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Chapter 1 the first mistake markka dauphin di fortune-telling -_ one mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 Five continents.

It is [zepirumu] republic of person equal [**] in "Prince 1" [jinma] [kita]. It is [guranma-senaru] of the [nin] supremacy principle in "1 prince []" south. There were small small countries in the place that was called by a powerful .."..doing the prince [mahiro] and where.. [] p".. nation of two [sachiyuugen] placed Nakahara and the small nation group from the city. The name of the country that shocked continental whole land because of [shinkan;annon] [go] is Miss markka. It is a small small country only of the peaceful living of A, [hatada], and people. [End of Page 3]

Here "Prince [ttara] []" is the f castle. And, it called, it looked for the prince a little while ago, and this turning girl was on 18-year-old beginner imperial guards [**] named Paris ell [konoekishi] [-] [raizeru]. It soaks with sweat in the scatter scatter of c: two fading it and in castles and running, and loud voice is put out, and it is not where, vanishes, and the miff ..".. stands gradually though the throat is every time loudly usual in [haa] , [haa] , not are. "Only echoing : to [do] of the echo of ..extension.. [i**] with rhyme [**] ..going out quickly.. ..[ro] of foolish prince [] yourself [no] or the impotence.. . It is soldier 10, and a government official not to relate at all that produces what or the face if it is thought that the door opened occasionally. ".... then, [haa] , ..encounter.. :" Paris ell inhaled greatly once now and was crowded. Only the boy with the black hair of these eyebrow graceful eyes that came from nowhere as soon as [tanbimokushiyuureikurokami] is the next throne [keishi] needing, is a successor, and is [mahiro] [yukirusuni-ku] [e-denfaruto] of the Miss markka kingdom , saying that Is does it ..putting out.. ..prince "-.. hold and the Paris ell?". Five ..L ".. years old.

They has gone out or if I ..P.. hear it, are ..".. [ko] from the beginning somewhere as for the answer. [End of Page 4]

Markka foundation of a nation story seven mistake one [seiitsubaisenomagi] "You are confusing [ttaku], and are integral [ri] and a prince [ha] aloud who stretched himself to the utmost ..what will externals.. ..the remainder... " u It one [isogaza] though it is probably so. Such a thing is probably trivial, and it is ..remainder.. ..[ha].. busy. Punk v "Kora it is possible to wait younger" Paris ell is ..prince mantle.. ..pull.. [ttsukanda] hard. You sometimes : by one [duka] . Two seeing and princes [kurakusane] c: of that ..D healing and it.. are ..[haya] bur badness Ine - "of two items each other.. [funitto]. There is not a connection and either the chest is touched. ..becoming it [niwo] E E c two "".. excrement. It is this. This time, time [dafunifunito]. When it is your.. punk kid, remark- because of ". Prince [fakkin] [-][godokon] ..".. [**].

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Though there must not be prince strange in an other "Each other You see if it is a country of [ittaradayo] P another place, it is good or is [dayo] ..the tidy knowing sleep P there because of reaching sleep P punishment because of treason [kiyotsukeikiwa] and the maximum penalty it.. E: E: P of the sport of [-] of promoting the hand to P royal family is.." country of

another place to begin with, still, the Paris ell followed it hungrily after the prince who walked as the angle of the neck was amusing somehow while bowing. It might be criminal's "Yes, the it inadvertently spits tack and of prince who must be going very much, to understand repeatedly, and sorry of me" [jiyoutouku] "cliche if it inadvertently spits tack. " "It is possible to say however, and though thought whether very also the prince who touches suddenly. " u Hey there. It remains and prince [ba] [nawakejan] P [ahaha] is .. "[Kekko] [desu] [-]" P that eats [burisuku]" Duped externals. It is only really externals. The soldier furnace in the castle and the mud person government official housemaid are foolishness, the fools even in the inside and outside of the territory, and the addition and subtraction roars though the white horse might also suit if it becomes silent and it clarifies it. It looked back on [fu] pocket [mahiro] while putting away a square tablet in the bosom.

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"P ..for what.." Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 9 Food is not put up. "The king calls getting [] and yes yes for meeting. " u Food P father [ri] and it doesn't go and saying :. B It was preached anyway again and [i]" Is [ou] child completed, and? when what education was received, even here was really mysterious and .. [henteko].. reluctant the Paris ell.

"P father because of this it around there, and king it.." [Demosa] [-] ..coming.. .."... It is ..fearful.. [indayone] [-] when ..our father.. angry" [Itsushiyo]. u Say. Because it is the same the house. It is not a royal family. Motivation [naina] [-]. [Bakkurechaokkana]. [Yanpikonpi]" u Of what country word is it? It does and , goes. Then, it sleeps because it is angry to me as not being, and it crawls crawling" The Paris ell walks pushing prince back. [Ganba] u ..saying.. even if it is ..[jan].. a little ..[-].. angry. Long life and such day [moarutte]. [Rebaiijansa] P ..working hard tomorrow moreover.." "P ..whether shall answer of [onnaji] word.." u It is useless. It comes to want to die if it is angry because it is a timid person of ..remainder.. [ha]" [Kanmuri]. u The boast boast, it walks because I am also the same, and it walks. The angle of the neck is ordinary.

The crown is also curved.

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Ten. " It calms down. u Because you hit it, [tata] is.. ! of . The neck. Whip " Most of the leader who supports the country ..king.. has become complete in the throne of the depth when arriving for meeting of dice responding [yuuchinsoro]. [Mahiro] advances calmly in the carpet with a red center by the one that [jiyuutan] timid person often said. The Paris ell separates from prince [saimatsubi], and near the entrance of ..question.. [no] of meeting, and it queues up in the end. This castle is served and one year already even though the beginner. Air was different from usually. Was there anything ..(.. )? The air that drifts in the entire [tadayohada] is heavy somewhere. The skin is smart. It is ..slowness.. deep in the throne of money of "Slow [ma] Hiro" solemn [sougonkoshikaigen], and the voice of the king who had a seat fills dignity, and is [yokuhibiwatamajin] peal contact [ru] that much during a wide meeting of convex. The king was a person of the race who was called '[Nin]'. Way u It is and exists variously probably.

And, they are some orders or fathers" [Hokateikoku]. u It is not another either. Hear the person who knows in this minding though it will be. It is stir [gahita] [hashi] as soon as phlegm , saying that Empire [gura] Shin long ages [nma-senaru] restarted the invasion last night" between vassals. It is done that it is [shirube**] as for [hiyoubouatsu], [usen], and the [ureisoku] [zoku] principle, and it puts in the control of half the continental south in about 'only 20 after a nation is founded by left forces, [eigaeiyouitsutota], and the labor, and single-minded of prosperity [ei**] is [tado] in [nin] race's overwhelming combat ability and the number of man races who make it to subjection.

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Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 It is 11 [ttekita] [nin] supremacy principle nation. The supply line is distributed with the military force to defend expanding [ryoukei] from the demon now, and a large-scale invasion . . : E c though thought as not happening with times. (The war occurs. ) It hits in king "Become quiet" [rifuhano] [itsusaiseishiyaku]'s [**] and [no] and silence like the pain hit the ear to me suddenly It returned. cutting as the Paris ell was ..other person.. similar. Those uneasiness ..".. is understood well about [douyoutamiosoono]. However, the people shake, too, if we shake. It becomes it very even if fearing and taking. I am ..republic.. ..facing.. [waneponaran] because I confer on the trend in the future as the anti-empire alliance from this. .... king then cut the word once. u

As for the absence of me who is f, it is [mahiro]. It leaves it to that" [Utsumukagen] was noisy again of the voice of uneasiness. However, [mahiro] : like fearing eyes of [chichitama]. Addition and subtraction of ..employment.. [gi]. ..".. father. c: that the load wins too much at me It is bored and two is missing with be worried ..going.. ..doing.. .."... It is not thought that that is made to fight everyone. There is no empire when it still becomes public and it moves even if it is said that it will invade. [Deareba]. the moon or the half month or The large army of about 1 and the empire will move in full scale and the extent hang ....return.. [hajime].. ..[runiha].. still. , I will return at latest in about one week on the fifth. It

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[Mahiro] ..leaving absence up to 12 to that.. ..[ichi] father though "" "... " It was not when and the prince ..voice of a steep king.. ducked his body. u It is still good now. However, a previous continent will become the world of unprecedented war disturbances from this. At that time, I :. It cannot know that it becomes it very when and where. The that sharpening should carry this country and stand" At the time of each " " [ta] hanging

u The war may make the general do. You may leave politics to the minister. We still, it is always royal families that stand in the top of this country. It understood or [mahiro] easily" [Chin;utsu] [mahiro] seemed to be [shizu**] and the face down. " though understood. " u How is that said from the inside and outside in the country, and, of course, I also know. However, a related bruise will not dance as for such a thing. The problem is that own attitude. Is the necessity [dokoniashiyuubunru] of making it the dance in such a play remark ..that..? The scandal will change into fame tomorrow if that changes. It is not understood why" ..referring.. [ou] shook putting on small once.

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14 [dou] u [Po] doesn't become it ahead from the unpleasantness and this understanding... I will road [noe;].. ..making.. not pass with the royal family when ..people.. believing. It is king duty to make the people believe if it paraphrases it. The chance for that is said giving to that in [atanouchi] now" [Keo] [mahiro] is silent in in king strong glance as if ..atmospheric pressure [sareta]...

The king vailed one's eyes once and affected such my child's externals [futansoku] [ko] the sigh. u It is also good on [takaga] [suu] day if nothing is done. However, if king name of the several days obtains that and behaves splendidly ..not ashamed of [mawazushinraiu].., and was able to obtain trust from [tamikusa] even if it is a little, it ..power of that who sealed it.. thinks [sonofuuintoki] to be a return" Art [iteita] [mahiro] looks up unexpectedly. "It is father, and is true or P" [ni] furnace. u Power as that [nin] was too powerful. Therefore, it sealed it when it was young. Now, if it is a container only to become ..[utsuwada].. king, will not have any problem" Because the king son is [nin], [mahiro] who is the son is natural [nin]. However, [namitaiteikiyuutei] was a news never heard of in the current story to the Paris ell. In a word, sealing it are the medium grade most. That ..dangerous magic.. [mahiro] existed enormous as it was not possible to finish treating even if the magician of the court or the king of [koatsukabakudaihametsu] was done or ruining. " I see"

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Snow. "I rule this country in place of father and show it" Taking off is the line of the backbone that expands straight where it cannot go. Voice without hesitation that seems to be able to be called Takashi degree. Perhaps, it is original [mahiro].

The Paris ell that sees such an appearance of that prince whom [ni] [kochitorihada] [ji] serve for the first time. Comfortable gooseflesh remembered ..standing.. [tsunochiga] naturally. And, it everyone of this place of this castle where he was gotten to know well would have been the same. Two mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 The king is seen off at 15 [hodoko] [shiro] gate. In taking the king, the knight mass of [oogaramabayusaiseieikishidan] full armor of an old civilization to which the felt-tipped marker coating is given is an inheritance in the layer. Black, big, highest class automobile. They are four [**beru**tsuchi] leaders as for [sorera]. Three generals. It is another, and the number of care [sujijiyuuru] chamberlains name of knight of imperial guards, diplomatic senior official, and king personal safetys . The horse riding corps and the wagon before and after around king [jiyuuchin]'s car. The all forces are these small countries with which 1000 is not filled either. This age though [arujibihi] following [u]. a lot of leaders . It was a too insignificant for departure of [se] in the country file. It asked and it asked in " [Mahiro]. [End of Page 12]

16 Do the bow deeply to of [mahiro] from ...."Leaving, and father".. nod.. window of [kuruma] to the king who has them peep at king face deeply.

The direction was ..nod.. ..[gi] and previous.. repaired by one degree. put "Go" The way began to advance slowly in the file like a continental train when the housemaid in the reported driver's seat blew the horn. A few minutes by the time everything goes out of castle gate. After rust, unspeakable loneliness suddenly remains in the front yard in the king castle assumed to be spacious as a cathedral. It is in "Isn't the king a little too strict to the prince [mahiro]?" passenger's seat, and the old general of a black eyepatch looks back on the back. The name is [shuraiban]. The king was a magician of [shiro**] to which old friend's Naka served as the right-hand [hakusekimajiyutsushiari] and in the right-hand. u f child is quite ..his/her natural virtue.. skirt in that is.. though only mischievous is done. Especially, under the castle etc. v It is not because of slipping out the castle of ..pulling out.. "often" The king will notice here in the [kota] route, and ..hand.. respond to the waving territory people [to] [ge] lightly. This car restored based on the inheritance of an old civilization matches to the horse riding corps very much though it is a vehicle that leaves the speed. [End of Page 13]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 The army of 17 of ..departure.. [gyou] was done in a relaxed manner. , It ..[yasa] [ga].. ..".. It does and [io] [kata] of ..smell.. [masa]. First of all, when the housemaid is found trying to kill the rat and field [suraimu] in the castle, it stops it. "

u ..throw.. . It laughed at [shuraiban] in the voice that first earlobe 1 got hoarse. Evidence one [ro] way [ni] juniper goes out and with good ingredient in [ruha] [shiro]. It goes out [suraimu] and grows up, and is good of [ruhayoku] [kusa]" seeming is a certain evidence. Cannot it think indeed and one ..[tawai]" " that is such [do] [ranu] completely . from the ratio day . an excellent one [biki] juniper only in 1 and mouth [i] translation d.. be killed. Can [doukenboukashite] live in this continent where the life like the number of stars will be lost this ahead? [Naonokoto] in case of being in the royal palace where it is and all the strategies, the numbers of arts, and the strategies flit. u If the world is a world, the geniality that cannot be killed is praised as good [tata] [kun] only in peacetime the [kashikoou] [tarieta] being likely.. even so insect. However, : c [nini] [hohe]. u ..becoming it.. .. think often probably press [nakoto] against such a prince then ..cruel.. Let me say" As for the child, the elderly person bit [**] [zetsutsu] , yawn and tightened his beard that expanded long in doing very. The trust not done is stricken. u If that is a container as that expects it it, the choices mystery. [Tsushikaarumai]. Genuine large unprepareness [ke]

[End of Page 14]

Even if it is 18, edelweiss is left" [Antai]. u There was remark foolish food so ..throw ... Then, our country is peaceful, and is peacefully and is " Humble old gramary general [shuraiban] sinks the body in the seat, and is one as for the large yawn. It began to snore as follows small. Old-timer housemaid in driver's seat where it was made in leer from flow of talk. [Oso] "His Majesty and some problems are fearing it. " u It is likely to understand if it heard it. The title is [mahiro] among. Therefore, edelweiss is put and [gita]. It is a story only of it" It sighed ..the embarrassment of the housemaid slowly hauling in the [tagutameiki] steering wheel... u It seems to be . As a matter of other room..sneak into..find. , healing and the education [woba] of getting [tto] ..[fukurodatagete] all together.. [fukurotata] it as for all one's energy of chamberlain corps each other.. a little in a word" 7: c" "Cornered king [di] is out of thin air untying of the rat who is our natural enemy, the cockroach, and field [suraimu]. " "It is ..good looking away already.."

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Oh, must be going one [naraudeku] E followed the old general, and ..".. shut eyes while having folded one's arms. Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 It is not when, and 19 or hatchet [mahiro] is a quiet glance, and a country over there of the castle gate flung open. It watched it until the end of the humanity [rikara] file of the turn disappeared. The Paris ell was cut out while elder statesmen who had remained in the castle were watching such him. u What shall I do now ..prince.. first? Everyone waits for prince [noo] [**] and [kuchiha]" [Fuminamoha] and [akisoushite] they turns around. , All of all were neither the usual amazed faces nor the embarrassment faces any longer. It honest assumed that everyone doesn't show one's loyalty everyone to lord. Hiro of two of ..overweight.. [ma] of [pu] : c ..".. spouted. [Kku] ..".. . [Kukuku]. [Hha] is [hhahha]. ..encounter ..[hahaha] .... [-] When everyone worries One "Prince P " whether it gets bored and arrived well finally at a approaching place in case of no Paris ell. [Buridamu] [] ""2

[End of Page 16]

It began to shout to 20 [sagekatanigi] [ni] sudden [bushitsu]. The fist of the tael grasped hard was pushed up to the heaven high, and Blida-[mu--] c And, were all breaths used completely? u . ..[haa].. already ..[haa] ... Times. , , Eyes are put ..Japanese syllabary.. ..affecting --.. [gon]. The Paris ell is 1, and a prince who instinctively [genkotsu]ed it. What is it? Freedom. One [hotsuya] 1 or more is now as also understood also by everyone. Freedom was obtained. Dream of not stopping hope of whole human family. It is day 2 in this [wa] ..closing.. [sumaruka] of a liberal, national [mi] as for free of suitable Shin. "..encounter.. P" u There is no father. Main..general..all..go down..word..cut..employ..addition and subtraction..raise one's thumb. , , ..remainder.. king [ga] ..purchase.." u Aging aging Paris ell and f p-..pursuing.. .. [e].. ..remainder.. [ha].

[N] king ..E it... [Ga] etc. ,in a word, dissipation for 11 power of every every day and ..this.. remainder ..carrying out.... becoming of [monoto] of the remainder ..this country.. now without striking a blow c ..putting out.. . difficult as became it It retreats, [-] was done or it is foolish. [mi**tsuka] " It is dance [hi] though is [vu] [tetemita] Paris ell and there is not [gitteite] hearing ..[se] or f-..looking.. visit...

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"evening of markka foundation of a nation story 21 mistake one [kanshiyouyumafu] of daytime of matutinal [go]. It trout [doredake].. stays up late even if the Saba can and the soy sauce tabby can be rolled in the food rice and it eats and is Satoru [aa] of length occurrence [yobashitetemo].. very wonderful. Week..home..parents..manage..go on a this occasion..take over the country..mouth..put out..near..body..height..know..prince..fool..hit. Where u It orders it as a king ..remainder.. [ha] only now. Minister. Interior Minister Carlo is [] H of where. v The person of an obesity smart nature for a moment runs up ..diminutive .."Prince [haha] , [mahiro]" [ni].. [rakahirukaegiyougiyou] it... [Mahiro] changed the mantle, and held up the hand exaggeratedly. u It is [--] ..presentation.. [zuga] [n] in less than-year-old of 15 of 11 it by 12 years old or more in whom it lives all women to obligate wearing the housemaid clothes. this country

With the done crevice. , EE A real age limitation told the seriousness degree of Ef to [mikounenrei] [myou] where an unprecedented greatest impact had started after having founded a nation to the front yard in the [sumaruka] castle. There is no ..conviction [shitanichi].. [chiga] now of this place everyone. It is so ..desire.. [ukaraosodenka] 1 I His Highness ..fear.. and why. this Er and genuine Allais it nature Borrowing ..certain.. v The Paris ell was intervened with the [hasaurotaeru] minister. [End of Page 18]

22 u Prince [so] , [soudesuyo]. King story is neatly heard and such a confused [mashitaka] P thing and high nosebleed [youdanttetara] and men's minds are away more and more from king r. It is [janatei] [ni] [kusei] now when joking. From [kamowa] that the empire attacks when to [naitteiuno] H v "Only the Paris ell and you are ..conversation.. ..tidying.. ..coming.. [naitte] of father [to] at P another half month where [ki] exists . . . It means it [moyokorararariaru], and the king might not have entrusted the country otherwise to this breath f, and ..[ttetaja] [n] "of day.. in [-] though it might be still safe in that sense ..along.. ..[] "... It is ..remainder.. king [ga] though says even times of [fuso] how many. It is suppressed at [gi] court life, and the person who stops [wo] ..coming [yuuteiyokuatsuori] ".. ..length.. : ..should call the brute for which liberating

[uyajiyuubougi] and [kusareshi] starved from [**] of [imaso].. ..this.. ..the remainder.. ..carrying out for treasonable cruel that can be called the tyranny of that ..[wo].., the coercion, and a cruelty.. ..this.. ..the remainder... It ended ..whether.. ..[] [okani] commenting [aa].. in where integral in this country. That time that everyone thought that this country lowers act of history of hundreds of years with tradition before so and so of empire. Thunder..atmosphere..tear up..sound..descend..something..echo..head..echo. [End of Page 19]

One housemaid who obtains inheritance of old civilization and educational guidance tools prohibited '[Hahirameki]' previously on whom [mahiro] that fell [harisen] and lay down by foundation of a nation story 23 [misumaruka] one [taofu] looked back. One housemaid who obtains inheritance of old civilization and educational guidance tools prohibited '[Hahirameki]' previously on whom [mahiro] that fell [harisen] and lay down by foundation of a nation story 23 [misumaruka] one [taofu] looked back. Black hair that was cut with [sorokurokamihi] and [mijijiyuu] [jougi] and arranged. Pupils that are colder than ice. The woman who serves as the chamberlain commander in this country is made ahead, and [mahiro] is [pochipochito] as for eyes where the star flies. "Each other It was edelweiss of that P. " u Yes. Something" The opinion is also cold. However, this person is such always feeling. not amazed at [mahiro] Worker of length of chamberlain corps [deruwaisu]. The chamberlain in this country indicates the house [zenpansunawakishi] retainer whole in royal family's personal safety though is also so the housemaid.

That is, it is a general though knight's elite and corps of the knight of imperial guards are her be under immediate controls, and an early story has housemaid's shape. Of course, it is a superior officer for the Paris ell. And, it was fortunately a natural enemy of [mahiro]. "It is follow and P in father", "No", "Really ..along.. ....?", and "It is left externals" [u] and [mahiro] see becoming small, and it looks back on edelweiss with the vassal who sits in a row.

[End of Page 20]

[Imashita], and His Majesty spends up to now, and, then, is ..waiting.. [rirero] ..".. [tebayoi] of 24 that doesn't work worry about anything.. ..saying.. as for return of the king. It obediently scatters to all posts as if ..[giyou].. [nakatta] everyone ..movement.. had spent it ..typhoon 1.. while feeling relieved even if said to [ichi] [mahiro] ..return... The deportment of the [masonna] edelweiss is like a rule of this country. Discipline. u [aaa]. encounter ..waiting.. The ambition of ..remainder.. [no] :. The dream. Freedom is to which scatters" Q"Pandora's box is [] E c: to leaving for the hope for one lack at the end" sob [kushikushikushiku] badly paved. It is not or is "P2 without despairing there. u Such a thing whether to know you, that freedom is how much wonderful . . . mouth [erunoda] " Sob [kushikushikushisupo] [n]. I think that it is one needing that paves His Highness and [kutsuwa**] and an implacable person ..the strike.. ..light "...

"Paris ell" "is [hai] !. " Rein [nigi] u You must be gripping His Highness's bridle. , It is guard why. "

[End of Page 21]

Yes oh, is " ..the request of 26... It breaks no E c: it, and it is to stop the prince who loses his mind ....rinctumming.. [re] never.." Please hear it even if you say in the discipline me. Is defending from danger because it is guard work, and is the [surunomo] knocking at the wrong door of such discipline [kadochiga]? [Ganjiyou] u The child is as you see strong in some measure. It permits excluding not reparable even if it is somewhat violent" I truly think that it is an implacable person. It understood or ..".. ".. oh. It knew. One saluting. [Denkaita] u His Highness and 1 of which I also must be going then u Well.

And, that .. "Something" ,in a word, ..edelweiss.. ..hanging.. -" i or ..remainder.. ..what you should do as king [ha] .." "It is P if it does without permission" translated freely "How are you if done freely?". It stares and I always think [maretakunaina] [-] and the Paris ell to be only a person of [nirako]. When saying oppositely. Every time thus,

[End of Page 22]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 Even if 27 is treated, it is not discouraged. The prince : with a certain meaning [sugoina] i. "Unnecessary in a word [bucchake] or more [ttesa] , P" "is ..remainder ..age [u] [uuu] .... ..remainder.. [ha] of [ha] . It is an unnecessary child. It was unnecessary E. " such [Uwaaaaan] ..such a country's etc. the people and making it to E.. ..stripes food [] "... The prince has run away somewhere while some ..cry.. ..[gi].. clamouring like the avoiding I Vitelloni play. u It is [tte], and is [cho], and it waits for a moment and it is a prince. " The Paris ell ..prince [ttara] "".. starts later, too. Phlegm basing on. eturn. 3 One regular time ..".. cold

s No.[fuu] 1 here. Only the prince [mahiro] seems to have remained still in the castle. t s Wind No.2. The course north to which king went out of territory [hi] t [Ra] [wasasoui] "Do not you .."Rumor".. differ?" [End of Page 23] s There is no first difference t and s There is no second difference t 28 [Mudateito]. u However, no uselessly strapping castle that doesn't suit the country. Are you in [rottenhaimu] Imperial prince in the emperor capital though heard from the talk?". s It is outskirts of at the Miss markka dynasty that had ruled the Nakahara region before can t. s Nakahara. If it is a belt, does it become territory 10 like an old republic? It shall not be one large country person. t [Hiyoubou] u However, a king at that time did go mad admitting the autonomy independence in the [monowo] [shirube**] doing and each territory as for liberalism and is [matta] of [ionmamo] to the [koroho] detour as for what.

Those days are the most peaceful probably time since an old destruction of civilization. It is demon's other party [dakeshitereba] to defend the country though was good" Foolish millet. s It is a foolish story. Because has not it been understood that such an age comes? ..not becoming ..the remainder of the conference.. when the king goes out of the country eating the bubble.. t If it is not possible to leave it, it is the maggot way dice. s However, and the castle are the state as it is. Little inside shall be a combat alcazar as for the one that the country only of it did [**]. It will have a hard time as for [ru] [senangi] the [seme]. t It ..".. : in "Style"'s like us worrying. u It is because of s I want to do very t unpleasant [hitoyonmarumaru] 7 c: and the nature. It is unquestionable. The next regular time is 1400. Do not you differ?". s There is no first difference t.

[End of Page 24]


. of a nation..story..find..territory..small..castle..Nakahara..sect..every time..every time..look for..rush mat..take pains..such..castle..corner..monger..north side..castle..look..sometimes. [Daga] and [mahiro] : on rare occasions. Such indifferent face, [deiruko], and [gaatta] when it is only person. It is likely to be likely to think in the mind even in case of being if still joking. If it looks about and [hohigo] [ba] [kishinniyuri] [mi] is passed, a small street. The outside wall to prevent the invasion of the demon who is called a protective barrier encloses the circumference. It is this vast castle the location at the center surrounded by the moat and the rampart, and how wide, it is Mori in the part that corresponds to the backyard. It actually pulls, it looks up as returned, and the cough looks back on the furnace deeply [mahiro] when ..piling up.. ..".. what idea.. P" [ro].. ..piling up.. [rekoparieru] by installing , quietly calls it laughing. Covering embarrassment of something it, and [kehonkohon] and cough. One [End of Page 25]

30 It stands next to [mahiro] the ell of Paris .."P seen in such a way", "Nothing but become empty as and [bo] [] because of disregarding", and [nariitsushiyona].., it combines, and the castle under is looked at. Small bourg as possible to finish being looked about according to this height. However, it looks at good. Wonderful u It is a wonderful country. It is a country left to the prince.

v "[Sounandakedosa] of ..reeling.. , [-]" lip is bright, [mahiro] is bright, it says, and, next, the lip is pointed. "IP has been said if it does to edelweiss without permission" [Unaga]. u ..encounter..: E c Hey that is the edelweiss externals. To press rousing to the prince, [wazatoaashitekitsuku]. v "P thought that it is such a person" u With food . It is not possible to think so much honestly. v [Jijiyuu] [**] artificial i [deruwaisu]. It is heard that it was in empire high grade chamberlain [pa] corps of [guranma-senaru] whilom though A7 is a chamberlain commander in this country. Why did it come to this country, and though not known to the petty official like the Paris ell. . as the housemaid or the trainer of [mahiro] or the general anyway furthermore. It is a person in [wo] letter-perfect who digests. [subekanpeki] [zen] And, the necessity of the occupation of housemaid who was an employee free till then is shown, and housemaid's present company. [End of Page 26]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 31 meeting position Person who built up [wo].

The housemaid with high each country [dokohe] line [ni] way and [re] [ttemo] , quality is employed by contracting the exception now so that the mercenary, the hunter, and the fight person with a good boil [youheikariudo] the [ugishikeiyakuu] arm may obtain the hefty profit by the contract, and it treats and [atsuka] has cracked as a status symbol for employment LE. u However, it likes, [ginishirottekotoha] and the prince think the good withering of him for this country, it keeps favorite, and [ataittekoto]. Let's do something so. With great pains..Mr...give..chance..daily life..prince..a little while ago..see..never..woman..change clothes..far..see..think..that..sleep..recently..fairly..steal..sesame..laugh..decei ve. [Mahiro] pointed. It is, and is castle [nihodo] [chika] corner of the upscale residential area also under the castle one [ano] person L aristocrat's etc. living a lot. ..finding a market.. [kanaiyone] ..".. [ichi] quite

[End of Page 27]

32 u B Every P doesn't live or either it is P of that blue roof" [Ni] [tsukamora]. u [Ina] ..too good.. [-] : though it is splendid. The pocket money is bought ....remainder.. [ga].. more if it gets it. Bought [ne]. Paris..ell..real estate Paris..ell..sigh. Another

u If it was probably bought by other people, it : in it as soon as it is good. It goes out to travel for the paradise of ..remainder.. [ha]. To this continent ..establishment of housemaid's housemaid and entire [ou**] nation excluding [soshihate] or more.. ..supremacy.." u What division is it remark [tteru] that doesn't understand? It cannot be in this castle to the return of the king. The church bell rang , ..encounter.. boast. It is daytime. Meal that eats meal. relieved..for a long It very liked the house or he returned to the castle after it had looked back on the house only one more time at the end.

[End of Page 28]

Four mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 [Mahiro] of a knight, Mamoru [re] person, and a housemaid who not is one's own room and is a dining room for the royal family but general goes in and out as long as it is at the chance though it doesn't know what it is 33 [itsupankishiei]. u It liked to eat in [**] dining room. So-called Viking form that favorite dish is taken only by being, and eats suitably in vacant pew from among desk of length of pan [gazura] [-] and pan and bowl that queues up, and is displayed to counter. to be able to bring in each room got only the hot dog and [ko-npo] ring [tajusu-pu] with the counter ..[mahiro].. today, and the tapir was lucky it asked for an of course favorite dish if becoming the length of [tai], the senior official, ..request.. minister, and a general class

It liked popular the one as was easy to do.. [min] was basic though the Saba can lover of [mahiro] was famous in the castle. The Paris ell is soup of the salad of the grass that cannot be thrown out and the bean in the croissant and the pork saute. [**urana] [desu] of the sword from one tendon practice afternoon" As for " got-P" [mahiro], only the desire inclined one's head to an objection so. [Daikira] and the prince do not want to practice and to practice known n especially by a practice hated thing about the sword. The reason is variously said additionally as the pain or becoming muscular pain.

[End of Page 29]

34 The dining room always crowded is a state that ..vacant seat.. [kenen] stands out because the king is the one that has gone out of the country if it is time of such a midafternoon of" "Only because of such time it, too. Therefore, the voice of uneasiness and the anxiety is quietly heard only here and there, and air is also heavy somehow. [Teikokuse] from "King and Japanese syllabary that doesn't come back early" u Now, it is husk [damonna] of the cast-off skin in the castle. u I will not understand. Royal family..every..provide..know..a army..go..not to say..knight..mass..opposite..provide..put ones' efforts together..take notice of. u Indeed, is it so? When hanging in our hands in the future of this country in a word.

One by " Some vigors. [Mahiro] ..such appearance.. screws up one's eyes.

[End of Page 30]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 35 "Paris ell" "Yes prince" u It is supposed to be ..remainder.. [hainai]. "It is saying.." [Tokajanaku] and existence in this country" Mumblingly. The fault is put every time and it is ill-natured because it runs away though it is turn "Anyway, it doesn't like barbarous, that is, [ha] and fencing, etc. ..a noble position of prince it.. ..the remainder.." what. When "Roughly, you of guard might be for the these kind of things necessity to be" this is said, it is weak all the more. [Tayo] u Along though it seems to be , there by any chance. Because it is a prince after all that it is reliable Now when it says. a hard time..suddenly. [Osohinshijiyuushou] of "Talk [tsuideni] and you became knights ..what.. why" [koromamo]. u Ah food P has been attacked by the demon at childhood and me. That time someone helped" [Mahiro] looked up from meal.

[End of Page 31]

36 Someone is remembrance [tenainori] ..".. . u Yes. It plays with the friend outside the town at that time and it leaves. Noticing was on the bed" It was a back figure of the having been playing boy that floated first even if that time was recalled, and is a face of anxious mother as follows. Only [nusonotoki] what occurred came off completely and it fell. And, it is life that helps with great pains and it says or ..wanting defense.. [itteiuka] : c ..".. [ko] ..saying that I also helped the person... u It seem to be ? " "Because of not your having scholastic attainments like becoming the doctor It prints ..there was a tidy reason.. ..It hears it by [shinmiyouto] and a serious by contraries face. so, and ..[ronape].. ..will defense of all the people by Er.. therefore".. ..this getting.. ..".. ..having the talent of the sword only of becoming imperial guards [**] 10.. !1. u ..referring.. ` Food of ..decrease.. ` v The lie is foolish. u Sleep P thought that it is [aa] P lie might be held in derision. The story of ..piling up.. [ni] of the [nogeyo] [ro] is true in childhood apart from scholastic attainments. Because the wound at that time still remains in the back by that token v

"Ah it knows it. " [End of Page 32]

O "Why [desuka] P" u [Ahahahaha]. It is ::: o seeing why . v u H is true though it doesn't see. It is [] U though doesn't see. v [Dokosu]" "Mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 The rotted it bombs and ..death sleep [--] [kozee].. [azee] is [azeehaa] ..37.. . of head [butsukete] in [kado] of the bean curd boiled in water that often cooks [yudoufukusakuda] "dead asleep foolish prince H. u Apart from it. Prince 1" [Kouishitsufuronozo] "It is and it peeps into neither two another degrees, locker rooms nor baths" exceeds it. It exceeds it. [Modokendare] u The sword can be practiced by not only it is [surepogo] me but also defending someone though the talk is returned. If the practice of the [kossori] sword is started from the prince at this occasion even if it leaves it to externals of ..this country.. edelweiss, only the current ..surroundings.. ..that prince ..what it thinks.. ..P.... c: E P finally up to now of P. "

[End of Page 33]

38 [Mahiro] that hangs and is declared to [parieru], and packs [magumagu] and the hot dog in the mouth is [yotsuyou] pour, and standing [hi] exaltedly [gatta] of "You and casual, impolite thing remark [wanaiyou]" and "Anyway, it is popular [masuyo] U" Makoto " It is Makoto it or P" and "Prince who is indeed" as for soup [desore]. u Indeed, It is a conception of the reversal. v " P" u , [Ha] ..remainder.. always if edelweiss takes the place of father. That is, it is unrelated even in case of not being from the beginning. It already supposed not to be as long as the story here is heard the loan. v "They are seven ..pressure.. mortars", "Thus, ..remainder.. start on a journey to [ha] castle town", and "[Cho] and prince P. " "Please do not look for. " u It is possible to say, and impossibility. Because it deflects and it is absolutely impossible. 1 for what v Officially, it ..[teikoku] ".. is said the inspection for the empire to come. B


[End of Page 34]

The hand went out familiarly and L [gerunari], [sutatata] [-], and [mahiro] went out of the dining room. , Prince "P ..what being going to do by official back of P.. [] [kochiyou] Paris ell also subdued the dish of the remainder with the superexpress, the tray was thrown out in the counter, and it chased it. "Serious .... [dayona] i though that child is also still young" ..K.. ..carving.. [ro] u When it is guard [damonna] : c E me of [mahiro] E/r though was able to become imperial guards [**] 7 with great pains. Seriousness [kenmei] "It is sleep i15 [misumaruka] [kyou**] story 1 though it is a serious, all-out, good child 39 and "Regular time" The soldier shall not be Massey yet" The rumor. s No.[fuu] 1 here. There is no rumor. t s There is no o rumor of the second styles t It is so and it doesn't differ or is 1 s There is no first difference t and s There is no second difference t ..".. [horijiyouhekise] to the rumor. u Moat and rampart. It is from where if it attacks it though it is a typical castle. "

[End of Page 35]

It is "Style s Is it investigation [youfutadou]? t and "Entered now" s. " in the inside 40 fairies And, it might be uppermost to open the castle gate t. s impregnable defenses so much or P t s Those at the old Miss markka dynasty who found a nation : by old [majisutei;a] kingdom present master ,in a word, the brother muscle of present empire [**ke] c [mahoumonshiyou] c It seems to be very ..[ikare].. severe for magic and the crest technology. At that time, the castle is the one of the counterplan as said a little while ago though it cannot know how much power the current Miss markka has left. Is it [hanshiyoutsuchimadoushiyouheki] fire alarm and [**] of the wall in some places? The crest not got used to seeing is seen. It cannot be thought average manitou [michibishouheki]. t Umbrella. "..waiting.. " and s I want .... to do very t. " The punk kid in the vicinity seems to have strayed off the garden. " s It is a vacant house. There might be this, too. t u Unpleasantness. of twinky [do] in [ka] ..that.. ..crowding.." s p t " It is not surely" is roundabout. s Is there assistance? t

[End of Page 36]

[Misuma] [reka] foundation of a nation story 1 41 u No, I will stop it. This country's public peace is good. It has already gone out to it. The noticed appearance is not [hitorokumarumaru]. The next regular time is 1600. Do not you differ?" Though [iima] , crumb crusher clambers up a wall and went out to ::: Q of s There is no first difference t, s There is no second difference t, and "The communication ends". It jumps down in the garden full of thickets of P [yabuko] that has been entered where then, and coming ..ending one.. P [nkiyuu] only because of such a sound. u : c E Emergency. s Is there still a problem? t The place is moved" "No, "Style" has not exceeded it cautiously", s There is no first difference t, and s There is no second difference t ..coming... "The communication ends. "

[End of Page 37]

42 ..[za] [datami].. [itsubanshiyomin] ..saying.. [mahiro] of was grovelling to [betan] and the stone pavement. It was a high wall.

