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Project Synopsis

Student information system of ICEDOL

A Project to be submitted by 1) Anil Sharma 2) Surinder Rana 3) Ajay kalia (Roll. No. 3014) (Roll. No. 3022) (Roll .No. 3065)

for the award of the degree of (IT)


Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill, Shimla (H.P.) (2010-2014)

Project title:- Student information system of ICEDOL

Project Guide
Er. Sunil Kumar

Surinder Rana Ajay Kalia Anil Sharma

Contact number
89881 62708 97362 03650 94598 26683

Mail ID

Roll no.
3022 3065 3014

Objective: - this project aims at developing well managed and integrated

student information. There are thousands of students which are registered every year in university, so university has to keep record of their personal information, fees deposits and their fees details etc. to implement all this we want to have system which can provide easy and well distinguished access to students information.

Technical details:MS Word:- Profile of the new entrants(all students) can be kept in files of the individuals. MS Excel:- Can be used to take record of the fees ,admission fee, hostel charges and other charges etc. to remain update with the total collection and missing receipts due from the individuals.

E-mail:All records can be kept safe through mail IDs. and management can
easily remain in contact of students wards. Innovation and usefulness:- Maintaining student information in the organized way is very useful, some features are:Once data is organized it helps in time saving. Information access on computers is very easy, if it is organized. Information on computers can be saved for several years. Organized data reduces chances of any discrepancy.

Current status of development:Student personal information such as name, roll no., gender and address is maintained in one table. Fee status is maintained in another table. At last student result is maintained of every semester with date of declaration. Role of team members:1. Analysis of requirements. 2. System design. Scope and objectives :1. To provide a proper registration channel/ system to the students. 2. To maintain all the amounts of the students in digital form from enrollment upto the end of study. 3. This student information system project will serve as a useful approach to database dialog box to update, add , advanced search options for the authorized person. It serves as a helpful approach for the users. It reduces the time taken by the user to add, update, delete, view & search the information. .

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