TDPlatform: TD-SCDMA Application Development Platform: Arena

Part 1: Workshop on TD-SCDMA Application Development on Arena Platform
21-22 June 2007 (Thu – Fri)

Part 2: Afternoon business forum with networking session: 22 June 2007 (Fri) Nature and Objectives
This 2-day course introduces to the application developer Arena, the application development platform for devices on the TD-SCDMA network. TD-SCDMA is an ITU and 3GPP approved international standard for 3G mobile communication systems, which is slated for launch at Olympic cities in China before the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing. The objective of this course is to equip the student with a comprehensive understanding of Arena (the official platform for application development on the TD-SCDMA network), the service capabilities supported by the handsets and the network, and a hands-on experience with the tools for application development. The concluding session will be a business forum in which participants can explore business opportunities with senior executives from DTmobile.

Mr. Zhou Rui Jian, Product Manager of Arena SDK, Datang Mobile Communication Equipment Co. Ltd. Mr. Zhou has profound experience on 3G terminal software platform. Prior to joining Datang, Mr. Zhou graduated in 2001, focusing on IT system research and development. He joined Datang in 2004 and was responsible for software testing, terminal software development and software project management. He had participated in the entire research and development cycle of the Arena platform. His key responsibility now is to provide a highly effective platform for 3G business and applications development. Mr. Jie Xi Feng, Senior Engineer and Project manager of technical support expert group, Datang Mobile Communication Equipment Co. Ltd. Mr. Jie graduated in 1997 and joined Datang after receiving his Master’s degree in 2003. He was responsible for research and development of the TD-SCDMA high-level protocol stack. Later in 2005, he joined the sales and marketing centre and contributed as technical support contact, Arena platform community/SDK technical support engineer, and manager of the technical support expert group, respectively.

Course Contents
Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop: TD-SCDMA Application Development Platform: Arena • Arena Introduction • Arena Platform Overview • Arena business and application development Day 2: Afternoon business forum Business opportunities with TD-SCDMA Application Development Platform by senior executives from DTmobile (See Course Structure for details and enquiries)

Who Should Attend
Mobile and wireless applications developers or telecom professionals who would like to get an in-depth understanding of the TD-SCDMA network; services, and application development platform. Prerequisite: Technical or marketing background; Basic knowledge on telecommunication networks and services; Basic understanding on application software development

Course Arrangement
Methodology: Lecture & workshop with hardcopies of training material Medium of Instruction: Putonghua with English Terminologies Award of Certificate: Certificate of Completion from HK Wireless Technology Industry Association if over 80% attendance

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Venue: Workshop: 1/F, HKPC Classroom 1016 Forum: 1/F, HKPC Function room HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon, Hong Kong Date: 21-22 June 2007 Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Course Fee: (select one)* [ ] HK$ 2,500 [ ] HK$ 2,375 (5% off), register on or before 11-June 2006 *Extra 5% off for members of Organizers and Supporting Organizations

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Course Structure

Day 1: Workshop (9:00am – 5:00pm)
Part 1: Arena Introduction • Arena platform background • Technical overview • Developers community Part 2: Arena Platform Overview • Application architecture • Modules functions • Application development concept and workflow Part 3: Framework 2 Programming Introduction • Application development model and framework • Programming introduction • Software development kit usage

Day 2: Business Forum (3:30pm – 5:00pm)
Business opportunities with TD-SCDMA Application Development Platform, by senior executives from DTmobile. • • Arena business model introduction Arena forum introduction

Day 2: Workshop (9:00am – 3:00pm)
Part 1: GUI Graphics Library • Terminal graphics library technical principle and application introduction • Understanding of handset application platform Part 2: Application Programming model • Terminal application programming basic flow, methodology and techniques Part 3: Software Development Kit (SDK) usage • SDK related tools demonstration and introduction

For further enquires, please contact : • Mr. K.W Au (, tel:+852 2989 9164 • Mr. Clifford Loo (, tel:+852 2989 9167