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Name: Johari Prasetiyo - Singgih Candra Prayoga Class : XI A I Singgih Singgih Singgih : “Hi, how are you?

” : “Fine too” : “Great! Because I got the A scores in every subject. And now,

Johari : “I’m fine, thanks. And you?” Johari : “How about with your study in your university? ” I’m glad to meet you.” Johari : “I’m glad to meet you too” Singgih Singgih stand it.” Singgih : “Oh, it’s very bad. It reminded me about an accident that made my girlfriend pass away. And if I remember it, I can’t forgot that terrible experience. ” Johari : “I’m sorry to hear that.” Singgih now.” Singgih Singgih : “I’m very relieved to hear that.” : “See you ” Johari : “Ok, I must go to my university. See you later” : “Never mind. Jo, How about with your left hand?” Johari : “Hmm.. It’s better than yesterday, because I went to the doctor just : “Wait! What happen with your hand?” : “Really?” Johari : “I got an accident when I was driving my bicycle.” Johari : “Yeah, my left hand was broken, and it was very painful. I could’nt