It disguised it. [Niri] ..dispelling.. [hokori] is paid and ..carving.. dropped from [**] people's clothes. "Well, " [hiyoushiboushi] low over one's eyes turnip [mahiro] suffered the hat that shifted to the falling rhythm in the low over one's eyes again. After all, there must be a preceding visitor or ..".. ..encounter.. when looking back on the residence that must be [**] uninhabited : c2 [yashiki] [chirato]. It finds and it ..".. turns around with [tayobocchama] [-][komouzen;ashigegikuri]. The Paris ell had made the hourse of the gray run fiercely. Ring u throws ..P excrement.. recently at the time of already been found ..improving... intuition u Let's study with [shikuo] [saapocchama] , adult [ke]. [Hohohohoho] ! " Though it will not go because it avoids and it chases it while shouting the prince in such a town. It is not a uniform of the stuff collar, and, anyway, it runs away from the Paris ell worn in a light, sleeveless appearance to [baukenshi] and "P that tutorial to whom such an adventurer teaches study suitable is where" [?rritaiken]. u I am [] that is the body of freedom only now. Because everyone is made inborn and freedom has been secured for the person

[End of Page 38]

It does.

The heaven did not make the person on the person and did not make the person under the person before. Someone. Someone. The servant must help in [fuwoo]. It was [--] when fundamental human rights of person's boy not guilty were tragically trampled here now" "[Hhohohohohohoho]" ..crowding.. p [waaaaaaa] H" [mahiro] ran about trying to escape as long as the breath and the foot continued. Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 It was caught by 43 or . [Bakapoko] . The Paris ell made the horse put tired out [mahiro] behind me, and walk. " that runs too much and is unwell" Practice u Isn't it lack of physical activity in the point? Therefore..sword..practice..a about trying to escape..remain..good walker..see.." "By the way, prince. " [Nandai] ..".."

[End of Page 39]

44 "Shall you get on behind me?" and. ". "P ..getting on of the man behind the woman.. ..honesty .. ..becoming.. ..clumsy.. why. " y a moment..noble..boy..pass..pull..remain..become tired.." thing..get on..cruel..get bored. u If it is a horse, none of such a thing is trowed. Get on..already..get on..come..remain..forge..good It is surely ..".. [n] the horse cannot get on ..prince .. ..P1 " [bucchake] and YES"...

[End of Page 40]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 45 "is [itsushi] is p2.. [mu]. u Thereat, to the left because it is good. It has not run away any longer. u Therefore, are not you having said? Inspection..true..borrow..struggle. "Inspection - and inspection-" [Dada] u ..boiling.. because it ..,.. understood. Please do not mix up [****] like such a child. The horse becomes restive. " It breaks to the opposite with the castle in the place in which it went out according to [heki] [dai].

The defense gate that it is a protective barrier where outer under the castle is enclosed, and is the [daninrikuchi] : to the place with one of south gates with . Might do " or piercingly and, ..this small country.. naturally, there are not so a lot of going of the domestic and foreign person in and out ..P.. ..needing.. strategic location of public interest it.. either. It is crowded only [noni] and today. When you shortly go. Crowded is on door.. .."... The reason is : and saying : the reason ..this defense door from this.. ..the close.. ..11"... " It is ..".. instruction that [daninri] doesn't become it either as [nanpi]. One

[End of Page 41]

..46 eczema.. ..".. [chimau] ..the rot of the fish... It is ".. delivery of goods during today. At least..this..medicine. For a moment..table..go on a hunt. House..return..what kind of..strike..strike..dissatisfied..volatility. The head of the security force of two Japanese syllabary [kokono] who the reason for is not that "[Yo;une] P of close [rutte] why" of turning over and [ni] coming of ", [ppori], and the empire asks elderly [mamorushi] that has the face that [do] [rita] [mahiro] is difficult the horse when going near the [ishitazu] stuff place E c3 getting. Is not whether it is what seen ..peel 2.. and ..".. ..".. understood? After all, it is [bi] furnace [hare] of a tendon so though it looks back on some who pour in at the gate when the person who goes in and out to shutting the gate in the future, and the country ..[denka] His Highness p [kosatsu] and [ufushi] i.. does by inspecting it ..all one person.. , and [mahiro] puts up the forefinger.

It makes noise, [ni] seemed to be drunk, and to notice none of [mahiro]. However, the commander is externals that are surprised, cooled, and do not have. rB it slips out surely and "..summons.. castle, it eats, and .. 2.. usually with foolish the prince to here it. u Do even you finally say ..remainder.. [wo] in such a way? It is mostly awful. Isn't it the usual?" Because it is a fool because of the usual.

[End of Page 42]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 47 hills u Because it is only such entertainment, it is a skirt. It is to a stuff place where it is possible to say, and stands out here now if it is what [wonasatteoi] and it doesn't exist in ..piling up.. [shiro] instead of [desuka] P His Majesty" The acquaintanceship and [rashikatta] as can called the chair always. The table, chair [kabemiga] of an easy tree, and ..[ritate].. some when entering the inside. Atmosphere of stuff excrement alive place that is leant spear and escutcheon often polished against wall, and is anywhere. Several young soldiers were relaxing. u Prince ..encounter.. ,. Please come in. Slowly and [tteyo] .. There is a juice. "

u It put it in a card game hand ..prince.. new. It is not defeated ..P ..whether will do together.... this time" of the prince [odo] "and "P ice that eats the prince and ice" the west in 2 chome in downtown.. ..[uhauha].. ..dancer of [kanji].. " Do you be friendly or overfamiliar [nana] or very say ? [Kiyuukeimodo] of [bakamo] u It takes a rest and it takes it ..this foolish person.. when. " It did not return to the post or it was shouted by the [donako] commander, and to run away, young watches ..pressure-".. went out. [Bita] u To this ..sleep where it spends all one's time ..prince.. greatly.. place. It is doubtful. Bar..hoe..lucky..detailed. u Yes, Oh dear. In a secret direction in edelweiss of that" [Mahiro] looked straight another place and the direction was ..sigh.. ..sigh of Paris ell.. ..commander.. repaired somewhere else.

[End of Page 43]

48 This commotion is whose instruction and ..".. [sukakiyoutaguimogu] from it. u It is an instruction of the Interior Minister of ..originating.. , Carlo lord. The empire army is one was not possible to know.. as soon as the kind of the spy slips.

u E c: It is a very [funi] way in everyone as for the reason. u It peels off and, of course, , is not told. Because it is a word of His Majesty this morning of not doing, shake anyway... " u Then, the Paris ell was popeyed in a word unexpected as discontinued it at once with the commander. y Why..prince..meaning..meaning..such..easy. u Anyway The wounded go out sooner or later when such a commotion continues as it is. The fish rots, too. ..[todokoofuwatakoubo] [todokoo] of goods.. ..lying upon face.... there on the day from which dishonoring was paid" The bunch might collapse finally. (by chance : c E) Especially, the medicine of this clinic is in the boast and the [asoshinri] toothpick" It is this prince who whether to pursu and to understand as for the living of people under the [chikuichihaaku] castle. Look at each other to the commander, and somehow when it might be maybe the same trowing.

[End of Page 44]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 49 u

It runs away somewhere after all and [ttatoka] manages to put the reason though the criminal of the continent and the fugitive warrant it class entered the town. Usually return it to guard at once. Father..full powers..keep..remain..instruction. Commander of long ages of [muka] ..seriously.." u ..[haha].. indeed, I see then at once" The commander goes out of the stuff place. There is no other way, and it is said it was good and good however, and, then, all as [mahiro] says it have scattered to the desire desire when making an excuse. It informs the head of the security force at the north gate ..[kabekate].. at once of the same thing with the telephone the returning commander. The receiver is put on Chin and a wall hanging telephone. "The check was discontinued at once z u It was good and good. It is all settled" and the Paris ell are said Q"Really spy" ....slipping.. p ..doing very.... [se]. u Managing [narutte]. " attack anyway yet.. "..uneventfulness.. do not live in everyone .. c: .. ..[ion] 1 it.. least.. though it is so. "

[End of Page 45]

50 ( It says or . ) After all, the prince who usually sees : to the prince with idea [terundana] i. [Nadakeni], and usual is usually doing and [samau] the strange admiration. When confused [bokarishiteitemo] and the root are gentle. [Senoni] doesn't stretch overworking oneself though it ..king.. ..[aaha].. is said therefore. The Paris ell doesn't know and : smiling. u The king then goes out to play under the castle and no [yone] P [kopo]. u It seems to be . Father h [haaa] [mi] is gotten, and nothing is done unexpectedly. Because..heavily..throne..waist..loyal the extent that " The day was brought back since then after all in the castle as for "Sitting heavily is important [yo] [-]". / Six [fushinshitsu] [yoru] grows old, too. [Mahiro] is [denka] in the bedroom. u His Highness. It enters" You see when it lays oneself on the bed in [ni] [roitsumonoyou], it rolls, and the book is read.

[End of Page 46]

The person came edelweiss after 51 mistake one knock of the markka foundation of a nation story.

Dice tile u My name was used in daytime. Was there in large retainer Carlo's order incompleteness by you?" The fish of two "" [pikishinniyuu]. , One atelier. Peacetime after January after the half month though it might be also good. How do invasion [shitamitsuteikonseki] spy's signs control the situation of a war today? The general situation is mistaken and [oidede]" Edelweiss of the rumor of ..approach.. " w Wind..rumor..know..of a narrow sense..ivy..seldom..expression..change..housemaid..pupil..little..wait. Because [yasa] already .." and "Such word where "It is reluctant even if it says".. might have been substituted, 1 and [akiteikokurayouhoubuata]. u It was amazed. Empire. The wind "Approach. " It is [koreru] title of [youkouroukouishitsu] and [suyasushi] ..seeming giving only to the elite in the empire intelligence part wind "... room..sneak in..remain..move..good at. Do not let once and such playing with fire be performed. [Ni] was done to do one and [tsushiyou] [mahiro] laughed like the wind so that they might put the person in order. It is [daijiyoubu] safe "and it is an anyway unnecessary child of ..remainder.. [ha].

[End of Page 47]

52 King..word..decide..His u Is it left externals? Then, please let me hear one" "What p", "Does His Highness think that the empire attacks it within this week }, "Come", and " Is it a rumor of the style?" [mahiro] shuts the book, and is [goron]. u Separately. Somehow..come..Japanese be going..polite..edelweiss..polite..conduct..interrupt..bedroom..go out. [Sorehawakatterundakedosa] ..".. [-]. Even only violence might become [-] the retreat.

[End of Page 48]

[Ikana] [-] . though thought by me" There is hearing no one even if it gets bored and it says. It is one person in the room. [Mahiro] turned off the light of the room, dove in [mogumeitsubaikanemu], and shut eyes. The maximum subsides into sleep with surprising swiftness because it ran in daytime. Blanket Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 The wagon of the Yazu setting up where 53 and [inmagijinsubekurokishi] start under the cover of darkness :.

It slides into to the stand and the formation. The Ivanhoe of 500 [pokari] were inlaid with to the side of the [zouganshishimonhizamazu] wagon with the solid gold, and it is fragile in the imperial household crest of "It is a lion in moon F". [Taigi] u , It is large Tadashi. Look up" It was a sharp look and filled [bihime] to get off the wagon with the voice that was figured satin [rudobishiyoubiki] [rin] with a smile. The beautiful woman of disguising as a man that does black [noreijinkuriiukamihara] [gun] [fukusugata] pays against the backdrop of the chestnut hair. The formation of ..paving.. [karetabokari] at [zanbatsumimeuruwayoroi] [ima] day. do It had the silver hair, and was a young person of [uruwashi] morale that kept it ..looking... It is a fencer who wears a long coat for the officer of the empire of being Chiyo who doesn't receive it in the armor, and lowered the length sword rumored the legend to the back. The ax yourself follows and [**chi] H [gatte] follows him sideways simultaneously when the lord passes by before one's eyes. Keeping secret u Princess. It seems to be earlier than the schedule" Hard [katatsukayuuzenhohoeunazu] wording. However, the smile nodded calmly to the third princess of the empire that knew the silvery hair well while seeing. Dismissal "It is not time. "

[End of Page 49]

54 free time. The fact that came out in the battlefield only in the word told all of the princess named this [runasu]. Princess who faces big tent such as one prepared. Two housemaids who were able to do three step back well. Two housemaids who were able to do three step back well. [Runasu] was heard ..youth.. exactly while walking. ,'s first person..make fun of..notice..grin widely. Even Cho of [**] Chiyo melon who doesn't undertake it is nothing. This was an real face though did by three empire swords and the young people who called and took one of [poreru] alias of '[Ryoutsurugi]'. [Jiyoukiyou] u Hey the situation in the other side is not its meaning that the of course do a rumor of [ri] 2"The rumor of the wind is not passed at the present stage" street [fu] on the street. Wind that blows from empire intelligence part. The flow [rushinbi] fairy or the lick rumor is [shin**], is high in above all for the empire army, and comes and goes as an information warfare getting on it. . from this [shinkoufu] p half month still. ..".. ..".. [soukakorotonoga] u This did not fail to catch the criminal or seemed once to have been [tameno] of [hairiyoka] not put consideration at about noon today though there was movement of shutting the defense gate.

It is opened as shown in the north gate, the south gate, and peacetime now. "

[End of Page 50]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 It has been a still the second 55 [masenkou] ..".. since the declaration of war was performed to [chichiou] His Majesty who steps. One [chiyourou] [runasu] that will not be thought is 2 and is [**] as ridiculed surely that we are going underwater like this in the interior. [Yurukeishi] and the formation had been diverted to Yamanaka of a gradual inclination and a deep grove, and the signpost was looked at from [po] it was possible to go up and invasion eye [nagahigaki] however very easily by one of the trunks. Weak states that are smaller than cities. The distance of the each other is only several kilos. Going underwater raid plan that becomes possible because of commando team of 500 [sakishiyuumuboutatta] [**] rashly seen. It does and [runasu] has clouded the expression suddenly the word of [ichi] [kumoso] ..accompanying.. the king. gale of "..floatage.. [shuraiban] of the [tsubuuzui] [ni] Seem do "or one "Something" lamplight way torrential "It is not thought a little it is losing momentum in the general of it is possible great to shoot there after the surprise attack of of the unpleasantness either" Rainer narrows only its eyes. It is worth was going to be known though the specialty was not a strategy but fencing of what of the war. ..more than it was ..keeping.. [shikusaru] as the general as for the soldier.. Pull way u Princess who is war. Unfairness is anything. " u

It is not so. When it was trivial, . . mouth [ttanoda] c It was this princess third spirited of a well-known general and the bulldog courage ..doing, the row with [yokouo] and [mouyuufu] feudal lords, and inferiorities.. at previous invasion operations of doing to unite a present territory and the southern part region of the [koku] empire.

[End of Page 51]

56 gnat detour or this princess from whom the seat doesn't stand louring to the jewel decorated richly if it is a sitting dance party is enclosed by the shine of [nibiiukaga] of the armor, [egao] [don;iro], and the sword, and doesn't root out a fearless like this smile yet. The other party has lack or it is a cloudy feeling most now. [****] went up more than one tendon aspect part in the place in which it started entering the tent. "P ..what it.." [Mamonodouyoukiyouisoku] u This near demon is not a threat like the shake of us. Soon to beg z Person's knight runs, and it ..It is a thief or it might be something".. hangs down one's head. However, Rainer's word came off miraculously. [Osomitsuteioboto] u I say while fearing it. Let's will do very though it thought and [shiki] [sha] was captured with the spy" When "Favor it" [kakunin] [runasu] said, the knight was suitable for Rainer as looked up unexpectedly once, and confirmed it. Mean [kisoremosonohazu] and the other party are the people of meanness. The royal family is not working extent as for the mouth.

There were neither a pulled appearance nor an appearance in which it joked in [jinmon] "If it is questioning, did by us" and "Do not care" [jiyoudan] [runasu]. There is no [madomakujiyou] degree, and a man who struck [shibanawa] is dragged. [Kosofuteteita] a man came to notice [kamonkakahanaku] imperial household's family crest hung with the army corps flag and to see the appearance of [runasu], and turned pale yet at first ghastly.

[End of Page 52] of a eory..answer..obligation..provide. [Runasu] hears only word short [ni] point. u , It is a person where. It is Miss markka or P. v .."[] " tiger.. a man of catching was looking for desperately. The way from which it runs away. Or, the expedient for that. However, looking [tsuhitofutakaranai]. It is not sure to be found. 100 is cut off by princess and the third empire shakes that the other party is made to the name and pursued, and the sword of the brilliance expressed to one game that [ohofuutakoukiite] kills the myriad. It did and all the ambitions had disappeared from a man as for [yunkan] momentarily at the time of having known [kiusore].

It screws up one's eyes in the bad mood such ..ill-humored [runasu].. an appearance. It only happened to pass because it did not come here to feel for you. Neither waiting nor I ..".. rolling .. .. of the republic it.... knew" The usual attitude that man from whom deflecting was put under this situation showed. Natural shake. However, it is a complaint that should not be in case of the spy. [Negaekiyoten] "Anything is heard, and if it is told to betray your ally, it teaches arming, the base of the republic done so, and very much if it .... says ..the future life it... Therefore, " [obisukuirada] is frighteningly, ..[tadatada].. looks down on a man who neglects it, puts irritation by [runasu], and vomits the word. [Kakugo] u It is not blocked. The resolution to die is you, and was not or P. v [End of Page 53]

58 7: :- and ::: p" Death that a man ..deflecting [ni] gloom.. left for this world ..piling up.. [ri] of dice [ni]. [Watarusu]. It did not take the second from the drow a sword to tearing of man's body either. L [tsuno] gem is a large sword of ..setting.. [mareta] [hen] [ga] that it is luminiferous, and only the ash remains in the hand of [runasu] the done sword. pulled it out from the back in [nuhakata] .

. It likened it to the legend of [futourana] in [ttasoreha] and an old civilization depending on the origin of [mei] 'Sword of brilliance ..piling up..' and Special Action Committee on facilities and areas in Okinawa ..none.., and it was "L star" and a crown [sareru] magic sword. Even gore is not permitted to remain ahead of light that it originates, and knights who saw [bikiwazamitosore] look admiringly at the technique of [bihime]. It does and [tsushiyou] [runasu] laughs while putting the sword. "Only had to leave it to you" [ri] "This time, there might not have been wonderful information even if it strangled it if it was times either" [so]. u It steps. The number of bellies has decreased more than it probably good. It is [meshi], and then, it is not, and supper and the street are 111 of the sudden housemaids. [Runasu] waved to [kuchiha] with cheesed. It has understood ..understanding... Then, to it Let's do. Two housemaids who existed in shadowy after [se] of [gage] [ro] [koa] [kose] [kojigi] show approval and it bows with [pe] learning by experience. Everyone is one Rainer, and everyone can ..sake.. behave a little more, and it ..restoring one's spirits in preparation for tomorrow.. doesn't exist" [Ri] [e] detour "-understanding joining.

[End of Page 54]

Chapter 2 /

[Uruwashihime] "11 of brilliances

- c 59 [yoku] .."_ one mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1.. morning. The sage beelzebub ..falling down.. "before seemed to express and to have expressed this world so by people of when ruling of an old civilization" [Mahiro] headed trodding for streaming of the morning sun. u Upcoming P aspect and it : on a new morning. - of morning of hope it etc." [Odo] u Men of old times were energetic. bang..hand..beat. Several person court band in coming [yuuteifutou] room and one teacher of court dance person who becomes lecturer It is a lesson of the ballroom dance on the morning of Wednesday every week. When it might be a country where, it is basic in basic ..making one's debut in society.. [repo]. Aristocrat's center barrel royal family can do nothing but be able to do it surely.

[End of Page 55]

601 [somosomonandai] [kun] is a Paris ell. What will externals be in the peculiarity of guard very ..schedule of ..remainder.. [no].. so do? By the way, ..remainder.. [ha]. Mr...yesterday..hear. It was said to the edelweiss externals however, and isn't it not reluctantly or does make an excuse to me, and ".. shameful?

The life (doing so and living in the excuse repeatedly) is easy and you are easy so much. [Subaa] [-]. u That. Provide..edelweiss..descend..something..say..His Majesty..take the place..serve begin with..prince..,in a word,..remain..remain..earthborn..provide..true..prince..dummy evidence. u Because the edelweiss externals do not mean such meaning [depa]. It retreats so much, [-] is done, and the delusion can be done or . "

[End of Page 56] of a begin with..remain..ballroom "Yes P" It puts it away a little as [doki]. , , Hand..hand..take..Yes..palanquin..waist..hand..turn..provide..ahead..right..sid ably..provide. Anyway, if [ha] is not danced more soulful, ..satisfied.. [mannoda] [] "..remainder... " " " ..along.. [sou] P [rufuru] P food P" and "Thus, [ha] ..remainder.. though I want to start on a journey under the castle again" [mahiro] [ri] iodination not gotten coyly looks for the complexion of edelweiss. However, the clarifying face with power very much though turn over old-timer carriage year housemaid's scolding and often done.

. However, is a Japanese syllabary and 1.

[End of Page 57]

62 The teacher .."How are you if made to selfishness?" ".. withdraws the sigh with the band ..k [gete] dashing out from the [iiyahhoui] [kokiseitameikitetsushiyuu] queer voice.. in the luck. That .."each other.. . all..bring back. u ..putting.. .. ..His Highness.. invade this country the empire Way phlegm ear - ..It accumulates ..holding off by the person..".. was doubted. Because this person : the joke. It is not u [uyouna] [nin]. in a previous story still ..beginning the movement of the remark and [ro] [ttemo] [tei] country.. when holding it off and . Do ..[houtsusoba] ".. thrust of the foot to a considerably dangerous place if it leaves it as it is. However, if you are on the side, be sure it to ice, not to be done pistil [ni] [ri] unreasonably, and to accompany it for that. You may make it keep free besides. It understood or is 1. u Dividing and [wakarimashita] ! It accompanies Ef, it guards, and [masu]. The Paris ell ran after the king and ..".. ran out in ..saluting.. hurry.

p of what ..the salve.. "..that prince lamplight and elder brother-[] .. )(

[End of Page 58]

Two mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 63 [konoekishibo] Paris ell of dialect [shiyakigashi] ..[yo].. not seen at any rate is changed from the uniform of the knight of imperial guards to the plain clothes of yesterday's adventurer style, and even the backyard is [yattegita] of [mahiro] that the people disguised and the castle. It doesn't go to ..".. [to] and the castle.. ..".. or be P" Because the castle is a castle even if it is said that "[Kutomo] 1,000 of ..... r" or [ni] is a Sawa backyard, [**] and [kiyuushiyakana] Mori with wide tree leakage mouth as it can enjoy horse riding and easy hunting have extended. However, it seemed to be managed them, and to be a maintenance place of the car and horse corps that there is a garage of the automobile taken, and it ..[mahiro].. business. the Mori's forward Yasushi [**] and the wagon hut and the king yesterday Oil is fragrant to assail the nose first of all when entering the warehouse of big [tsunio]. Several wagon and preliminary car has received one maintenance. Horse..borrow..wagon..put out..have..remain..put out..get [End of Page 59]

From ..64 [tsunuda].. [hatsu] to the stuff place of the car and horse corps. [Go]. Mouth [ebaiinoni]. Does not being able to get the permission of going out openly only by slipping out by walking wanting see yesterday know unexpectedly because of the first time? "Should you say" There was with hesitancy ..remainder.. business in [ha] and this fellow" Something that was covered of the seat on the corner of

the [katasumikafushiyunkan] warehouse was shown. The every one of the car and horse corps of the [tsunagi] appearance at the moment was noisy, and it had goose flesh. On a roll..get yourself..more and more..put [Zawazao] . Person had naturally indebted came with a terrible look because the horse was given to commander Paris ell of the car and horse corps to which [youzetsuatasuru] and the welding glasses were worn and it had gotten on. This person [onitaguikatagimo] demon teacher or the kind of the senior citizen commander roughly though the one is generally recognized as severe and fearful. Bullheaded father also ..workman character.. ..about [to].. helps, and it is obstinate father and it is famous because the kind of the machine from the horse especially is a specialty and exists here. "It is never getting on [ninarutten] and prince [] U [sukai] P in this fellow" YESUn. [End of Page 60]

[Mahiro] that puts up [pi] and thumb winking at by 65 mistakes markka foundation of a nation story one. The commander who came the day of turn phlegm [tsuiniso] c The preparation is ..becoming it.. P that might be all matters. " u E:: E [Ooooo] ! , " It begs, it is already about to strike, it gets excited without child [] - c, and finishing. Just at that time though it doesn't understand in what it to be angry. at the time of thought whether job as the prince is also easy if it is this person by the Paris ell " It is, I of the prince , come, and [haa] P [niparieru] ..".. upsets the voice instinctively ..really good.. .."...

It seemed to strike [urefurukanruinamida] [**] [shisani] and to have trembled. When thinking moving the sob and the welding glasses to tears of gratitude and dashing one's tears away. It is [kozo] as for the all one's energy of the [batsu-] car and horse corps. [Gete] [**] [hi] [geteariyasu]. Now insufficient parts are princes [mahiro]. Now, and only it is you and 2 or [mahiro] is [haguri] of "Looking, and Paris ell of two "[Umu]" c" when leaving there as for the multiplication cloth. [--] ..[no] hourse , that is, '[**uma] of steel ..remainder..' and ZX7RR it is possible to come [kanba].."

[End of Page 61]

66 "[Ka] P that is not the motorcycle" Needless to say, inheritance of an old civilization. It is weeny if it is a motorcycle 'Cab', this is larger at all than it also in the vicinity though it runs occasionally about there. Are it large or are it firmly made and is blocked contents? It is said as it is in " commander and [dokokara] of these kind of things P" and "Parts were collected to bean jam p [dokottesoryaomee] and the prince for myself" [itsushiyoitsumo] cord and such a thing is wisdom [raneenoka], etc. [Hatsukutsu] u It has an actually ....remainder.. [ha].. secret junk mountain. of consumption..Far Eastern..obtain..commerce and One [ba] and [mahiro] hold up the hand in the maintenance workers.

[Tano] "[Shuuto] ..the request to them of the car and horse corps.. ..union [hi] [ge] it... " u When planted p2 nature adhered, it had been surrounded by [mekafechi] who asked and [gufugufu]ed and laughed by the face like to [nika] and the commander when. u Tying food. Tying getting c: u I will run. ..will run.."

[End of Page 62]

, 67 .. K will go out. The water habit of [gufugufugufushi] [wo] how many 1 food and the prince ..100 kilos , [baiso] ,, and corbiculas.. ..along : c... Only here is [gufugufugufu] even if bowing. ..three.. .... ..falling.. [i] } The Paris ell instinctively closed one's ears to the first momentary opinion where [outtemondesaa] [ichi] [uon] H{ [] : E: E72" Fusa engine hung ..the allowance of me ..[atozugo] [barieru].. moving and the fiddle of backing away and ... u Yes becoming it ..extending.. [mosoudaga] from the [domahika] [nakowa] exhaust tube and the engine also : with [garagaragaragara] at any moment ..rinctumming.. ..[resoukata] [yo].. ..abduction.. that is. One. .

Not ..regarding.. [i] easily but eerie [ginkokoro] [riwo]" [Geteiru]. [Hahahahaha] eye [harieru] and neigh are ..[sokozawa].. [unoda] one Galo that everything is different from the cab as for such the one c It is ..remainder.. immediate in [no] intention. [End of Page 63]

[Unoda] ....person horse.. saying this this heart [ro] that reacts to engine on earth.. [-] "" 68 [on] entrance [on] c [on] c [**sawa] [ga] that pierces from the exhaust tube to the sky sounds whenever [tsunu] roar [hibiwata] [ma] Hiro lightly twists my right hand and it ..[on] [on] ".. extends. To shut eyes absent-mindedly, and charmed to the orchestra of the best, [mekafechi] : [sogokujiyouhore]. This fellows of P it is decrease [hentai], all were [hentai], and ")( It peeps, and it is ..knight of the round.. [sateha] fresh force's demon, and the settlement of the spear in the hand in the [yarika] castle of [nozojiyunkaikishimamo] that runs to the hand. what or many faces [Nikaku] cannot be put by me ..[fusawa] "It is suitable for the hourse of ..remainder.. [no] only in [umu] and this c line excrement Paris ell" and ".. [he] P.. [ka] 7 that goes out by [kutte] P this is.. ..going..".. ..extending... [Mahiro] that wore the glove installed the goggle when extending behind the Paris ell. in going to "The remainder established [koreyori] and a maximum speed record in Nakahara" [odo] "[haa] P dance" However, the dance seems to have been very an expedient. The voice of the Paris ell lacks in a wally [kanseina] shout of joy from the every one of the car and horse corps and is erased. [End of Page 64]

Have about..voice..a lot of..astonishment. , commander P [hi] U mortar eyes and [gu]. beat be covered the head of done [harieru] with the helmet for [pon] and [**uma]

Thing..die..miss. Good Luck [okani] becoming it ::: [re] [uon] [Uooooooon] 1 u Saying it is and [aaaaaaaa] P

[End of Page 65]

70 It is not so though thought with three crust Sawa if becoming accustomed to how to get on. It runs like this, and all people in the town look back on his horse though it so thought the person to be what one because the affray because the one with terrible sound nothing but of which only [supi-] hatching food [do] of [kurai] has gone out if the whip is flicked. Naturally, is the security force coming what even in last eleven south gates while it curves and that ..[itaiitai].. does so so? It is not ..[ukedonaa].. such annoying, and it is not [hi] of [tameyosoo], is neither running [rutte], nor [naanda] all together, no Lr or a new motorcycle .. [sugge] and it.. or it is lovely and I also ..[iissuyo] [uma].. ..(.. ..desire.. : from K.r and the machine so because I like one popular [mahiro] though whether it is : c palanquin is done and I thought suddenly. and horse..corps..every well as..strange..over-familiar. ) Then, the commander also showed up from the stuff place. [End of Page 66]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 71 way "They are some orders [tsuchiko] and today or P though put and have not checked according to , grounder leaf since yesterday" [ishinka].

u Two ..remainder.. [ha] is done now. One is establishment of a maximum speed record in Nakahara to offer the prestige of the Miss markka car and horse corps where the glory exists. Another v It is not suitable because it is annoying while it stops of [re]. What do you speak, and hearing [nakattakereshiyunkando] well. It was frighteningly opened wide at the next moment. It must be good by " The prince and it are serious and are P" even one or it must be, and this gate must never never shut. Tell it to the north gate well. It is necessary to look up to edelweiss at the instruction as it is by the nightfall, except for no ..remainder.. [aoga] [kae]. ..commander ..good..".. [uteiitaka] "Any H of how much [i] , ..impossibility.. ..cannot consent as 11 [komatami] at all.." u [Wahahahaha]. Line excrement and my hourse " Quickly, the appearance of guard ..[uooooon] "".. becomes small with the prince. The length of " that has been really done" and "Please it is did or such blue face [shite] of commander P" [kuchihigena] [tai] : stroking one's mustache. , Floatage [jiyoudanteikokuteisatsu] " , is unpleasant . peel off Though it is thought that it is a joke when you scout the empire army that comes to be near c

[End of Page 67]

72 An unpleasant sweat is wiped it not is and not having serious eyes unpleasantly and when so, and the scout of the one that not is from countries of the south whether L1 , such a report that not is along.. so should be able. It is [**] [zeta] as for [uni] and the beard of commander [hake] [kami] mixing . Fortune-telling r [re] outside of the town really. [Chi] and [ttedousurutsumo] . ..[ni].. putting out Before it got off of ..mortar.. unpleasantness of [rinandesuka] P. ..remainder.. the expectation of [ha**] and [umatai]. To Lale who was able to return by coming up to here was.. 1 ..the north negative moon in the body.." abbreviation [bi] and sword . c: L well well ..only after all annoying.. ..seemed too not fast.. . Eye [ttekara] [shou] was done as this horse, it came off from [**omomuki], and [mahiro] stopped the motorcycle aiming at a certain the foot of a mountain previously seen several kilos there. It is annoying, and riding comfort is bad, and it was satisfied or it has a pain also in hips and [hiri] here ::. [n] and Up ..turning over.. [kaeri]

[End of Page 68]

7:1 [Parieru] K [ma] [oshimadukichikara] [**] 1 [tsukasadohoji**] word 1.. ..attack... The hourse of ..remainder.. [no] when it is slow. Yes instead of ..P... [**] l. comfort..good..warm..lovely..old..float..horsepower..excrement..tendon..lampl secret..child..slow..natural..up to

In your.. horse of living, it is such awful : c . of living and [kuretarisuruka] , the whip ..along.. irregular. .., [ha].. resemble it foretell In a word, this. It is ..remainder.. better than daring [dakore] of [doudou] and [yatteita] [ha] whip.. or ..f.. ..release.. [sunayoyo] from [harieru] and [no] ..remainder.. body absolutely up to now ..get warm the engine and the mission... :Because the voice is serious, it is ..:.. tight though whether it is [yoa] is not understood ..[gyuu] and [da]...

[End of Page 69]

74 "Now, the hourse and ZX7RR are [ware] in barking furnace.. 1" A repeated start. It says very much or .... . only have to name an at least better name "[Hi] P" ..difference.. [nan] was different. It ..[hiiiiiiii] P2 [matatakashiyunme] [matata].. turned over and the noise of the wind ..".. changed into [kan]. When how much excellent horse is made to run, the [nakoufuui] it is possible to hear roar style absolutely. It starts still accelerating the [nikono] horse of [datoiu]. "How much speed is P [o] P responding [] P this and now. " u It is 100 kilos. Still, it is a speed about your horse's twice. " ..saying [tenakattakke] P(.).. [] and the nature started becoming distant the car and horse corps managed must to aim at c E: as far as that goes by the person and 200 kilos. u [Wahahahaha].

It is possible to go. [Parieru] ..will being able to go... This fellow is terrible. In this, the more current is [pikaichi] in multiplication [yoyuutteki]. see. I make a mistake and [mashita] !. Fast [End of Page 70]

75 , [Sumaruka] foundation of a nation story 1 is done. Because it is too fast. Crashing into the [ttemou] presence when the mountain is the state as it is of P is, is [masuyou] P2, is [fukafu] [ichi] or that mountain is day ground. It turns down firmly in the back of ..remainder.. [no] so that the neck is not cut in the thicket, and it is [ro] = [yaki] and [suka] 7H [hiiiyaaa]. [Aaaaaaa] P2, the [tsuniyuuo] [rani]ing, [ni] ..piling up.. is done, [tsunin] and the leaf steal in ..referring.. [yama], and the branch steals. The waist floats from the bearing surface in the ruggedness. It seems to be shaken off. o is done as floor [i], to die, to die, and to die. No ..cutting.. [ga]. Mori opens it. The spectacle that is not expectation [dani] has extended there when [mahiro] slams on the brakes, and [tontai] is stopped in the way sidewise while sliding it and the Paris ell opens the day. Only the army corps of a black [katsuchiyuuyou] armor sees roughly and many hundreds of.

