Ford markets and people across our Asia Pacific and Africa region.

It represents yet another example of our global drive towards One Ford and the integration that’s being deployed throughout all aspects of the business – in this instance, through enhanced and expanded communications. In the months ahead, @Ford will aim to keep you informed of the significant events and news occurring across our very diverse and dynamic region, as well as highlight the specific activities and programs that are taking place within your own markets. Globally, and here in Asia Pacific and Africa, we’re certainly faced with some of the most challenging and difficult times that our industry and Ford Motor Company have ever faced. The financial crisis that has recently swept the globe, and its implications to the auto industry – including the tightening of credit and falling consumer confidence – have been playing out in headlines on a daily basis. Yet despite the uncertain times and rapidly shifting environment that currently face us, @Ford will help you see the significant progress that is still being made at Ford Motor Company – both globally and throughout our region – as well as the many accomplishments and successes that are being enjoyed within our markets. I’ll be using this space each issue to share my perspectives on our business and provide updates on behalf of the senior APA management team. We also want to ensure that the content of @Ford is most relevant to our people around the APA region, so I encourage you to submit your ideas and/or feedback to for consideration with future issues. One Team. One Plan. One Goal.


elcome to the preview issue of @Ford, our new magazine whose content will be generated specifically from and geared towards the

3 4 5 6 9
Best Practice
PANDA power comes to APA

Market Watch
All new Falcons take Australia by storm

Headline News
Fiesta debuts in APA

Cover Story
Driving Skills for Life program helps protect drivers in Asia

Global View
Russia: Growth and change

10 12 14

Voice of the Customer
Quality roadmap to One Ford

Corporate Social Responsibility
A look at APA’s Global Week of Caring activities

Product Watch • New Escape makes its mark on the
Bangkok skyline

• PowerShift design revamps
the new Ford Focus

• Ford Ikon 1.4 TDCi gets top honors
in fuel economy

17 18

News Round-up Ford Faces

John Parker
Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific and Africa
is published for the people of Asia Pacific and Africa, Ford Motor Company, by Ford Communications - 19th Floor, Lake Rajada Office 2/ Complex, 193/82-86 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand. Director/Publisher: Whitney Foard Small; Managing Editor: Mia Barrett; Regional Content Team: PRISM; Design/Production: Oakins and Stone Limited. A publication of Ford Communications Network. 2008.

best practice

PANDA power comes to APA
good luck, but PANDA – which stands for Parts and Accessories Computer System – has contributed more than $1 million extra to the bottom line in six of the eleven APA markets via centralized parts pricing.


ave you hugged a PANDA? Ford Customer Service

and other changing factors, Ford can suddenly find itself charging a customer less for the part than it pays to get it. With each market facing the same dilemma – often with the same parts – it’s an ideal task for centralizing. Deeman Vachirasomboon, business development manager in Bangkok for CSO,

Operations (CSO) managers in the Asia Pacific and Africa region certainly want to because suddenly their operations are more profitable. No, the black and white bear from China hasn’t brought

A team effort
A specialist team from Thailand and India devised this additional function of monitoring and setting parts prices centrally from the system, which controls all aspects of the parts and accessories business, from parts ordering and warehousing to dealer ordering and logistics. It is very difficult for individual markets to monitor more than a quarter million parts numbers daily. With commodity price changes, competitive pressures,

“ This has proven that staying on top
of pricing centrally really pays off.

leads a four-person team that uses PANDA to monitor pricing every business day. His team has already brought centralized pricing to Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. And in just one of the markets yet to join, the team has identified more than 700 negatively priced parts. “Centralized pricing demonstrates the strength we have when we work together as a region,” said Brian Colianni, Executive Director of APA Customer Service Operations. “By the time we’ve completed the five remaining markets, the profits will add up. This has proven that staying on top of pricing centrally
CSO business development manager Deeman Vachirasomboon and pricing analyst Patumtip Lertchaisataporn

really pays off.” So, when centralized parts pricing comes to your market, give your PANDA a big hug!
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market watch

Ford Australia has ever built.

