines misleading use of a senior retiree credential or designation by advisors and insurance producers in connection with life and health insurance or annuities. Provides that a consumer may list either the consumer’s residential telephone number or the consumer’s mailing address. accident-only. Effective 7/1/11. short-term limited duration health insurance. (7) Information concerning the right. Changes the name of the list to the “do not contact” list. Effective 6/1/11. (4) Lists of providers or instructions on how to obtain a provider list as required by Section 10133. Champus-supplement insurance. responsibilities. Hawaii: SB 232 Civil Unions. establishes internal appeal procedure standards for long term care insurance. (h) This section shall not apply to a health insurer that contracts with a specialized health care service plan. protections and responsibilities under the law as are granted to spouses. protection and benefits afforded by the law of Illinois to spouses. in-network provider access information. Public Act 1513 Civil Unions. (d) The material described in subdivision (a) shall also be made available to insureds in hard copy upon request. . Effective 1/1/12. Significant Proposed Legislation Indiana: SB 514. New York: NY has proposed a reorganization that would shift regulatory oversight of health insurance products (including long term care and disability income insurance) from the Department of Insurance to the Department of Health. Effective 1/1/12.135.55. 14 (f) The department shall include on the department’s Internet Web site. (b) Except as otherwise specified. except behavioral healthonly policies. every health insurer that provides coverage for professional mental health services shall establish an interest web site that shall include or provide a link to the following information: (1) A telephone number that the insured or provider can call. (c) The information described in subdivision (a) may be made available through a secured Internet Web site that is only accessible to the insured.016 of the Health and Safety Code.0315 Senior Designations.1. 62 (11 N4C RR 52). New York: Reg. and specified disease insurance. 31. Chapter 575. insurer. including. (6) A detailed description of how the insured may request continuity of care as described in Section 10133. and applicable procedure. for assistance obtaining mental health benefits coverage information. See the PIMA President’s column for more information and/or the PIMA website’s Leg. and that plan. modifies. (g) This section shall not apply to Medicare supplement insurance. or to hospital indemnity. Illinois: SB 1716. during normal business hours. Compiled by members of the PIMA Legislative and Regulatory Action Group for the recent Annual Meeting. & Reg. If enacted. Employee Assistance Programs. insurer. Effective 3/25/11. Emergency 199 (11 NY4 RR 225). Maryland: Reg. and claims processing information. 2011 regarding Proposed Regulation 117 – Insurance Issued to Trusts and Associations. act provides that a party to a Civil Union is entitled to the same legal obligations. benefits. which would require insurers that issue insurance through a Rhode Island trust to comply with applicable insurance laws of the state where the insured person or group resides. the material described in subdivision (a) shall be updated at least quarterly. This section shall also not apply to specialized health insurance policies. act provides that a party to a Civil Union lawfully entered in the state of Hawaii shall have all the same rights. page. it would expand the coverage of the do not call list to include mail sent to consumers in Indiana through the United States mail soliciting the sale of consumer goods or services or a charitable contribution. Repeals an obsolete definition. or denies requests for health care services as described in Section 10123. At press time Rhode Island was backing off proceeding with the regulations at any time in the immediate future and was working with industry groups to gain more information about the current Trust business in the state. The regulation applies to individual and group insurers issuing policies through trusts in Rhode Island.

© 2011 Veterinary Pet Insurance Company. Tap into the potential of a popular voluntary benefit. EFIT TARY BEN VOLUN um No miniment. an A+15 rated company. • • • • • Highly requested voluntary benefit No cost to you or to your clients Employees receive a group discount Easy set-up No minimum enrollment Upgrade your benefits portfolio today. National Casualty Company (all other states). Nationwide Insurance is a service mark of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Madison.com/PIMAnews • 888-341-0779 Underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (CA) Brea. Contact us to start offering VPI Pet Insurance. enrollm VPI Pet Insurance The nation’s oldest and largest pet insurance provider petinsurance. to your c .Maximize your benefits portfolio. VPI® Pet Insurance can strengthen your portfolio— and your bottom line. 11ADV1210_PIMAnews No colsitents. WI. Meet Max. CA.

Professional Insurance Marketing Association 35 E Wacker Drive. CO We’ve Moved! Please make a note that effective June 1st our new HQ/Mailing address is: 2012 Annual Meeting February 9-12 Hammock Beach Resort Palm Coast. CA .pima-assn. Please forward to your respective accounting or other departments. IL 60601 www. FL MidYear Meeting & Tradeshow July 19-22 Eldorado Hotel Sante Fe.org Future Meetings 2011 MidYear Meeting & Tradeshow July 28-31 The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Colorado Springs. Wacker Drive Suite 850 Chicago. 2013 Annual Meeting February 7-10 Hotel Del Coronado San Diego. NM 35 E. Suite 850 Chicago. IL 60601-2106 There will be no changes to our phone or fax numbers.

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