The force that has such equipment in countries of Nakahara is [inayoroishishi] Hotei [ni] [komon;i], and an empire crest of "The lion barks" in the armor if it often sees thinking so. That is, ( D of [] ..[te] .. empire [] army [] P [jitada]. The Ivanhoe group of [kurokishidanpouzenso] is like a blank surprise. If it is in every respect a demon, [gedo] ..might their immediate attacks.. . as it is an enemy force in clear [mamonozokuzakougeki]. [A] [End of Page 71]

Why goodness because it is the one that the improper one had been bracing it up from 76 is not understood. [Takao] ..pressure.. [i] is not rapid. It is reluctant though the furnace of "Each other Oh, and it passes .., [anodesune], [watawata], and me.. and only : c [niparieru] ..,.. ..encounter.. : hurried hurried ah . If it doesn't visit a dangerous place, ..[mahiro].. if I am . and "1 ..- [] E:: E.. with [**sara] of the edelweiss externals ..floatage.. .. [ha].." etc. do not have the person in question either even if it curses. When fool 2 ..this.. is done to see, whether suspicion [suru] that is suspicion [suru] to retreat and to do [-] [mahiro] is strangely ..".. serious. In a small voice that whispers to a person. The truth of ..remainder.. [ha] ..[teisatsu] ".. came for the examination when there might be a reconnaissance unit of the empire around here. ".. P.. .... : in [ji]. u Yes. It is not possible to stop easily when it put there on the speed however" The encirclement of large crowd of people ..[magu] ".. was paved in surroundings such thrown whether a reason ..[] P2.. doing of one deflecting [i] to doing already that panted and jumped into it during no [shin].

[End of Page 72]

77 mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 u It is what. It was demon's voice or P" The knight seemed to have embarrassed partly and reported to the voice of [runasu]. [Zoku] u Rainer calls E c [runasu] that stands from three "Let's [fumuri] easily and meet" seat , healing solved because no this ..seeing.. each other though a strange taking two people has been captured at any rate be said that it is thief though not thought that there is , ..peel.. deflecting in spy . [Himejinmon] u Princess. It questions" The dance how many. u It is very tedious until the night. do not say so P that you may decide after it meets of ..two.. of last night [kadoukaha]" "What [dakore] P" crowd can ..hourse of [mahiro].. have been done more than [gakini] person.

[End of Page 73]

78 u It is a motorcycle.

It doesn't know or be P. u Are [hee] and [koitsu] so? For the first all..provide. There was little practicality as for the motorcycle, and it was natural that they did not know though the automobile was used for transportation and the long distance transportation of large scale goods. It does, and please ..[mon] , [aaa].. stop, and stop it. ( of no worry of the motorcycle about my body) [Ro] [tsushikamo] [to] yen [kizu] such doesn't recklessly put up the fingerprint, and was cruelty, and be additionally future life in [ketsu] [re] too" Naturally, the Paris ell put the guess how escape though the rope was stricken on [nawadatsushiyutsu]. The note day has fortunately gathered in the motorcycle of paralysis [nutsudatsu] [ro] now. Catching off guard as long as the rope was able to come off and escaping were ..would be possible... [Denkaonari] u Become quiet. It comes back to order by the scolding that a young man is ..such His Highness [runasu]'s [nton;itsukatsuchitsujiyo] tohubohu of one [ni] of ..becoming it.. [da].. quiet. It ..Ivanhoe.. passes, it looks ..turning into the crowd.., and [kihinjiyoudan] lines up immediately. The height of [netabi] in [soredake] is quick ..movement.. [gi] that can be looked. And, what joke [kato] [omo] is the Paris ell?

[End of Page 74]

, [Sumaruka] foundation of a nation story 1 The candy is [ni]ed and a reaching nut-brown hair in the taking waist by which the amazed beauty in male attire showed up by 79 [uuchi]. overflowing [kao**chi] and back goods of ..[koriiro] [ru].. [ki] [Gemenka] Mae [ru] [korokishikinramau] [do] such as [hi] so is so promenaded in such a place. Above all tensions of [kuro**] [to] who started momentarily at the time of showed up by her. White E woman and [runasu] [vikuto-ra] [majisutei;a]. [guranma-senaru] empire ..turning over.. the first of [tei] [ni] The existence of [ri] She : air. The third empires . ..favor.. , in such a place the princess from which [runasu] at which it laughs in self-possession stands in front of the Paris ell and P [jimatatata] [mahiro] that makes eyes blinking yet.. Is it ..strangeness [saseta] (.. person? See it in thief and spy's kinds certainly. , P whom it.." Royalty. [Mahiro] guards. It is similar to play in such a place in the person ..coming... The emperor capital appears in the place where [nayorikorehodo] parts by men of 100 [takaga] [suu] [**]. As for the sword from which the heard one [niki] [ruru] hilt of one had been gripped by the [ni] hand, the [hi] color jewel was displayed from the handle origin beautifully partly of the blade. The excuse for the [pocchamade] and me here to be, and to do one to getting us in the two tutorial c: towns . It passes by body [dokoma]. [**] ..running out.. [kahi] is a throat of the Paris ell in [hi] [genshi] ..dazzling.. [ihodo] [**] ..turning over.. [ki] ahead. It is turned to [**]. ,

It is optical illusion simultaneous [suruto] as for the death, and a strange disappearance feeling is remembered, and ..[bibi].. [runoda] ..".. [parieru], etc. ..what...

[End of Page 75]

80 [mahiro] feeling relieved shook the neck. u It need not be feel ashamed for us. quite It only had to say clearly" The contrast and [mahiro] ..dignified air temple temple.. rose to one's full height with the Paris ell of [shibaifuuurotae] that was not able to move though were bound to the hand in the back. [Oso] u Hear a far person from the sound. Only I ..awful.. am Miss markka kingdom dauphin it, [mahiro] [yukirusuni-ku] [e-denfaruto], and [aruzo] [-]. " Four was done and it became [n]. u Two [pocchamari] long ages phlegm u [Hahhahha] and looking furnace Paris ell. c The sound of the treatment is emitted to ..remainder.. [no] bold that ventures into the enemy's territory alone when reaming mesne, too" ..[dokon] ".. [kakatogechiyokugekito]. The Paris ell to which the hand was bound ..back of the head.. hit [mahiro] in the back of waking up of eyes turning [kakatokeri] directly. The addition and subtraction of tray 1 and [saabocchama] , head sleeps because it is princess ..awful.. [runasu]'s presence, and means the name [Pocchama] P [wakarimasuyoneri] and now, and again even though is P empire.

[End of Page 76]

It was 82 or P" When the Paris ell of a tutorial mode to serve the [tazu] class asked it with a smile with a smile, [mahiro] was said so with ground [nitsubu] [tsufu]. [Maraga] u It ..lamplight.. made a mistake in peel . Well, ..remainder.. [kosoha] the truth was a king paralysis of Southern sea paralysis. [Gefu]" [oyooka] "[Uchinobocchama] is probably risked by a fatal disease nature ..brain.. mentality very seriously like this" Well because of this .... .... the much more It is painful because it will express regret ..the request.. ..roaring for.. ..[tsu]... ..noodle.. very ..must be going.. [iikantashimashita] It says for myself and is too ..[te].. ..[ita].. painful. The Japanese syllabary to which it was angry and the Paris ell laughed and the princess was laughing by contraries it was upward glance [ya] when [runasu] was seen. "It thought the belief or was P" Her moment question was turned to seeing [repo] and [mahiro] well as for the desire of [tsukaaa] after all impossible. There might be a possibility to be made the best use of [Senriyo] "If [fufu] and the prince introduce themselves, it thought surviving or is ..[mohodo].. [aruzo] in P [asaomonpaka]" as basing on sitting bargaining chip done so. On the other hand, there might be a possibility being immediately beheaded because it is still an enemy country , too. Keeping secret and the handicap and the princess ask a young general in by the side. "You see this by the prince or are P. "

[End of Page 77]

, Eastern little of a nation..story..swear..answer promptly..spy..kind..think..come to a out..abnormal. When this situation is seen from by the side, ..gills.. ..[yo].. ..floatage.. ..[a].. [ji] is.. is that will not be thought. violence named ..flight.. [sarerukuho] [ni] kick the head the yielding enumeration phrase and renamed oneself to the paralysis paralysis do It is more abnormal. ..peel.. [no] there is not [kakera] of the boast as the royal family either The seal that [mahiro] described what to be done to this mountain getting on these kind of things though it is [ki**] of a maximum speed record in coming [tatsu] [ni] Nakahara doesn't become accustomed ..looking of [runasu] at the motorcycle.. .."And, . .... Maximum speed..such..record. Become it when It is an easy story. such industry is not in the Miss markka and the record was set ..will do very.. ..[ichi] "... [End of Page 78]

The height of technology in the inheritance of an old civilization of the Miss markka car and horse corps is well known to a continental inside by 84 [watapo]. Then, the country everywhere repairs, reproduces automobile [dananda], the request of [irai] Chu 2 [ya] [tsutou] [ngu] will pour in furthermore, and consequently c:2. Breath u A young mechanic will gather from continental whole land. It is a size that new industry arises in which another country in Nakahara cannot mimic even the Miss markka after all. It ..sesame seeds.. ..saying.. ..[duki].. kicks and [o] is done to the Far East and [veronika] because of [ko] having saying. v [Mahiro] when [takuedu] true [ni] and such an excuse were done was superior.

Ivanhoe and princess were showing a lot of consents to the word of [jitsusen] (Oh dear, and every day was place of the practice of the excuse and ) [jiyouzetsukurokishisateoki] and talkative [mahiro]. Now, danger as said that it takes and it eats [kennon;usutte] has weakened. and employee. One. . It does by [do]ing undertaking about the [tsunareba] subcontract. [**]. [Runasu] laughed at the motorcycle interesting because it saw. , [End of Page 79]

Is it [sumanorepu] 11JlllI 1 thing 'LIIl 85 [fufu], and this taking the shape thing with small? However, when fully 100 kilos go out if it is a road of [kaji**], P that where track and either are fast actually : with the horse in [tomoke] [a] and [hehou] , of P that either is fast that is ever more faster than the horse though my army also uses . . . A mouth lie and a maximum speed record aim at which extent. "of the twice and per hour for the time being . K. (With K . . The princess to whom [zawa] , and the stir occur floats the doubt, and : whether inclining [ruriyuukii] [ni] closing serious [ma] or for P to go out of the neck a little apart from . 1. It is not or the ring and is being likely.. ..[**] fixed amazement.. [mahiro] ..floatage.. ..deflecting -.. already of lowering massage [ji] of : c very done

when falling at such a speed. equal the attacking speed of the mouth [eba] dragoon , . . Mouth [tta]. It did, and when it became turning over [ko] of the [ro] and the [go] of the combination lycee with [ni] melon [ri] [ni], the sword of dignified brilliance was also pretty as astonished, and even [okekaa] [ro] [rachihou] falling from a horse floated the dripping etc. of the sweat on the temple because unfortunately neither or I also had the knowledge of the magic such as [majisokushi]-[rudo] because I injured greatly. No, if it is dangerous so much, wheeled is entering [tanoda] P ".."..1 that descending has it ..going out of the speed.. in in the mountain covered with such thickets ..waiting for a moment.. ..the obstacle.. ..little one.. why unlike the horse.

[End of Page 80]

When you have climbed the mountain because it is 86. However, descend, and, therefore, it is possible to hold. u u u: E: E B Already..treatment..sound..go out..straight..whole [Itsutannawa] ..doing... five u I [**] probably [kazu] in the glance of 100 of ..hearing.. [ha] it here will show a part of the ability. the state of..nod..rope..solve. ..extending.. [furi] ..Paris ell.. looked back only on the half the motorcycle in externals end accustomed him.

Yes, and it collars and it is nature from which it runs away or [mee] getting off furnace-..""of sleep food Paris ell 1.. .... ..[ya;ma]" "[Me] it is possible to run loss is known P" :: age o [soni] ".. [do] in the nature from which only P I put and it runs away alone from there right now ..hearing looking away why.. ..7n.. ..shin P"...

[End of Page 81]

Markka foundation of a nation story 87 mistake one [daijiyoubu] safe "and safe are u c - c [merosu] is the bandit ..coming back.. ..coming back neatly... u [Merosu] is a paralysis paralysis coming back [takedotemee] and [**hime]. Princess [runasu]. This person is [**] now that exists in will leave me. It is [] H as for the time rope" and [inoyaino]. It is [gya] [sugya]. So . The person's communication was very amusing or it also laughed also at [runasu] aloud though seven [**] masses of surroundings were also so. [Haha] , [ahaha] is [hahaha] ..".. !. Understand..understand..provide..rope..solve..grounder..quiet..admonish..silv ery hair..young..general..princess. c- Then, this .. The person .."It was told to do and" ".. becomes it and very though he or she ..trend here.. would guess. The forces that remain in the Miss markka are only five. 11.1 that is white that even [watashiichi] person can put in order. Mouth [ttekara] , [runasu] is added. u This boy is person [tta] in the nature. I in it It is [koreppocchimo] desire [yuukanteinainoda] for the development of the country as for my life.

, " "Though it is this feeling Isn't it brave?" ..crowding.. ..hood ".. do not seem it to [yo]. ..cruelty.. [to]. , . The country of mouth [ebaso] ruins or is 1 in tonight. [End of Page 82]

. ..not doing.. decisive [jidaoosawa] that is not [bi] by 88 coming Leaf..sympathy..anything..provide. Only the undeniable fact hits the earlobe. The place where ....two person.. ..largeness.. affray.. [wagide] boiled had quieted down quietly. When blocked [tsuteisatsutai], the force here is not a reconnaissance etc. However, men only of this try to attack Miss markka [zezuiiraho] [ni]. And, if they are women who boast of [netabi] and the equipment of a continental the greatest, it might not be bragging. Five that remains to begin with in Miss markka. White soldier. Paris was able to be examined and to believe it as sword 10 by the [koku] ell though this princess said the alone putting things in order. When the southern part of the empire is repressed, she is worth of remainder [hiyu]. bravery more than the fact deflecting It is a person who is worth 1000 [**] [hi] by not the metaphor but 1 [**]. Sheath popular where it goes u Only is done, and it is so.

If weaker nations like the Miss markka become the wars, you are ..bearing the brunt of.. [tasarerudaushinou]. Endurance is not in my killing you. v It is [rahotsuo] and [zukoufuku] in nine [ri] [koshinu]. u Tell it to the prince of cowardice when you return. This place is visited and ..surrender.. ..declaration.. [go] by the sunset. When only the life helps if it faces v The general ..[**rei].. was looking reproachful in [runasu] that enjoyed [reno] [rireze] [yutsumen]. About her to whom two thing [moatayuiitsuakuheki] [sanmono] was given from the heaven, it might already be the only bad habit. [Mahiro] is answered. u I see. Then, to the way v [End of Page 83]

[Misuma] and foundation of a nation of ..doing.. power thing 11111 ..laughed state [ki] [to].. ..saying.. in this situation however if it is an owner of a nerve normal ..whether understand really.. as soon as good ..[re] by 89 [ji] each other.. though it must not be [rani] [ushiyou] [**] The peel is not in [kawa] Wataru's room either. , Now.

It turns over, it returns to [shiro], and the Paris ell that it is untied that you should advise senior officials on this gets on behind [mahiro] ..carving.. .. [nichi] "... u Then, it returns or the Paris ell. Though [runasu] seemed to have noticed something suddenly as soon as the name of 1 and [tanso] to which it is angry because of the edelweiss externals came out. I will must be going then, and this ability in the sign that ..[runasu] externals.. approaches. " It is [ni] ..lamplight and elder brother [] P"".. ..groan.. [gara] , saying that It will ..edge.. show it". The time float [hi] [gatta] front wheel accelerates like not disobeying ground. , Feat that [ikana] good horse cannot also do. It carved it, and a diminutive beating of skeleton [hi] asked so in less than no time, left [wo] pickpocket omission and loud alveolus only [sawa], and disappeared in Mori's tree b about [**] [ze]. , , , Er. putting Momentary how reliable smile of P"P is decided 1 [dousuruda] to the mistake markka as it is" [shiyunka] [yo] hatchet very done that is done so and looked back on . . . The LLr E:: EP mortar. u It doesn't become zipper Yeager in Nakahara [ha] and ..remainder.. now alone c The line excrement 200-kilo crust.

[End of Page 84]

It kept accelerating 90 [o] [toki**] [hi] of [-] [komotsu] that had been climbed at a blistering speed.

One [hiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] H" The knight who went to the question of "P how" foot [runasu] to see the appearance to the foot seemed to have gotten excited partly and reported. [Jiyoukiitsu] " according to that boy's word abnormal who goes out of the ordinary groove too much ..speed .... ..mountain [sudekaidoutsurakemuri].. .. [do] [ritatokiniha].. ..reaching already only by leaving the cloud of dust in the highway.. under the castle of the Miss markka. " u It steps seeming . No wonderful one if it becomes it. [Iiso] , must fall" Saluting was left, and [**] 10 went out of the tent. The phlegm basing on is done, and Rainer suppresses the sigh, and asks [runasu]. u Princess. Will you wait really?". u We what leave according to the schedule at first. The prince only had to show the appearance till then" [Chiyourou] [runasu] was ridiculed. [Fuyukaishi] ghost u However, it will not come. It is also unpleasant that cowardice meets it. Aristocratic Kura Bonn whom [chichiou] His Majesty introduces

[End of Page 85]

[Tomo] is good example " [Ga] ..the hilt Luna and [yo**] [hatakyokushirizo]... The housemaid who is behind [runasu] reports. any fun..thing..housemaid..additionally..a little..Chinese quatrain. , Only 1- is done. [Runasu] to kick and to discontinue the topic looks at the drawing of desk [hi]. It ..".. steps on something. That . , It had been forgotten that the person was happy, and there was edelweiss. It can be learning 91 whether [n] failed as many as 16: Oh P

[End of Page 86]

It stopped. When [reroparieru] noticed it, the motorcycle ....92 [ro].. ..piling up.. piling up ..[pono] and the [ro].... : about a dim warehouse. There is no [mahiro]. Myself. The hill was waited for by the person as suitable to cling to [mahiro]. u ....originating.. P ..P.. oh.. even in case of not being in one dream . , I seemed still to be apparently alive . . When having already grown dark on the day when going out, it is near. ,

[Mahiro] upper one king rP one child . The whereabouts of [mahiro] goes calling the food name where it goes, is heard, is asked to the clinging people, and it enters the castle. In it, because it does, the lamplight is [ki]ed to [noruri] [n] [no]ing paving Nino, and the empire army lurked so much in Yamanaka in the vicinity, even that foolish prince is in the [o] so. King ..".. end. Housemaid..see..around..soldier..hear..reach at last..dining room. [Mahiro] [gakuda] had been rolled in the corner of the usual table. u Biting it is [ha] ..remainder.. chicken of ..remainder.. [ha] and the thigh meat is bitten to ..[tanoda] [ichi] [riririri].. [do]. It is a chicken like the broil with soy of this palanquin-. . The twist. The hourse of ..remainder.. [no] of only it and ..remainder.. [ha] it is it reached the mark of 200 kilos per hour" 1 such a thing remark [unayo] [-] and the prince" E child is correct and "..waiting..1 also in Nakahara 1 because he or she went out by 190 kilos so often.

[End of Page 87]

Foundation of a nation..thing..always..mountain..use..accelerate..such..field..Hara..kilo..put and horse..corps..every one..the..heroic episode..hear..general..soldier..housemaid..for a moment..wait. ) So to coming of the empire army the tray eyes and nosing ahead. It must not be enjoyed atmosphere as for the conversation where it ..excrement.. lives. [repo] noisy hall ..knowing.. (: E c [Nattetemada] ..crazy about the motorcycle.. P etc. not said surely. ) Dumping when

u : c E [Nu] . Chef. The jug is empty. the chef Another cup. " From the interior of [chiyuupousuru] and the kitchen. "To [shitokinatte] ..[gurai] of prince and [mouso].. body" ..poison it.. [Nipo] u Then, dried small sardines. It is ..remainder.. [ni] as for dried small sardines of the name of anchovy. It is ..beating.. [mu] now. Per xt a sigh..remain..necessary..axel..vacant

[End of Page 88]

94 wanted to do and returned to the kitchen again for the preparation for food. u Is it [naniyatteru]? King. Were not you seeing and deciding P ..".. ..... ..".. ..[nanitsu] - Paris ell.. ..hanging.. - to [wakara] [shio] or remainder 8 and the mind association?" Surrounding 71 forgetting [tandesuka] surroundings : the empire army P when it would not be such - a case in that mountain . It was ..[**].. noisy. [Harieru] ..having what dream.. is 77 mortars is... you however

A complete [**] fellow named you throws [re] and what though it fainted : by [no] ..remainder.. back ..Ef half asleep of what.. ..a variety of tears, [yodare], and other faces... One. . Drinking, and the glance is pierced and, similarly, ..tears [dakedesu] [-] "not various except the eye lie.. sticks in [harieru] the drift of .... [shira] [ttoshita] air. . Get..provide..but..remain..father..elder brother..this..remain. The desire that single [**] returned alive to such a frightening place rushing into and [mahiro] did not seem to joke as usual by the lie and the joke. No, it is it and white is [gaarena] [hatsu] of [denotamatteru]. Though it is one [**]

[End of Page 89]

95 "Each other It is dream P in that that and that 2 in my [honto]. " u Because they are you, and very much ten ..youth.. [itatte] [**] aging and aged externals. Unexpected joke remark [unayo] v . of alive..elder brother..garage..provide..clapperboard..Chin..hill..wait..prince..pull..have a hard time. u

[Teiuka] you. It went out by 100 kilos because it got on the cord or is P weight some [tsuda] P. v [Yasa] u The prince [iyaa] , unexpectedly gentle painful this. It sleeps in being not able to put out this child by trowing, and elder brother [kanaa]. v Coming [rori] u If so, [sho] sleeps. Because it is prince good point. The said [narenaitte] Japanese syllabary. be hated fooling therefore v It is so one sleep ..[jijiyuutai] ".. [kiganozohokahara] we also in chamberlain corps. u [Un;un]. When it is a prince, it ....[managushi] [go] each other.. originating ..[ni] and =.... thinks of the permitted Japanese syllabary by sinking in the [konori-to] river hitting [bun] though it thinks the [kanehara] food when they are other men even if clothes is changed and it is peeped" [Ahha] is [hhahhahha]. [Nakoto]. It is with surprising swiftness harmony [ndeshimatta] in the last story excluding [mahiro] that became blue. [End of Page 90]

96 doesn't come. u It was, and you should have gone out ..unpleasant... There is will being not to use it in the excuse of the Paris of ..remainder.. [ha] ell. However, ..remainder.. ..[no] root [jiyohotsu].. . v When the day grows dark some day, the time of the supper. Many people who heard of the challenge that today doesn't disappear still Chiyo arrive also at the people who newly came to the dining room. [Nbabakusoute] ..the completion of the circle of a big person.. ..[tei]... surrounding of [mahiro] The [**hashi] [suru] sound trusts it from the vassal who was making it up to [mahiro] to be able to do the as I have heard it in the castle [fumakaimamishinrai].. sight between [takarakoso] of can behavior [kaki] [yare] [**] must be scolded or the following must work hard. I did not think that the Paris ell that saw the spectacle of [jiyuufunso] was enough somehow. It is not more splendid than the king and hilting and such more familiar from everyone. It heard from [runasu] when caught, and I think that it is suitable for the reason ..that car and horse corps.. a barrier or a thoughtless [shiteno] excuse if it thinks very much. Unexpectedly, whether it thinks is on ....[kotoha].. [shinmen].. eyes in the country. It comes here, and it thinks and it arrives. If that spectacle cannot be a dream. The communication with the defense gate is the same as him when lacking it. It turns over and it tries to conceal the , fact. Obstructing [danranji], [magenkiyuutada], and this squad [**] feels intimidated, and the Paris ell is not referred any more in this place, and has left the place of [sohanattoso]. s..dining room..part..anyway..quick..person.

[End of Page 91]

Foundation of a nation..story..courtyard..go out. And, Paris ells are strike discernment all [geta] as for being today. It is prince word or 11 getting [] [] and, however, .." It hurries up, the defense gate is closed because it does, and the defense of the castle is not hardened" ".. [denkakudan;omonaukaga] is possible to say.. ..the Paris ell that starts holding onto [deruwaisu] externals L of one c:2"It is not necessary" [kou] still... u Having gone to the mountain of the matter with you His Highness visited from lord [to] that did not become it ..another... All in the castle one [so] came by His Highness [runasu] why and were such cool faces and, then, were , aging" "It is an instruction of lord [do] of telling others with uselessness" division is not understood, and P [dogiyuu] [o] rot leech edelweiss was going to have surrendered [tei] [ni] [kuwata] "to the empire helplessly or did not move one the eyebrow, put up the forefinger in front of thin lips, and seems to have had good lungs a little. Paris ..[shiroze] ".. ell. Let's assume that you will succeed by any chance in the future though it is the one story, and the castle attack that led an army was told. [End of Page 92]

Will the possibility of the promotion left by me 98 be few so much? Such a thing of one (Then, though it is good if it doesn't hear it) present [yutsu] is ..".. to be answered [haa] ::: natural paving one even if it asks the child before the rule as the soldier and fencing ..doing.. .."How do you do if the enemy doesn't prepare the war, the defense is not hardened, and the castle gate has been flung open?" and " Though it attacks before the preparation is complete" "...

Then, the enemy ..".. : with [semadouyou]. - [etto] D it is getting eerie ..what you think when it doesn't shake even if the force of you who approached will be seen in the near future, the castle gate doesn't try not to be shut, and to prepare the war.. ".. ..piling up.. .. c:... It is unlimited. It is doubted P in something there. " "The great fool of this country now even if it is unpleasant If [tomado] "a mostly great fool is not defending the country, it is mostly puzzled like you today" [Aruji]. u Paris ell. My main like that. It is the one not said" I previously :. Mouth [ttakuseni]. Because he or she is a king to the last, is it good that ..encounter.. , lords of this person? [Iina] [-] o [End of Page 93]

It is opposite in " Such ..the trap and [deshoukademo].. person c:=, the unit squid digit, and edelweiss ".. : when there is a tactician who knew the name about the defense of the castle. Oneself was pointed. Seven [ge] mistakes. ..L.. yet when z Leca foundation of a nation story i 99 is constant s No.[fuu] 1 here. There is still ..under the castle in the castle.. no change. t

Now s Wind..still..defense..gate..shut..provide. There are no some orderlies seem to have been... t It is along .."of being.. [ujimetsu] of the rumor of ..piling up.. [ni] of the p2 [jin] [hi] doesn't differ what was neither [kotodari] of one s There is no first difference t and s" There is no title difference t [teisatsu] " be nor a scout to the rumor... s If it pants and the person came to the inside in which no [shin] about the formation, it is not called a scout. It is a suicide attack or self-destruction. t s Without doing so and having returned are P only to hesitate and not to crowd and the beam t and ": c 2 s t --------------------- End of Page 94 --------------------- 100 s t [musumesage]. u Wait ..unpleasant... Get ..what kind of..princess..transmit. s [Saana] . The appearance in the castle doesn't have the learning way though it was confirmed that the motorcycle had returned to the castle. t ..".. .. s.. Edelweiss is a trap this time when biting if it is ..bite.. " t. It is not thought by the rest t "It is still so or is " Tami and s If that woman is commanding, the talk is another though the royal family loves people and doesn't learn t and s Will enter to defend even if that woman and this

peaceful town are made an ash if commanded to defend the country t [futamau;marumaru]. u The possibility is Susumu in the understood formation. , . Mouth [shiteoku]. The next regular time . . It doesn't differ or be `. s There is no first difference t.

[End of Page 95]

Difference..provide..communication..end..paragraph..sow..say..wind..rumor..c .perplex..externals..naturally..council of war..hit..person..confusion..floor..tree..force..already..when..what time..go to the front..situation..provide. There is no [you] r ..the order.. ..F.. arranging [runasu] even if the scheduled time is passed however. , Nothing but ridicule oneself from [regoriri]. One. . Regard..venture into the enemy's territory alone..selfpossession..become..still..edelweiss..hand..person..Japanese syllabary..little..hesitation. Nico..crevice..attack..for a while..postpone..think..depend..departure..eye..noisy..princess..deflect..think. [End of Page 96]

102 [kawai] u This will be a general in me what. You are lovely. It cares and [wanpousatsuga] and edelweiss are and there is a possibility that the plot is killed before division is understood in the other party at all if fighting against positive positive and dying. I will see two unit items and the appearances. v u However, it is not easy to think that E in the country entrusts the country to the housemaid. Even if he is incapable, it is [kotabisori] and the prince is ..remainder.. [utteiru] in that country. Then, even if this riot is a plan of the person why v It laughed at [runasu] Rainer's question. .." ..It is likely to decide to crush what [tamenidatori] and us ..crushing.. "" crushing.... [osotosasowanashika]. u Perhaps, it is a guess of the wind. Is it slanter not to shut the gate taking advantage of the confusion of [tamikusa], the kick of [****] of trap of the invitation ..something.. might.. or in the castle of by invited [hi]? At any Is if it is you of Reina i and the imperial guards corps coming from, it "empire high grade chamberlain ..P1.. ..floatage.. corps of [ku] grandfather [yu] that might know [noa;-ruro-zen] well?

v Rainer who does whether it is a lamplight and goes is natural, and waits behind her. The glance was infected with one housemaid. And, the princess agrees. u It is so. These as many as two people are also so. v [End of Page 97] of a onight..sortie..throw..keep from. The housemaid who was opened stopping sake and it said while having it. Boil u There is no person with half arm because he or she is in our personal safety. Her Takeshi's criticism doesn't remove the target whether attend it with this two of the backs though [fu] and princess unpleasant ` [jiyoudan]'s of ..strength.. [iso] [ichi] 1 quite expressions are mixing of the joke when. Then, it might be so. Not There are personal protection [narapo] and a knight of imperial guards though "" [shinshitsu]-seeming. You were also so. However, you of a man also surely think at last [funi] here will not go also by Rainer because it enters my bedroom and arrive. The expression was read, and [runasu] was continued. With [kagekaku] [hiri]

u The [me**] phlegm seems for the knight of imperial guards to hide oneself secretly so in these, and educational [sareteitatamusumeru] as the fort of the royalty end. " because of driving in how it killing to daughters of [noa-ruro-zen] when it is driven in how should defend the royalty by imperial guards Imperial guards [**] only 10 : the trouble from the enemy. They ..[nchiyuuda].. do impregnable defenses [tetsubekikaseshunkan]. . It ..".. comes to scratch the head whether they who is besides the category are completely the backs momentarily of earnings at the second at the second.

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104 cannot be set up and, of course, imperial guards is a trueborn fencer the escutcheon it formerly of no incapacity. 90 percent nineminutes will die with the hand of imperial guards. It is the last fort of entertainment where the possibility remains in one minute or ..remainder.. myriad however. The fragment of [fu] ..becoming empty.. [me] id is a bulrush c ..turning over.. [wara]. , [Nihiro] [a] u Princess. [**] too good . . [ro] nest Other platoon leaders who the [guhoka] clothes [ishi] [to-] [gokanasaka] [go]ing, came by one river like that us not was in an outrageous person.., and enclosed [taku] ..the sneer.. were having goose flesh. , [Runasu] must such an appearance and the cup to the relish It ..mouth.. laughs.

[Ni] [wa] u . ..not scary.. quite Oh dear good only appearance The purpose of not putting out the hand is to body in you" [Kudan]. u Then..matter..edelweiss..the..corps..come from..sleep. u Coming from is not the one. The concept is direct and Susumu [go] in [chichiou] His Majesty. It is [**chi] [hi] [getano] as for [in] doing and [noa-ruro-zen] and the person who does : the edelweiss [dasonna] idea. 100 and saying that the country will be defended is 2 of the people. White is what. The first is bad and the character of that is bad. v Back of deep doing and nod and not withering [ki]. , It ..deep, deep.. nodded ..person's housemaid.. serious [itahodoko]. This corps ..[senhoriseieiyachika] ".. elite ..the selection of the emperor capital defense corps... It is ..[runotohawake].. different. kill two assassins a person [Mezura] ..eating.. [i]. [Runasu] shows eyes that it is unusual and lazy what you recalled to [to] [gatta] Rainer. Sake in the cup is turned round and round. [End of Page 99] inside..magic..crest..river..correspond..unusual talent..demonstrate..physical r..gather..knight..housemaid..all. However, [nin] is great the difference of the ability because of the involved magic unlike man. The woman who becomes it : to the [runasu] being able to take notice of multi power by one [**] [runasu] ..edelweiss therefore is because of surpassing..... It is [**] [jirarereba] , beam, and [takaga] [a] in the confused fight in the smoke screen or the castle in case of existence as eyes are put as for the confusion of [repi] [chi] [tamitenohira] that [kedo]s and crowds and doesn't get [ro]. Hey if it is you, only [shiro**] is Reina. The general with the silvery hair is [runasu]. One. Finished consenting to the [ro] brushwood and arrogantly. One ..reeling.. ..[ichiki].. will.. [runasu] is cape [ru] satisfactorily with a nod to have nodded calmly as for the cup. Only fencing and the look are adhering very though the fellow one ahead not blocked even if it speaks. When look at the mirror Rainer and later ..[ritsutsume] [ji].. often and edelweiss is as such, it is deeply impressed and tub r ..solving.. [jita]. [End of Page 100]

106 ard..maintenance..condition..look at. And, the Paris ell :. It is surprised and half because of this person's word. Said Q [kakunindenka] "However, because the enemy's general was His Highness [runasu], shin P though is confirmed in the so much" and "Yes, and food P yes and " There is no problem in the [yo] plate , saying that " P1

..whether it is likely to calculate of all talks today.. [Ji] , the prince doesn't understand" edelweiss. His Highness is a for better or worse typical soldier. If it is possible to take even by the tactician who makes a display of one's eccentricity, it is different from an inconstant fool who thrusts it with mind in neutral. What is lost as it is, and it is sure to enter to see externals r for a little while" When he or she hears [ko] floatage [u] story, this person ..[ni].. ..turning over.. truly becomes mysterious feelings when he or she was a person of the empire. however P ..the what how a little now.."

[End of Page 101] of a ..move. Anyway" [Ki] [shibi] [nae-deruwaisu] returned the heel. , Having spoken here [itsutoraidare] now is a and others of ..cutting.. ,. 1. Useless mouth lord. [To] is who. honesty of [bi] [ui] [hi] I who has looked after since it is born cannot also ..Because it is [rasetakunainodesu] 11 ..uneasy as the person.., P alone".. yet decide that it cannot be borne P [ni] without looking back on danger in such a place because it is a collar. Was lord [do] gentle plan 10 that was covered of [kafuyasa] fool's skin or c: [nie-deruwaisu] looked up at the night sky to recollect it. It is ..bindieye.. [toiuka] [hari] fr book in the Collo leaf criticized only to the person of [nagusaisao] r [**] with [shin] polite "Is it a free fool who named the fate to the teammate really by chance only this time only of gentleness to the honor?" polite faces where it doesn't live temporarily. .

however Yes ..gentle.. ..the change.. not is.. .."Did the rivalry go out?".. .."each other.. ..... , Shameful..all..all..such..Wang..geniality..know..turn..near..provide..such..king. [End of Page 102]

that doesn't know the best point of 108 [ko]. er..edelweiss..expressionless.

[End of Page 103] of a morning..council of war..ask..castle..remain..vassal..collect. Large yen [takukansan] table where the main leader below the king doesn't exist is partly quiet. Therefore, a young corps that becomes the remaining people and the representations. ..imaginary fears of senior officials of [yu] loss domestic affairs.. how much in case of length and originally. [do] participation and ..becoming it.. come to martial [gi] , aris..ell..why..yes..deflect..this..senior Paralysis to begin with [End of Page 104]

110 [ro] never shows [ni] appearance a usual hearing of this council of war. The sense of incompatibility is rolled up is...