...the best car

All-new Falcons take Australia by storm


he media are describing the new Ford Falcon as the best car Ford Australia has ever built and arguably the best car built in Australia – grand praise for the new FG Falcon that recently proved itself to be the safest Australian car ever made.

load paths that direct crash forces away from occupants. During its safety development, the Falcon was subjected to more than 5,000 simulated crashes while 90 fully-instrumented prototypes were physically crashed. Testing was carried out in the US, Sweden and Australia. On top of the safety features, the Falcon range also boasts all-new exterior and interior designs, an allnew front suspension, as well as new powertrains with more power, more torque and improved fuel economy. The 2008 Falcon models went on sale in May, going to market with three distinct faces on the vehicle for the first time in its history to appeal to a wide customer base ranging from private and fleet customers to the highperformance sports and luxury customers. There are now three families of vehicles in the FG Falcon sedan range – Falcon XT, G Series and Falcon XR.

The new FG Falcon was the first Australia-

made car to achieve the maximum five-star safety rating in independent crash testing by the Australian New Car Assessment Program

(ANCAP), scoring higher points than many premium European vehicles known for safety. “Not only is the FG Falcon the safest vehicle ever produced in this country, it is also competitive with the safest sedans in the world,” said Ford Australia’s President and CEO Marin Burela. The Falcon’s comprehensive list of active and passive safety features supplements the integrity of its new body structure, including the use of Boron steel and the development of new


headline news

Fiesta debuts in APA
The all-new Ford Fiesta is now on the road and it’s heading to Asia Pacific and Africa


tarting with events in Europe, Fiesta is embarking

on a global launch tour that intensifies in the coming months. It’s a significant step forward in the One Ford story, as Ford Motor Company brings its new worldwide small-car design to market.

• Johannesburg Motor Show (October 31) • Guangzhou Motor Show (November 18) • Australian media drive (December 11-12) Media favorite
Reports from the European launch underscore key facets of the new Fiesta story. Journalists praise Fiesta’s innovative design, its unique, mobile phone-inspired interior, premium levels of refinement and comfort and Fiesta’s trademark, ‘fun to drive’ dynamic agility on the road. After experiencing Fiesta, one prominent Australian journalist said Fiesta is “a class above where it’s fighting.”

Fiesta is going to be a success, say key journalists who “Clearly the Fiesta is now the segment leader. It does

have driven the new global small car from Ford. everything right,” said a key South African motoring journalist, one of 1,200 members of the news media who attended the inaugural Fiesta media drive event in Italy.

Regional rollout
The first APA markets to launch Fiesta – Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – also sent reporters to the European launch in August and September. Then comes this month's much anticipated global debut of the Fiesta sedan model, which will be manufactured in Nanjing, China. Reflecting the growing momentum behind the Fiesta launch, major APA launch events began in the final months of 2008:

• Australian International Motor Show (October 9) • South African media drive (October 20-25)

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cover story

Brand ambassador Tata Young kicks off DSFL program in Thailand

APA launches Driving Skills for Life
Following the success of Ford’s North America program, DSFL is inspiring safer driving across Asia Pacific and Africa


ord’s latest export to the Asia Pacific and Africa (APA) region is not a vehicle but a successful driver education program from the US. Launched in North America in 2003 to educate teens who are new to driving, Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) is APA’s first

Foundation and government agencies in the four ASEAN countries. The financing of the program in Southeast Asia is the first Asian initiative for Ford GlobalGiving, a campaign of the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services.

region-wide corporate social responsibility program and has made its debut in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. This free course mixes classroom learning and practical training to teach safe and fuel-efficient driving. The regional program was created in cooperation with the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP)

Customized for each market
In the Philippines, the program kicked off with a series of DSFL day camps by renowned racer JP Tuason of the Tuason Racing School. The 170 participants learned responsible defensive driving and practical techniques to save fuel and money via eco-driving.

