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Green Focus Electric

The all-new Focus Electric is Ford’s first-ever all-electric passenger car and the zero-CO2-emissions, gasoline-free version of Ford’s popular
small car. The environmentally friendly reach of the Focus Electric extends much further than its zero-emissions motor. The Focus Electric
combines recycled and renewable materials, green technologies and innovative manufacturing processes, making the car eco-friendly from
bumper to bumper.

Green Materials SmartGauge with EcoGuide

• Soy-based foams, which are used on SmartGauge™
more than 20 Ford vehicles, also make an with EcoGuide uses
appearance on Focus Electric, with seat blue butterflies to
cushions shaped from 8 percent soy-based represent the surplus
content range beyond one’s
charge point destination. At the end
Michigan Assembly Plant • A material called Lignotock is used behind
of each trip a display screen provides
the cloth on the door. Derived from 85 percent
• Ford, Detroit Edison and Xtreme distance driven, miles gained through
wood fibers, this lighter application results
Power are teaming up to establish regenerative braking, energy consumed
in a weight reduction and provides sound-
one of Michigan’s largest solar and a comparative gasoline savings
deadening benefits compared to conventional glass-reinforced thermal plastics
power generation systems and achieved by driving electric.
electric vehicle charging stations
at Michigan Assembly Plant
• A new three-wet paint process
Lithium-ion Battery
applies all three coats of finish
in sequence before oven curing, Focus Electric will be
ensuring high-quality paint finish powered by an advanced
and a significant reduction in lithium-ion battery
energy use system engineered by
• The Fumes-to-Fuel system, an Ford in cooperation
eco-friendly, industry-leading with supplier LG Chem.
pollution-control system, converts The battery system utilizes heated and
emissions from the plant’s paint cooled liquid to help maximize battery
shop into electricity to help power life and fuel-free driving range
the plant

Charging Station Value Charging

Jointly developed with Leviton, a leading North American producer Value Charging, powered by Microsoft, allows Ford customers to
of electrical devices, Ford is offering a charging unit that has an outer reduce their electricity costs by taking advantage of off-peak
shell made from up to 60 percent post-consumer recycled material. hours. The use of electricity during off-peak hours allows
customers to charge when a greater amount of electricity is
available, lessening the strain on the grid.

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