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ISSUE 2006
March #3
presents : HOT issue October - December 2006

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Nelson Medina
It’s incredible how we have
contact us: multiplied our number of readers, whereas the old editions
continue runing around the
world and giving much that
to speak to the international technique of illustration mixed
community of graphical artists with photography.
and communicators.
Isn’t too much?
The powerful and innovating Along with this number comes
Floria Sigismondi, director of completely free the download of
videoclips of Marilyn Manson, the disc CONTROL of Vërtical for
shows us an advance of her those who likes rock, grunge and
book Immune (courtesy of Die metal.
All the samples are Gestalten) and she gave to us
propierty of their an exclusive interview which will Enjoy the magazine and don’t
respective owners and
be appearing in the following forget to spread our revolution.
can’t be reproduced
number. Let’s rock!
whithout permission.
Don’t steal, be
influenced and create ! In this edition we have a lot of Nelson Medina
infested inexhaustible pages of Creative Director
We are always open inspiration. ¿could be the spring?
for people who want
to contribute to our From Spain... the splendorous
magazine. Shue Cane tells us the secret of
Fresh ideas, nice
her success and delight us with
designs and people with
good vibrations. colors and vector shapes.
In Mar del Plata; Argentina, we found the talented Rodrigo
Damian who shows his interesting
Issue 3

Aki Jinn
Malaysia Kristal Blanco Nicole Bauer
Italy Germany
Amenth (loveisick)
Indonesia Mohammed Fathi Egypt Nelson Medina
Eduardo Valdez Peru
Alvaro Sánchez modesigns
Guatemala Rodrigo Damian
Floria Sigismondi JayLim Matteo Vallet Argentina
(apearing by courtesy of Die Malaysia Charvensod - Bondine
Carlos Cortes (CortesMedia) Gestalten Verlag) Italy
Colombia Italy Valeria Prieto México
Jeanette Michellod Monica Sanchez
Gustavo Oenning Germany Peru
Daniel Caleb Gómez Saldívar Brazil
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LET’S ROCK . . .
- issue 3 Shue Cane - Spain
- issue 3 Shue Cane - Spain
- issue 3 Shue Cane - Spain
- issue 3 Jay Lim - Malaysia
- issue 3 Eduardo Valdez - México - issue 3 Jeanette Michelod - Germany
- issue 3 Jeanette Michelod - Germany
- issue 3 Jeanette Michelod - Germany - issue 3 Valeria Prieto - México
Barcelona, September 2006
by Nelson Medina
Graphics & Photos by Shue Cane
How old are you? one day or another, and I just started earlier.
Don’t ya know it’s not nice to ask a lady’s
age?....ts ts never mind, I’ll tell…I’m 24… Do you think you have an own
and getting older, yep! style?
I think so very much. Surely I use same
Where do you live? techniques like other designers, I really
I live in beautiful and creative Barcelona love the popular Vector Style for example,
Spain :) but I believe I have a different view on
many things and that’s what shows in my
Tell us a bit about your profile. artworks in the end.
I was born in Germany and grew up there,
now since 4 years I am living and working What inspires your work?
in Spain. I really enjoy living here, I like Many many things, you could even go as
the Spanish lifestyle, people, food and far to say everything. sometimes I probably
the sea of course! I am happy that I am don’t even realize when moods, feelings
always able to continue my work all over or experiences unconsciously sneak into
the world, being so flexible is really a gift. my designs. To design nice and beautiful
I am designing since 10 years, and always things, or even sad or strange things and
worked as a freelancer designer besides many others, that’s really a good way to
working in my record label with my partner. process things in life.

How do you learned to design? What other talents are inside you?
I am a complete self-taught designer. Never Well, if I tell you that I’d have to kill you……
had any graphic design schools or anything
similar near my place where I grew up, so What are your favorite colors and
I had to be creative and find out myself. fonts?
But I really like the fact that everything I I really love pink and dark grey, I like black,
do today is by myself, I kind of feel more always stylish and just cool, white also an
confident about my working flow than evergreen. That’s the special colors I like,
if someone else would have taught me but as you see in my designs I always
their way of working, or their working use lots of different colors, cause it’s
flow. Every designer anyway has to just too hard not to use them, they
develop their own working flow
are all great. And I’m sure I haven’t even biz (record label) but will definitely go
used yet a quarter of all those beautiful on there. And I’m very open to other new
colors out there…. things that I just haven’t yet heard of.

