Working together to Build the Communities We Want in Ontario!

Healthcare Accessible, comprehensive healthcare coverage for all Ontarians:

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Basic prescription, dental and eye care coverage for all. Emphasis on preventative medicine. Women’s rights to reproductive choice including free abortion on demand.

A Better Ontario is Possible!

Transportation Transit will be fully funded and democratically controlled: Make public transit in Ontario free. Expansion of mass transit and intercity rail.

The Socialist Party of Ontario Mailing Address: 2858 Lake Shore Blvd. W. Toronto, ON M8V 1H9 Canada Join us in building the Ontario we all want!

Housing The Socialist Party of Ontario believes that housing is a basic human right : Bring public housing responsibility back to the province and restore full funding in order to abolish the wait for affordable living space.

A Better Ontario is Possible!

Who We Are
Established in 2011 The Socialist Party of Ontario (SPO), is the province’s newest political party dedicated to building and sustaining a democratic socialist society. Moving From Private Ownership to Public Ownership The Socialist Party of Ontario is founded on compassion and fairness. The SPO is committed to the abolition of capitalist exploitation and its replacement by a system of democratically controlled socialist planning. The Socialist Party of Ontario will fight and organize to elect MPPs to our Provincial Parliament, with the ultimate aim of forming a Socialist Government in Ontario. The SPO platform is unequivocal in its vision for a truly hopeful, inclusive and open socialist society. We are building a movement…and that movement seeks to change society!

What We Believe In
Democracy The Socialist Party of Ontario is committed to the principles of respect, dignity, inclusion, co-operation, diversity, and the centrality of community. The SPO will replace the present “first-pastthe-post” system of voting in provincial elections with a system providing both proportional representation and ensuring that votes are explicitly cast for individual candidates. The police are ultimately accountable to civilian authority. It is of the greatest importance that the police be entrusted by the citizens and government of Ontario to enforce the laws that we democratically enact, and are meant to serve and protect the citizens who employ them. Economy A Socialist government would create in Ontario a Minimum Living Wage for all Ontarians and would further create an Ontario Living Standards Act that will seek to do for income what the Canada Health Act has done for medical care.

The economy of a truly democratic society should be cooperative and democratically managed so that citizens can be active in the running of their workplaces as well as planning the direction of economic development. Socially owned companies must form the core of the economy, thus enabling planning and democratic management of the economy. The SPO supports the social ownership of natural resources, manufacturing, electricity, high-tech, farming, and other industries. The SPO will recreate the publicly owned Province of Ontario Savings Office (POSO), a government owned savings bank that offers higher interest rates than commercial banks. The SPO will immediately introduce a 35 hour work week without loss of pay. An immediate increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour, set to increase every year in accordance with the Cost of Living Index.

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