Driving Skills for Life is now incorporated into Ford Philippines’ successful Responsibility In Driver Education program, which has been run in schools and communities since 2005 to create a new generation of drivers that are more aware and intelligent on the road. Moreover, a Road Safety Youth Council formed in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of IT and Communication now acts as ambassadors for DSFL. “The program results in a more educated road user who knows how to make his or her journey safer while making the most out of every liter of fuel,” said council chairman Vic Rosales. In Vietnam, the program was launched with the media in Hanoi being given demo training on DSFL, followed by training for Ford Vietnam’s largest fleet drivers – Future Star Taxi – in Ho Chi Minh

City. About 100 drivers went through the mix of theoretical and practical training. To educate the wider public, the program content was run on TV programs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City while graduate trainees from driving schools and auto club members took part in DSFL sessions. Ford has committed to run this program through 2010 in Vietnam. In Thailand, DSFL got off to a glitzy start in Bangkok with international star Tata Young – Ford Thailand’s Brand Ambassador – taking part in the demo training and speaking on the need for such programs to help improve driver education and safety.

Life is an ideal way for Ford to leverage our global expertise to make a difference.

“Driving Skills for

Weekend training sessions have been conducted for members of the public while the program is being introduced in the four upcountry regions. Some 900 drivers are expected to participate in the program this year.

DSFL comes to ASEAN


he driver education program is being launched in four ASEAN markets initially. Here is a rundown of how the program is being run

The Philippines
Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists, Safety Organization of the Philippines. Offered to: Ford and Mazda employees and dealers, Ford and

Launched: May 7. Partners: Tuason Racing School,


Launched: August 25. Partners: The Profession Certification National Committee, Indonesia Defensive Driving Center, Ministry of Transportation, National Police Road Force. Offered to: retail customers, existing customers, university students and the public in Ford communities.

Mazda club members, fleet members, and students.



Launched: August 20. Partners: AIP Foundation, Jor Sor 100 (a road-traffic radio station). Offered to: Ford employees, dealers and customers, private drivers, university professors and students.
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Launched: July 10. Partners: AIP Foundation, National Traffic Safety Committee. Offered to: Ford employees and retail customers, private drivers, fleet operators and driving schools.


In Indonesia, DSFL is now a credible safety driving course with the Profession Certification National Committee, Indonesia’s only government approved driver training association, providing certified qualification for the participants. Ford employees and dealers, as well as university students, were among the first to be trained in DSFL during the launch. There will be at least 500 certified DSFL drivers in Indonesia by the end of the year.

Do you. . . ?


Always use safety belts

“The program results
in a more educated road user who knows how to make his or her journey safer.
Saving lives, saving fuel
Reducing the toll of road traffic accidents across the region is a key objective of DSFL. There are nearly 40 deaths on the roads of Vietnam every day, while traffic accidents are the second highest cause of death in Thailand. “In developing countries, motorization is happening so quickly that road traffic injuries and deaths have reached an epidemic proportion. People are taking to the road in ever-greater numbers, usually without the training to drive properly,” said Greig Craft, president of the AIP Foundation which is also a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration. Besides, the techniques used for safe driving are essentially the same for economical, fuel-efficient motoring, said Neal McCarthy, corporate communications director for Asia Pacific and Africa. “So, driving steadily at a reasonable engine speed is not only safer, but it also helps save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.” In launching DSFL in the ASEAN markets, Ford is leveraging experience from the program’s success in North America. Ford hopes to continue building momentum for the initiative across Asia Pacific markets, and plans to extend the program to additional markets next year. And AIP Foundation supports the program as best practice for the region, said Craft. “It’s great to see Ford, a leader in safety, doing something about this critical issue,” he added. “Driving Skills for Life is a public-private partnership that effectively involves government and non-government organizations. We believe it will be the catalyst for further action to improve road safety as nations across this region deal with rapid changes on their roads.”