The Interior Minister Carlo lord who calms surroundings, and edelweiss and [utetsumenpi] is easy to come.. of the effrontery. timidly do not become confused in that situation Tray u Become quiet. [Mahiro] dauphin His Highness's presence it will be had by me. v In [itsukatsusaishi] [re] nose [uyowaikurokamisou], it is a Prime Minister cayenne that scolded the [tsukatamegane] fortitude. It was still a man of eyeglass [woshita] [shou**] in a total hair of the black hair of about three age [to]. Young genius who learns politics at capital school of [majin] republic, and put the top. The portfolio of the republic seems to be a coming person in such a small country in Nakahara, except for no ..whisper.. [sore] if it is [nin]. be whispered when it might be hard a heavy seat of the empire Which..Prime hut..war..preparation..move. , It was externals r that everyone had consented that edelweiss spoke it according to yesterday's [natsutokuse]. Because the empire army has not attacked it. Still, the cayenne is continuously said. However, there might not be being possible to boil of waiting indefinitely .. [fukuheikishiyuuhaka] ".. either. The spy is already sure to have lurked in [dearepo] and the [sutehisowanatagui] castle town by attempting ambush [shi] surprise attack. If it belongs about the trap and it is seen through, ..invasion.. [n] at once. [End of Page 105]

It is sure to come with the Miss markka foundation of a nation thing and if EiI 111. And..provide..enemy..time..few..yesterday..king..departure. [So] A lot of soldiers who went out of castle according to [re]. Now won't easily overlook [au] state [ki] Lot [**] of this most undermanned country. The [kujiyuuniji] cayenne was continued while blotting [tomashibu]. The educated time is not in [rayou] for only several days in the place in which it drafted it now though it is [ihima] [-] either. There is Nakahara nations of similar state Tami [**] being sure being sure not to divide the soldier surely. The road for which [tonarepo] was left. ..piling up.. . People..militiaman..gather..this..castle..defend to the last..defend to the last. One of [iyaoukinchiyou] ..gushing out.. cayennes shot. In the remark, the tension is that time at the time of which [**] without no respondent. It was one [mahiro] that ..dislike of [ha] violence.. had it ..cutting.. ..".. ..the remainder... Dressing dice when and A sacrifice all ..remainder.. [ha] is not disliked in case of the purpose is not to damage the people in this country because of "" when it is good I am sure to want to think that there is contradiction in the word of [mujiyundareshinmiyouko] nobody. It is not when, and it nods and the cayenne also nods to the word of a serious prince. It immediately tells to soldiers in "and is : c2 or a pan under the castle as for the notice. u

It is probably good that the person hunts the animal even if it is said violence, and because it wants to eat the [mooishii] ..remainder.. steak and the peony pan. It is also probably good to root out the demon. It is the life capital for the person to secure the livelihood domain.

[End of Page 106]

Even the meaning that obtains 112 sources : because it is important of it. However, " It looked about and [mahiro] that changed the look into [kyuu] looked up, and all members in the place were looked about. [Chiga] u erson..why..damage. That much however, it is not one when of cannot the consent and vassals are ..ripple combination.. ..floatage.. . in the word of strong [mahiro]. Prince [no] [yugu] ..along.. food's ..crowding.. word is extremely correct. Still, now when it is necessary to break the fantasy that depends too much if you compare it with the current state. Such a will was caught of a glimpse by a tone strong more than the necessity the catching a glimpse cayenne. It seems to do "However, the princess [runasu] known by bravery doesn't seem to sit down at the seat of the meeting in the place where the prince hoped for it" [koufukuko] [ko] ..keeping secret... In [runasu], meeting is a fathom. Mouth [ttaga] and it are those who hear it [rerutamenida] . as for surrender. It changes the subject completely if becoming a bargaining table. Where is the place only of the equal negotiation installed? And, how is the material of the negotiation prepared?

The Prime Minister cut it in two to one sword. [Teikoku] u We do not have the card that should be cut in the other party of the empire. That is, it floats and [ni]ing that does the violence and attacks comes to the empire [shio]. Then, because it is possible to oppose it besides power by what, it becomes empty. "

[End of Page 107]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 [Mahiro] doesn't try to reach this period and to be transferred though is 113 [goyu] [bo], too. The soldier is of the people ..another "... This country was left by father of ..remainder.. [ha]. The cayenne to be damaged : everyone in ..remainder.. [hakono] country. Breath. There are some wise policies or only one : in " u It became [po] ring momentarily a condition the usual one [modototsubiyoushiitsushiyun] that was going to set up the traps the remark and Prime Minister [**] [do] of return [mahiro] without [tsuhaku] r either. u It is if it sets up the traps truly between those because it doesn't attack it thinking that it is [tteiuka] trap each other. If it is a trap, the people do not get wounded. To the empire army probably though it would encounter a little painful eyes" The sigh cayenne sighed deeply deeply.

Then, the lamplight or 1 doesn't arrive at the fundamental solution. The problem is troops that kept from backward" [Kikaku] "of "Rear [ttetsu] -" is hundreds of [**]. It is 1000many hundreds of even if it estimates a lot if it is extent that can be hidden in that mountain. To the sitting squid only in it ..saying as the small country... It is so or is ..solemnity.. ..dazzling.. [ita] .. [Okiyuusenpou] u It is ..falling.. forerunner of [sutame] that this Miss markka saw in a word king [mahiro] end [raga] as for the castle. This country after the surprise attack succeeds

[End of Page 108]

The main unit for 114 suppressions, Separately..prepare. Indeed, it sleeps. [Sokka]" Boil treatment [n] and [mahiro] fold one's arms. "Then, a large amount of trap a lot or confusedly and paddle trap. " u At the level that can be done very so in the trap, it is not. Minister..Your Excellency..gradually. u What however probably is the one (the attempt and the cry) that doesn't understand. Hey, it is such [dakedesa] . by chance therefore even if coming to be near for the surprise attack. It can be kept till then by this castle, answer by telling the story to coming back of [ha] ..remainder.. father of saying [temotajan] P already after a brief

space of time, and be [monjan] P that ..father.. large army moves that looks alike if it means that it is dump" , and [mahiro] are bright by one person, and [ahaha] upturns and : flat of both hands to Frank. It goes. u Anyway, the remainder is [mappiragomendesu] in the war. It is good or is it ..the war that can be won.. ..P ..becoming it impossibility for the win.... when commanding to [teiuka] straight ..remainder.. [ga] and P" The [uhakuaru] meaning and the threat. is easy to come.. The [doyodoyotoshita] air extends, and it asks and [ni] of the council of war begins to extend. Report..come..good..right now..charge..instruction..put out. Of course head and ..remainder.. . It runs over and kills it in [no] hourse ..princess [runasu].. the remainder. With unpleasant [maji]. ..[inja] [ne] P objection.. [nakerepo] or more : with [tteiukamousore].

[End of Page 109]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 115 is done and it goes to the front [yutsushin] as it is c=. u There was an objection and the rejection of the vagina of [] H2 when unanimity. Moreover, all members why point its finger. I see length boiling Fade..usually..Prime Minister..temple..cold sweat..break. The man of strict morals named the king, the general, and the minister, and it usually confronts [mahiro] that doesn't become accustomed because it is [shihiroukonhoika] person who doesn't touch it and tiredness [koma**].

It is [mahiro] that full powers was formally transferred in the place where a lot of director [ra] of [amataijiyo] queued up. What is whether this is probably a dark side of the monarchy even though is liberalism said? Hardening sleeps and the cayenne while mending the gap of the eyeglass. Patience not effective u In the word endurance until the king returns, there is some truth. Prince..concrete. Seeing is [--] as for this c [Mahiro]'s having thrown it at not L [takushoutatabaa] [-] but table L : . It was a note of the volume. It is secret that it is ..being possible to come one.. ..remainder.. [no] of keeping secret. Everyone and 52 ..trap data book.. to have. ..floatage.. - the first. [roni] it the reverence [ni]ing It is such a negative inheritance that keeps trapping people to the motto regardless of the inside and outside in the castle and recorded the tendency and measures as for the trap. "

[End of Page 110]

116 Isn't it ..".. useless? One shouts and has shouted [omo] [wazu] Paris ell. , Because it was caught to the pitfall when I was. [Ka] u ..regarding.. [una]. probably = so it

At present..this..castle..remain..trap..hang..edelweiss..king..come..get angry..lonesomely. However, the healing process as follows. Plane [nshinkukoougi] u However, the trap secrets of outskirts that get over such [gatagata] a hardship : here now. 100. 100 holes that are not never fails of wild boar politics [ketsunabeku] person of empire ..eating.. [routekureruwa]. make it to the peony pan [Tteiu] and such eagerness" "Only it is not useless or is enthusiastic" Paris ell is [go]. ..[**].. still [mahiro] was [wahaha], [takawara], and done. There are all. u Everyone's person, and the work must be divided immediately and the construction construction must start because of this. The outline was able to come and was this street" Next, [mahiro] took out [gassagassa] and the drawing in the castle. No, it is to the map of castle [do] if it often sees. One person who perceived it is an opinion. Tami u However, if the soldier moves to large [ppira] on prince street, the people are bewildering [masuso] .. It is a large amount of in it like this.

[End of Page 111]

Have fun..story. u If so, there is no problem. Happiness is smart. ....remainder.. [ha].. so The preparation for the festival : this. v Everyone puckers up one's brows. [Yuukakusaisabi] ..doing... eyebrow festival [ri] and solve u Festival so. Only by the autumn harvest festival of with P ..whether you will think.. when it is too lonely ....remainder.. trowing eternal [ha] forever... When you ask it the people only now. v "No, is it done and very does the oak deflecting relate to the trap of these?" ax or eyes named sitting "It was a decoration, and all actually were traps of trap of that .... though the people decorated richly the town naturally advancing if becoming a festival" [setsuken;uo] carried everything before one and the stir of which it woke up carried everything before one between the council of wars. ", and will being able to clear of the problem of soldier's manpower shortage then.." Moreover, still it sits because it is unthinkable that here fortifies or 1 [ni] ..[koku] ".. ..empire army.. ..".. Oh because it is a preparation for the festival. Two birds a Koku exactly. Be not smart of the prince craftiness of this though it does. [Uto] and the person ..coming of one easily.. are Carlo lords of good Interior Minister. Because did the left of the amount money, it ..[zuhe] "Thought the housemaid clothes how to become it when there began to be [**] [seruto] [ **] ..all the people.." ".. uses it for the trap. 35 that is not entire [teiuka] by 12 years old or more.

[End of Page 112]

It is a saying contact as for the [tsukeiwata] maximum penalty made a mistake in [makari] only by saying all women of less than ll8 [machikayarou] [sai] and it was easy ..even.. ..remainder.. ..treasured sword of [mo] [tsutake].. to come for the day that the fellow had put on.." "Such a thing is good" Paris ell calmed [mahiro] that was exciting. One food, In this. A blueprint trap individual concrete here" It is [gassagasa] and . again as for the drawing. I will see so. u It is seemingly seen only that it decorates. It is clever what even the manufacturer and those who set it up himself do not understand. Do installation [ka] and pay attention to ..dependence.. [majiyan] brushwood place repeatedly because it is designed to exercise one's power only when needing, often doing, moving by the chance with the oak, and synchronizing. Jesus who is aiming at three basic hit combo though it is not [ryanhan] of mah-jong bind. " The thumb is put up. u It is a castle of [ha] and a further ..remainder.. trap for the material. It starts on a journey to [to]" [Ta] . that has it. " Please continue your favors toward one cayenne and edelweiss [tatatatata] ..".. ! "starts on a journey again or is [-] ..".. ! of 17 ..waiting for one a little.. ..saying... v [End of Page 113]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 After 119 [mahiro] leaves, it dissolves. The cayenne that had gone out between the council of wars that needed .. the edelweiss lord".. queued up in the woman who went in the corridor. It is asked, "Now" coming [den] "You accumulate ..doing very..", and edelweiss .."Something" ".. ..prince.. : the obtained drawing ..about what on earth you think... [Jishiyuutai] u It is p1 though the chamberlain corps is used. Really, it is good or is figure of castle [do] that [nikaien] is in my control, too on this street. Respect. [Oosaushiyou] u Now. However, it is His Highness's orders. The cayenne Prime Minister and large retainer Carlo must handle soldiers other than the chamberlain corps freely" The cayenne lowered the voice while walking.

[End of Page 114]

If ILO1 you subjugate the princess [runasu], ..might solution of all.. P" .. [shiyo] [ra] it.. u .

It is 1 as for the joke . It was not laughed comparatively that it said with the housemaid foil pickpocket. "Heard when there was a woman who assassinated one group on [**] in the empire when I was still learning politics in the republic" and "Is it left externals?" getting bored complexion ..goodness.. doesn't change into ..[ni] furnace.. ..creak.. [hehehe] either. It might be cold ..this.. and be ..evading.. [ma] of a beautiful face that someone is a wasted in the presence. the woman of [gittoko] [Kuwada] [ichi]. [E] though never thought. Lord [deruwaisu]. It is ..might the plan of something.." It is ..guess [asoba] [**].. externals in one freedom that change completely piece [tsurau] [no] [ni] foremost and not are. There is not a shaking appearance doubtfully, and either no [to] ..bite.. wind to which it is angry to say. c I : to cooperate in lord [do] from [**] [do] within the range that can be able to be done. Though it is good if it is " because it is commanded so that is. [Ishiyunsui] she is a so to speak mercenary to must be going 1 and [toyou] has been employed by not the loyalty loyalty but money to the country. It is a woman who a certain meaning, and has purest [**] action Hara. u It is possible to say, and it doesn't worry. Well if you do not understand about what I also think by not limiting it to His Highness

[End of Page 115]


However, the country is genuine [noko] [you] f only the people and feelings to bite and to think of the country of [ma] Hiro Kf-. u Yes..Nico..edelweiss..affirm..that ays..grieve..on the day before yesterday..disguise It is a central plaza according to the largeness in the north that especially connects the north gate and the castle that is on the way of that. Even castle [do] with a splendid fountain. From castle to the reason for place that can be called central portion of castle or dice downtown that is large plaza of turn is that vigor of promulgating festival holding of course always in [**] [hi] [End of Page 116]

Imagining [tayona] can racket at such time of 122 Sawa 1. " One fool. Do it sleep and do it get it as the prince also occasionally hits on as [ya;iiko]? ..the review for a moment... " The people who did not know circumstances were working diligently to alive living and the preparation for the festival. It cuts down, it cuts down, and the setting up accessory that cut wood around there. It seems only that a seemingly free arcade, gate, and lamp are made. And, [dondoteikokusen] is carried from order that can be done to other major street including the whole area of the Main Street in the south north by the soldier's instruction. Of course, those places are places that seeming pass easily most when the empire attacks it. Can hurry is regulations [terukarana] ..".. [-] in the cancellation when the king ..i and foolish prince idea.. comes back.

" [Oni] u [Nanto] and [rattena] ! while there is no demon of pursuing. Only the desire is the outside skirt ahead of that as for [hame]. Moreover, one be full of all motivations. " Is ..remainder.. [ha] praised, and is it spoken ill?" and "It is such ..reeling.. ..,.. pleased ..all princes .. so-so" A shadow that is taller than the back appears as smelling. ....pulling out.. [ichi].. .. c: E.. indeed. The prince must never be slipping out the castle like that" [Kai;en] : c [ko] of oh. [End of Page 117]

The Prime Minister of the eyeglass was standing Miss markka foundation of a nation story i 123 [fukatame] when the [mosaishiyoushibukomo] Paris ell turned around. The thing might stand only in the thing and stand in leading though is usual [shibu] ..saying.. ..saying.. [kao] of [sodashiro] and there is a "jinto" ..shutting up.. [uyouna] impression in the castle. u ..encounter.. cayenne. doing It forwards in one's work though it does. v I am honored to take charge and to take part in [-] praise. E: E: ..most so.. though it was not my specialty" There was an unexpected somehow charm on externals r in which the head of a total hair was scratched with piece [niu] [komarikao] because the person of [kanhekiko] was a person in the castle who went almost by letter-perfect as well as edelweiss ..such [ya] [teuhatsukaai]... So-so, it sunburns a little on this occasion and [taradoudai] , is ..".. popular. Prime Minister and [ne] ..[motemote] it...

..".. match the prince . However, when it hits the Japanese syllabary [izakoushite] thing like expanding the drawing received from [mahiro] between the council of wars and comparing it with the street of castle [do], it is quite understood well that it is what suitable for the reason by :::1 [kare] though I was to tell the truth dubious to this plan why. The [rito] selection is [kihika]ed and the polite fiction of festival is good in above all. In expressing as the preparation for the war, ..people.. [bashinakatta] ..the possession of the spirit to here and working.." Even the people must know [shiyuufuntei] [ni] [ukono] country to be small enough. You should have fallen tragic but brave with [hiso?cchiichikakarazu] [kotowazakotowaza] ..small.. melancholic and despair even though there was an intention of resistance. In ..shine.. [daga] large plaza actually thus, everyone who works vividly makes and makes eyes sparkle. Carpentry

[End of Page 118]

124 [kashifumasuru] men also try in such [otokoshuu] so, and tea and the cake are taken the lead and tried to help women's who behave getting appropriating even children to such cheerful [sotsusenwau] so, too and. It makes a racket and spring [namatatai] of can be gay. fall The preparation advances in less than no time. "I did not depend for the desire with such plan 10 the prince [mahiro] either" and "Anything ..... doesn't go out even if it flattered it because it did not come for ..remainder.. [ha] to be praised" The prince was gladly winding. managed to say ripening

When it is good because it doesn't come probably, it touches and one ..Sawa ".. exceeds it. u

Person's chest is pointed at without permission. The prince is possible to say... [sunaosen] Kolar 72 and [hahaha] moreover on a roll I have felt admiration obediently. The other party corps's diving and having by chance been doing [puku] [fu] to the mountain also knew forecast beforehand" [Kabuboushisuru] and [mahiro] : under the hat that suffered deeply making the tongue seaweed. [Ni] [uman] u There is no [mo] in arrogance there ..even.. the remainder. However, though it is aware that the Japanese syllabary with the best that mountain if the person with the hand lurks in this vicinity of [hisonatsutoku] Kon if it thinks at this late date. Only in the test of ..remainder.. [no] course there by chance" Is it Kei? u Indeed, It is not if becoming might times of the fall of me who did not watch it as the Prime Minister it . "

[End of Page 119]

It is a person to examine whether it is necessary to do so, and to exist at Shinichi 1 and the mouth [suru] position ..movement.. [kaneponaranunoka] so why though it is a king, and it is a minister that puts into practice ..the hit to politics actually because it is what at each Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 festival.. who is the Prime Minister. This is replaced by the relation between the general and [gunshi] if it ..mystery.. gets it. Now u So-so, because politics is a specialty as said, even I : the cayenne.

It is now very so [go] in it. Method..mind. u The consideration thanks are done. ..around here..must be going..take care about..wave..Paris..ell..deep..bow..go. It is a view of the back figure of ..cayenne [hashina].. [poshiso]. It is not ..not disregarding.. (The tactician or . P or ..might still edelweiss pulling..). "The head of the security force at the Prime Minister and the south gate is when there are some problems about work in the vicinity of the defense gate. " u This understood place might already be good. Toward the southern part of the town. Turn [umaton]. " 125 [End of Page 120]

126 Three [mousuguo] daytime. ..[okochi].. again u It is angry at all by when. , Massaging it is none that decreases. Even the rumor of growing if it massages it : on the street. v

, Getting [naidesu] [-]- [bunken] "- P ..document of an old civilization.. came to the vicinity of downtown of : c2 west. Well, and if intense downtown in traffic near of the Aya defense gate is done as the face in the table, the bar and the [inokihoko] ..doubtfulness.. peddling place eaves in a line under the castle here, and boasting of [po] it is possible to go and castleing the corrugated cardboard about high [hausuresu] Freeman et al. are the divisions into the interior that live in poverty a little. ..standing [annon] [nara].. strike Because it is character [futsusori], neither 1.1 [**] [ttemo] [koku] nor the people are peaceful dangers. The decoration of the festival starts around here ..adornment.. tentatively. ..".. o of P ..what business it is.. ..coming to such a place... u Are not you having called a material for a further trap? There is a shop of can the arrival of ..remainder.. [no] here. " [End of Page 121]

, [Sumaruka] [kyou**] story 1 The apartment of the brick masonry that becomes a little dirty builts, and it enters the alley that queues up, and it turns right to the left of bending ..127.. ..floatage.. [o]. Brothel [jimitekuru] gradually by the desire that there was [komakutsunna] place in this country. It is becoming or this huge corrugated cardboard castle is c: tuft. ..[dai] ".. is easy to come.. u , EE If traffic is not closed because [sumaruka] is freedom and E [**] nation, the size of the corrugated cardboard castle is also free.

Lose one's g..float..? last..blind alley. [De] person came.

The shop in such a place is .. PL ".. place to boast 1 at which [nte] [mahiro] pointed. Apartment. The signboard had fallen on the floor part and what door in which it was common. [Renkinkounin] '[Mirio] of worker of [gurinderuwarudo] gramary wrought gold guild FIS-approved miscellaneous goods shop' "It is [gurin] and [ruwarudo] is P. " u ..respondent [sokono] school.. ..putting out.. [terurashiindakedone]. [iyaa] , storekeeper Encounter..remain..friend..encounter..friend..bowl..bowl..bowl.

[End of Page 122]

128 It is ..".. ..".. bowl of the bowl yourself... [Ttenakyaa] [yo] is .." It is this shop, and does truly or P" ".. embarrassed as soon as. 1-[okani] bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl ..request... ..annoyingness.. [ina] ..".. [-] to have heard noise from inside at last then rustling. It is ..: c ..the desire..2".. daytime it is what time. ..putting out.. ! daytime- [Niparieru] saw this fool Er turn to [tsukkomi] for the first time.

It is of from the night it ..[hi].. ..loveliness.. [kinhotsude] basically while it is . From door to [nen] of fair hair by which [doki] and [suruhodo] [ai] ..saying.. did [kao] small [matsugehi] [hi] of beauty ..seeing.. as for face peeped that opened only a little In lovely [kao**chi] like the girl somewhere, [**] E. They are made to be half asleep, and it is [gushigushi] and [kosutteiru] as for a long beard eye [i] pupil. Same [to] at [ni] furnace [nen] as [mahiro] by becoming. 5 and 6. , It is a guest, and P [doto] and boy's blue pupils are .."each other.. .."of for [-] and prince P and [noni].. ..[dasono] attitude of what.. suitable for the Paris ell toward the regular customer of the 11th guest.

[End of Page 123]

Markka foundation of a nation story u What. That elder sister. It was [-] and was good. she and ..[no].. referred about the prince v Slomp [] c The voice without the motivation is [hatan] from which the door is contrarily shut at a ferocious pace. u 11 that the character has failed a little as you see seeming is [haa] or 11 or impolite !. Emilio.

In my desire or P2 [gon] - c it when ..remainder.. person of noble [hodono] is satisfied in such a woman-..costing when easily.. liking it. [Arimasen] ""because it is in the cord. v At any rate, the boy who seemed to be Emilio had them peep at boy's face again as shown in general shop Emilio's name. u: ::Food. The Paris ell showed the crest badge of the corps of the knight of imperial guards that was portable by the Paris ell of guard knowing [ekishitaimonshiyou] [mahiro] of one [keitai] [ni] that had it a prince. u. : c2 how ..prince .. take the one [End of Page 124]

130 [daijiyoufu] u Only this Paris ell is ..remainder.. [no] 2 though it is safe and is ..extension.. [shi] in the castle. There is [**]. v Because do you ..saying.. do and every night [ma] [fuun] ? kid..expression..kora.." s..ell..correction..bur. u Ef is [hen] [nakoto]. One. It is Emilio, and, then, totaling, ..remainder.. the 4th of [ha] of 172 mouth [ukaradesu] [kanhen] .

Please pardon it at random" [Chari]. Rolling saying or , ..[re] 1.. Eyes are bright. The door was opened in [kanrei] ..may enter by you.. ..[ichi].. at last. , It is a state like the barn that cannot be thought that the inside of a store does business [toiu] and , very much. With one such as the one like arms, the one like the protector, and [majikkuaitemu]. It often sees seemingly like it. [End of Page 125]

, Have of if. It might be the sleep of the bed hair of the state as it is ..causing.. [gi]. When this [mahiro] is done, and it fails . , [Kotohaatta] of [**] [waserudake] . What that is worth of conditions wisdom [] while Emilio who withdrew to two needing interiors does the preparation with coffee of , ..may sit suitably by you.. good .."... [Mahiro] has dragged two stools that tear from the mountain of the waste the cushion. ..turning over.. Emilio ..".. returned when becoming accustomed ..a terrible shop it.. ..saying.. ..[nini] [chi].. ..comfortable.. ..unexpected [nahodo] U of [inoda] [ichi] [modokuwa] [to]... ..steam.. cup. start eating ..bread.. [dokashi] it as for the peak food and newspaper

It arranges it from 2 and the tray to the counter. ..Emilio.. [aiso] affability [ga] has improved being possible to hold ..eyes bright... Bevvied ..Sawa 1 who thinks.. : the Paris ell f of a lovely [yapari] man... Though it ..milk.. runs out. Emilio the way, there was something today.. ..".. ..can pleased.. though it was not possible to sleep somehow noisily ..[nemute].. a lot. Because one [ichi] festival P Wang was gone, the with one's own way and wax are division P. will hold [ga] ..remainder.. festival

[End of Page 126]

132 [narazuzu] and Emilio sipped the coffee of [nenne]. [Mahiro] also. The Paris ell also follows it. ..smell.. [ uri] E is a smell to which it is curt" [Re]. u It is instant It is not a bean. The powder is only melted. It obtained it from the Far East" By ..[haa] ,.. becoming. The Paris ell is the second item. solve There might be a machine that makes such a powder because the inheritance of an old civilization is excavated to the Far East well, too. Even the limit looked about the inside of a store like the packed barn "And, P ..what whether this shop, and monger [san] of that it.." again ..piling up.. ..extending.. ..[parieru]... It is ..considering.. [katta] P ..".. general shop of the signboard in the table.

Anything is sold, and anything is bought z Miscellaneous goods is such a meaning and ..[takke] P.. ..puzzled.. u , Tentatively, the specialty is a person in charge of manitou [michibikan]. It is peeping system P turning over the skirt somewhere system P the prince and today and" "" ..looking, and the 5th only in today.. and "It mono-.. buys or P you also are selling the thing very much or it is P foolish one "A foolish person ..Emilio.. so" [gon] "" are [rateito]. u It is general shop elder sister got something done Even [rottenhaimu] Imperial prince in the emperor capital pulls it as long as money is paid. "

[End of Page 127]

134 "You are a McCoy grandpa or it is a shop that does c: [konandaka] extensive. Paris ell [pa] question in addition. "By the way, P though it was anxious" Emilio throws in the bread of starting eat at last to the entire mouth, and pours it with coffee. [Renkin] u [Gurinderuwarudo] gramary wrought gold company. A prosy name, the head temple of a dark gramary an early story : "It is not useless or seven "A dark gramary is not bad magic to kill the curse of the person with chicken's blood or newt's charring or ..simmer.. [noron] or -"" [hooduesore] in the luck ..coming of the point Japanese syllabary.. ..seem not to being able to kill also by the insect.. ..face [shite] [hootsue].. with a smile.

"The elder sister's image is a Japanese syllabary with the misunderstanding for a moment" [Riyokatasumi] not gotten. u So-so Paris ell. Therefore, are not you Emilio's doing business in the corner of such a town holding back, too? v Doubtful..table..face..put out..pass..counter..Don..beat..stand up. [Tetsukiyo] u Such a shop is suspension of business. It removes it at once. v u It embarrassed it. When such a thing is said, I also :. v [End of Page 128]

Story i 135 [ketsushiyun] [hepuni] ..having fun ill.. [muaya] of [misumaruka] ..shine.. . , Emilio's ..blink.. pupil shone ..paving [**]... It is a gun that [shiyurisu] [cha] not disregarded and Emilio took out of the counter under. The point of a sword of the sword was pointed. Even as for ..Kf.. fool when it absorbed it as soon as terrible, the muzzle was turned however indeed and ..guard.. real thing was divided or one is ..Paris ell.. for drow a sword impolite immediately before hanging it the tendon that [ni]ed and attached" Do not lick food [e] palanquin plate E room imperial guards [**] L of [ni]. Still, with Emilio smiled.

Bunting : from the [rigohan] [ni] [kuki] gun eyes of ::: to [**] and 1 because it becomes elder sister [muki] ..17 1 of [okashii] many 1.. elder sister and one boast [bowoto] report of a gun.. ..saliva [re] [do] [gatta] ..loveliness.. [ahaha]... [Ina] ..loveliness.. [-] is also ..[mo].. shameful. remain [-] ..encounter.. [-] of one is.. Is the remainder [ritsuko] and [naijana] so much ..along.. .., [so] ,.. if known to the people externals such guard was taken? it is not possible to walk in [do] of [mouo] H " As guard, it is splendid splendor 1. [End of Page 129]

It is said 136 and Emilio is a breath. It boiled from [] P coming [ya;a] [-] "Was it another step?" " "" and something twined around the foot very. ..solving.. to the hand when it thinks. To the arm. To the trunk. To the neck. It is fat for the crane of the light [shiyuno] plant, and [hobakuta] ..the expansion.. . from among the mountain of the waste. the one like the tentacle of something The body of the Paris ell is arrested by power that they are terrible, and it lifts to air. Moving cannot be at all taken. "Demon p2 ..what.. ..this 7.. ..".. surely. [Musukai] ..[ra] ".. is put on the business handle and the shop. Roll..commodity..the..camouflage..pus..iodination..see..tentacle..clever..waste ..secretly..pave..pave..shine..magic square..expand.

[Yuuzuuki] "Therefore, sleep it is not or, said, is a prince as it because it is bad when there is a profit of flexibility like the elder sister or a guest and [gasa] putting that not is" reason radical change Emilio is a face so to trouble. Most [ya] u Because much is a fellow with a hard such head in the woman knight. A new tenant is not looked for again by this and it doesn't disregard it. "

[End of Page 130]

Serious "It is [ga] probably, and ..remainder.. crisis" to [mahiro] because it says and you hear it later often. Emilio vacantly became it. It ..remainder.. ..[ga].. embarrasses it when clearing out [notoiuka] now. Four [misuma] [reka] foundation of a nation story 1 in country 137 [zuibun] u Indeed, it sleeps. Circumstances have been fairly understood well though it has become a roundabout. Our commodity was ..hope.. [indane] ..festival for that.. P though the empire army was driven away by turning over [ni]" It was in heard such a story having been made and Emilio cooled with a cool face.. had soot. u That's right. You : ahead it . . As for [**], it wants you to prepare this that was in this place" [Rayuudu] [mahiro] presented the counter the scrap paper of something. Even the content of the memo cannot be read in the Paris ell of the state as it is of the suspension. It is consciousness or "P11 more and more though heard that it is prince sleep food fool.

u Impolite . There is a thought ....remainder.. [narini].. plan" [Kangei]. u It is ..reeling.. , business Very welcoming one [nagahajifuu] , and breathing Emilio put [kasopu], and it begins to play the abacus while looking at the memo. [Chi] Kaka "The promoted pawn hangs fairly because it differs from the current toy. "

[End of Page 131]

138 [daijiyou] ..thick.. [ka] u It is a position it is safe and even the current national treasury fund of ..remainder.. [ha] freedom that can be treated. The reason for how much it may be is that it doesn't put it and it is early only to cut it. ..remainder.. [ha] thought that it was the cheap one if the life in money was able to be bought" , and Emilio ..dispersal.. saw [mahiro]. " "Though it is commodity of class that is man [ttenoha] easily so Japanese syllabary P our industries " "Because of your not being making a price u Discernment. Sleep [] because it doesn't become business if the purchaser doesn't buy it" It finishes playing, and it applies it to the slip once with [pa] dust. [Youhei] u

The talk [tsuideni] child and the mercenary are these general shops in [teruyo] true [ichi] of with a good arm and vicinity.. coming who seem to treat anything. Japanese syllabary P how easily Well as a definite article ..cutting.. .."Violence of ..remainder.. [ha] is hated" [de].. .."The prince is a good fellow who retreats now and is unusual".. ..".. w It cannot be called Sita and butter because of this strong tentacle though the Paris ell had struggled while It is [ne] though by some means" is put" [wohahahaha]" . . person speaks. "In the price of goods, [****] including is [omake]ed, and 102 million yen [tetokokana] including including transportation forwarding expense, success [**] [mugo] consumption tax, and various cost of hurry. "

[End of Page 132]

The Paris ell ..139.. ..referring.. ..amount of money from which eyeball flew out.. spouted. u "Is it probably these kind of things?" ..coming of seven.. [Mahiro] signs a contract being disappointed without doing [**] to such a face value of [okuatsukekei] and [kushiyo] with the whispering with the received fountain pen whether ..becoming it.. , and what you bought. ..[ichi].. ah this foolish king r [] of [yashisa] of P ..amount of money that can buy that residence.. v One [maasore] is [sorede]. , It is [nara], and one [mudatsui] because it can buy the residence if it is thought that it buys it. remain ..can the use of the national treasury fund.. u [Shiri] or waste [hanta] [-] [i]" 2"It was possible to become serving in the court well .... and energetic elder sister it.." ..floatage.. Emilio of the tax

scratched the temple by hips of the fountain pen looking at the Paris ell in the state of pending. , ..negligence.. lower [natetsukiyosai] more still it and will being to make it as it is from 1 deflecting by when.. ..P "... Because such a dangerous shop is decisive removal [shiteyarun] for people's tax paid by the sweat of one's brows, [] etc. v u It is a Paris should not Paris The ell. ell. ..remainder.. [ga] dies when such a thing is done. v u Even if the merchant of such evil was turned adrift, [hen] and E child rTwo lamplights and Emilio took up the contract. It falls and the carbon paper of the contract of one strike so actually. It is spelling of one piece. The soul of record [tamashii] [meisha] : handsome for the non-performance of contract. v [End of Page 133]

140 "[Nanisarigenaku] is contracted to god of death and it is deep ..the point it.. ..fool Er.. ..[].. ..".. ..two... u Yes, probably. When a severe capital competition ....remainder.. [ga].. is not survived in this shop so as not to die because of this" The hilt.

u ..this Ms. elder sister.. iodination. prince however With great pains..capture..Rio..see..Paris..ell..look Emilio ..".. laughed at the [kokawaigikuritosuru] Paris ell very ..being going to do please.. by a lovely face. u [Iyaa] , [ahaha]. ..[bucchake].. though it can do very. " ..[haa;haa;] and saying.. "[Haa;haa;] is P. " u However, it is so. Was selling it as a commodity and were there good most?" [Shinmiyou] [mahiro] to nod and to nod to serious [tazu] asked it by the whisper. It is one ..".. [jiyoudan] whether be the selling one will how much... u [Cho] and prince for a moment. It becomes the nature of P [naniso] that might be the joke or is p" Emilio looks at such a Paris ell a little. Embarrassed before long half-smile. There are not so many chests .."... [Karanaa]" "[Nanddatemee] and [nnoka] kora P [] P"

[End of Page 134]

" Ei story 1 of 911 of the Miss markka Was "usually said by [ya] legume burs 1 ..the Paris ell and [go].. or the chest of sleep who usually had C cup only in

the place where arrival became thin [tsukadouda] ..".. ..[--] ".. [mai] of 141 [duka]? It is a Paris ell and having thought is a moment. It is halfway in the peculiarity of , . ..along.. childish face. [Pettanko] thinks rather and : c2"..summons.. ..[echi] [taa] [to] [hisakiera].. [] P ..this mania it.. ..the kora each other.." and Emilio also .."of [chiyuu] and [hanba] each other.. think a little though a good price adheres. "As soon as after all unnecessary ..this.. ..prince .. ..holding with great pains.." u [Sokka]. " After all, is it unnecessary ..this..?" This or ..".. ..saying.. .."of [unaaa] [] .. Yi, Ding after all. u Then, I also go out to stock at once. The next coming to a store was waited" Emilio who went out ..referring.. to see off waved and [hirahira] waved in the lovely smile that a favorite person did. Whose p2 ..".. [o] ..whom.. ..never.. ..[royotemeeitsukazette] i ..match.. [rukarana] [-] ..pressure and remembrance coming.... .. c.. ..hanging.. [End of Page 135]

142 Therefore, the Paris ell . . 1. Bur.... [uritsui] , ground . . . [Kuchiha] :. u Local..temporary..walk. [Keko] must be selected one's friends a little, too. Only that shop is already absolute one.

