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GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System – GAPPS

Holistic approach to organization,

team and individual development.
The GAINMORE™ Framework enables us to
partner with organizations to target
development activities, coaching and training
in a structured manner that meets
organizational needs.

Assessment Tools
GAPPS, the GAINMORE™ Advantage
Potential to Performance System assessment
is a holistic suite of tools and frameworks that
help our clients focus development activities
at three key levels, the organization, teams
and individuals.

There are three key components in GAPPS:

1. ODNA - Organizational Development
Needs Analysis
2. TDNA - Team Development Needs
3. IDNA - Individual Development Needs

GAPPS is an integral and powerful tool to

identify leadership development needs and
the priorities for development.

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GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System – GAPPS

ODNA – Organization Development

Needs Analysis
Organizational needs analysis is a critical
starting point in determining development
plans for the organization. The ODNA
provides a robust framework enabling the rich
conversations necessary to objectively
analyze and assess the competency, attribute
and skill gaps in the organization and its

Directly aligned to the organizational goals

and considering the business environment
and context – the ODNA is completed after a
series of structured interview discussions with
key personnel in the organization.

Ideally supported with quantitative data from

the IDNA, our Organizational Development
Needs Analysis provides a comprehensive
blueprint for your ongoing leadership
development together with recommendations
about the curriculum going forward.

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GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System – GAPPS

TDNA – Team Development Needs

Using the same principles as the ODNA, the
TDNA is a smaller scale implementation for
discreet teams, often particular functions in
the organizations.

Using the IDNA across the team, the

consolidated report shows the strengths,
weaknesses and opportunities within the

The balance of roles within the team is shown

highlighting potential issues for this type of

Highlights potential mentors within the team in

specific areas to develop other team
members and provides a comprehensive
targeted development plan based on the
business environment and the team’s specific

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GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System – GAPPS

IDNA – Individual Development

Needs Analysis
GAPPS for individuals – the IDNA - is a 76-
question self-assessment tool, developed by
Dr. John Kenworthy with colleagues Profs
Malcolm Higgs, Vic Dulewicz and Dr Paul
Aitken. This powerful tool provides 3
important profiles:
1. Leadership Dimensions – Intellectual
Capability, Managerial Competencies
and Emotional Intelligence
2. Leadership Team Role Preference
and Behaviors
3. GAINMORE™ Development Profile

The profiles provide a detailed report on the

individual’s strengths and areas for
development considering the overall
organizational goals and the individual’s job

GAPPS has been extensively tested with a

reliability Cronbach alpha of 0.86 and
validated across the globe against 16PF,
DISC, MBTI, Belbin Team Roles and Hay-
McBer MCQ. Unlike most leadership
psychometrics, GAPPS has also been
validated in Singapore and Malaysia.

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GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System – GAPPS
1 Questionnaire access and submission GAPPS – Pricing Schedule
Profile Report - LDQ, Team Role Preference and Behaviour, GAPPS access is purchased in units.
Leadership Potential, GAINMORE™ Profile

2 Development Report - Focus and priorities detailed narrative


This provides organizations with greater

Job Role Audit (Sales, Customer Service, Manager, Admin, flexibility in the applied use of GAPPS.

Senior Manager, HR, Engineer, Operations, Support)

4 1-2-1 Development Online-Coaching (45 mins) With a rich choice of individual reports and
Team Profile - Team Role Balance, Team GAINMORE™ DNA, benchmark reports against specific job
Team Development Needs and Priorities functions, within specific industries and
90 ODNA Profile and Diagnosis benchmarked against a Global or local norms.
User Certification - GAPPS Admin & Analysis, Development
Coaching. FREE with every 1000 Units purchased Nominated persons in an organization are
authorized to call for specific reports for any
Units are priced at S$20.00 net per unit. individual, and where applicable, teams and
the organization.
Example: Team GAPPS for 20 people. 20 Questionnaires (20 Units), 20 sets Profile Reports (60 Units), 20 sets
Development Reports (40 Units), 20 Job Role Audit - against different roles (40 Units), 1 Team Profile (24 Units) User certification includes a 2-day workshop
and 20 1-2-1 Online Coaching debrief (80 Units).
Total 264 Units.
in administrating the system and in debriefing
individuals and teams regarding the profiles
and development reports. One user
certification is included free with every 1000
units purchased.

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