Adjust mirrors for clear view

3 4 5

Drive relaxed anticipate traffic situations

Avoid distractions (e.g. talking on mobile phone)

Maintain safe “3-second distance” between vehicles


Drive at low engine speeds, ideally at 1,500 – 2,500 rpm Use vehicle’s momentum to reduce fuel use

7 8

Switch off the engine when vehicle is idling for more than 20 seconds

9 10

Adjust tires to recommended pressure

Remove unnecessary weight from roof and rear racks


global view


Growth and change
Ford’s experience in Russia provides a vision of success for our growth in APA markets


he Association of Russian Carmakers confidently expects new car sales in 2008 to total 2.75 million. More than half will be imported vehicles, but that figure will steadily diminish as foreign brands open local plants to avoid high import duties.

post rises month after month. Ford’s status as a leading brand was further underlined at the recent Moscow International Motor Show in September. The 10-day event attracted 1.6 million visitors, making it one of the biggest shows worldwide. The biennial event attracted over 1,000 companies from Russia and more than 30 countries worldwide. There were more than 60 car brands on display, including a large contingent from China. The Ford stand was one of the biggest at the show and featured a full range of vehicles, including its three debut models, Fiesta, Focus RS and Escape.

Those brands are following in the footsteps of Ford, which opened a manufacturing plant in the country six years ago.

First to manufacture
“We’re really proud of the fact that we were the first manufacturer to come into the Russian market, open a manufacturing plant of our own in St. Petersburg and produce Russian vehicles uniquely for the Russian market,” commented John

We don’t only sell in Russia, but we manufacture in Russia.

Fleming, Ford Europe’s president and CEO. “It’s important to be able to say, ‘we don’t only sell in Russia, but we manufacture in Russia.’ And that’s also critical to profitability because it’s expensive, both from a logistics perspective and also from a duty perspective, to import vehicles here.” Ford’s significant commitment to Russia is reflected in its sales figures. In 2000 it sold just 1,200 units. In the first eight months of this year, it retailed more than 128,000 units, and it is continuing to

Irina Sharovatova, was excited by the new arrivals, in particular the Fiesta. “Ford in Russia is generally perceived to be a male brand,” she commented at the show. “Now with a very attractive small car appealing also to a female audience we can enlarge our target audience.” The Focus is Ford’s best-selling car and the top foreign-brand model, selling more than 97,000 units last year, well ahead of the second place Renault Logan, which sold 67,800.

Fiesta debuts
Ford Russia’s marketing director,

Help Ford save money!
Use your local access number and always call your colleagues on their 7-digit FordNet numbers
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Or we should be.

voice of the customer
elcome to a special feature that will be in every issue of @Ford magazine for the Asia Pacific and Africa team. It’s reserved not for

stories about us. Instead, it’s all about the customer. Whether you’re working for Ford in India, China, Australia or any of our other markets, who are you really working for? Is it Ford Motor Company? Well, that’s what it says on your pay stub. But I would argue that every one of us at Ford Motor Company is really working for the customer. Our business success depends on Ford products appealing to the customer. Our livelihoods depend on the customer having a great ownership experience. Our futures depend on our customers telling others how great our quality is, and returning themselves when it comes time to buy their next car. In one way or another, every one of our jobs can make a difference for the customer. If only we could know what they want. That’s what this section is all about. Who is the customer? We’ll get into how we bring our target customers to life. How are we doing with the customer? We’ll share key metrics across the region. What do they think of Ford? In coming issues, we’ll reveal how they rate the sales and service experience. What about our quality? You’ll learn what customers are saying and what we’re doing about it. So, with this preview issue of @Ford, it’s your chance to hear the Voice of the Customer. Let’s all work together to deliver for the customer.