Times and prohibition of going in and out [desu] ! It was [**] [rautoha] the prohibition of going in and out excluding [iidesune] Pcrawling crawling-i, and when going out of the [do] town in the [ni] [ukasasoushite] west, already time of daytime. having not thought never The trap installation of the great [ni] and a bite of decorating it : the vicinity of the Main Street. It took a rest, and talking of the intake of lunch under the blue sky and sunlight was seen here and there. As for the gate from which the flower decoration was treated as for [geriyo] [ronoreri] [n] lantern lamp and the image of something, the street has at the time of this and has become lively ..[a] [ibunnikini].. fairly. c: this really and the trap it and [sawashiyou] [de] [kikorakora] , without permission are touched It doesn't disregard it. of course a little quietly and ..drinking.. though it is neither impact [de] nor the becoming it very one v [Hiyoushiwanasoryasouda]. , In the rhythm with which the child was faced, it is important when beginning to operate as a trap. [Mahiro] suitably examines 2, 1, 1, and those results. [End of Page 136]

Mistake..word..step..probably..these kind of things..Japanese syllabary..purport. It feels after , gate the departure. After that, it begins to be thought Shin lonesomely suddenly. One: ::1 and FZ" The Paris ell is ..[e] [kunato] of two [ri] phlegm.. . ..the prince being make surroundings [kyorokyoro] before long.. ..the sigh.. ..the looking answer.. ..passing... , It is deep as the face is hid and F mortar of eaves of the hat. The beautiful woman with eyes of boots, the pair of trousers, and the court appearance who wakes up ..quiet [reijin] ..looking.. ..peeping.. [u].. previously : about the glance. Person. Two housemaids who saw somewhere behind. Two housemaids who saw somewhere behind. , . Put..prince..surely..abnormal. That princess is ..[ikare].. [ru] in [yo**] [hi]" It is not though it makes a mistake when coming as the sheath that puts the handle and that of the sword of such a splendid design ..fear [ra] [ishi] [to] [rikenkkasa] and [mimachi].. though her own dignified air is also so. "Princess [ru] [runasu] and [desuyone] [fu] and ..coming what to be done.. "

[End of Page 137]

To 144 u Do you know [ga] the remainder? Anyway, [parieru] ..will run away... It winks by two people while turning naturally back and it dashes simultaneously. ..It is ".. 11 of [runasu].

[Meha] to the castle in deserting and to the castle [Do] and ..".. [shimasuka] P of ..retreat.. [-] u Do you know [ga] the remainder therefore? P that not is a lot of [tte] and what.. footsteps" It turns around by two people. It runs after and [giteiru]. u u [Waaaaaaaaaa] is done by two people ....721.. boiling.., and it becomes a panic while running. Sideward eyes already do not fall, and either, in addition, the Slalom of the foot has been hastened. Becoming empty u The Paris ell and you must attract it. It runs away at the [hasono] chance the remainder. H etc. to run away "The paralysis paralysis is not me who was called or it is 1 ..what.. ..whether there is business thing in said [kapocchama]... "

[End of Page 138]

145 mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 u You still are guard of ..remainder.. [no] or p2. u No.

Tutorial [desu] [-]" In [moushicchakamecchaka] while it was ..the grounder.. and run about the back street in the back street and the back alley to the back alley c It reached the back street that not was where [hitoketado] c was popular at last. Coming not disregarded and [kutei] [niku] u Look ..[haa], [zee], and [haa].., and the good walker of ..remainder.. [no]. a of the It sticks and, at last, it stops in the blowing furnace growing worse blind alley with [betan]. It ..story.. has caught up early. u Have ..what doing of us.. -" Does [eemou] , come later why?" "[Go] . . [Tte] and it is six mouth [waba] ..n.. ..".. .." c.. ..".. ..".. unpleasant to die that the reason for is that you run away, that is, die . The comparison between [runasu] that means [kushiyokujiyuu] [touzen] and [****] and [mahiro] to nod is inborn carnivorous animal and [**] ..becoming it.. ..inclosing.. [ki] of small animal [mi] excrement in [ha] [rizen;una] [go] of abolition where it wants to live. Princess and housemaids who do not to have run out of [koreppocchimo] breath a little, and change look [End of Page 139]

146 [arushimo] [o] settled down. It might be a vital question if becoming it if having lost sight of the main in the enemy's territory for them. It sympathizes somehow when thinking referring I who [pun]s and is turned rather than being brandished by that housemaid [tachimo] ` L and same standpoint [nawakede]. Ah, and even if she runs, is fast sleep : c and does the princess flatter "[Haa] and [haa] are , Luna, and here driven" one? [Go].

The mouth. It is ..both hands.. previous as there was instantly not what either. the person It kept from with humble. 1 E:: [korimu] , Paris ell" 1. As much as one [hai] [ni] servant is one perfect buckwheat noodle "With what are you dissatisfied housemaid that only [tte] that tidy is veriest to be on the side } that that tidy housemaid wants Character bad passing" ..risking..:, :[hahirameki] should have exercised one's power over D [harisen] like the name if it needed and it was often on the side the person in question. After [bara] of finish being able looking about surroundings are restlessly looked about, it clears one's throat to [mahiro] one. It was told to have smoothed one's feathers. It seems to strike it. u and princess ..saying... The thing that only that is dangerous yesterday. It says, and it is more impossible not to run away. For having already slept, and what was done did you come?" One-ah that. You are p2 is likely to have told it to the prince yesterday.. ..... [End of Page 140]

Story..castle..person..neatly..tell..bean jam..drink. It seems to be K instruction to do the bash before one food food and any king come back though a peaceful state of that Main Street then is a festival for the person on the street of P ..what it.. to say" You already : still by the way [hi], [ikahahhahha], and yes ..stepping.. .... ..quite fast [ni] foot... Last eyes also pulled out the race with the horse and [runasu] that was not pulled out the sword. You and spy borrowing of beam and edelweiss that to pile up training of [mitsutei] [ichi] ,in a word, corresponding It is the looking conduct oneself entrance ..this seeing or the spectacle.. and there is no [ru] person anywhere. It did not go to [damatsukakoko] [sareteha] because it kept silent indeed. Paris..ell..handle..hand..disregard..wild one is aware..housemaid..person..ability..a few..throw..knife..endure..have. The other is a sign by magic of what.

[End of Page 141]

I was going to stop 148 mimicry [ma] : c Paris ell and dangerous mimicry" Seem it to have understood and the surprise attack that was to have been impossible. [Mahiro] is already control. The Paris ell releases it from the handle. Tendon niece "It is wise" [sodehougekiusu] remark [tta] housemaid also puts the knife in her ability sleeve. The sign of [houu] weakens, too. " in food i and it. " u Wanting to hear it is only one. Edelweiss prepares the festival while knowing the existence of the enemy force of P that what is thought why" It comes this foolish prince trap "Because it is a trap after all, it unpleasantness is P" and here, and it is [borashi] and easy [gatta]. "When it is a trap, it is P" or sitting. u Is it trap pretended to the decoration of the festival?

Then, with the Japanese syllabary that not is. The sword was lowered like having amazed one getting tired tendon [runasu] because it thought. [Usokurokishiyoroi] u Hey when ..more straight lie.. attaching if telling a lie. All are wooden though it saw. Does one [kizu] adhere to the armor of [kuro**]?" 1 in what I .. it.. knew ..saying... " u It steps. Is it so?".

[End of Page 142]

[Misumaruka] ..having fun il.. thing, word 1 149 unpleasantness. Because it sees yesterday ..unpleasant with hesitancy... The proposer in the trap : without knowing in embarrassing it. u ..that .. [ya;ma] . It " One coming [yuuchiseiitsupoi] food P I of what P am utmost though ..this predicament.. gave birth and postponed [gi] now" It was [tsuikiyuuaa] , so. Pursuit : to the deferment. Indeed u Another cannot be likely to understand. away..flash. Hood

u It is mysterious what. When I who will have said destroy this country. p from which it doesn't run away though it is known why" u Even unpleasantness . I do not believe" [Mahiro] was clearly said so. Only at this time, it was not an excuse but also it must have been a real intention. u I cannot believe that this country is ruined. Everyone's that appearance that seems to be happy to prepare the festival that might be seen. Why it is imaginable to ruin it!" Should I feel admiration for such lord's feelings as a ring phlegm vassal? Do ..[nanodarouka] that should regret yourself who cannot kill [soreonoreku].. the near future what edge it is because it is special ..not getting.. ..".. as for the enemy's general though it is known that I am not in the position, please. One ..will being able to wait for the war.. until His Highness [runasu] of [denkaikusa] and the festival at least end.

[End of Page 143]

150 u There is no waited obligation. It is seen that there is no trap by these eyes and has understood well. that need not be waited any longer" During the rest.

Is it ..".. ..[chipotsu] "Though it is thought [datta] from the sunset to about 9 o'clock of today" ".. so in the festival and [yarahaitsuda] P? It has understood. Then, run away till then. to..heel..heel..return..leave. It ..".. ..[mahiro] easily.. ..breath.. attaches with" person. It was hung and the Paris ell also dropped the shoulder tired out. It is P2 [modo] to " Q is ..- each other.. though it thought and time how to become it" [shiyuukaku] "Well there was unpleasantly a harvest" " u Let's do and return to , castle. When arrangements of the festival are not stricken. " Having feared it was a reality in entertainment that came back. ..slowness.. [shiro] six The lunchtime is already an end.

[End of Page 144]

[Misuma] [reka] foundation of a nation story 1 Dividing and the dining room where 151 was not concerned either missed eating quiet ,in a word, meal. Nookery [demi] [micchi] [kususutteita] that makes it. P Sumi boiled rice with tea fall an impossible remark in the chef ..Paris ell.. [mahiro] be settled the menu [Chiyawan;itsubai] " ..the match of [uuu] meal of soup.." and "So probably . . [**] ..groan.. [parieru] of [shirumo]. It is one if it is thought that it is [daieduto]. u Ah it is so. P diets and dieting because of whom.." Dragging.

[Zuzuzu]. The tea pickle like the [munahibi] water sounds emptily in the dining room of [garandou] [susuru] [**], and is wretched all the more. Dragging. It was a return, it existed or the cayenne that was His Highness [notsushi] [to] each other.. edelweiss also ..".. :. ..[misaki**] and king r .. The Prime Minister who rarely came the royal family was to have sooted as for the tea pickle and seem to have had the appearance that was pulled out the liver eating the terrible one in [oidedemetsu] [redo] [ge] [yu] [ri] [ni] [gimome] dining room. "Oh [ni] person and the tiredness externals and the cayenne are 2 in the cord how. " u .... say the encounter. Because I got it ahead, [yubi] ..doing one... u So. And, beginning and end is P. "

[End of Page 145]

152 u The town came by 70 percent person. Will you mostly complete it by the sunset?" It is early in one [sasuga]. with..use..person..number..limit..make progress..dice. u It steps, and is probably good.

Kimmo is town Then, let's hold the festival according to schedule" It is edelweiss there. [Setami] "However, if the enemy attacks the entertainment ..His Highness.. by any chance, the people are exposed directly and dangerously" [Da] ..floatage.. [kishimako] of the [ni]. u No, it is not. The time of the attack when going out was able to be narrowed to the [kikki] street" ..blink.. blink ..[odoro] edelweiss.. light. The Prime Minister showed surprise making clear a little more. "-" u . The other side has already known the schedule of the festival. It is not a voluminous corps of [kishiyuu] surveying [kiratame] of suppression though also said also by the Prime Minister. It is a surprise attack corps. Therefore, the enemy first dislikes disturbance. It will not be in the parade, and it is not a ratio that the [afuhime] person marches the overflow as returning it in which it goes in Yamanaka. The princess [runasu] is different in it from war favor [nadakeki], [kusatsuchigade], and [hentai] of a favorite slaughter. Therefore, it is taken in the inverted hand" All members floated the question mark on [gimonfuumiwata] declaration [shita] [mahiro]. While looking about such an every one. [Keganintsuetsutanka] u All festivals of today are the compulsion participation. Even if there are the wounded ..[tsuetsu]...

[Byoushio] is collected in the plaza in the north even if it puts it on the stretcher. "

[End of Page 146]

Miss markka gellilJ story 1 It screws up one's eyes a little as 153 Prime Ministers guessed something. " u It is so. I want you to gather all soldiers 7 in the castle and housemaid in the plaza in the north. To [**] entering [kiranakyasojindore] the north. It takes up one's position at such a place, and it doesn't surely enter from the defense gate of the north" The Paris ell is guessed at last hearing it and [gatsuita] so much. In a word, [mahiro] doesn't have will being to make them seriously cheat everyone of the people to the tooth of the [teikokoshi] Kaka empire army. Because it is a lamplight, this nominal, that is, the festival takes shelter. All fall into the panic, and, then, [**] [kakafusa] [warenin] of crowding will go out, too, even in case of not being if it is expressed that it takes shelter in [utaochii] [daippi]. Large luggage might be carried in an unpleasantness and impossible [tomosurepo], the cart and the wagon close the road, and it not be even it remain. However, if it is a happy festival. The [ugaku] cayenne ..fading and coming of the sigh easily.. sighed ..lightly... It was [souitekijinguuzen;u] expression that calmed me of cold sweat mixing astonished. The Paris ell was this feeling.

It is correct and the castle [chimasuga] like a cool-headedness usual expression that is not such a dimension by chance any longer ..this.. ..only it.. ..only 12 [nreite] edelweiss to have.. ..".. ..falling.. though "though it is so when charging the enemy. It is good or the trap deflecting is a reason. It is only an uninhabited trap that is left that ahead in castle [do] and the castle. These kind of things spends time.

[End of Page 147]

It is exceeded to 154 and easy [tsubareba]. u Isn't it good? With two. [Mahiro] was asserted. When whether it is one castle or it is the people are said, ..remainder.. [hane]. The people are taken away even without thinking" Get ..syndrome sect.. [**] and, however, (prince ) Are it understood that the ideal is neither an ideal nor a reality?

[End of Page 148]

Chapter 4 Royal family's mind however. _ One mistake. ! Leca foundation of a nation story 1 155 "Regular time"

s Here [fuu] and title. , The majority with which it stuffs in the castle has already gone out of the castle. t s Wind. No.1. The resident is gathering in the plaza in the north. t It doesn't differ or it is not in it is along ""Rumor" of the rumor one s There is no first difference t and . . title difference t. "However, it is not really with the festival . " s If it is this amount, the calla is just like in the castle. The trap is not very a level of the long ages any longer. t ..interrupting.. [to] s The castle under is also similar. The gate indeed 1 and 2 the one none of interrupting sits from the defense gate to the castle gate in the southern part of the close.

[End of Page 149]

Though 156 was done t

Done [komitsutei] u Then, it is evidence of the lack of policy after all. You may think not shutting the gate though the spy is shot to be a temporization of [takasetekishiyuudouyoutamime] of this festival. If it is a festival, the person gathers naturally though the people shake as for the enemy's attack. It should not be what often done. " s Officially, ..becoming it.. . However, it is not actually so. Here is ..falling.. story of [shitaidake] as for the castle. It is convenient in the amount that does extra confusion and attacks only [mane]. t How..edelweiss..gentle..dauphin..His Highness..instruction..act against. u This. It advises the formation to attack it at this occasion. The war can be started and the [kigitetsushiyuuba] style is withdrawn properly. Do not you differ?" s There is no first difference t, s There is no second difference t, and "The communication ends. " Encounter ..whether a large bustle of the plaza in the north that became [oonigi] [me] Inn venue was [daijiyoubu] safe (..) It seemed to transmit even to this balcony.

[End of Page 150]

[Misuma] Relly foundation of a nation story 1 Only minimum really man : the remainder in 157 this [yakono] castle. Are they about I of [mahiro] and the guard that is here, and two [uranainin] excluding edelweiss and the cayenne? . [Seikiyoubuichiyaku] u One [wahaha] [wahahahaha]. That flourishing outline before it saw. It is this and it is a suddenly popular person of ..remainder.. [ha]. Father who heard the reputation from the people in the future" surely returns power of ..remainder.. [no]. This. It is a guy named two stone birds. [Wahahahaha]. When the king L [degasouieba] said such a thing to going out, the Paris ell was recalled. There is not time to hear a cervine perilla rare lamplight, and either edelweiss says. , u And, one "P food P what" seeing : here in a certain very, accumulation. u This machine is never missed if there is a spy under the castle. As for the people who had collected here, is it certain very, accumulations this ahead?" It was at that time to have heard a restless footstep from furnace [ra] [kase] [wa**] the under. [Hi] arranging [reme] [jitsusoushite] jumps into it, and it is a Prime Minister cayenne, and [gitano] is ..".. big deal the prince it, though it ends coldly in such [noha] edelweiss and carefully if usual.

" "What p" [mamono] u The demon was generated in the southern part under the castle.

[End of Page 151]

Sign that it freezes and [ba] is frozen of 158. [Metsuhoumokuro] demon. In the interior that is called a western area, the minion of manitou E that plans the human race's ruin. It was the outside of the ecosystem, [kokudeari], the empire or neither republic nor man also had [nin], and it was a common enemy who had been imposed on the human race. , As for the wave and [nasaika], [kaitsusatsurikurebasore]'s neither becoming an accident more than the natural disaster nor destroying destruction [subeki] is done in [koro**] once, carried out carrying out [korosuu] [subeki], and stops. E The village has cracked, that is, the except indigo etc. one [**] and to defend the society from [sake] [eriodo], ....drinking.. country of the age.. single-mindedly ..along... 1 in addition . The one for self-defense to not originally the one military force in getting [bakono] age during a day for war but demon and [nanoda]. [Yueshiyoukiyou], The..protective barrier..inside..demon..appear..situation..exactly..ruin..other than..provide..calyx..tray..aghast..become..Paris..ell..side..edelweiss..float.... [Geigeki] and Prime Minister [kaien] and the interception are possible or [ichi] might be impossible by one [osobiki] as soon as good. The eye measurement already has many hundreds of. .

The killing power at the wolf level even if it is the weakest is kept secret excluding [suraimu] though the number is [pinkiri] even if it is said the wolf of ..keeping increasing.. [ichi] lamplight demon one piece is to class [do]. Then, it is hundreds of [karanaru] [**]. The arm is [mogareyouto] when no possession and [**] are cut, and might no animals they moreover and [**] foods come to kill as long as it is possible to move. It is [gun;ookami] of [tanu] [koro**]. with the survival instinct

[End of Page 152]

It is only man's soldier that able [nin] like the knight of the empire has been left for the force ..exchanging.. [zatteiruga] and now if 160 [kishiki] [ou] is the first army that went together. Such soldier's arms and [netabi] only assume extent where one person confronts several demons. [Hi] increasing [rutonarepo] of [totsubako] and the tolerable quantity is obviously exceeded. [Mahiro] is [kyoton]. u: ::Such..lie..say..become..mortar..Carlo..retainer..people..induce..already..nort h..plaza..face. " In the cayenne that puts out loud voice, [mahiro] can do nothing but be flustered. [Raimei] and "Well P" [dorosuban]. Thunder is made to roar in [harisen] of edelweiss and the head of [mahiro]. u [Han;i] of ..steady.. [ichi] "Even if it is unpleasant, the demon is outside apart from the empire army the range of so-called assumption" The cayenne says. " Perhaps, it seems that 0 has collapsed with darkness of the night because it disappeared too much ..person's nature distribution [uyainnada].. too much

though there is no positive proof because there is no precedent that it makes to 1U and the town empties. " u Well. It becomes it in a word very. "

[End of Page 153]

Edelweiss is quality entrance [eta] .. The [kanraku] mistake markka surrenders. It nodded and [ma] Hiro nodded by one. ,

- before the empire of [damejan] according to the demon [subaan] entrance and [sumanoreka] foundation of a nation story 1 It is [kiyoutami], and it is cayenne Prime Minister to 161 [he]. This has not become something useful any longer. The Carlo lord is E- to either as for the people" [Reto] prison. u It is a prison where the protective barrier in outer also captures the people like the current state. Fortunately, the demon is and there is going north [suruniitsukanhinanhamada] time from this castle. Line main point of festival. The arrangement to make them take shelter from the defense gate of the north to the temporary outside of the town as a ring" [Ka] is done, and everyone : the Main Street to the north in [gyou] thing toward the defense gate though inclines the neck and : to the north besides the town ..going out.. ..that.. ..the decrease.. ..[nteko].. cooling the heat of the plaza before one is aware when seeing from the balcony.

It is tentatively atmosphere like the parade. [sorerakanafun;ikishii] [kyoku] is played, and doing and [rini] [chi] edelweiss :. It is ..agreement.. the [hi]. pile up It is avoided. then, the [yahechishi] remainder is one to the inducement ..calling back all in the castle...

[End of Page 154]

Such a case when [yaeishika] cayenne started dashing out from room to 162 [ri] ghost } - was understood". [Mamorushi] that remains in the castle runs in this time. [Mamono] u I report while fearing it. The demon seems to have been generated from Mori with the castle imperial palace hand. Present men [daosakede] is suppressed and doesn't cut. The instruction. " [Ni]ing had one [sonna] seven [koumekujiyuumotsu] [**] by ..floatage.. [parieru]. It is an expression of bitterness though the cayenne is not made a word alone. The day turns down in the rose-mallow that meditates on edelweiss. The worst like looking whom it is and managing it development. The following : internally in the castle about the inside on the [tekishiyuu] street. It offers in the castle under the castle to the enemy's attack from the inside and ..making.. [rarete] is [yosoogiseiinainoda]. The festival is dressed, the sacrifice is not put out to the people, and they are made to take shelter.

Though everything should have gone well. [Mahiro] was called [zenfuru] [jou**] of [ni] that did L from which it ran away though it seemed to tremble. ..referring.. edelweiss of [do] 1 of one [denka] lord shakes and [mahiro] shakes the neck in front of 2 and mouth [u] of something. Is it .. c.. castle or is it the people? [Ha] and the people ..remainder.. are taken away when saying. Therefore, 1 that did so and edelweiss . [Kuchiha] was cold more than always.

It doesn't have belief any longer either. Are not you in the excuse to me?".

[End of Page 155]

163 [tsuitsutanranmoku] [ma] .... Hiro of [misuma] ..drinking.. becomes silent once like the bull's-eye's having been pierced. Edelweiss was continued further. I will say [yasani]-honestly. The myriad. The people's under the castle drinking and being let go from [sai] and gentle His Highness. It can be any method, and it already measures and [mahiro] ..[a] of His Majesty.. has screwed up one's eyes a little ..[sareteitakoto] it.. ..{... .. .. [kokushiyouki] [dome] strike .. [ri] father [hi].. : c u Yes. However, this situation of demon in addition to the empire. This is unexpected of everyone.

There is [narapo] His Highness's real value because it is here that [gawamon] cracks. v [Hi] phlegm [go] encountered and ridiculed [mahiro] like seemed being desperate as soon as having heard the [rire] [porayou] real value of the word etc. The Paris ell was too miserable, seen such neither [katayu] nor E you, and shook the shoulder strongly. ton :: It is ordered to fight because we are even if we are not princes at all Is not it steady and my one house? Isn't it everyone's country? If the castle still manages ..easiness.. to remain, it becomes it [ichi] ..".. ..misappropriating.. ..[tachiha].. ..piling up.. averts the glance from eyes of such a Paris ell at once because it is for that though [ichi] degree was [mahiro] to start to say something ..along... "The above [dameda] [ichi]-child" [End of Page 156]

164 u It is useless when saying it is useless. Anyway, it runs away. Before lost of the escape. The person doesn't remain and all [taihi] member save. Everyone remaining in the castle doesn't permit. This keeps full powers from father [hi], and is ..remainder.. [no] instruction. v Neither confidence like the [yoyuudada] situation to date nor room have anything. Like attendant's [****]. The hand of me who gripped [mahiro] felt [usu**] and escape power [shiteikuno] in "Prince " [tsukatatsuriyoku] Paris ell.

Cahier phlegm basing on [n] also similarly :. And, edelweiss also drops the shoulder. However, it sighs of cannot the collection. there nothing but One cayenne Prime Minister ..[saishiyou] ".. [udorika] very done u The chance of success might be thin though the generated extent is not understood in the castle even if it becomes empty and it ..[u].. collects. scratch demon under the castle honest soldier who undertakes the people's inducements It has a point also in the complaint of Ef now in case of being because it respects life. v u Is it [sayou] and do it exist? It is ..Then,".. little that remains with the mortar of needing in the Shin castle. , Summons were put on ten soldiers, and everyone went out to the garden. monsters of more strange appearances though several [shiteita] .. [yuuhikikaibutsufun] watermelon [danshiba].. ..entering.. was repelled to the violation till then already. B It tramples down a beautiful fountain, and it tramples down the flower bed and it tramples down turf [fufu] [u] casually. In the certain Chika arguing separately, the sacrifice must have been large. Most : the people who have only that to the Main Street now though the plaza that is the venue at once when passing under the castle gate in the north.

[End of Page 157] last..relief..breath..attach.

Those who drop out, it is negative, is the wounded, and none though confirmed by the cayenne. It retreats if it does to the person from whom it has knowledge about circumstances during unhappiness however fortunately severely. . Defeat. , When the address very or and the Paris ell turn around, [mahiro] is 1 ..remainder.. [ha] in [mahiro] well that became finally empty to have watched the castle gate that had just come out now. castleed 11 becoming it foolishness [nakoto] that returns in times and castles of what . . . Is it mouth [tteru]? The countenance of [mahiro] was serious though the Paris ell that did not throw out L [gigoke] [a] had shouted. , Castle. The demon generated in the castle might catch up though there might still be time from the south of [to]. It is not or the castle becomes demon's nest soon the prince one close [rutte] that closes the castle gate being confined together ..would have seen the state in P mortar garden.. "... " Then, it might know the [ni] [tsuzen] Paris ell at which it laughed small is suddenly gone, and comes from nowhere ..remainder.. [ga] well by seven [ma] [ro]" ..-.. elder brother E:: E p.

[End of Page 158]

166 u In the castle, there are a lot of secret passages told only the royal family. It easily returns here if it is used after the switch of the castle gate and the drawbridge is operated" A silence that can neither the cayenne or edelweiss give deciding hastily when the [sokudan] Paris ell sees. Hesitation [unnunbishiyouteirunoda] partly.

The effect so and so is honest and might be slight. of [mahiro] therefore so.. Feelings that worry about ..[tamiki].. [ikuina] [tami] even a little. Whether the spirit as his lord is drunk or not? "..remainder.. ..[ha].. take it even if said it is probably useless. " u Then, I also go together. I was 1 to guard the prince" It nodded and edelweiss nodded. One [hana] u It is natural. Never..prince..part..Yes. " Do it pass so, and? two people are toward the castle of just the escape just now, and run. [Dono] u It was good or lords edelweiss. I am what you stop and [po] surely borrowing " u Because king f is a person who is self-will or more than saying in that as sense of responsibility . ..The worst situation should be able to be prevented if there is however a Paris ell".. ..indirect objection that doesn't seem to be the food hill She.. ..cayenne.. [gatsui] ..the warp and the guess... It is because of mostly generally recognized like outskirts etc. at which the floating royalty and titled nobility who violates the blunder arrives. The accumulation and : c "2 that the prince determines by oneself surely.

[End of Page 159]

The cayenne was not at all imaginable from externals r of [aredakeocharakete] him who was alive though it was plan L. , ..[denka].. ..".. now. The purpose of going and dressing the Paris ell is A and the mind, and however, it shook and [fuaoda].. cayenne looked up at the castle such a demon because it would be not worth taking if it was His Highness's speed of flight the desire suddenly and the arrival, and. It is not because it is also the re-easy to reel that guard of Paris ell of by chance if it is speed of flight of it or is P 2 mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 Rolling k [ge] machine that twists 167 [unarokounko] a lot. The drawbridge where energy from ground F [niaru] [michibichikararo] of the castle is assumed to be motive power of the motor goes up slowly yet by irritating. [Te] slide doing and ..lowering.. [zasareteiku]. castle gate at the same time and [**] a heavy sound The gate and the drawbridge stop until finishing shutting for safety though it operates from the operating panel set up in the stuff place of turn [mamorushi] if - operation that cannot release r from the lever is stopped so much. One prince and [madadesuka]. Demon's appearance : to the other side.

[End of Page 160]

168 It is not or is still one [mou] [damou] ..doing [shou].. ..".. [shou] understanding if it sees. Upcoming..heavy..sweat..castle gate..lock. [Gitta] [hi] it ..for a little.. ..putting drawbridge.. u

Good good [parieru] ..along... Let's run away. As for one of the demons who .." - [shiemo] [ru].. smelt out the smell of the catch of [okahipo] [mani] that solves the eye sitting that does the food lily and doesn't do when, the Paris ell is one spark in the length sword of the knight of imperial guards. The way is opened. , It is not a so strong demon though there are a lot of numbers. u [Taa]. down..dandyism..guard..choose. And, it is necessary to defend the Paris ell while wielding a sword without reserve. It is [parieru] in ..fortune-telling f.. the [tomo] where it runs through it... Wait a little. Is it c:? The steering wheel is drawn out, and as it is between mouth [tteru] from among the [do] growing of ground. [mahiro] such ..back.. ..throne.. ..... an important place [n] Mori throat Shin mountain - of the backyard still one [koko] Nature..pull..raise..such..Paris..ell..hey..bowl. Shino, when is a lot it is likely to say. Father ..remainder.. [hi] at each incognito [ha] in case of being only in the throne.

[End of Page 161]

, Person 1t and Leca haze.

Thing..get angry..our..father..get angry..fearful..deflect..already..hear..get Action Committee on facilities and areas in Okinawa..leave..stand..barely..narrow aisle..entrance..close..natural..already..pitch-dark. Not understanding even if the nose is picked up might be this. Only it ..remainder.. finds to [ga] victory 1000, and, moreover ..the one it doesn't know.., only father [hi] is originally ..these passage.. concealment on the way of the concealment passage. There is a door, and One "It seeming is [haa] or . Person ..strangeness.. when lost" that not is [yoparieru] advances, and is so before it has it of the reliance of the voice of [mahiro] and the day of his Adachi though has already touched. However, this passage is such fortunately concealment. Excluding the door. It is a main road, and one [itsushiyonakayageki] that reaches that pavilion that it will buy more sooner or later at last if going to the road. It might be a residence of the roof of [i] Gen looked at from the rooftop in the cord. The national treasury fund is used in Emilio's shop and the waste of [mi], the power harmony, and the car tax is opposite. u Therefore, you advance anyway straight and never : to the castle. Do not think the return. Good sleep P v [Mahiro] simultaneously that is sure to exist soon in the presence to have heard [**] in slomp at that time of ..floatage.. = prince c: [End of Page 162]

170 signs vanish. The voice of next [kabe] has been heard from the other side of the wall.

, Paris ell actually. Remain..leave..prince..chill..attack. It understands. Back of this wall. He has already disappeared in the opponent in the concealed door. , It returns to this castle for that and ..".. [gitawake]. ..royal family [nawake].. therefore, even [mosa] and this ..the remainder.. probably :. Tentatively, it is one when running away such unbecoming with an obligation minimum more than the country is left or : c [nibarukoni-]. It is ..such a thing.. ..[**] item.. ..floatage.. . cheerfulness too him today to can ..[**].. trust of it to them. u It is not or is already these kind of things well. Open and here. Prince. Laughter..hear. You need not have a hard time so much if it can be so divided. A positive family is still [nandayo] of [teikokusesonnamo]. however Soon it is not only a demon, and the empire army is sure also to invade the castle. You join edelweiss from [damachiga] straight as it is toward under the castle. [Ruyouni]. It is thought that it looks for me even if making a mistake and doesn't disregard it. Good sleep P" "Prince 1"

[End of Page 163]

u It is good and, this time, not, I when father h is allowed to serve. It is the.. [gittoii] for you. Then, Paris..ell..separate..word. u Prince. I had not heard the voice of [mahiro] the shout calling from now on in avoiding on prince [] day 2. It is mortified to be able to run away even at such time in [kuyadamaitsumonoyou]. I who has been cheated even at such time am miserable any more. However, to understand was not only to have become even if it did so here what. Therefore, the Paris ell has advanced ahead. Foundation of a wheel..provide. It is turned, and pushed up. It has inserted it by dazzling the moonlight kitchen range. In the presence, that pavilion as [mahiro] said it was. Color of wall and shape in window. It is correct. Then, the Main Street must be not so far. Lid as it is that lands ..Main Street and edelweisses.. climb [hei] Paris ell as for high wall where surroundings are enclosed [End of Page 164]

Toward the tail of the row that might be 172 dice long ages leech. u Edelweiss externals. Cayenne externals. v Let's do not expect the cayenne that noticed me who ran away and had returned by one person partly yet. No, an unpleasant expression to which the forecast had proved right in the form of the badness was shown. The Paris ell can do nothing but nothing but nothing but report on the truth. "If I was very done, it was that retreated and did very" and "And, was does it return shamelessly and [gita]?" The word of cutting edelweiss was too cutting. The cayenne divides as couldn't stand any longer and it enters. [Dono] u Edelweiss lord will not go to the blamed translation in the amount that hears the current story. She did not throw it out. v [Saishiyoudama] u The [meno] subordinate of me has this. The cayenne Prime Minister must become silent. v [Gi] from [itsupakumi] and [kurakusore] ..between one.. ..putting... Edelweiss cut out the story without the connection. 1 and Paris ell.

Back..great scar..provide..sleep..leave..come..Paris..ell..blink..have. It is if it is asked it is or none. At such time why though it spoke to [mahiro] a little ahead. [End of Page 165]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 173 Who when why who was good at the wound? You are "2 ..whether remembered... " ..saying.. P I is.. . " u . Really? Surely, it is thought that it is only the known one, and made it to the king guard of you" The Paris ell returns ..hearing.. [gi] while considering my back. What of [ni] [romamo], and? P this is attacked by the demon when I was f attendant and is c- [gotono] [geyo]. u You at that time : with man's f. It is likely to have played in the cord. It would have been a boy with a very strong sense of justice" It was thought that it was caught a glimpse in memories catching a glimpse complete, and the Paris ell looks at eyes. It opened. It was so. Though here is an elder sister. Therefore, when it is attacked by the demon. Standing [hatanodakaroutosuru] and such a small back is reliable in front of the demon. " Why 1 Such a thing is ..edelweiss externals.. ..".. natural. The my.. child.

[Mahiro]. What the edelweiss at one [itsushiyun] flash means because it was a nurse of [tsuchiko] has not been understood. It is - ..[ri] and that "E r.. .... ..piling up... u It is so. Lord [to] having been attacked by the demon used power to defend you on that day. As ..His Highness at that time.. [nin] though infant getting bored [masahii] however, anyone of [tamake] kept secret and existed full superior power, too. Obstruction

[End of Page 166]

[Shigirezu] ..the power ..174 [yuegiyote] younger.... has made them drive recklessly" [Nandasoreha]. Such a talk why. u The wound of your back is not due to the demon. It was what was able to be done because the prince who had tried to help you from the demon liberated too strong power" Edelweiss rested, and it turned one's gaze in the direction of the castle where [mahiro] remained. [Osokiyokutankira] u It might have been frightened to have damaged the person by my hand in the childish heart. Coming [wafuureru] to be from it. dislike violence as His Highness is extreme And, His Highness changed like that after the stricken mark that not was the seal of the power depending on His Majesty who had heavily seen the situation.

If it is unprepareness [ke], it will possibly not be thought that His Majesty also returns the power" And, the glance of the woman who cut the word again turns here. It was it not was when and cold steep. u The prince had not to have allowed them to drive recklessly in power on that day if you were not. It was necessary not to be sealed the [tonarepo] power in the tendon, and, now, to have been become a splendid prince. ..not suitable for [kare] of whoever in the sword and the ability of [kanaharuriyougarou]... Power to surpass it far is done, and such demon's wave. ..slanter.. [sezutokiteikokumo] of clever-handed and soldier of empire of 100 [takaga] [suu] [**] [bokari].