Do you have some favorites cliches In what projects are you in-
in design? volved?
yes I do very much, working in Photoshop I just finished work for a logo book
I always love to use my brushes, that I here in Bcn, which is to come out in
collected and put together over the last early 2007, I’m very happy about that.
years. Also I almost always use pink in my Moreover I am currently looking into
designs, which is very cliché I think…. some collaborations with special Fashion
Lately I am totally into using halftone dots accessoires, cannot tell more yet…
in my latest designs. But I never use a cliché
too long, I think I over-use them so much as How do you consider a good de-
long as I like them, that I would never again sign?
use them in future designs. For me a good design has to be balanced.
It could be of any style, maybe even a
What do you like to learn? style that I personally dislike, but it’s got
many things actually…i would like to to be in harmony. You could e.g. have a
learn to cook without accidents…. I would great design, but the font used in it just
love to learn to speak Japanese one day, doesn’t fit, this distracts me so much
would like to learn fight techniques for that I cannot concentrate on the rest
fun and self defense…also I would really of the design. Or if a color is just placed
be interested to learn Photography in a and used in a wrong way – well kind of
professional way. unbalanced.
But mostly I just think you can consider a
What do you like to do in a few good design when you realize the artist
years? or designer had something in mind when
I would definitely want to go on to design, creating it, and it’s a piece of him-/herself.
but same time I really have many interests Surely every designer is inspired by
in other creative branches, I really dig to do others artworks, but you always have to
more with fashion, I already work in music put your own heart and mind into your
works. That’s what in the end the observer
will always get to see.
Why don’t you have dark art-
You probably won’t believe me, but I
am really hard working on this. I have
some dark artworks in mind from other
designers that I adore, and sometimes I
try to make darker designs, but at some What do you think about
time while designing I lose the point Revolutionart?
and I end up with my own style. But like I think Revolutionart is really cool, I like
I say, I’m already deep into this, and for the concept and the support for artists
the next interview on RevolutionArt (in all over the world. Thanks for having me
case you want me again :)) I’ll hopefully in the interview – I believe Revolutionart
be able to present you some SHUE CANE will find many many readers and fans in
Dark Stuff! future, and it will surely become a strong
part in the online design scene.
Females are very present in your
designs. Why ? Leave a message to the design,
I am a woman, and so are my inspirations art and advertisement community
- very female. So most times I prefer to of the world...
use sexy women in my artworks as they Hey everybody, hope Ya’ll rock….
unite really good with my colorful and probably I bored you with all my talking
happy style. I like to use female shapes, but what I wanna say is that I hope you
or flowers, and colors, and that just liked some of my work and interview, and
goes great with beautiful women and I hope to see your designs and interviews
probably also shows how I feel - like a soon in here too! Be inspired – but don’t
woman. imitate – create yourself!

And what about your “sexiest” de-

signs... where did the came from? Peace, SHUE CANE
he he, I was sure you’d gonna ask about
them… Actually I designed those 4 years
ago for an exhibition in South Spain,
I even sold the couple of canvas to a
collector. I plan to make a remake of that
piece of design in 2006/07
for an exhibition in
- issue 3 Carlos Cortés - Colombia
- issue 3 Carlos Cortés - Colombia
- issue 3 Carlos Cortés - Colombia
- issue 3 Carlos Cortés - Colombia
- issue 3 Daniel Caleb Gómez - México
- issue 3 Daniel Caleb Gómez - México - issue 3 Aki Jinn - Malaysia
- issue 3 Alvaro Sánchez - Guatemala
- issue 3 Alvaro Sánchez - Guatemala
- issue 3 Alvaro Sánchez - Guatemala
- issue 3 Alvaro Sánchez - Guatemala
- issue 3 Mohammed Fathi - Egypt
- issue 3 Monica Sánchez - Perú
- issue 3 Gustavo Oenning - Brazil
- issue 3 Amenth (Loveissick) - Indonesia
- issue 3 Amenth (Loveissick) - Indonesia
- issue 3 Kristal Blanco - Italy
- issue 3 Kristal Blanco - Italy
- issue 3 Matteo Vallet - Italy
- issue 3 Nicole Bauer - Germany
- issue 3 Nelson Medina - Perú
- issue 3 Nelson Medina - Perú
- issue 3 Nelson Medina - Perú

September 2006,
Mar del Plata, Argentina
Text: Nelson Medina
Images: Rodrigo Damian
Rodrigo Damian, were
born on May 12th, 1976 in
Mar del Plata city, Argen-
He’s a digital illustrator,
graduated in the year
2000 from High School of
Visual Arts Martin Mala-
harro, Mar del Plata.
His works may fits in Digi-
tal fine art.
He specializes in ilus-
tration for cd covers of
bands, books, magazines
and comics.
How do you start illustrating ?
The reading of comics books did
make me get in the world of the

What about your influences?

My influences are the Surreal-
ism and Ciberpunk, with regard
to artists, Dave Mckean and

Where does your ideas come

Depending of demand, but I base
my illustrations on writings, al-
ready be, poetry or stories.
Also the music generate some

What are the techniques and

tools that you use in your
The technics that I use are the
photography, all the photos are ob- blue and green. none fonts especially,
tained for me. I use collage too and I it depends on the illustration to which
realize backgrounds of water-colors they should accompany.
and acrylic. I generate textures in the
laboratory with the photographic pa-
pers. I make 3d objects. Do you have any new projects coming
The tools that I use are a digital cam- up that you can tell us about?
era, another analogical for black and I´m waiting the confirmation to begin
white pictures, to do the illustrations for front pages of
optical pencil, 3d software and one books for an collection of ciberpunk sto-
generic for image editing. ries.

My goal when I make What’s the motivation behind your

an illustration is to artworks?
provoke a reaction My goal when I make an illustration is to
in the spectator with provoke a reaction in the spectator with
regard to the feelings
and emotions. regard to the feelings and emotions.

Thank you Rodrigo.

Which are your favorite colors and
I feel more comfortable with those
most desaturated, I do incline for
- issue 3 Rodrigo Damian - Argentina
- issue 3 Rodrigo Damian - Argentina
By Floria Sigismondi from Immune Copyright Die Gestalten Verlag 2006

In the next issue ....

an exclusive interview with COMING UP
the creative mind behind the videos
of Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, FLORIA
The Cure, Björk , The White stripes ...
and many more.
... wait for Revolutionart #4
- issue 3 By Floria Sigismondi from Immune Copyright Die Gestalten Verlag 2006
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