“Whether it’s Australia or China, Thailand or India, Germany or America, quality is at the heart of forging a long-term bond with customers,” Nair says. “That makes delivering great quality one of the key pillars of the Ford brand right across our region and around the world.” A relentless focus on quality has helped Ford in North America differentiate the brand, telling consumers that our quality is equal to that of the best Japanese brands. That’s the objective for APA, too. APA is aggressively implementing the Ford Global Quality Improvement Program (GQIP). This initiative is about instituting standardized quality processes. It’s designed to make the Ford approach to quality the same around the world – ensuring that the Ford brand stands for great quality to customers everywhere. A recent implementation of GQIP in India resulted in measurable quality improvements. Instituting the global processes helped deliver quality rating improvements of up to 40 percent. That success is symbolic of the potential for improvement across the region as the initiative picks up steam. “We’ve already demonstrated that adopting a standard approach and consistent processes makes a huge difference,” said Phil Wright, APA launch and quality manager, in charge of GQIP. “The key learning from this program is not to invent how we approach quality. When we follow these proven global processes, our quality scores will keep improving.” Nair agrees.


Quality roadmap to One Ford
hat does the Ford oval badge stand for on our vehicles? Raj Nair, vice president of Operations, Asia Pacific and Africa, is spearheading a broadbased initiative to put quality at the top of the “One Ford” brand promise.

Tom Brewer
Vice President, Marketing Sales and Service Asia Pacific and Africa

“This is what One Ford is all about. And achieving it is going to make a huge difference for Ford customers and our brand image.”

10 /

Check out the regional version of our Ford Escape ad on the back cover

2008 2007 2008

Meet May
eet May. She’s a fictional character with a very real role in Ford. She personifies the profile for buyers Understanding the customer is essential to a vehicle’s success. What kind of vehicle do customers want? of the all-new Ford Fiesta. What is their lifestyle? What are their influences? What brands do they like? What music do they love? Our research teams put a lot of effort into understanding customers like May. This helps us know what she is

looking for in a vehicle. May is the kind of young adult we’re targeting with the new Fiesta. This global small car from Ford is

designed to be what May yearns for in her first car. Its fashionable style and aspirational spirit reflect the tastes of May and her friends, based on market research. May is so important that you can see her picture in the offices of Ford designers and engineers who developed the new Fiesta. That’s how deeply the understanding of May has been injected into its DNA. In China and across APA, Ford marketers and partners have been focusing on getting to know the profile of customers like May. It’s important preparation for creating vibrant campaigns that communicate the new Fiesta’s appeal straight to their hearts.

How did we do?
J.D. Power rankings – also known as the Oscars of the automotive world – reflect how well (or not) we’ve been treating the customers. Here are the current results of how we are doing.
very year, J.D. Power surveys thousands of car owners about their vehicle to measure the performance of automobile manufacturers and dealers around the world. The Sales Satisfaction Index examined seven factors that delivery timing; paperwork; dealer facility; salesperson; deal; and sales initiation. The Customer Satisfaction Index measures new-vehicle owner satisfaction with the after-sales service process by examining dealership contribute to overall customer satisfaction with the sales experience: (in order of importance) delivery process;

performance in seven factors: (in order of importance) problems experienced; service quality; user-friendly service; service higher score indicates greater satisfaction.

delivery; service advisor; service initiation; and in-service experience. Both indices are based on a 1,000-point scale, where a

Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI)

India 792 (2nd) 767 780 (6th)
Data available as of Oct. 21 2008

Indonesia 762 (1st) 756 759 (3rd)

Philippines 838 (8th) 843 835 (1st)

Taiwan 860 (9th) 871 848 (9th)

Thailand 901 (1st) 879 872 (1st)

Industry average

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

China 821 (14th) 815 806 (14

India 730 (10th) 780 727 (2

Indonesia 763 (2nd) 760

Malaysia 763 (2nd) 760 777 (1

Philippines 841 (2nd) 837

Taiwan 856 (8th) 864 838 (11

Thailand 840 (4th) 847 856 (1st)
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Industry average 2007


750 (8




828 (1




Data available as of Oct. 21 2008


corporate social responsibility

Concentrated on relief efforts for the 8.0 earthquake that struck Sichuan province and killed tens of thousands in May. Ford, its key joint venture and investment partners, and employees gave at least RMB 9 million worth of aid which included ambulances and respirators. The cash donations were allotted to Half the Sky Children’s Earthquake Relief Fund, the American Red Cross China Earthquake Relief and Aid, and Assistance to Sichuan Earthquake Survivors.