[End of Page 167]

, [Sumaruka] foundation of a nation story 1 To 175 fairies because it ..drinking.. doesn't know , wisdoms.. ....[gidatte].. so... Even if it is pressed like seem being natural now because it is not sure to understand ..the grasp of the tendency to this country for I.. .. [namomasarante].. ..such ... One story ends by this. Anything cannot be read from the woman of ice, and with cannot finish the comparison of one defense even though you will die as a defense [gitta] result ..[a] ..making you think.... ..floatage .. ....stupid voice.. however... Even in case of as it is toward outside the town [ni] detour. Prevent the you sharpening from regretting. I will have selected [batsutekianata] for the guard of lord [do] for that.

Myself true. Myself as guard. Near..float..Bali..ell..strong..shake..true self..guard..edge..agree. The legend that was not expectation [dani] was done, and it was confused a little so. Then, and "I who returns ..return... [End of Page 168]

It returns if it is positive 76. At least, there is no meaning that is here. There must not be road except returning to that castle. "The Paris ell and I will also go. " "[Kayen] P . " u It was a gun. [Soreha] [**] b and soldier v Even [kariudoriyo] of ..drinking.. arms dace [kusamatorihi] [ta] [kuhodo] [ni] [nayorida] is [hanaku] and hunter's hunting eyes. [Ha]. In the war, if it is [tataka], the talk is another against the armor from which manitou [michibihimaku] is given though it is not. what post [nimo] [**] such as lead k Even if [chouko] is used, it is likely to have ..[te] [ni] ".. to bring it back if it is a nature that the prince dies. You. It might be difficult to exceed it. crowd of that , ....[nina].. consulting.. demon of the prince of [katsutotsubo] in the person

One [saishiyouomomu] u However, the necessity that the cayenne Prime Minister goes :. Which are you?" Which one [kou] lord [deruwaisu]. I was these several days, and it was interested in the prince [mahiro] very much. That ..death.. doesn't only get [nuotsumoritoba] [**] easily. Then, dying after it is seen doesn't do L desire as the amusement.. either. u Prime Minister. It is because the fool of lord [do] was infected" Only at that time, the Prime Minister who always looked difficult had a hearty laugh at the sigh. Edelweiss is sigh one. Paris ..".. ell very done. It is [ichi] in the quick loophole ..the guide... [End of Page 169]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 177 How what is this person who dies, paints from P1 or dignity or "In not only lord [do] but also the Prime Minister's having made it to the looking killing, it is related to my importance" edge, decides the edelweiss externals, and is putting it ..".. get-surely? [Hinan] "All by shelter or of that ..unpleasant.." [u] ..coming easily.. u However, it leaves to the Carlo lord only if going out of the town and there is no problem. It was things except ..looking.. [kotoha], and it was not decided from it however if not consulting about His Highness who did not become it ..another.." The [shitsushiyou] cayenne laughed. Do not seem be to have finally ..".. infected of the fool ..also the edelweiss lord who made to the name and pursued it...

" Edelweiss vomited desire [ggiri] and [jiyoudan] "Joke" was thrown away. Whether it is ..[yasahatan] [musu] game.. ..this person.. actually gentle or the character fails is not understood well. "Yes and :::" [ba] and oh dear. Whether there are the one also of these as many as two people who look absolutely perfect from [do] [] edge like him like feelings. Then, we will guide it along 1 and the person were taken, and the Paris ell ran originally in [michi] and .. it..".. ..departure.. returned. It seems to be selfish. The cayenne as said. It is not easy to think that that selfish, selfish prince dies. Therefore,

[End of Page 170]

Only 178 should return. Therefore, . It must be safe [taishiyoumemada]. It must still be alive. Four mistake markka castle town and southern part. The wagon of a luxurious Yazu setting up slides into to space to which [nokoushiyasube] [kuro] knights thrust the demon aside. Surroundings were looked at and passed in persistence ..[ru] [taizenna] had been gotten off.. ..[watasoushiyoku].. and self-possession [katsuchiyuu] and the [kuchiyou] eggplant. Armor of lacquer black to which decoration of money is given. The feature, and it ..[su] lamplight.. did not pass and do not imitate embroidery or the massage wagon.

Long [nao**] . A large escutcheon as daughter [ootori**] T fortune [inorayoukinkakuo] flattery [tsukata] [inoru] angel who has a pure-white mantle and a heavy cavalryman to whom the family crest was given by thick embroidery think hides chasing [sareta] and its whole body is pierced on ground. , ..common reed.. ..floatage [shi].. Gauntlet of a hoity-toity design from the right hand to the shoulder. Be not supposed be to happy it with one pistil excrement [**]. It is what" Rainer like the court appearance that armor [mato] [yoroi] is not worn for the officer shook putting on small. Japanese syllabary of Tami [no] [chiharauyain] "The people are guessing taking advantage of darkness of the night because of the disappearance of all out person's sign to the festival "Style"" 7: c how. Then, only a large amount of these are [naganin] [shita] where" "p.

[End of Page 171]

, "We exceeded the defense gate just now" [Sumaruka] foundation of a nation story 1 179 [Runasu] suddenly looks back on it the knight mass had broken. Next, it is k [ge] as for the glance. [Gaiheki] [ni] u There is no demon of getting over the [katoitte] outside wall. - It was natural, and we not confirming demon's appearance besides the [kakunin] street here" Certainly . . [Rasonotoki] and the pupil of [runasu] like the hawk caught [hi] of the town with abnormal the number of [dataka] Hitomi. It is [hi] [tai] . as for disregarding.

Repulse..go north..furnace..Luna..Mr...deep..ungenerous..way..anther..housemaid..shout..t ake off..light..ground..number..floor..height..jump. It jumps from the roof to the roof while making the crowd of the demon who buries the street completely eye " The extent cuts with the sword and turns down though dances [hi] [osokifu] [ochuu] of time, and there is a demon who attacks it, too. Then, the limit notices. It is heavy and is a bribery and corruption shrouded on the street as if the gas. It hears from the legend, and there will not surely be [sawaki] D ..cheerfulness.. [u] that calls the effusing manitou from a different boundary because it was naturally generated. There is [narapo] ringleader. Diminutive shadow that calmly catches shoes [ni] [garahi] lizard [kono] extraordinary happenings who are guys ( Is it a fellow?), and watches demon's flow tediously. [Runasu] that kills the sign jumps to [hi] of the house. [End of Page 172]

The whole body completely with a black mantle with 180 [omujiyushutsushiinuhou] food. Magician dress hidden under a cover. .."You should have used everything because it was ordered with great pains or it is though thought it is good like this" ".. beauty that the other party was not, and ..question of [runasu] from one mud back to which what is done.. looked back on calmly ..surprise.. yet then. u Hi, good evening. A beautiful elder sister" To "Child and [dato] P" [kawai] [**] [omogai]. If only the face is seen, they are still [to] 5 and 6.

It was a lovely boy who remained innocence. Though externals etc. are the most unreliable if it is [sorega] [nin]. He who noticed is [naku] [wara] ..careworn.. ..floatage.. . in the appearance of "That P" [kutsutaku] [runasu]. The leek is terrible when getting, and absorbing it in [hi] tendon " One wrinkle sword own sitting of brilliance going out u What is done here. This..demon..crowd..act. The [zokinbatsu] boy of" lacks the temple after Barre laughing. It is a fair hair that peeped from open food. "There is no ..[cha] Barre.. [**]. " [End of Page 173]

181 , [Reka] foundation of a nation story 1 is told, and it sees and it ..'.. catches a glimpse of [yunkankai] [ta] so by seven [ma] very piece coming [ge] momentarily. It is ..narrowed [****].. [**ki] in the smile. the same's feet..scatter..remains..demon..provide. Lump of flesh, tentacle, and [ra] [tsuusukuramo] that not is. do not attach Clan [kou**] and ..saying.. [**mono]. When L [yaiba] [ha] that used a kind of [kagekedamono] or an unusual industry was turned, he easily gave cheers his both hands. Seven [hoshitsurugi] of the rumor though it rumors and [chike] [ko] ..saying.. [ichi] is done.

The art of [banai] and one aria of summons in a half boy without. do whether it needs or is a reed of [ge] ` Maury c: not calling I Here is strike directly hope as for the wild excitement, and ..piling up.. [hego] is [go] [zoni], and ..[runomayu] Hero.. eyebrow. [Kasanu] of ..piling up.. [ugo] [****] and done attitude. [Yuushiyutsuji] and [hi]. do Is it L [tsukuin] from which you were sent by our country? Then, settle it at once. This is one [ni] turning over empire two [ahaha], and [masa]. one only in the obstruct for the march with already ..[kaa].. tentatively, is it probably good? though secretly said It is reluctant in whale's other party of the princess [runasu]. It did not get and, then at last ..[nui] [uga] of [ichi] 1 that joked.., I disappeared from the boy the sign of which it made fun the agent provocateur in this country if it ..putting.. ..[ite].. said sleep [nni] . such a hazard pay It is ..person.. ..[**].. smile that it takes the place, and showed.

[End of Page 174]

182 [kowa] u I do not have joking. It is a prince in this country that jokes. He is ..rinctumming.. [reteijiyoukiyouru] .. This current situation is from what that child had hoped for everything" Eyes were lightly opened wide. Mimicry u

The prince is one to which P it does such mimicry very. u I want also to die as soon as it is probably ..wanting hear it.. ..p.. good. Hush Done unpleasantness u It is an easy story. To drive out the resident who calls the festival and collected on the north side from the town even if it is unpleasant, one :. Already..change and "It handled the demon to the soldier or is P consciousness or P. " u Now how. might It is not having said however or is ..rinctumming.. [reteruttene]. That fool prince who thinks that what you may do if the people do not get wounded. The town and the castle are known [takocchanai] .. Princess trap's of keeping secret subordinate is a circle in the trap the state as it is it" The [dokoubaseihidume] roaring, the hoot, and sound of hoofs. Division is different from the vigilance committee in the [chigadoreiseiei] frontier. It is not man's slave soldier but the individual is [nin], and the.. elite. If it is such [hofu] a demon, 5 and person.. 10 are street fightings in one sword though killed. As for [tataka] and [atsutou] that becomes field operations, selfishness is different usually. Have you been overwhelmed a little?

[End of Page 175]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 In the place that is uninhabited 183 [marude], it is a sign of the person who is overcrowded only there. Till then.., u With castle . There was still something or it was P that was [**] P" [Kikaikore] and the boy showed the obtained board. It is a magic square, and [koumaban] [monsudabetoreji] [tsuna] of the [mon;you] pattern not seen in the manitou [michibinaga] sect that was able to know the name of [****]. u , [Oroban] is one. , , [ B When starting. The demon storehouse between regular times keeps connecting with the said different boundary and vomiting the demon. The appearance's not going to destroy the town with the demon who got used to seeing the paddle differing :" though can called only by a dopy in that way because of compulsorily call it demon probably because of ..that... Will not be unconsciously attracted to person's sign alone. Then, if it is prince character maybe, I do not think that I am that much though the [onnaji] thing has been put on the castle a little while ago. " though not asked what it is "Set it up where. " u

Ah if so, be ..worry... It doesn't increase because energy cuts to the guy who is moving now soon any further" [Jiyuubun]. u Is it so? It is enough if it hears it that much" It is and [] . [End of Page 176]

184 [sasenketsu] blood spray flew, and boy's body was split in two with [oroban]. Blood..breathe in..heavy..lobe..fall..lump of flesh..hide under a cover. It was not the one that had been generated with the meat and the human body though stagger [riyutsu] (Was it magic again?) [tekota] [shu] response was certain. He summons it ahead, and it is what [runasu] casted away and it is a same class. s It is an Emilio apricot, and it is a poor general shop. The princess also : in some orders. t [Omoshiro] and [tsuyami] . It is side [i] fellow. The merchant in the dark and one remembered [runasu] . . 1. [I] ..regarding.. shooting and ..jumping back.. [tta]. The demon is cut in pieces to divide waves when innumerably getting off on the street of the Shin learning by experience, and it returns in the empire army that advances slow. Housemaid of [antona] [toku] class.

, It is a pat [do] mortar as the person was relieved from the bottom of his/her heart as for the chest. A few . ..[nigodo-runa] and body Hots On For Nowhere .. ..delicious.. ..[yoro] ".. ..-.. foolishness [na] of one that it twinkles and Rainer has eyes blinking that seems to be very act of this demon and king [mahiro] end [End of Page 177]

186 is paved. u It is so. The fellow who does such foolish mimicry is the first time though our country also has fought variously. It will not certainly be a doing mouth of edelweiss to here when becoming gay. Or, was this country enclosing a further tactician ? v . Breath. u At any rate, I will advance. Clear you roads. v Knights who took it ahead divided into the word of [kishinutotsu] [runasu] right and left. Naturally, it is [shin] ..demon.. ..piercing.. ..advancement.. [shi] as the interval is sewn. ..unpicking.. ..[ni].. ..referring.. [hime] not disregarded shakes a large sword to which the [hi] star is given.

It held up. It does, yourself pours magic from the Gauntlet of the lacquer black who is [michibi] a large capacity of [kuono] of ..piling up.. [ni] [bu] star, it is done that it [kakai]s it as shown in two name, and shows the shining sword. The one whether [arepo] is done as the wave motion and man's manitou spiritual guides putting it through life or do not do. Even knights from whom [noono] follows her are . of drinking war [kuhodo] as for the breath. The princess laughs. [Hotsu] "Disappearance furnace [ka--] c One sword. the same time through. The dazzling sword by manitou [michibichikara] is low without the prevented art either.

[End of Page 178]

[Tsushiyoumetsuna] demons are burnt up, and the disappearance is gotten. Daily far as the eye can reach..castle gate..following..straight revere..boast..princess..battlefield..victory..lead..goddess. ..[runasu].. to castle while receiving it against the backdrop of the voice that did not become it ..[yuuzensoushita] and knights.. ..the voice.., walking was calmly begun. [Misuma] [reka] foundation of a nation story 1 187 Five [zefutenjiyo] [raparieru] enter the entry hall in the castle, and the demon of the bat type has dived from the corner of the ceiling in the open ceiling. [Yaa] ..".. ! [Surudofuchigabiki] [parieru] is depressed by one step by sharp breath, and rounded up to the state of passing each other. One first of all. It is =, and [hiki] in sound one and the sky of [natohato] [osomada] into which [bassato] and the demon fall behind.

It was externals r to which the other side also watched here. It gets out here and, at once ..the turn one's back to.., is troublesome though is good even so if it doesn't reach in the sword, it attacks, and there is neither phlegm nor use when attacked.

[End of Page 179]

188 ( though it is convenient when magic can be practiced at such time. ) [Banban] u c The Paris ell ..[ban] "1 [hi] 7... ..piling up.. ..[re].. of a gun that had been heard [jiyuusei] [totsujo] back.. ducked the body by one [ni]. Here is conceitedly looked at. The be [to]ing demon falls into the putter putter and [manuke]. It is one cayenne Prime Minister knack or a shackle that is ..[rero] splendid [ishiyou]... It seemed not to be 1 to which the pocket money work was done often thus and even altogether and the Prime Minister said in the school days. ..shooting.. [tsutoki] is cayenne ..encounter.. externals of one of , [anou] , after all [**]. all means..become accustomed. Surprise. It is possible to shut it. edelweiss c . Shima who clings to [kuchiha] is none. It tries to pull out empty [kusuri**] from the tobacco smoke [kuyurasu] gun and to put six present [yuuyatsukiyou] cayennes that are done and not gotten newly. "Well, though reached at last in the castle" It is from from among this vast castle how to discover 1 [mahiro] person to the problem. The cayenne asks it. P [End of Page 180] room..near..bathroom..back..suitable..housemaid..what kind ahead..change. Even this attached [eno] situation why : Now L"Edelweiss lord"-[re] with the cool-headedness even of here. , Say. u There is no method even if it is done so here in anyway, there is no [ate]. It looks for [poshii] [jo] regarding. " It is . just at that time at the time of ran out by the Paris ell that was not able to stand ..finishing call edelweiss.. even in case of being. [Meta]. Paris..ell..yes..chandelier..fall. Maybe, I was dead if not called to stop. Only "Becoming it [nana] " is careless. u It is a trap begun by His Highness's instruction. It doesn't know that it moves carelessly no matter how it becomes it. " [End of Page 181]

190 It is only a trap. Cordially The chandelier is only a limit and rolling [hi] [gerareteiku]. It seems not to be disposable.

It begins to see the appearance of the demon that it is new where to enter for [ukaukashiteiru] and. The [yukakushizakabefu] demon steps on the tile somewhere. It becomes a skewer in the mountain of the needle postponed from the floor. It touches the wall somewhere. TEL [kurokoshikiimata] nature flows and it is charred. The threshold somewhere is stepped over. To the right in two with the guillotine to which it has gotten off [ten**] c P. " ..[zankoko] [ichi] each other.. ..that prince ,.. ..such a cruel trap... u 1 and edelweiss are madder [tta] surely. Only in ..Sawa.. assuming "I am a little because the designed trap of gentle His Highness was too lax" and "[**] where it walks because a demon edelweiss externals [] 172 a little while ago was able to fly by chance" groups and not hanging in those. , It connives in the place where the fading [tsufuya] cayenne is an interior of the eyeglass, and ..dazzling.. [ita] . in half the cold sweat. Because [ichi] ..the division of labor.. ..seeming impossibility...

[End of Page 182]

Foundation of a nation thing rl of 71 Miss [reka] '}1 Is niece 1 deflecting by 191 tendons wise? . Castle..go birth..shin..take a measure..Paris..ell..edelweiss..nod. . . Even the floor is [hi] [ga]. The demon who has chased [mamonosuhehaji] slides the foot on the stairs, and it plays and it flies to the first floor by the board of the spring beginning when turning around.

"The demon doesn't have worry if coming here" : c the worry of one [torasopu] is.. [Nie-deruwaisu] is disregarded.

that By chance, { Child..edelweiss..externals..trap..take..then..suddenly..recall..glance..avert..e delweiss..externals..His Highness..instruction..same as..start..method..begin..drawing..cause..evasion. However, it is said that it will be remembered.

[End of Page 183]

However ....192.. conditional.., "However, it was only in the entry hall that time did not suffice, and was able to set the trap of that power and the trap the same as the instruction of lord [do] was 1 in the passage that continued from here to K seat . However, was not sure to leave of me in that way only when the trap was started.. . After all, there are some purposes" ..needing.. often The cayenne nodded. Getting [ishitsu] u The [deareba] the first floor part is the one like [mamorushi] and housemaids' stuff place, dining room, church, and library life residence districts. Because it is not in this emergency what either You may disregard it as it is" Edelweiss receives it. [Shinshiriraihin;etsuken] u the second floor . . The floor part is an office, a bedroom, a guest, and reception room level of the senior official. , Let's previously ask and examine [matsuto] during K seat about meeting.

If it was an accumulation that His Highness completed the life as the monarch according to the expectation at first, it was not necessary to continue up to one all. One. The second floor first of all and ..meeting.. ..question.. [he]. go straight in the passage by the heaven [Dage] [tsukoni] is uninhabited. Vast vacancy. A little..road..return..stairs..passage..advance. It is a throne straight. It is uninhabited though it drinks and it aimed at [mon] , beaming, and there. There was no appearance of the person who had to do it to the place where one's future of this country was directed. One person considers it to the idea of "P ground F .. might" Paris ell.

[End of Page 184]

Prison that might not be used for Miss markka foundation of a nation story i 193 so much in Miss markka of [rori] and peaceful prison to capture major criminals. It is place's ..counterplan.. castle of ..order.. [rowatteko], and, consequently, ruled [michibichikararo] as for the energy source. And, it is not permitted even to approach [nemuha] by the position of the Paris ell, and, in addition, the earth is deep. d and f person's from [sumaruka] dynasty redish black ..decreasing.. room that is of permanent ..royal family of successive.. sleep. It seemed to be idea [takupana], and the cayenne was and there was a cough lamplight or "Is it her imperial highness of ..death.. [naba] under ?". Nature and air became heavy. "I'm sorry that after all" The cayenne shook the neck to enduring when not cutting, and cutting it out from me who had started to say.

u It is so, and the idea goes to one bad because the foot is stopped. There is a place in which it has not seen yet with the mountain. First of all, let's turn round them. Only edelweiss stops walking though It only has to think when hitting on again by the k" returns to do [eri] so and to descend to the third floor. It compromises to the watched large window while having turned to another place. It runs to original of "Time seems to be a little" hanging her, it returns, and the meaning of the word is understood. , The black shadow pushed the Main Street following the straight line and [sanman] had been drawn. However, it has not loose but the rule like the demon and marches. Empire ..".. army P2

[End of Page 185]

Aimed destination of ..194.. ..surprise.. [kare] was seen, and cayennes expressed one's surprise earlier than Paris ells. Fool u P2 bored enemy who was opening a foolish one [naze] castle gate had already come there. It had already thought it was opened whom it was or who opened it though it was P and there was no [yoyuuru] room. u It might still be in time. I go and shut it.

" At the arrowhead that the [fuyukamiyousoushite] Paris ell casually stepped forward by one step, the floor that had been trampled down made [kachiri] and a strange sound. [Bechatsu] . u: ::....decrease.. P".. turnip was covered from the head. It is "This " and [rodeudorodoro]. [Dorodoro] of the bad taste extremely : about the pink color that "[Suraimu] Sulla P [] 7n coming [ya;aaaa] 7 it is and [aa] 7"" is made and [akushiyumi] is transparent. It is "This is edelweiss externals [ga] 71" and [nkashiyumioso]. u Surely. It is His Highness's hobby. Even the color might be a type that only the woman attacked" It threw it at [tatahippegashi], [beccha], and "[Ka] H by which it retreated and only the woman did [-] attacking it" [shou].

[End of Page 186]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 195 "Attacking it is a purpose. " u is the worst. do Prince worst [daano] [kuso]. Stocking [tandesuyokore] from that doubtful shop surely. " Neither [fu] nor ..possession.. scattering ..[] ".. ..stepping.. dies by using our tax paid by the sweat of one's brow though does. [Soregadero] system [suraimu].

u It has already come to the head. Then, it is a last-resort measure. They are made to come out from the other side if not found even if looking for. " The Prime Minister and the astonishment doing tightly. u Such a thing of P can be done in case of not being or 72 also :. u It leaves and it doesn't guard about the prince the cayenne externals and [date]. Leaving to this ..Paris.. ell. " [Seiitsubai] vomited the breath by the Paris ell to the utmost, inhaled only by the desire, and was crowded. - [-] ..- and no "..shooting.. - is.... not part [suraimu].. ..saying.. c [`] H ..the prince.. is.." [N] ..doing ::: o O.. . Doing that is not "Paris ell" is...

[End of Page 187]

u E ::- Yes. Edelweiss externals" 196 [supoan] H u [Uuuuu] and are getting : c2. u

Come to my room later. ::: oO " His Highness" and "It is" The talk a little" ..coming to help by seven es H.. [maihani] " [Harisen] of the [poaaaaaaaaaaaaan] edelweiss was made the sound that was not able to be thought and exploded with explosion [harisen]. "of ..piling up.. [-]

[End of Page 188]

[Po] h 6 mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 It paves it badly ..paving 197... The current ..slowness.. .."..remainder.. ..remainder.. ..fear of eyes of [ha] edelweiss.. of [ha] ".. ..[dakono].. ..fool.. ..king.. ..'.. ..[dokowohottsuki] [aru].. ! per "when prevenient is.. after. Ora. Remark food [ora--]" As for the Paris ell, this it, and the dingdong have kicked [mahiro] that they are made to sit straight up. It is not and looks for side and the edelweiss of the cold sweat [suru] cayenne to the [rumajiki] ..master and man's reversal [shitaaaseuka].. spectacle ..stop of it.. yet. u It is what [wonasatteoide] and the [nito] furnace. u It is a serif here. What only you are doing as becoming complete also becomes complete. The empire army surges to [mamono] soon here with the demon. you see..worry u ::3. think for [ha] however and you ..the remainder.. u

The attitude of [sasetoitenandaso] ....[teiuka].. worry.. :. Reflection is P yes kora very done. [Omae] [i]

[End of Page 189]

It will be 198 [tai] [nan;you] and it is ..P ".. Ora. [Koraa;-]-" u [Gaha] of prince ..prince it.. H ceasing. [Gya]. Help. " The those who based on phlegm edelweiss to which it had sighed put the hand on the shoulder, and, at last, the Paris ell ....[e-deruwa] [] .. [gyaaaaa] ".. stopped the foot. Use u Stop the face. "Each other I'm sorryed edelweiss externals in which was done" and "Badly badly" When the mark remained, it is troublesome" The cayenne cut it out to two women as couldn't stand any longer. [Datsu] u Let's hurry up because of it and escape from the castle. though it doesn't know what purpose the prince had. " u It is it. Edelweiss ..The purpose still is not accomplished".. holds the shoulder of the Paris ell of the bitten power.

u His Highness. If you do not at least teach even the purpose alone. I do not come because I withdrew at a moment's notice either" [Mahiro] was said as given up after the soupcon getting tired of the idea. u What. Are not you having mentioned between the council of wars when it is? [Tte] if it manages to do by the discussion" It is foolish ..foolishness.. ..".. !. " The avoiding cayenne shouted.

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Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 It goes and the way to beg 199. u It is ..card of the negotiation that should be cut.. [naijiyoukiyouto] here that I should have said to skirt P it by the suicidal action. It is [hanaonoko] and 1 in this situation. " u No, the cayenne. It is opposite. There is a cutting card because of this situation" The Prime Minister is rapid Ume who does formation [ita] not to be able to imagine it. " P" [Chiyuu] and [hanpa] u However, there is something wanting a little to prepare it for that. Thus useless because of unskilled [ppimudana] acting of halfway [petanko] somewhere probably time" [Dobu] H [dofu] ""[Dobuso-]-" [dobu]" etc.

u [gofu], [koboa] , and Then, there is no other way for the time being. You must remain as it is in [kasekoko], and do work while it is a few. It is a few and is good. It doesn't die. If it is useless, it runs away only by you and is good" The opinion of [kakuhibiso] is the same peal as hearing in the concealment passage. I felt the weight of the mission that had been shouldered because it was born as the royal family. "The prince is " [Daijiyoubu]. u [Parieru] It enjoys and [ku] asks for the way at the emergency because not only neither edelweiss nor this child have reasonableness. " "Certainly"

[End of Page 191]

It put it as having gone out in a castle on what floor in which it was common in , and [mahiro] where [ntetsuyukamegu] [unazu] existed in 200 nods came round and slipped into the concealment passage named [rasareteimoguru] again, and put out the appearance.

[End of Page 192]

Chapter 5 lion and snake [no] u /_ one mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 [Runasu] fearlessly smiled at 201 in the place that crossed the [watahohoe] drawbridge.

..floatage.. [yotorebini] is [yohi]ing plucky. Even if that state ..under the castle.. is seen, is not the castle shut?" Rainer makes the glance come round quietly, and says to the way dazzling. , One. Meanwhile, it was not and either is likely to have run away. It is too ungraceful" [Ru] eggplant floating agrees yIs it also so?" [shiyu] [ni]. The housemaid at present for the reason that lightness is good. , Only the person and this Rainer were taking it. The [honkiyochishikaseiei] reason is one. Here is a stronghold more and more. It is ..putting out.. . that edelweiss dies in vain in the knight of set [tonarepo], elite, and remark [eitsubankishido] [ippan] at most. The front yard to entering in the castle from the castle gate is [naruho].

[End of Page 193]

The same kind of demon as those 202 [mamonodo] , boys had said under the castle was wandering about. Then, how in the castle? [Runasu] laughed to the state of "No show hut at all" [shitsushiyou] entrance hall. It is [gashangashan] in the right. It is [batanbata] [kapeshigai] [n] in the left. It is [zakuzaku] in the floor. It dindles by the wall. Automatic device.

Demon's corpse production factory. [Runasu] is a breath. Stricken light u [****] [shii] . It leaves it" Two left housemaids are [pekori] and bow. It walks and it goes out with soot. [Ibukawanatagui] Rainer is [**] Shin. If the kind of the trap is processed, several are [poii] from the table it is possible to call as for the [bokari] knight. However, it is not done, and the housemaid : ahead. ..".. Rainer who is just good chance. You also must be looking" One side of the [sodenukatai] impression pulls out the throw knife from bribery. Four to each hand. Eight. total The arm was shaken with [migi] and ..referring.. left of the boil. The technique of remark [washimuruso] quite ..doing [runasu].. .."of [dogagagagan-] 1.. though said that the woman in [tei] [towaza] capitals is strong. At least, [i]

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[Misumaruka] foundation of a nation story 1 In 203 [houdan], it is not a sound of the knife that [ki] was summing up. A noisy trap is destroyed and carried out by destructive power like the cannonball.

The field is [**] food clothes [chiyoudankuamimejiyumon;eteita] as for housemaid [uribo] of the other and a soft contrast it impression and high density manitou [michibichikara]. The cantrip is not chanted. One shot ray leaves [mikiagana] like the reticulation repeating [tohi] of hundreds of times. The silver [teno] demon in the hall disappears, and even the waste that a previous housemaid destroyed has been put away. And, [matapekori]. ..return.. housemaid of [ninin] It returned to a fixed position of the back of [su] , and [runasu]. Rainer hears it while consenting. Keeping secret u Princess. Edelweiss is any further. " u It is [hana] . as long as I know. To begin with, it is edelweiss to have educated these two people. It is ..doing.. if bullied very much" [Ninin] ..referring.. nodded with the flavor flavor while had vailed one's eyes. [Masa] u Hey Reina B A knight superior to this while it is in the table is or is P" If it is shot from a psychological blind spot that those kind of things of "There is a saying way only when depending on the situation" are housemaid's appearances and exists. [Wareru] and ..aim.. [narepo] from somewhere in vast castle of [nerako] without geographical advantage.

Still, the good fight might be impossible. It is understood that the way way and [runasu] intend it. Neither the criticism nor the target of her Takeshi are still removed.

[End of Page 195]

204 u Well, how do you do? It steps if the castle becomes empty. Is the throne probably worshiped though it was not necessary to hurry up?" It was possible to advance there to regularity in the line ahead. ..entrance severe lamplight.. severity like the hall ..along.. is the one that becoming was completely hidden like the mere child's play though there were some easy traps. Naturally, [runasu] is 11. [**] floats and is processed to [mae] by housemaids. [Tazu] still asked [runasu] while doing the glance everywhere without carelessness. "P of which it very thinks" [Jiyoukiitsuosoni] u It goes out of the ordinary groove as the demon is built into the plan. , It is frightened, ..running away [tachiga].. differs, and it doesn't exist ..still unexpected this situation.." Not seeming ..[koutanfu] 1 ... Bold [sanarapo] as the demon is handled for the plan and the trap in the castle fall and this extent doesn't fall into the chest. You are hey" Person's so housemaid answered that [runasu] shook the talk to the housemaid in the back.

Even if the paved event that cannot it do and "Even if the word that Luna heard is true, it is exceptional to handle the demon to fight" calculate in that sense occurs, it is not amusing in any way. It steps on [giyo]. For instance, the demon has been generated more than being not able to finish doing . Or, did not you think that it reached [nioyo] in the castle?". "

[End of Page 196]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 205 [somatsupekori]. Person's so housemaid bowed to say it was rude. Then, a housemaid who seems to be soft says as follows. Wrinkle sitting "When the demon in the castle is my act, the boy whom the princess met is saying [tandesuyone] [-]" [hara]. u It is so. The meaning is not understood when often thinking by doing only . if it distributed it to the amount castle town only if we were driven away" And, notice. Seeing u If the demon in the castle and black-market trader's boy went without permission, it is easy. Those who take it [rutsumoridatta] after [obo]. sell us the kindness that boy Then, the prince [mahiro] is drowned, and is a story of kudzu vine only of running away to the plan. " u

Indeed, Going Rainer was not doubtful with housemaids and either ..It was betrayed".. agreed. It goes up up to [daikairou] and the [rayuuhi] lizard the fourth floor. And, it crowded it for the first time on the way of a large corridor that adjoined to the throne. Nature and Reina give a lot of care to the length sword of the back by not undertaking, and go ahead from [runasu] by one step. The [jiyuukatamegane] curettage [tsuhika] enemies are three people. One person is a man with total hair that wore a monocle in the hand as for the gun. It seems not to be ..[temosonshiyokubipou] [nan].. inferiority but the housemaid with a pretty face cold. wait behind person.. [runasu] And, the person is already c: E. You ..".. : in respect of certainty [runasu] that asks by 7 [koomotekieduu] that was the Paris ell. The delight was floating.

[End of Page 197]

It is 206 excrement two dragonfly [kayuru] [**], and the Paris ell :. The hand that had been put on the handle was instinctively loosened. This princess has only boarded not only the castle under but even also the donjon in the enemy's territory by men only of this. It alone is light-hearted to see the castle under, and doesn't have the sense of crisis either. "It was edelweiss in it after a long time" or she candidly multiplied the voice. [Denkasouken] u His Highness [runasu] after a long time.

It seems to be healthy and above all" Next, u [Rairisu]. Francois. It is often serving [shiteimasuka] P in His Highness" The housemaid of stiff atmosphere showed ridicule to the voice of the [fun;ikirayourou] edelweiss. [Yomagoto] u The world hesitation remark. We are not your subordinates any longer. Standpoint to which it is possible to say, and it is now hostile. The housemaid of soft as follows atmosphere ..It is care of P more still in case of being in where the worried reason".. had them pretty peep at housemaid's tongue. u ..becoming empty.. .. so Teacher's already scolding need not be heard and ..becoming empty... " u v

[End of Page 198]

Markka foundation of a nation story 207 mistake one [gin]. The look of edelweiss has worsened. Two [yosookogofuru] housemaids : like the refrained posture. It is possible to [katakatakatakata], to tremble as benumbed from the bottom of one's heart though it puts a good face on it, to smell or to hide oneself secretly little by little about [runasu] being possible to eat. The cayenne heard it. [Dono]

u [E]. It was lord [deruwaisu]'s acquaintance c E: or P" [Ni] [kukoro] "It was a pupil at being in the empire" was kept secret, it put well, and the princess was laughing ..a little amazed at such a communication... u Aspect strange [orazudana]. The two people are P" [Ekishi] of [saishiyouko]. u This is a Prime Minister of the Miss markka kingdom, and cayenne [guremunamu]. This is Paris ell [ka-rai;zeru] of the knight of imperial guards" [Musume]. u Indeed, ..becoming it.. . Was it the daughter, and was the one of your hand after all?" It might be reason that it was thrust there looking [jiyoukiyoutsu] if it was [ma], and this situation. When the Paris ell looked for edelweiss, she returned it to [runasu] as it was. u It is according to guess Shino. It seems once to have done the impoliteness, and I apologize in place of the subordinate" Fairly u No, it is good. . fairly ..not happy.. Then, the paralysis paralysis is here, too or it is P" The ring. u Now.

Such a name though the [meno] subordinate of me doesn't have the crown [shita] person. Previous impoliteness

[End of Page 199]

There is not having served as the driver at 208 cases in my subordinate" The this period. u Was it true that it was not a civilian employee in stepped ? P at the edelweiss this ..[dokoma] is in the range of the plan in front of [n;idegao].." It ..[jijiyuumabata] grand chamberlain.. blinks ..unexpected.. one. u To where. ..saying.. [imasu]" [Jinteisatsushika] u Do not pretend not to know. First of all, the daughter has begun the forcing scout to a formation here by the inheritance of an old civilization. Next, the trap of the invitation was dressed with the castle [sasowana] gate had been flung open. at the end and It is that state ..the current castle under... Probably..end..think..all..become..prince..go. u Be not .... interesting. throw out It was heard that it was ..becoming it.. [koshi] fairly omission in the rumor" The pool food. u

"The prince [mahiro] wants you to introduce P might be previously.. by all means ..that.." [oso] by all means ..the turn of wisdom though it is a cowardly trunk omission... u It is His Highness ..fear... There is no prince [mahiro] beyond this" [Rakutansuru] and [runasu] show the expression at which it is disappointed slowly. [Ni] u Is it so? It is regrettable. Is the vassal made to defend throning, and did oneself run away? Then, it is not necessary to meet. Up to now, if it is such [ku] eczema [zu], by rot. " ""of [] kudzu vine, it is.."