Caring knows no boundaries
volunteers built homes, renovated shelters and fed the hungry, totaling more than 7,000 man hours in community service, continuing the company’s ongoing commitment to give back and make a positive difference in people’s lives. “The interest among Ford employees across our APA markets in the Global Week of Caring activities has been fantastic,” said Wendy Dendel, vice president of HR for APA. “In fact, the number of volunteers this year was nearly double from last year, as more of our employees are appreciating the personal reward that comes with reaching out to those in need within their communities.” Here are some highlights from the region.


housands of Ford employees around the world went out into their local communities to volunteer at more than 175 projects spanning six continents for the third annual Ford Global Week of Caring in September. In the Asia Pacific and Africa region, at least 2,000 Ford

Thailand • Blood drive • Helped build residential house on an island
earmarked for coastal environment studies

• Visited children’s home for the physically and
mentally handicapped

South Africa • Maintenance work at children’s home and
squatter camp which included fixing ceilings and broken windows

• Day trip to game farm for disabled children

India • Career orientation seminar for high school students • Educated 650 drivers on road safety • Free medical and dental care, meals for physically
disabled and mentally handicapped children in a community center

South Africa
12 /

• Tree planting, beach cleaning, and donation of waste
bins painted by volunteers to schools and nearby communities

China Taiwan

Taiwan • Area cleaning and repair work at
handicap education center and children’s center which included mowing and clearing gutters

Philippines • Constructed houses and provided a deep
well for a village community


• •

Free medical and dental services to more than 600 residents Tree planting


Vietnam • Painted and cleaned up a center
for disabled children


• Donated clothes, books, used
computers and a TV to them

Hosted breakfast and games for 60 orphans

Australia • Blood drive • Maintenance work at camp site for youth
at risk which included surfacing the entry road and filling the wood shed to prepare for next winter

New Zealand
Hosted more than 400 children from low decile schools for breakfast during a variety mini bash

Donated business clothes, shoes and handbags to long-term unemployed and disadvantaged women

New Zealand
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product watch

Lift off!

New Ford Escape launches in Bangkok
Not even the sky was the limit for Ford Thailand’s push to create a successful launch for the 2008 Ford Escape


he new Escape lifted off from Bangkok suspended from a huge hot-air balloon. The flight, which introduced the new model of the popular compact SUV in Thailand,

drew hundreds of media and provided a unique sight on the horizon.

Up, up and away
Customers, dealers and press were amazed when the new Ford Escape took to the skies, sailing beneath a colorful blue and white balloon bedecked with a giant Ford blue oval. Flown high above Thailand’s Royal Infantry Battalion Grounds, Escape was also seeking a mark in the record The media stunt was a fresh approach, kicking off a marketing campaign that gave the public a chance to go aloft with the new Escape.

Fresh new design
The design enhancements to the Escape exterior are extensive, featuring a new front, new fenders, new bumpers and a new tailgate. Additional revisions include new front fog lamps, headlamps, alloy wheels, grille treatment, wheel arches, door cladding, tailgate and tail lamps. “The freshened SUV truly lives up to its name ‘Escape’,” said Saroj Kiatfuengfoo, senior vice president of Ford Thailand. “Its new, more contemporary design gives urban SUV owners a real escape from the familiar look of the SUV. Its best-in-class ground clearance provides better road holding, while its powerful and fuel-economy 2.3L VVT engine together with premium safety features truly allows drivers and all passengers to take on any new challenges.” Customers in Chiang Mai and Phuket also witnessed the flight of the Escape in early November.

14 /

product watch

Innovation? It’s automatic
Effortless, seamless automatic gear changes that consume less fuel – that’s what PowerShift technology delivers

q than you can.

utting fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent, PowerShift is good for the wallet and

comfort and convenience of an automatic. And because of its ability to endure high torque capacities, it is an ideal partner of modern high-performance diesel engines. “When you compare it with a traditional automatic transmission, the PowerShift transmission offers the win-win advantage of improved performance and reduced fuel consumption,” said Andy Ball, chief program engineer, Asia Pacific and Africa. “Plus, it’s fun to drive, and so refined. It really enhances the great driving quality of the new Focus.”

even better for the environment with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The six-speed doubleclutch gearbox makes its debut in the new Ford

Focus in Asia Pacific and Africa. Developed by Getrag-Ford Transmissions, a 50:50 joint venture, the system has twin wet clutches – one clutch controls the odd gears 1, 3 and 5 while the other handles the even ratios 2, 4 and 6. The two clutches operate alternately, with one engaging while the other disengages.

Shifting gears
This means that at the same time as the engine develops full power and maximum thrust in first gear, second gear is placed in readiness to be engaged. And when second gear has been engaged, third gear is readied, and so on. This results in extremely quick gear changes – in about 0.02 of a second – which are very smooth and refined. In fact, the PowerShift transmission changes gears faster and smoother Unlike a conventional automatic transmission, PowerShift technology is not based on a torque converter or planetary gears. In very simple terms, the PowerShift automatic transmission is actually a manual gearbox that shifts automatically.

PowerShift beats the jams

PowerShift performance
In short, PowerShift fuses the performance of a manual with the


mission has e PowerShift trans aught in traffic? Th well that you that’s gauged so a creep function as you move or jerk or stumble won’t feel a surge the . Journalists from n walking speeds along at less tha am ha d a an d Vie tn on es ia, Th ail an d Ph ilip pin es , Ind h of the new Ford the regional launc ce to try it out at chan nila. on the streets of Ma Focus last month
Preview Issue /


product watch

Who sips the least fuel?
span 1,050 kilometers. The annual run was held in the Mpumalanga area, including both tar and dirt roads in a test to find the nation’s most frugal cars.


he verdict’s out – the Ford Ikon 1.4 TDCi is one of South Africa’s most economical cars. It earned top honors in the country’s 32nd Total Economy Run in July, consuming the least fuel throughout the event and winning the overall diesel consumption category. Entered by Ford South Africa, the car used an amazingly low 44.04 liters of fuel to

Frugal on fuel
“With the price of fuel continually in the spotlight, this year’s Total Economy Run was

Economy Run was more than ever an important opportunity for us to showcase the frugality of our vehicles .

“This year’s Total

more than ever an important opportunity for us to showcase the frugality of our vehicles,” said Ben Pillay, Ford South Africa’s marketing manager. “We achieved victory in almost every class we competed in and took home numerous trophies in the overall results.” Roger Rouessart and Johan Seiling (Ford Ikon 1.4 TDCi) claimed victory in Class H while Martin Steyn and Van Aardt Schoeman in a similar car finished third. Rouessart and Seiling also achieved the lowest fuel consumption for a diesel, with Roger Hills and Gordon Stewart coming in second. Vehicles participating in the event are standard with no alterations or additions to assist in fuel efficiency. Lazurus Motor Company was awarded the trophy for best dealer at the event. Other Ford Motor Company brands, Volvo and Mazda, also scored highly.

16 /

news round-up

What’s your escape?
Ad“FUN”ture, that’s my escape. The imaginative answer won a motoring journalist first prize in a contest organized specially for the launch of the new Ford Escape in Indonesia last month. Reza Erlangga, who writes for AutoCar Indonesia Magazine, won a family weekend trip to theme resort Javana Spa on the new SUV. The competition was a teaser to create excitement in the lead-up to the launch of the new Ford Escape. And it worked. Some 100 journalists turned up on Tuesday morning at Ancol Bay for the unveiling of the new Escape with the sea as a stunning backdrop. The setting reinforces Ford’s commitment to “Make Every Day Exciting” and highlights the vehicle’s winning combination of driving ease and capability for adventure, something that the media heartily agreed with. They praised the new Escape’s excellent performance across all weather conditions and terrains while maintaining the comfort and ease of driving in a sedan.