[End of Page 200]

[Misuma] [reka] foundation of a nation story 1 209 avoiding Paris ell shouted in the reflection. News as soon as considering it is not yearned for so much by everyone in case of the kudzu vine. It is such certain ..gentle... Paris of ..prudence.. , ell. [Ichi] ..moderating one's language.. u Externals of ..doing.. edelweiss why. Isn't it an enemy though it doesn't know something whether it is a princess? The ell of tendon Paris in which" starts sets up the sword straight as it is. in derision..knight..admit. " It stares at the other party of [niraso] and it puts it. [Tamidaregisei] u The prince is gentle one though he is confused. It did not want to sacrifice even by one soldier not to mention everyone of the people and the town and the castle were made empty. The [koreppocchimo] knowing doesn't do such a thing and either " The cheek food radical change and [runasu] will smile. Apologize..get. If there is a vassal who says that it will throw out the life even by oneself like you, it is [sorehasore] and [yokun]. Even if the hood result and the country are ruined, they are = ..becoming it.. eyes of [ichi] ..doing.. [horo]. The reality sticks in the chest.

[End of Page 201]

The glance was moved in 210 tray [runasu] that was "Such a person is not hated" self-possession ..cutting... [Jiyuu] armor "The wound will be done also by that Prime Minister or not place to my armor in the gun of the extent as for P either" cayenne is a breath. Back. ".... ..finishing.. ..[muwo].. obtain it" and [atsutou] [aijuu] is lowered. It is not blamed very so. He is not a soldier from the beginning, and it is disadvantageous in the gun overwhelmingly. u Edelweiss.

You do very" [Jiyoudan]. u The joke. It is not commanded from His Majesty to a throw of the life" Impossibility is said that it must ..doing.. not die though it was said that asked and earn [wo] from skein [mahiro] at time. It is a story from [hanareba] and ..retrogression.. ..[garu].. edge in fighting words purchase word and this already such as knights of imperial guards that only had to be declined though there are neither a mackerel nor here except having already surrendered if following it. "[Ttei] ..the cayenne externals, the edelweiss externals, and [do].." The Paris ell was cut in the air of the sword in a certain type, and set up aiming at [runasu]. u . Is it so?" [shiyukou] cough coming and [runasu] are agreed small. "Do Rainer and the other party. "

[End of Page 202]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 It is this young general that 211 was called who doesn't wear the armor in the arena of warfare and did the court appearance. The quiet tendon manner eagerly makes a faithful hound think. The remark pulled out the length sword with a strange general with the silvery hair from the back like [ri] ghost " Consented" expressionless [ginbatsunutsukajiri]. Solid black. It is a sword of the lacquer black on earth molded with obsidian from [eshiri] cutting [shitsukoku] ahead. The Paris ell was only amazed because of [bokari] and had goose flesh.

..[ginbatsuki] ".. Reina i . Black..sword..never..silvery hair..demon..sun..sense of existence..till then..nature..stop..bright..moon..existence. Only he ..[koukiteikokushiyouda].. is [runasu] of the sword of brilliance and 1 of the inside who queues up, and is called three swords of the empire. [Ryoutsurugi] and Rainer Lang Barthes. In the fight Games of the emperor capital opened one degree [tougi] [suu] a year, the genius of fencing that accomplishes a minimus victory. It is one 'Black sword. ' of the sacred treasure of the legend assumed to be use by the pantheon before to struggle that it was given by the emperor splendid of [sonoamayuesazuri] (That is . ) The sweat handhold and the Paris ell seem to slip and recover the becoming it handle the [gisube] hand to fading. (quieting) Fencing is bought for the dandyism even by [date] me and it doesn't exist in this castle. And, it is a rumor of him.

[End of Page 203]

212 [tankeda]. It doesn't have bravery [**] in the battlefield like [runasu]. It might be [hirega] story only of adhering. [kumousu] [kini] and ..minimus fog in fight Games.. polish then It is a story in the pus or the capital of the emperor of the foreign country. There will not be a difference thinking the destructive power valuing if becoming the length sword of [kiaredake] from [hakaisoui]. Because the bind person like a dagger is [oobuno] of profit [kanaio], the type is naturally decided, too.

It is suddenly big, and for the other party who doesn't know ability, coming is - elder brother [nasukiichigekiu] 2, and ..desire.. [kuzabougiyoi]. It is a stand-off first. A blow of the velocity at which chance is not shown. [Awayokupo] is slain then, taken in immediate [denakubo], and taken to the defense. It is sure to come by such a light hand. Then, here is a slim sword of such a speed valuing original. must. ..certain.. while it takes advantage The Paris ell was, and however, neither [ni] nor he also changed a cool expression, and, however, there was a cough as having gotten tired of waiting the question ..doing such a guess repeatedly... Getting : E: [ushimenku] Paris ell .."It came and went from [nakerepo] me" (.. was confused. The fencer with the [yuuzen] silvery hair advances too calmly and it goes out. It doesn't do even though suitable is measured, and it doesn't try to set up [amatsusa] and a usual elder brother [sono] sword at the time of whiling. It never walks without stopping the foot usually with the sword of the lacquer black hung.

[End of Page 204]

Is it ..[yoyuusore].. distinctive character P unpleasantness, and room? u: ::[Kyou**] ..purchase.. story 1 of [bakiin] of 213 [misumaruka]. the room and self-conceit it if it is [komanshin] u , [] p [kohotondo] [mi] food. The [harakentada] sweep and the fly only raised it to pay.

As for the sword of the Paris ell, it was inside [hodokaratata] [tata] coming [wari] only in it. ..boast.. [kare] is not, and puts the sword here more yet ..triumphant.. just like the time pulled out. And, it returns to same [modojiyou] as the coming time. "It is ..along .. " It is a halfway sword that remained in [chiyuu] and [hanpa] our ability. 1 ..keeping secret.. and the ending princess" The third princess who was instigating the flinch easiness is face assumed to be disgusted and dazzling ..departure.. . for the first time at that time. You are not blocked because of ". "

[End of Page 205]

It reports to the Paris ell in the state of making it to a stupefied [sorekara] blank surprise of 214. u Paris ell. Our win [deiina] P" It is not though it is good though it is bad. "Met" Ume Paris ell crouched without [**] coming and power. Only the entertainment them each other. [Arepo] and I were cut in two with ..slowness.. [ki] as soon as that like that. [Do?ssefu] and the cold sweat spout to fear as soon as imagining such an appearance. [Saishiyouhoriyo] u Prime Minister. It and edelweiss. It becomes our captive for you.

Adult [shikushiteirepo] is not done to be bad" A heavy sigh of the phlegm basing on cayenne might have been a mind of consent. Edelweiss also clears the roads between thrones. [Nio] u Then, let's go. I am the first time in the bloodless surrendering if it thinks. It shall not be the good one not fragrant of blood" The princess [jiyoukigen] is cheerful somehow. To have already said my castle, walking is advanced. "Now, let's come" The Paris ell of [nawa] in the state of sitting down was favored by one of the housemaids following the princess. The rope is not stricken. It is because it knows neither the method of resisting [teikoumou] nor the intention exist.

[End of Page 206]

Tray of ..[majin] "Is it [nin]?".. way remark [ttano] was Rainer. The Paris ell sees [kozue**] and his face. It ..".." ..something.. u Unpleasantness. It was only a little anxious" Only deflecting was said, and Rainer follows [runasu]. It is said the negotiation done so and [mahiro] that disappears has not appeared yet. Cough. 90 mistake markka foundation of a nation story 1 Between 215 thrones.

Vast hall put inviting elder statesman named many hundreds of at season of [saiseikimukasaio] noodle old Miss markka dynasty. The throne of solemn money placed in front of the depth and the binding [chiyoususougon;aruji] notebook seemed to put a legitimate main in here loss for the first time about hundreds of years on a new main now in old times. u Indeed, ..becoming it.. . It is the splendid one. If it is this, [chichiou] His Majesty's throne will not be inferior" Rainer says while similarly looking about surroundings. [Seihaakatsukisento] "His Majesty transfers the capital to this Nakahara at the daybreak of continental conquest. " u Do not seem be to so it. Then, it might be regulations here. It is not necessary to arrange one's verbs and objects. Will the castle under have been expanded in the future?

[End of Page 207]

It is a previous probably story of 216 " Jaw [runasu] is light and is ladle [tta] in half making fun and that as for the mandible. Hey Rainer, sitting [rukari] "No, in my position" straightening [ikifuu], and [runasu] are ..".. sighs. Even if [jiyoudan;yatsu] "You shall not be a fellow at all who doesn't quite know the joke" (Anything :) ..regret.. [nan] doesn't talk such joking in front of vassals either. However, no matter how it is mortifying, it is myself that was defeated. It is true though does that not is of the excuse.

First of " P" The sound was from a throne. Lying about and the sound are done when what or everyone is amazed and blood [tete] and the throne do the slide to the interior. [Hapokkari] and the hole : from the opening, and the inside to the place that is ..former... Prince [] p2 was avoided and the Paris ell ..".. shouted to the appearance instinctively. Man who puts out only his head is seeing [yo;ton] as for the every one who sits in a row, too. [End of Page 208]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 In arriving ..also it.. early ..saying or of coming of 2171 and P must encounter and there must be ,.. already... I must be going from such a place" [Mahiro] crawls from [anakura] in [kahaeyokkorasho] and a miserable cheer and [hi] [ga]. , It takes time and [mahiro] that sets it up on the [rafudan] floor brushes adhering to clothes bang bang L [yukahokori] first [namonode]. dressing of me one anyway It was not an informal dress as a usual royal family a little while ago. It wears against the backdrop of a black [matotsuerishinkukatakanmuri] mantle, and the service uniform of the stuff collar and the money line person [rino] crimson. The ribbon is turned from the shoulder, the crown is worn, and some badges and Miss markka royal families' family crests in [munamo] and the [kamongishiki] breast. It was full dress seen only in the official function, the ceremony, and the ceremony. It has and the [rero] throne returns to former position automatically. The direction kneels on one knee by repaired [mahiro], and shows an uppermost bow to one's superior to "Well," one knee [runasu].

When standing up as follows and, he was not him whom a usual Paris ell knew. Royal family of [sonshiyokuifuma] 1. Quiet glance without inferiority queuing up in king. It is the [**chi] [ofuruma]. [Denkateitoko] u Welcome it came from the emperor capital all the way because it was put by lord [runasu] F. However, coming to His Highness never never depends the desire, and either is food i . " "Oh is [haha]. " [End of Page 209]

[Ushiyouhibiwata] [sawara] [ga] sounded by 218 [ni] and it extended. u [Haha]. Do ..[ahaha].. [hahaha] so or ..whether you are so..9" v Consent partly. However, the smile of [runasu] that seems to be gotten with which the expectation is betrayed in the shape that not is further, and the expectation is filled any more. [Mahiro] still answered with a smile interrupts and bows for [kotakoshisore]. another On that occasion, I am ..".. sorry unfortunately. I am a life again. It is kept [mahiro] [yukirusuni] in place of the king ..hating.. [to] who is staying away as for this present country.

I am [ku] [e-denfaruto]" There is not an appearance strangely eagerly either. While exchanging even the smile as if it was very usual social intercourse. u Ah it has understood well. Only I was sorry the other day of [narapo] of me. It is so or doesn't surely exist really " Let's do at "This time, it was able to believe or is P". u Ah of course. There is not a doubt way if Prime Ministers' complexions are seen either. Somewhat..breath. The somewhat cold one enters the expression of cheerful [runasu] and it mixes. [Se] u Will be sure to say P, and ..putting out.. for [tekite] now ..the saucer.. ..putting out.. ..what.. when you take the neck when you invade here. Did you purposely remain for that?" There is no soldier who had to defend castleing. Powerless..without swords..boy..nothing to..stand. The..think..cord.

[End of Page 210]

220 keeping secret u This : the joke to saucer P this now. " a throw" From here is a princess [runasu]" [Jiyoukiyou].

u It is such probably situation though talking standing is what if original. If edelweiss was released, tea is waterfall [resasemasu]" Dangerous [runasu] laughed. Such a situation surely. Waterfall dangerous [resaseru] etc. are ..tea.. certain. enemy's housemaid "P what" It is ..doing.. P because in this castle, it is what though "Speak because it is good" it looks, it accepts kind offer in "and it wants to visit only the first one" [Chigahoka]. u This Nakahara and the [oishii] country are how much now if it sees from a strategic standpoint in another though an old dynasty might have been different. When it does and it did very, [runasu] of about saying ..Why is it this Miss markka?".. inclines the neck. [Imao] u It is not another either. This country is still a present master nation if it sees in one region named Nakahara. Other small nation ..falling groups of [tosepo] lose the settlement, and the left and the empire territory from the right arrive at the border of the republic. " u It is so. However, it goes deep into too much for it. This Miss markka of several countries in the south is still flawless to locate Nakahara at the torment [tan] center somewhere else from this. It is located in the south end.

[End of Page 211]

Foundation of a nation..story..concern..way..certain..kingdom..buffer between..empire..territory..positive..:..Nakahara..military affairs..nation..disregard..what kind of..eggplant..silence..hear..then..already..pile..forefinger..set

It doesn't do. "This.. it did not confirm, and if it is , ..[riyou] territory [surutsumori].. [nainode] is ..fortune-telling.. P from the beginning as for this country though it is my random guess. " u ..throw.. . The reason is P" [Kakuguko]. u It might be a limit as for eyes in the [kano] country though it doesn't know it is many hundreds of 1000. it is possible to send it scratch [mogu] If this country is suppressed as a dependancy, 3,000 at least. [Razuruka] first of all still, coming, and ..falling.. prior settlement of [sunoga] of [totsupa] for it to move however Even if the several thousand [**] exceeds forcing, it becomes not the line but a point. It doesn't make sense as [koritsu] [gun]. It is isolation" The expression like challenging though it is called [idoatezuppou]. ..confident.. [gena] [mahiro] this is seen and the Paris ell has not been seen so far. u His Highness [runasu]. As for this Miss markka, the frontier passes by too much so that you may come.

This [dearu] having already been thought was suitable for side of only 1 c: [mahiro], and walked several steps. 2 [ichigekiridatsu] [uridatsu]"

[End of Page 212]

222 "" [Onhitsuteki] u Lead of royalty [goji], and small number of people of the strength ..equaling to as much as one army.. Forced march at the velocity. Fool u Yes. is..ell..say. Bored [zasei] u To our prince such as want to sacrifice by every prince and ..[naitte].. saying because it doesn't want you to be sacrificed. Such why" Deflecting it. [Mahiro] is said Q. u I say from the beginning though you what say with what. It managing is a discussion and be [rebotte] it was possible to do" It laughed at [mahiro] as usual compared with Paris ells who showed the sigh of three of those who based on phlegm three externals.

u However, how. might It is sure not to be stopped any longer. You cannot make an excuse when coming here. I want you to hear it if it is said that it is. This..situation..discussion..besides..strike..plan.

[End of Page 213] of a nation..story..peel..fall..partly..line of the backbone..tremble..think. This prince doesn't want possibly only not to put out the sacrifice. Did it want the last moment that it was not able to be besides [hotsukono] at the eleventh hour and the discussion? He said from the beginning if it thought of [itsupen]. With the discussion. However, everyone such was about 1 and [unimodo] [tao] of foolishness at that time. To run away in the balcony even at that time that set up a shout. The soldier was still called back and a garish rut came ..not doing... Set up the do-or-die resistance was able to be taken even if there was no winning chance. The soldier does roughly and has existence that it is not, and there is certainly not a fight way in military power before one's eyes either the loan now. Ah the excuse for [**] or that is not here of should the stop though it does. The direction is ..[runasu].. repaired. [mahiro] [Kirayogo] u

I hate violence in it. Born and grow up..castle..this..castle..person..blood..make The castle was emptied including such various meanings" [Mamonoshiwaza] "Is the demon on the outside your still act?" Tami. u It asked a big favor my friend and it asked. For the people, the soldier is [**]. ..inclination.. [shidaiba] . though given in mouth [eba]. can remain by me in such a situation only though caught even if arriving at the .. [jintsukasoumoiki].. formation quite soldier It was thought that it was interested a little, and it listened. " u Indeed, ..becoming it.. . [Deareba] we were to have fixed successfully" [Yukaihohoe] [runasu] narrowed the eye origin, and makes a pleasant [geni] mouth partly with a smile.

[End of Page 214]

224 [kakugo] u It might be good, and if it is a resolution so much, teaches. It is as you say. It is not interested in this country very much by ..receiving.. [niha] us. The duty that I had received from [chichiou] [**] [do] is seizure of Saint [hai] by which [seima] divided [idatsushiyu] [tsuta] into the Miss markka of this .. .. ..piling up.. ..,.. nothing but" It was not only hither to be astonished [ugakugokuhi]. was easy to come.. When the fact is too strictly confidential, even housemaids who pave it by whom [runasu] are accompanied become aghast.

[Suutsuwa] "Saint [hai] is container named [**beru] or when do the in existence of such the one in this country, that of legend P P as for this world" hoe. u [Rashii] . It doesn't know as I am also well informed. It seems to be only a container of the calla that it is in this country even if it is said to it Saint [hai]" " E: E:- of the calla" dying in agony way when. u I hear that the power of Saint [hai] is printed in some crests, and has gotten scattered and lost. though they are not collected, and it is not after all significant" It is unpleasant and it must be not so. The Paris ell has been understood like it. The volunteering [ni] song and food this [ha] calla are the sage relics of the legend so. The emperor who obtains the legend will obtain it by the unmoving rock that should call the support of [nin] further in believing in, [banji], and [kuumo]. very in the future like power etc. of in all directions ..should being able collection... [Mahiro] says blankly there.

[End of Page 215]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 225 In the mouth, silver medal [dokoka] was a goblet that it was wide and the bottom is shallow gone out of date from which it was given that - [naruhodo] and it did still and [takahohodo] [ni] he had taken it out of the inside of a black mantle then for this about a complex carving thing. This or the food cayenne of .. 72 it is easy to come.. [utan] where it goes marvels, and the breath ..".. is drunk with the card that the prince said.

The Paris ell was amazed because of the appearance of a sacred treasure of the legend, [rayo] [do] to conceal whereabouts long or a super-national inheritance, too. Then, the mouth ..".. shuts oneself up as it is ..[chikomoshikashi] him.. in c:2"Ah, and it might be so, and if it is certainly the one like it, does only " [no] so that the prince may search that out. It is there. However, [ma] [uuba] will end ahead of their overwhelming power being deprived the way things are going by two [atsumi] though it doesn't know how to do here. The talk is ..".. early. Come near..mostly..expectation..pass..natural..stretch forth one's hands. It does and [runasu] is hanging L [geta] like the [shitsusoremo] agreement little while ago as for the edge of the lip. the agreement, [boyo] Shin or "There are His Highness [runasu] and condition though it doesn't care" [korabiru] [mahiro] where it goes [Senriyou] "If the country will not be occupied, it is closing as for the state as it is-pile [ha]. "

[End of Page 216]

226 [sube] u It is so. Please wait ..11 and ended all.." [Hie-deruwaisu] puts and explains the will of adamant while remaining quiet. Shino u Certainly, this place might be able to surpass it and. However, how do you think becomes it afterwards?

This is not only in the Miss markka already in the problem of stopping over the hand of ..[watatodosore].. empire if becoming it. Nakahara and consequently of continental [reitai]" u It is ..searching out.. [sarerepo] same thing without permission even if it doesn't pass it here. Father [hi] come back for the time being, and the third princess ..father k.. ..pain in 31 items in [wanakattashi] 1 " such irresponsible [] " [saeu] [**].. leaks subduing [tadu] piece laughter that sees the burlesque that can be done well to interrupt the voice of [parieru] if returning here in it until defend Saint [hai]. [Teisei] u Regrettable prince [mahiro]. It guesses about you a little while ago, and I will correct one" [Naooutsukanraku] that becomes quiet because the pupil of the lamplight [ro]ing seeing [suto] [re] Kiso does a terrific fume. u Lick [runayo] [daikyo] injury of empire. The [razuruka] level . It surrenders on 3 or the 4th if the district army is hit. There is building for besieging in January and February and us if there is a castle like this it is possible to shoot [soshiro] [raji] either. I may make it make sure as externals and a captive that the Miss markka army is annihilated [zenmetsusamahoriyo] if you like hereafter ahead" The person Paris ell could not help dropping the shoulder. ,

[End of Page 217]

After all, this castle and this country are lost with Saint [hai] as it is. There is no hand any longer.

....[mahiro].. piece each other.. [ra] 1 had [wara] by the door going [,i] and [i] in the leer of the [soushirimeshita] despair however. hung . bundled The stifled giggle was leaked, and the shoulder was shaken little by little. "Prince [mahiro] that it is amusing what" keeping secret u It is, heals, it is possible to say, and it is a princess [runasu]. Really, and? it is thought it is the same as the rest and is that the fool thinks like [yappori] and me, etc." Starting [saka] [gi] coming [yuka] [mahiro] hangs out the cup high, and : to the floor as it is. , Coming [**] of ..beating.. [tata] d The sound like the penetrating scream to which the cup that [reka] foundation of a nation thing lll are i 227 4 [kudakandakahibi] [e]ing and doesn't curve as soon as it is not bombs ..[mi] X'.. echos between thrones. If the reverberations stop, it is noisy .. [Runasu] also doubted contents of the head of the boy who was laughing like the posture that stirred to the remainder before one's eyes. [Wa] ax piece u The fellow named you must understand the meaning of doing .... by yourself or only you must be revealed from [**tei] ..P [saishi] [reho].. ..floatage.. existence of [sei] [hai]. And, it is a Prime Minister and [e] again also in this country.

[End of Page 218]

Do not tell even to [deruwaisu] where it lived by 228 foods. No very problem of the long ages the significance of existence, the influence, one country, and around there. It is a super-national inheritance.

It. "[Mahiro] F" [e]"" Endurance u [Aha]. [Ahahahaha]. Hi, it is not possible to endure it any longer" After it is finished to assume the lamplight, laughs, and it rolls, he straightens breath barely seem. at last, the complexion is princess L ..change.. [runasu]. " [dato] P what" u Safety. From suitable place in such [noha] a castle to my.. cup of [kabborattekita] and goodness or more [ge] of [tadasorebboku] seeing [ruda] [go] disregarding Look, and it is painted. The confirmation doesn't do it, and either because all are a serious faces and [aadakouda] [i] [uno], 1-seeing [mizawakoushiyoufuson] is already jarring [sawara] that turns [kaika] inside out. Attitude irreverently to have joked too much. Whether it was an interior was done to the plotted anger, and [runasu] bit and tightened teeth. "[] E:: E [tonkaiyou]" [Mora] u I thought what we should already do when only this was really gotten and it returned. [Sasugadesu] and princess [runasu]. It was good ..unpleasant [hahahaha] H [ahaha].. and good" [Sasugada] . ..the burning furnaces how many... [Runasu] makes a terrific wild excitement quietly stay in the pupil. It is interesting.

It also also of where. It is interesting.

[End of Page 219]

Mistake. ! Leca foundation of a nation story 1 229 truths. This..boy..regret. is unpleasant. pile up "It is good courage to make me a moss" [Seiitsubai]. u Slowly at sleeve interesting [kattashi] and night already of division, and it ended and, moreover, what was taken out ..[yabbari] servant.. in natural fool [nayou] of the fact that [ni] furnace [mahiro] was suddenly ..whether should do.. bosom though parentheses were put to the utmost. It if it sees is printed [majikkuaitemu] in shape of crest because of making of the sheet metal of the size like the palm, "Is does this understand something or it princess 17 c: [runasu] [mon**] ..earliness.. [**]?" [jiyumon;eishiyouma] [ro] leek cantrip aria, and the process of manitou [michibichikara] r operation by it handy. [Itsubonshihan] usually set the fire, called the cold, and drew the line with crest [**] and such a bargain that existed in [chiyoukinkushihotoko] [ma] Hiro's hand though was marketed those of causing the wind etc. in general in each country. It looks for the pattern by making good use of the chasing and inlaying and it is possible to look will the giving work of the workman who beautifully knew the name [ukagasaretasore] easily. It must be the one that advanced magic was printed in considerable [chigatonareba]. Then, in a word.

It does so, and the way is considered to the hand where [runasu] it is stretcher "Indeed, will you switch to the magic battle thinking that the negotiation failed?" flattery has a large escutcheon, and can finish being prevented with the escutcheon of this angel who prays when magic is average. That is ..".. more interesting. v

[End of Page 220]

Here can also cut this boy in pieces without reserve if the nature is in the other side though it doesn't very like to cut 230 [marogoshimuteiko] [ra] coming without swords and nonresistance. [Gita] ..the question on another one... shake the neck [mahiro] by contraries refer or do There was [do] [ge] [hi]ing ..the floatage.. ..blundering.. ..unpleasant p of "It is P that the same crest as this was printed in the rampart ..knowing it.." what... [Runasu] recalls having been recorded in the report from the wind. It was not a family crest, it did to the rampart in this castle so, and often the same crest as his crest [**] was carved. plain. [Kanetsuchiharu] u This is what the old Miss markka dynasty printed, and the crest that is called [**] in the ringing bell. It seems to be the one that sacred treasure "Bell of the collapse" that [nin] of the first rank that is called [houkai] much outer in old times had used and "The bell of the collapse is ..percussing.. [kisekisumo]" were imitated. It might be knowing of the miracle that those sacred treasures caused indeed if it was royalty" [Runasu] of ..turning.. , of [kushiyuuu] floated [tomashibu].

When two top people who were called in ....tendon.. turning over.. outer belong in the spring of 110 million were obtaining it, it is a done sacred treasure. Done [metsu] "..disappearance P.. never" ..

[End of Page 221]

, Eastern little tuna 'L power foundation of a nation story 1 231 beauty. Discernment..hereafter..this..castle..put Even the demon. Evidence that it was a real thing though it was [ni] 1 is in [kakumahana] because it was gone to the cord from [naige]" Edelweiss who was the leader in [jiyu] [no] [ran] and the country denied it. It is [denka], and waits and is [do] lord [runasu]. I also have seen that. It hears from [**] [do] as the prince [tsuitemo] [mahiro] was said to [sonooma] effective by me" One ::: lip [runasu] bites the lip. In the effrontery that the rut noodle was [hedo]ed and [to] [himishi] [raederuwaisu] is beautiful, there was faint impatience. Is not to be left no doubt, to be laughed over and over, to be raised [mahiro], it its acting because it is ..saying.. [youtantaresube] ..seeming [mu] it.., and it serious or is if that woman feels a sense of crisis, a joke? There is no art confirmed to anyone. There is not laughing deeply here if it is not serious. However, it is amusing more and more in case of seriously laughingly. ..[mahiro].. ..field [neru] ".. ..prince usual.. ..floatage.. [ni] of joke and [desuyone] c: as said timidly by the [osotazu] Paris ell.

[End of Page 222]

Such : c2-cheek food [mahiro] is one ..It runs away and I who is phlegm of ..neglecting.. [i] because of "" ".. ..".. point ([atta] and [sureposo]) in 232 at which it lightly smiled once aiming at Paris ells ..the failure in my plan... Running away is unbecoming and 11 only in that far from doing whether it is [**] as for the [aisotsubaka] affability though strike and said. There is foolishness to which the person also came back. The loyal subject was unnecessary for me. I am who to [kouia] [ma] like can the death without the trouble in [torautoki]. The girl of imperial guards [**] of -2 [shiro] [konoekishiikakafuru] [hi] struck and trembled with bottomless anger as driven hope of person's loyalty.. ".. ....king child [] .. [omae].. ..the scamp... kind of things..prince..mouth..royal u Such 1 wrong [noha] [sonnano] is not called a life. Because everyone dies, it cannot be very born. Because it is a family, it is . u Because it is , it has not been disregarding or one prince is play [**] severely [go] as thought because of like the bottom of his heart as for such a thing. Mouth [u].

[End of Page 223]

It [misumano]s and power foundation of a nation story 1 233 [re] [geyuufun]. u

May die by you when. It was a happy life enough. Especially, after you are guarded, one. Prince [] H" It was and because it was [re] 1, I did not want ..[ze].. to mimic it as the enmity returned it. Therefore, it was a desire where [mushisan] ran steaming [dirunasu] [hasono] [mika] [a] that it doesn't want you to remain in everyone and this castle.. that it was [monoi]. Or, it is likely to have said partly for such an honest girl. [Numashi] [e] [shi] u Foolishness is omitted. The loyal subject like this. The country and Saint [hai] furthermore Does it throw away by your own discretion or did the king admit it?" One saying food. However, such [noha] father L must be an agreement" Edelweiss is denied. , One [masaka] His Highness. This : the [kino] honey and u [naraorutodoro] and ..deflecting never 11, [somasakadayo], and guilty.. ..going together.. ..-.. : the country to opening and Tami Herr. , . . When mouth [ttane] and the edelweiss servant's being likely being likely to let the people go is of the calculations" However, [mahiro] that continues the [omodo] smile abruptly returns to the serious look, and ..".. .."When the country ... and father.. is the people . . of lord [do] 1.. ..height.. [hahi] 1 is.. ..getting one.. ..doing and the [murikaku] [se]... It remained in a word by the country, and is only a castle, such [noha] ..under the castle.., and, however, is a ridge corpse of the one of country.

With father

[End of Page 224]

There are an elder statesman, a vassal, and the above all people who yearn for it that does 234. One coming [nazu] man who finished saying it is possible to rebuild it nods very much in the castle and the town as deepened one's conviction if there is one's natural virtue like father [hi]. Only this ..father [hi].. is my drastic ..".. plan 10 though also learnt for the first time also by me this time. This is taken up one's position unexpectedly at the just cause near [razu] [shindo] Leca, is taken the place with the king of a neurosis smart nature there, and is newborn. One was done and [runasu] between [yunkankiyotsu] [matata] was a desire of as the rush mat that might be settling [hi] [geruotsumori] from which the unprepareness was pierced at Miss markka E morning as for this Nakahara. ..omission of foolishness..1 country is heard and [dato] P ..".. ..such strategy.. has not been heard to the point where it also blows the home country. ..".. suitable oak [mahiro] is another pointed out. u However, see, and [do] lord [runasu]. ing..answer back. Even if it is a great number of the disorder, in [ukoushu] turmeric [zenma] and the [marinonai] small nation group, they are harmoniously . that swirls the [satounaga] barrel trowing in the mind. Body [tonarebadoumatatateikokuka]. It becomes a third force that follows the empire and the republic in less than no time. The empire is rivaled and the national power not closed is rivaled with the empire if allying with the republic as a common enemy.

[End of Page 225] Of course, here : this country because it assumed it. In first and to the aim of the sacred treasure If it becomes it when the Saint [hai] disappears in this place now, too. The continent .. ..marsh..1.. ..attack.. : . . the differentiation . . It asks it at the tens of time one, and it turns over and, perhaps, ..[toronuma] (.. will be wasted by this previous war ..[rikohi] [rouhi], , [ninshi], and the national power.. the forecast of a present empire military command headquarters being made to the pole. Royalty. The people are superior becoming a traveling companion to the deaths. It seem to be one [tetsutei] " that can save the life? It had already taken a stance for [mahiro] Rainer and thorough [runasu].. needless to say housemaid 1. It is set up the velocity of such inclining forward of [araba].. blinking and ..[nishite].. making them die, and [konata] and [kanata] are the distances of the [to] number meter that cannot be done when it is good. [rirunasu] ..coming of four easily.. though it is [**] They are [do] very [nmahata]. The breath hangs, and my magic sword is [hakaji] . ..wanting see.. aiming at the crest. [mahiro] the hanging dying in agony [maunirahaka] [ru] ..oneblink.. eggplant , A few minutes will hang in actual movement if it is a crest of large-scale [kasoredake]. However, the start :. [End of Page 226]

It must be 236 [datsu] moment. It is only a few minutes if started. The small country also escapes from this place very, and it is black and is done and difficult when of not doing of the question as exceed it besides under the castle arrive. It is [waseru], ..gathering.. [narepo] also as for the Ivanhoe group that gets scattered and lost, and it is already hopeless for the demon cleaning up. [Runasu] of [okukatazu] begins to walk without toward [mahiro], and doing [**]. [Katatsuba] can do nothing but ..the appearance.. be drunk ..surroundings.. nothing but. It reaches original of [mahiro] at last ..[ta] [sutato].. straight. "Prince" [e] also ..".. : with value power [ri] [niherahera]. It doesn't understand. A win it here already. When here stepped forward by one step, you should have started if it was a nature to die truly. He ..[ododa].. did not do it. In a word, there is will being not to die still. Threat that is often. Be in whose [kare] of battlefield getting bored [kareadeha] and death [monogurui] often. [Runasu] had been seen by getting tired. [Ro] [gedoshi] is [keka]ed and he is play [shita] as for it. differ by nothing but one Can it not stir still now, and play [shi] continue. Therefore, Bean jam

..peaceful [nkono].. wherever you see ..whether it is possible to pass it...

[End of Page 227] of a nation..story..straighten..try..lamplight..blow..sweep..cut..brilliance..sword..pu ll out..shoot. It was till then if splashing of course at the current moment either of this boy's boil necks or arms. And, it can already been done at any time. How much was it made a moss [utsuwanaraba] : c E even there, container is this boy, and dissatisfied it when ascertaining it. Beauty and attaching u The fellow who omits Hey a beautiful thing only in the vicinity of [hi] hates fighting violence is what It has seen by sweeping so far and throwing away. However, you are side [i] fellow. It is said that violence will be used because it is not done. It is maximum level violence of the [soremooyo] scale usually not unthinkable. It is thorough" Kon something, and apologizing mouth [ou] ..".. . of ..sitting.. [shite] of seven that even the violence is unnecessary here to worth of edelweiss ..".. ..[hi] ".. there what burnt as for not the drinking harming the full monty of the young and old men's and women's who comes back to say nothing of paralysis [ichikakikanchi]. Sooner or later..return..pile..military power..first of that case..people..additionally. It is sworn to [wo] and ..cutting.. negotiating card not to do, points the blade of 1 and [ibaso] however at a left chest of [mahiro], and only you ..".. die. [Ichi] now it goes out very hey. It kneels and [onore] [kima] is waited for.

It will not be besides the apology. The problem is the method. It cries unbecoming and the life by yourself fragile.

[End of Page 228]

To beg to 238 makeshift sitting, it immediately rounds it down. yourself..belief..carve..resolute..death..choose..wise little forward to. However, the boy :. Originating [ni]ing paving [kodo] phlegm from mouth of 1 and ..desire.. [danishinai] word u The joke. It is here to try" Divided [ruhodo] and [warusoku] [ka] coming ..expiating.. .. The hand exists. The crest hung lightly out of contracting and doing when was laughed off and [runasu] was laughed off. If it is done, one that you also die laughs still and ..".. returns [mahiro]. u It is not a problem because I will die at any cost. It is a crest of the scale on which one country is put out though it is small. A few in will hang from the start to movement. Therefore, you can kill me no matter it is very" " E c:" and he are the breaths. , [Pimekakugo] 1 u

You are a princess [runasu] Borrowing that came neatly for resolution that lays life down"

[End of Page 229]

..departure.. [tachi] cuts 2401 [] ::: boy of [nodako] named [da] how many 1. The wild excitement of the [nikono] boy of [datoiu] is a princess [runasu] who is ..[**ei].. gambling whom I can finish killing earlier than the start if it is from this position. ..".. Is your sword fast or is it fast that I start? , It is a start crest of such [hatada] though you may divide the beating of possession dying in agony [youtataji] k [kiun] Chapter [mon]. It is saliva or is [fu] and foolish ..-.. ..")... .. c '.. . that the real thing is in the rampart in case of the pinch without forgetting as for it from many hundreds of. So It is here to multiply r by the neck. However, . However, really by any chance. , If this crest starts. It does, and what vanishing and 7: c does the bone also lose all in such [gatsu] - a frontier, and princess [runasu] [konnano] need not be chosen this white expressed as the sword of the lion and death.. ..pulling out.. brilliance P in the moonlight. You are securable only to stake the life of only several 100 ..1 country and 1 castle... However, I also : you only by getting it because of trivial P. However, playing thus in giving it because it is trivial is =.