Mulally visits Ford China
Focus on product quality improvements, productivity, and further educating the Chinese consumer about the class-leading fuel efficiency, safety and value of Ford vehicles. That was the key message from Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally to employees during his September visit to Shanghai, Nanchang and Chongqing. Mulally emphasized the unique position of the China market, and how the business in China will influence and impact Ford’s future global strategy. He also encouraged the team to continue adopting the ONE Ford mindset and to work together to deliver ONE Plan, which is profitable growth. This was Mulally’s third time to China since joining the company in 2006. Other than visiting the plants and workshops, he was host and executive chairman of the third annual meeting of the Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council, where Ford displayed the EcoBoost engine technology and the all-new Ford Fiesta.

Ford pair makes
history with hat-trick


Victory was doubly sweet for Ford with Falcons taking a double-podium and endurance kings Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup making motorsport history at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama in Australia last month. The duo is only the third driver pairing in the history of the iconic event to win three consecutive titles, and the first to achieve the feat for the Blue Oval. Lowndes and Whincup are also the only combination to have claimed the Peter Brock Trophy since its inception in 2006. They won in 6hr 26min while James Courtney and David Besnard, another Ford team, came in third. In all, seven of the ten fastest cars were Ford Falcons. Preview Issue /

returns to Japan
Ford Japan successfully re-introduced the Lincoln brand in Japan, first with the May launch of the Lincoln Navigator and then the September launch of the Lincoln MKX. Complete with features such as interior wood accents and leather seats, the Lincoln MKX has been described by local media as smooth, luxurious and powerful. Boasting an exterior jeweled chrome grille, both SUVs further establish our niche in the market as “modern American luxury”.


Ford faces

Quality people
These people make sure customers get what they want in their Ford vehicles – quality. We find out what makes them tick.

Proton Lee

Director of Total Quality Office Taiwan 12 years with Ford

Tran Minh Vuong

Quality Assurance Manager Vietnam 9 years with Ford

Ockert Berry

Plant Manager South Africa 17 years with Ford

R. Ramanathan
India 10 years with Ford

General Manager – Vehicle Quality


What does quality mean to you? What do you like most about your job? How do you inspire your staff about the need for quality?

A: To exceed
customers’ expectations, to be excellent.

A: Quality is customer satisfaction – A: To exceed
it’s what the customer perceives and is willing to pay for in the products and services we provide. customers’ expectations.

A: Ability of a product to meet its
intended purpose.

A: I get a lot of
free test drives, maybe too many.

A: I can see the results of the effort
of the entire team.

A: The continuous
daily challenges and the drive to make and sustain improvements.

A: Wearing two hats – customer as
well as supplier.

A: Remind them
that customers decide our future and quality has been their major concern.

A: I ask each member of my team to A: I have to lead by
visualize being in the customer’s shoes, to think and feel the way customers do before they start on any job. example, along with daily quality cascade meetings on the floor.

A: I use daily examples in my talks.

What does being part of One Ford mean to you?

A: It’s all about
the people and teamwork.

A: One Ford means standardization A: With international
and regionalization. In the process, I hope that different people with different languages and different mindsets can all accept the standardization while maintaining the “can do” spirit and willingness to contribute to the success of One Ford. backup and support, one vision and working towards the same goal to make Ford the best it can be.

A: Alignment of all functions across
the globe for one common objective – improve the profitability of business with expanded customer base.


What’s one thing about you that few people know?

A: I dance.

A: Though I’m amiable, I’m a selfassertive person.

A: I might be a leader
at the plant but at home, my two little girls are the rulers of my world and have me wrapped round their little fingers.

A: I’m a reasonably good singer.

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