[End of Page 230] of a ne..emperor..military command..headquarters..purport..tell..come..empire..rise and fall..future. Borrowing "[] " to have It stands in this place after it ascertains it, and the mind of gay [runasu] pulls to the reality and is returned to the war of the yellowtail suddenly the retreat and doing [hisashi] also of eczema [u], and. Is it a trap? u Has not caught in a trap here been understood yet? 7H that tests it blush of here heard impudently. v "[Dato] you what " u Do not forget it is hither to hear alive the death. ..departure.. [daikyo] [keto] of [ikare] that only dying is useful that strikes one to such a weak state for which those who envy it are left. Owe oneself the all empire people's expectation and envies and the white that ..balance.. stands. The resolution put on the balance is heard it is" And, the boy will lead the blade of the breast to the scruff of the neck by a slender, own hand. 1 Now hear it from the blade by yourself. It is what. [End of Page 231]

. ..242.. foolish ! of foolish [seimahai] The scale is large [gisugiru] to say the bet. [To] is kicked Saint [hai] [mademo].,so to speak, therefore. It is likely not to become such foolish and serious. Therefore, it is such [noha] play. Now, and therefore, it hung it ..the princess [runasu].., and it froze and [ru] eggplant froze the line of the backbone with a smile of the boy who cooled [ni]. [Nakattaaru] [kan**] that had been felt long had budded in me if it noticed. Frighteningly with [osotoshihago]. ..scaring.. [re]. To come, this I : boy [**] where such [nenbata] without one the sword doesn't go either. It was bored, every agape [soshite] him, and It became it. ..scaring.. [parieru] had not agape seen [mahiro] that broke like this. The empire had not seen [runasu] that did coming [yuu] [kyuu] like this before either. " P ..whether you are a prince [mahiro] really .. from whom unprepareness [keto] is called.." "It is P ..saying.." at about [mi] [Mahiro] is vomited and thrown away ..[samo].. foolish. ..".. when might be the disregard what it stricken. [**] [hi]ing is a princess who can die who is alive. v

[End of Page 232]

, It becomes impossible 243 for [] [koegaotsu] [ru] eggplant to succeed the phrase of two to the broken smile finally. It seems and it to laugh at [jiyoukiyouonore] still in this situation. He is not really making life and death by yourself a problem. Masako may die the departure ..this.. ..the [ikare]... No do think nothing of of the death because of the bottom of one's hearts. He dies as the death is not disliked and he described and he also has the depending advantage. However, it is said that have them choose it as here in dying because it is trivial. It plays. Ah here played. I ..[odomuisore].. got conceited, and it was threatened as ..death.. [nuzo] [koro] skirt. It is idleness. What like the card etc. that cut to such him here there by you if becoming it when it was too meaningless? Thus, when it is a battlefield, it is turning over " I do not want to die in such a place. I do not want to get on such a foolish bet. And, the large living was not able to put out Saint [hai] that was the key to the key conquest in above all in such foolish shape. at last [Mo] idea was said, and " was done" [ru] ..turning over.. eggplant made them come round, and said the derived answer the round ..what.. ..the round... ..lamplight ".. when I move backward. If you say [End of Page 233]

244 ' It reeled, , o was [ku]ed, and [houto] and [mahiro] threw out the crest. Because I ..".. have not put plate [mada] sword yet either To the cold blade is in his neck origin. u The word doesn't come very much so if it doesn't acknowledge one's defeat when it goes out. And, [ni] will not be able to be trusted if it doesn't do even so. Anyway, ..[ni] [njiyouori].. dies probably thinking when the impoliteness of many and the impoliteness can be permitted. It satisfied it apart at this life, and a story was able to be told, and it satisfied it enough with [jiyuubun] [hi] of me with you. Now..neck..ah. [poreteita]. [Mahiro] that became the smile of calm [odatansoku] was seen, and [runasu] sighed. This where boy who wants to die. It is a Karate in complete. Situation [datei] that can be killed nothing even in bet and this smile now. It kills here and it becomes what. And, it returns to the emperor capital, and it reports on that very. His [myage] is [wanashiyounukenuke] [jiuwanu] in calling here that jumps into the trap and play making the best use of for here. Shame is only given the final coating in the place where his such neck was taken home to the souvenir. [Jichiyou] [runasu] shows it about the boy. , Oneself is ridiculed so that it is hung on the smile that clears completely.

[End of Page 234]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 The sword was lowered as it was without 245 and power. u It has understood. defeat it.." "72 ..keeping secret.. ..princess .. u The attendant of two ax thigh avoiding [runasu] ..princess ".. was shouting to E by yourself and your defeat in the look that saw the nightmare. However, [runasu] puts [soyosonna] [kare] and the sword is put in another place. [Ka] u It is a responsibility of me who doesn't care to whom was too early. I got caught in the trap from the beginning according to this prince word. If the nature in [do] [gotsu] [re] [yotsumoshi] him exists, we should have been able to be put out even without negotiating " u However, 1 [sonotokidatta]. The cry that eats a noisy footstep and the [muninowo] [teriawakairori] bubble is heard from the corridor. Not ..crowding.. [do] but ..kick.. tick u [Runasu] c Lord 1 drying up. His Highness does "It is what" ..the black.. to where, hears of Rainer's voice ..contracting.. ....gnat.. pulling out.., and the person of [kuro**] runs in. Saying L [gemasu] "..running ..the surrendering face.... ..[souhakuta] and ..cause.. [iuno].. not is.. ..wanness.. ..slowness.. ..[ichi].. fearing it.

It is a lot of troops from the report and the castle [do] north side from wind " It is [misumaru] in the leader.

[End of Page 235]

I hear that the Nakahara nations union army goes south and the follow and the squad were going south ..below the Miss markka army that leads the king [chikara] by 246 [tsuizui]... "In addition, the 3rd and 4th republic master light U from the rear side that will reach under castle soon pass" from the many 10000 10000 of several in number 5 (won P) In the mutter, the [nsuu] Paris ell is dazzling and anti-tin [shi] in the head of present no knight's report and [runasu] as for the [youna] word. It was [poka] [n]. Besieging on the [roujiyou] the third and the fourth was to have limited the surrounding of this Nakahara to the other party to the last. Large army group of decisive battle class that is and exceeds [tanoha] and it far by going out [harudagaiza] appearance. Rainer who changes "Princess " [fuao] look shakes and looks up at [runasu]. ..dazzling.. [ita] . as impressed. the still princess Put basing on u Is it a free farce like the conference etc. it is indeed In guess [**] [hi] here, the unity at an old dynasty was hard. And, the ability of the king Miss markka whom even the republic has dragged is " Externals in which the situation is seen are exactly soldiers in coming calm [zen]. It was a decisive appearance.

[Shinkouseima] is [inerase]. u Being likely being likely to attack this country aiming at Saint [hai] also : in the case of the re-empire invasion. The [koushita] arrangement of [tayachigame] at that time also. It should have been perhaps in order for a long time ..stopping of the first invasion... " [End of Page 236]

11 [misumaruka] ..having fun.. stories 1 The empire cannot help putting out the hand if becoming it when the sacred treasure of 247 legends has put it on a in existence and it empty castle. , If it is heard by the republic, I cannot help sending the soldier. E has hung with the throwing away body that vacates the country as well as this Ef without showing the appearance, too. [Tsufu] [ni] [shi] u It is not because it is a purpose to crush us. It is this maximum purpose of the king Miss markka only to drag the republic with a heavy waist, and to make the composition in the country at each republican Nakahara [ni] of the empire pair . v [Bi] [nra] [e] [uegakamon] [i] finished was and watched family crest [womiri] of [**chou] put behind the throne and the Miss markka royal family who had been drawn there by [runasu]. close relation It did, it lent, and the snake toxin of the name of plot knocked down powerful [natao] [ru**] r, and [runasu] was [go] and is mouth [tta] such as moving, and making fun of [mahiro] and the glance. by experience..careworn..nod..already..hostility..provide..admit..color..provide..d o..indeed..after all..this..temporization. It is [tta]. You shall not certainly be a wonderful actor. [A]

[End of Page 237]

Because it was finished to perform wanting the death ..breaking though [wadaisokomade] of 248 of ..monopoly.. [ni] is dangerously exposed... I ....large phlegm pluck.. [otoko].. am the first time like you" It is ..[oda] [**].. calm as it is not possible to think with [te] expression of the family of two people to confront and the person in the rival nation. [Runasu] takes the hand of [mahiro] , saying that the prince one [mahiro]" by both hands covered with Gauntlet. [Mahiro] [mokyoton]. Become my bridegroom" [Pon]. It blushed. [mahiro] and simultaneous and the Paris ell also. Only one becoming it [nana] becoming it [kosonna] opinion can be expressed. The impact more than time when [nisetatashipeugekiho], the [bashiaru] meaning, and [mahiro] divided the beating of Saint [hai] of the imitation is [**ru] in the whole. The princess [nikono] of [datoiu] : with cool-headedness. It does and Kura Bonn alone who cannot talk by seeing my as an aristocrat etc. whom [chichiou] [**] [do] and the minister party introduce after all eyes is ..ghost ".. abuse. The [tenkun] ..done k.. abuses to the moss of this me face to face, and is [wara] enumerating it ..turning [kutsurugi]...

[End of Page 238]

[Misuma] '[Reka] foundation of a nation story 1 There were 249 boring [itsushiyo]. With you. If it is a cord, it is not surely bored. Foolish the prince who is making such a thing public seems to be always also it is and ..[shimerurayo] of ..[yaanosonoeu] : c.. [ze].. always weak to an unexpectedly opposite standpoint in whose [kare]. Only making ambiguously : the word to [mahiro]. It lovelily laughs at ..such appearance.. [runasu] like the radical change and the girl, etc. One [ahahahaha]. It reddened, and it reddened. relieved. , About [runasu] that they are made to eat fully as for this, it might have been retaliation ..her it... , [Mahiro] nothing but : hurried nothing but by a red face. u . Oh, [aa]. Yes. [Ahaha]. This [tenkasho] [ra] phlegm of it was and that was removed indeed ..this.. , ..pouring.. so. [Do] lord [runasu] is . v ,

Serious..head..steam..go out..redden..separately..good..say..provide..say. [End of Page 239]

[Harisen] of edelweiss that 250 comes between of whom normally pulls and returns the idea of [mahiro]. ..His Highness [runasu].. oh dear I ..hoop ".. think that there are mutually parents each other because Koto is Koto, too though it is a shin, and a special talk with food. The glance of edelweiss and the Paris ell is painful, and that i and the !: c2 "I will make the understood answer understood the next chance" is done that it is along with [hi] about which it often consults at not only parents each other but also the family conferences, etc. each other why and Luna because it becomes [ketsukon] international marriage about there. It is ..[su].. [chi] ..taking the subordinate.. ..the stammerer.. word in the end. [Dounumashiyura] u However, it is possible to remember, and the prince [mahiro]. Today..choose..marsh..continue..sura..road..reputation..zilch. The heavy [i**] was caught like the remark entrance. If it was a speculation street of the empire, the continent would have been installed on Saint [**] in less than no time by the emperor who obtained [imatata] [hai]. However, rough fought [mahiro] against the fate today. , Coming Nakahara nations and republic to empire of ..[n] leek long ages.. anther. The situation where balance was able to be taken too much is [darou] of ..bringing.. [susunawakonmeieebu] as for a long standoff. It is a harbinger that brings continental the age of confusion long it.

[End of Page 240]

6 , Eastern little tuna and foundation of a nation of ..doing.. power story 1 Silence after anther 251 controls. It concentrated on the plaza in front of the castle gate the Ivanhoe group when doing ..the black.. and a little doing like [ha] ..question.. silence in the throne, and it looked straight as summons to run through the south gate eye finger. [Tachi] ....1 .. carving .. .. ..the true win..2.. ..misappropriating.." It is not in [dare] and coughs. The pinch in that : somehow dreamlike now. Delicious. u The country remained in the form of the height apart from victory and defeat. And, father. v When L also returned and one [gita] [rinazuure] was seen, edelweiss and the cayenne also nodded. The Paris ell was pleased to be glad, and to splash. u , Terrible E. Child. It is the highest. Truly defending all these countries. Even if you teach in = remark if the king returns in this way, it goes mad, and it knew . v It continued. do not do the cayenne and edelweiss after the Paris ell and .. [yumiyou] ".. at all. Tonight. many..contract..understand..a lot Majesty..tell begin with. [End of Page 241]

Are there 252 because it was able to press it?" [Mahiro] [ba], [kerakeragera], and laughing loudly. u Surely. all..provide. u Therefore, Saying, are not you? Running away, and [tte]" With bad [biremosezu] and cool-headedness. u Even the cayenne not to mention edelweiss did not know. Did not father h only when really do all the people by me, let [e] go, and think of [tte] from which it would run away with it so? Therefore to begin with, it was not necessary to say" If Allied Forces came before it left without ..the remainder of every [tetsutai].., and the main unit of the empire came, they might have withdrawn naturally. Why king [a] is borrowing ..".. straightening of from which it did not run away then. u This time, I wanted only to try much one it was... The story and the good-for-nothing only of it are effective, it leaves, and it is reluctant when dying. v Fool u

What such foolishness [nakoto] is said? Then, isn't there what of may your death because of certain? v [End of Page 242]

[Misuma] 'L [chikarakyou] this story i 253 Kazumi doesn't think that I am not so by [horo] L [tsutaomoshiro] multi [ni]. No, to interesting [okashiku] , easiness instigating always because of [mahiro] that jokes. Expression of [shizukama] shown for the first time. - ..cutting.. I hate violence. It is in the world of war disturbances to start from [datoiuno] in the future. It becomes an age that violence rules. I then am [hi] Particular because of "because it is "1 in the counterplan then ..alive.. ..not wanting... Yes : c [jibaku] dying in agony [me] [ufunatsutoku] [ma] Hiro walks a little, and is taking L [geru] as for crest [**] of that self-destruction river. And, it was, and ..cough.. .."[Soudane] [ichi] piece [ji]" [**] J :.. as consented though there was not a positive proof because there was no such chance 'P :"-up to now either. However, it understood clearly this time. Eyes were yet ..holding in derision.. when it seemed to be and lip [hashitsu] [me] 2 and the Paris ell pointed at my eyes [mahiro], and lifted up the edge of [nii;] and the lip to me apparently. Conviction [meita] with a smile of "It fights and the one seems to be able to win by empty" [egaokooso] ..doing.. of paving shuddering why. The line of the backbone was frozen. u Such a thing , and it is surely serious and it is a child. Is it mouth [tteru] P?

[End of Page 243]

I who had not used violence either did not use violence for the princess bored 254 keeping secret one [runasu]. [Mahiro] flashes crest [**] in control to the cayenne and shows it , saying that After all, no one died". The Prime Minister floating agreed "Violence is a card of the name of military power as long as it did not exercise" [saishiyoushiyu] [ni]. " It is as f child says exactly" and it does" It might be useless only in the world and violence. As for violence, it is remarkably comprehensible certainly, and the [yuuretsu] [garihi] sea lion is also effective. However, superiority or inferiority clearly goes out only to it. An early story must be frightened and you [ichi] ..[daa].. [osoobisou] that was [soremade] must ..[runasu].. ..scaring.. ..[re].. be frightened because of violence to which it went in the [hi]. Moreover, moving must be sealed off with crest [**] that [runasu] are in violence more than it and the hand of [mahiro]. In the wording that [duka] is logical, there is no hesitation. , discussion is not understood easily hating. It is confusing. I think that there is [demodakarakoso] possibility. If root [fu] of violence says variously, it is an intention of the person who is spirited of it. Then, it only has to sprain it there. It might be an easy story. Being able to do it did L ..only the word it.. and the [tsushiyou] cayenne laughed. This is large [giku] ..[teikoku] ".. [da], too.

It is possible to say, and the dream of continental conquest that raises the blood vessel is ..empire.. 1 that will be realized by empty at feudal lords of [kanaku], too. ..recent many.. [ni] [usei] seem it if it can be done

[End of Page 244]

[Misuma] [reka] foundation of a nation story y 255 So. One. ." It might be a limit today. That's the end of it if the sword is pulled out after all by the other party. , This time..aspect..character..good..card..become complete..rare..hand..laugh..crest..edelweiss..hand..however..receive..look..s mall..pucker up one's brows..mouth..His Highness..surely..of many..become..understand..Chinese quatrain. [Tamahiro] is.. is ..[ro].. ..piling up.. ..[yo] tray.. [to]. the gray-headed lapwing The mouth is a card that was able to be cut because of this situation that is. Even it is a lamplight ..acting it... Shelter..discussion..provide an d..card..power..give. [Kohi] [onore] ..piling up.. ....[zeko].. kick.. [kare] denied all violence from the beginning really. It did so and belief by yourself was tested. The sound of the march that looked like the rumbling of the earth of the large army that took from the outside of the town by the king and returned had roared when becoming about [ni] [utodorosono].

[End of Page 245]

It was done that it was regrettable by 256 one [demo]. Though it is thought that it understands if it is a cayenne" "What.. [deshouka] P" [geuhotsu] frank [ko]. u That character of the princess [runasu] who might have seen. It thought though it did. Large-minded [**oto] [nantemono] has been passed" The [shinshi] Prime Minister agrees to sincere expression [mahiro]. [Taizen] u Certainly. It has arrived at the enemy's territory in self-possession by men only in that. It will become a maximum level enemy in the future and it blocks in front of us" [Ketsukon]. u It is so. c When ..taking.. [daijiyoubuttemo] [dai] is strong, the noble's concubine another two is I surely in the place in which it married if it is such princess [runasu]'s character and" [Harisen] of edelweiss ..[subogo] ".. : from back of the head. The punch of the Paris ell : to the face. Hiro of ..departure.. [ma] made [pesho] and a sober sound and rubbish broke to the place. [Saidoicchi] [nina] [End of Page 246]

_' one mistake markka gel1K E1 story 1 that aims at Chapter 6 far continent 257 [yoku] morning.

[Takokuseki] country The multinational union army of E that takes and returns is the south because it develops with the vicinity of the border of [razuruka] as it is, and it becomes the first defense line for the empire. It [to]ed it. , The demon in the [mamono] castle town was being almost put away by the empire army, and each [higaikanraku] person was able to return in the people in last night. , With damage. One. . Have mouth [eba] and several corrugated cardboard castles surrendered? Person [takazafuachi] of the town starts putting the festival decoration back in order. Housemaids in the castle are large ..[ooiso] in the garden etc. trod on.. [**] in the demon to [shu] putting" In such where food is not put up. The Paris ell attended and is ..way.. way in the lowest seat of [de] and ..question.. Asami of meeting. "[Inodazo] H ..symbol of the state castle, and no playground of that.."

[End of Page 247]

[Rareakushiyuna] and , [koppidoku] [shikiteita] ..finishing come.. ..anger... think that it is praised that called [mahiro] defended the country by the king 258 [hooko] The entry hall is unexpected and, naturally, [deari] from ninja residence [mitakunatteita] of the bad taste. , .

The ringleader who ordered it to set up the trap manages to be [mahiro], and it is Rina or all that do it is because of the person to be [gamigami] though the unpleasantness, father [hi], and that make an excuse that edelweiss is a long ages of 1 trap very. Majesty..already..good..provide..turn over..enter..king..stand..old..general. The officer of the empire and [itsukirigetsukorino] when it is young. [**u] is accomplished ..large manitou.. ..conducing.. [shi]. , . [Gu] and, then, it process.. ..{.. ..child.. thumbs very as that and a result ..the splendid defense of the castle.. ..whether.. ..the prince L.. ..such [shuraiban]... u [Jii]. It is a grandfather, and the [gusodo] job That's right though assumed. v " That is ..".. [shun] ..a silence.. ..""... It is ..".. ..[shuraiban].. ..spoiling too much.. c [End of Page 248]

Miss markka foundation of a nation story 1 [Zoro] ..doing 259 each other.. u [**]. [To] is too severe. [Kono] swelling [hi] [gatta] child's face ..seeing... One wound of ..recovering.. [ya]. It is not proof that looking down [wataakashi] and only this prince resolutely go over only to the mouth with the empire army each other or 72"Sewn " melon [ge] is paved.

It shuts and it folds one's arms the king and eyes. (..crowding.. ..[jitsu].. of [yabba] :: E all It ..lamplight sitting.. falls. It how 1 it indeed how, and what : if it says. Corbicula. The knee has trembled. Ah edelweiss is [go] as for this. There was a mouth. It was necessary to stop the face. The face is swollen and occurring sleeping apart from it is possible to go is [medomo] [tsunoda] though it sleeps at that time and it calms down. The hitting effect is kick effect [moaruwagedashi]. the [demoyappori] face 1 It is probably good. Castle..apart from..why..provide..father..parents..unmanly..become..provide..phlegm..base on..king..sigh..line of the backbone..Naka..yes..father..people..foolish. Even the soldier doesn't sacrifice, and, besides, :. This country [nuwo] was often defended without causing the confusion of [**]. One that is looking ear [End of Page 249]

It might not have been thought even 260 [sonna] word and the dream. [Mahiro] was [pokan]. It is not immediately after [darehakushiyuda] with whom, and applauds. No, even I : doing it actually first though the Paris ell though I did not notice. Moreover, it is and its nothing but stern whole assembly in less than no time. ,

They are 1: c2 elder brothers and are one [mahiro] [badoushita] or before long will be [yo] in the ovation. ..floatage.. [yo] Is it one? [uni], [kyorokyoro], and [maji] P"father u Do not suspect parents. Take care about the wording. " u King, two father [ri] sighs sigh 1, and [uho] [ra] [bi] 7 c: we said occurring. whether the current word was in [maji] I may make the reward taken if there are some hope. Isn't it power of that who sealed it so? u Housemaid. The housemaid. [Shinigo] is.. and [ounin] in His Highness or the prince. So. One vassal this ..king [tsushiyo] of As for the housemaid of belonging exclusively that is called [ounin], it is [] Wataru in me".. sigh. u Already. One [to] [gatteyoi] [jiyouho] u Even if you concede if you like because not household troops' uniforms but the housemaid clothes are dressed to the Paris ell. One

[End of Page 250]

One [haa] ..P ".. fool ..omission point it of what... Ef c 261-[shin] O Miss markka foundation of a nation story Even if the tongue sticks out lovelily, it is ..time.. ..[ni] already.. slow with [yudeoso]. lovely ..saying.. .... Everyone's glance is [itaiitai]. still [uzen] Doha Millet millet millet millet 1::: Paris ell is one [tadaima]. u . How about ..peel.. ,? impolite , tile country E [**] [do] H ..peel.. now It is humbly one one flat. v [Dosei] . Hungry hunger. However, the originated word is not from still a angry voice. . 1 and the bow that often defends my child [mahiro] and passes it. Grounder..float..blink..blinking..blink..glance..ahead..first..applaud..another. Is ..saying.. applause "Each other . that " [di] c:= [**] sent from everyone's f though it is small if looking about? [End of Page 251]

262 lacked [ni] u A positive speak frankly neglected and had misunderstood , servant. , I did not think that you followed for the resolution there. I'm sorry therefore.

Thank you and. My best regards in the future. v [Megashiranantonaku] and the head of the eye became hot. One encounter is, and is king [e]" Hereafter, only here will :. Put on the housemaid clothes 1 and ..remainder.. [notame] therefore. v u. Death sleep fool prince. " A maximum level thunder fell from 1 and the king toward such two people at the end the god. 2 s regular time t Rumor s No.[fuu] 1 here. There is no rumor. t s Wind No.2. There is no rumor. It is boring peaceful. t u Wind from special [rokukuchiman]. [**oukyuukuchinega]" s::: t s t s existed or the code of P special title t. [End of Page 252]

263 [misuma] [reka] foundation of a nation thing li. } One is done and the truth is snipe "1 left. s Be not cold. It has interrupted this communication, and there will be only believing. It wants to hear the rumor, wants to throw or is P. t It keeps secret, the former, and it does or it concerns wanting know princess [runasu]'s trend. s If so, it is very [namonoda] if it says indeed . . Even the soldier doesn't lose, and be already person [ttarashii] to the buffer area. t s It is [moarugana] ..purchase.. . as for the head of the security force of [razuruka]. However, already from now on if Allied Forces develop there. Such forcing once. The army will not be able to worship it. t It seems to be Sawa It becomes impossible s a little commotion in the military command part it, and to being able to smell , and also for us ..becoming it.. to return by being with the first retreat of the princess [runasu] of an eternal victory no defeats because we say that the precaution to this country was strengthened to a republican Kei ordinary pilgrimage t. ..bite.. c s [Naa] and special title. If it is you by chance, it might know Koto's truth.

It is warm on that night what in that castle. t The little [wazushiyunjiyun] hesitation. u Unpleasantness. Pool cloth [suruhodo] is not rumored because of the wind. Is it [rihira] s , all beams, kings, and palms of edelweiss. " all? t 1. u Moreover, whether something might be heard is a be known etc.

[End of Page 253]

264 boring [omoshirotano] s Ah only here :. , It seems to be tedious for a while. It asks suitably when there is an interesting rumor. t One [kochirakoso]. The communication ends" The breath. All were not as the king and she thought really like the a rumor on the street really though it was [chima] [ruhi]. It asked and it was and [chigakaizai] [chiga] lay without prince [mahiro]'s intention in that place though it was not the determinate one as the rumor as thrown. [Damahebinodare] [ni] snake young when it floats and [dama] is done. u

, Mouth [i] might still be so if it repels it. Neither everyone nor [mahiro] [oumoteaso] shine and have thought that it repelled the sword of [kiken;oso] [kagaya] yet now. Perhaps, when [mahiro] is a free actor only with superb courage only of plan [wonu] [enji] in country E even in [runasu] confronted. : : The communication apparatus with only the size of the board chewing gum while piling up along originating mole [kamihiso] [shikou] of one is hidden in the black hair bound to a total hair. It ..about one.. becomes it. It is the wonderful one. v It does, and the gun is instantaneously pulled out and shot for the voice put from [yunjishiyuu] horizontal externals. However, the other party :. Prince c: [mahiro] p1" It sleeps, and is a cayenne that one mud Herr was [subai]. It was surprised" The duty room of [shitsumushitsushinshitsurouka]. There was no sign where the bedroom, the passage, and each door opened though it reconsidered. Did it lurk thus or has the concealment passage been postponed here if becoming it? Anyway,

[End of Page 254]

Foundation of a nation..thing..grind..that..edelweiss..lord..feel admiration..a little .very..problem..royal

It is likely ..".. not to have made it unpleasantly as shown in you, and the blueprint of ..remainder.. [no] by chance it when the sleep festival was prepared ..whether it was awareness from when.. "... It is very caught and the come [ni] ..sleep 1..-street indeed certainly. If it is man of the empire, the reed is pulled out. c: and when I was marked [Ni] [kutanka] ..nod.. [mahiro] of two had a seat on the desk of ahead of the cayenne and ebony while nodding when stepping ..stepping... [Mamonowana] u . Yes. Because the demon was going to be released in castle of ..remainder.. [ha] [do] and the castle after all, the particular trap was good in a free waste. However, you were purposely moving the arrangement of such a waste little by little. Air homo [puriapo] [hi-deruwaisu] has been changed into a brutal without permission trap. v In the [nagakishiu] reason. The effect of empire [**] L forced stay is sure not to float even if a very individual drawing is looked at. The straightening [ikishichi] [me]ing floated and ridiculed the cayenne to the sigh mixing. , , Really? it is L by doubted also by me that an edelweiss lord alone who doesn't move too much is its same trade. [End of Page 255]


u Because it is a woman of ice, it is probably reluctant. However, it is [moda] . of you. True colors was not revealed to the point where the princess [runasu] was made before one's eyes at that last moment. That is terrible. Therefore, it was unbelievable until your communication was heard now. v [Tari] [youhotsu] u Because I introduce myself in that place, and it became it very what, it does. , A special title is known and is existence of life [goki] [go] [nuyouna] [ura] also in the intelligence part as for the face. As looking rush mat [shii] [inochiko], usualness [tsu] only of lying down ..cutting... u however surely If it usually places and only , 1 can be cornered, even doing it :. The princess [runasu] expected it of me" [Emiyounaruhodo]. [Go]. d it was able to be and was strange story. Though [**uranai] and everything that likes only 1 and has been found were meaningless v The smile contrarily shook the neck to [mahiro] small with the cayenne that [**] cracks to the attention of [teikan] and the [rahohoefu] resignation while seen. u

No, you may not worry. I do not have will take you to pieces. v Let's have ..what.. and ..".. have dealings in "of taking 2. When going out of the limen of E seat, it spoke. Then, are not you? The one at that time is ..expression.. [kuragusetami] quite different though It is empty and ..theft.. [rerutte] as for this continental [rehi]". u It is a habit of saying of father [hi]. There is a king about king profitable [tari] if he cannot believe from the people" It is a no theory. It if no one believes even if the town someone introduces oneself the king. [Mahiro] continues the reason that even such f an attendant understands.

[End of Page 256]

u Then, cayenne. Believing is believed P what" If it is P, it is a standing of a family that obtains [kunkou] [ichi], the trust, and confidence from [shinraiuie]. [Aruiba] [chi] title. Distinguished services. Character. As for [shitesousaseruka], what [banpetsu] is multifarious . v It laughed at [fufufu] and [mahiro]. Kazumi is one [zehisaishiyourika] with an easier story...

it The one as the Prime Minister that wants to be visited. Information useful in the future..person..with a shrug of the shoulders..natural..say. "Only have to cheat. " , Eastern little tuna [reka] foundation of a nation story 1 267 [Suhe] of ..floatage.. [ni] of 31 : c it u The person is made to believe. It cheats. It is the same thing. In a The necessary for that one is from guard to ..".. information. One all

[End of Page 257]

However, 268 [aa] and the prince ..[nanda] P and [sanandakore].. of this ..P.. seem not to be only really gentle. In a word, neither 1 is ..".. so ..becoming the double agent.. ..diving.. ..unpleasant "... It is ..danger.. [ka**] to draw out information from "Style" a little while ago not told the emperor capital to dive. However, you have both knowledge and discernment at a considerable level in case of no it. Surroundings on the standpoint completely understand even the situation in near nations that become empty. I rattled while making eyes that paved [**] sparkle by one [ayakaga] and [ma] Hiro who wanted to buy there.

[Nerahebi] u I want the ability like it in hand the aim of the continent after all. And, I should not have been known to be a snake yet now. This time, ..power of people.. ..brandishing.. [saretahonshiyou] and. " ..seriously.. surely" If it is you, my nature degree should be able to be concealed thus easily and to pass it ..becoming the Prime Minister surely though it slips as a spy.." Unpleasantness and foolish, foolish, foolish, foolish [shii] . that was such [noha] a silly question. Though it is ridiculous. That's right .... the Paris ell to the way at that time that returned to the castle if there is really such a foolish story ..[modomoshi]... What does this boy finish doing, and where it do? I want to see.

[End of Page 258]

, [Sumaruka] foundation of a nation story 1 269 [a] [tasoshite] fact [kare] was fail to live up to the expectation much in the form of the unexpectedness, and not answer? Then, I want to see. I want to see more. It is as psoriasis [aanaruhodo] and edelweiss say. It is likely to have infected this prince. I from whom such a ridiculous thing becomes the enjoyment am. Dealings and he said this. If true colors is revealed even if angry waves [hosshi] and it ..[shigekiuse].. cuts off then, it is a free runaway.

How more pungent is it than such a life? ..[niri] ".. to serve very secretly as a right-hand of not this country but your [go]. It says or is 1 so. u So Therefore, I want you to forget of course, I was here now. P how" It is said that the waited ball will cheat even Naka's good Paris ell so much ..the king and edelweiss... And, it is to finish really cheating not only the country but also continent all L by this boy. What might already hesitate. I often..passage..noisily..noisy..footstep..hear. c My best regards L " P"

[End of Page 259]

Brink [mahiro] was hidden on 270 and the street suddenly on the back side of the window side and the curtain. It is ....becoming empty.. [ni].. becoming likely as such as the seed etc. However, the terrible one is a veriest way if it doesn't consider it to kill [wakarakanbekinuhodono] and the sign . . The every one of the chamberlain corps and many housemaids show up after the knock of [jijiyuuyagate]. Besides, [shibanawa] etc. [mosopu], [houki] [bakujiyou], and the frying-pan the hand in the hand Yes, the prince [mahiro] did not come in one must be going cayenne Prime Minister [kochira] or noisy ..pain.. ..".. ..p2 ".. [soregadesu] that is what ..the pull.. .."... The cake in our ante room.

It was good or [nozomeku] was almost picked, it ate, and ran away from n cake to [ta]. Because it turns over and [ruha] [heri] doesn't do to peep. [Ba] theft ..wonderful abilities daughters of [mosumeko].. .."of [ichi] and [nunisetsutou].. ..saying as our enjoyment is eaten by stealth... Bilking. If it is a Prime Minister, it is agreed splendid Kei roar [ibonshi] criminality that it is worth and recorded [toori] and this in the criminal law of this country. It has already deserved to die 10000 times. I think that I am not recorded with the maximum penalty though it is easy to come.. [tsukei] crime is a crime. [No] u The report to us by all means in case of ..[chiraritomoo].. appearance because of this. 30 is on Hikimi of ..that prince field [rapiki] [yo].. or the digit eyes" Prince P [haa] surely ..neither doing P it is possible to wait for a moment nor the talk of unpleasantness as [yahe] [hyo] here.. .... is this...

[End of Page 260]

, [**] [sumaruka] 4 Ii/1 # corrections } 1 Did you take it out contingent on these kind of things in the middle of the story of 271? much..fool..desirous..god..affusion..get drunk..shake. , u It is already good, and has understood. [Ichi] it is possible to take [kayen] [] D"doesn't entirely have the driven D [sonna] remembrance because it is there.

"r that is in a crowd river in a crowd. v u Order order. One is done. u Reel and wait for ,. It is a misunderstanding. It is a misunderstanding. A small belly of ..remainder.. [ha] only is [**] as for mind hilt inadvertently and [ni] it Herr's et al. dieting" Information vomiting is said. Stone. . [Do] and [mesubumiko] ..bird [nakono] consideration.. purchase u

[Kiiii]-[]. It lacks saying and it is insolent f myriad "". " that ..hindrance.. [shii] sow of us" The water of His Highness and the [konori-to] river is not such a meaning of unpleasantness "P and, now, ..P .. ..".. if it passes and there is neatly river mind [shite] ..also the bathing suit.. is coldly.. ..dependence.. ..[**] ".. ..[**sawa] [to] dice lord [do].. ..this... c " Eastern little tuna ..being possible food P to come bathing suit [chiga] P [sumaki] Chika "".. key 2

[End of Page 261]

272 u

[Ohohohoho]. ..boiling.. His Highness who is often well matched. " [Mahiro] rolled in [sumaki] and is kidnapped Now when going out ..changing into concrete [to] bilge boots.. ..".. ..housemaids.. ..shouldering [to] [gerare]... [Iiyaadaaaaaaaaaa] ..".. ! Cayenne. It is this. It is a systematic crime. [Saishiyou] Prime Minister. It hears or is of Prime Minister-[]-[gobatan]. Silence like amazed returned when [akiseiji] and the [kumodo] door closed. ( That f child is that where dies and hurries up. ) Why did [nazeaso], [iuka], and I fear such a boy a little while ago? No, might his fear there. Most of this country at least believes him as of now. When it is a free fool. u

The head has become painful somehow. 41 encounters it . Then, it was sunk by the chamberlain corps or, it is humble P. "

[End of Page 262]

Have fun..tooth..root..suitable..face..soil..mood..such..say. It is bullying by one bullying .

Looked ..closing.. boy of the [rashiibisho] getting wet was doing the tick-tack like the concrete boh [yuu] [ki] [yuu] [tsu] mason while Triangulum [rishi] in front of fire this of the punishment coming or the name of educational guidance as bullying etc. it were sleep.. ..[bonu].. indescribable. Eternity..large up with..Paris..ell. ..regarding.. [tta]. It is already [gogago] .."It is possible to live only in a clumsy manner why such ..king f.. or " ".. ..wax.. ! see true.. .. [?kkushu] ".. that it is what. u [Gyaaaa]. The foot. The foot was hit. Equally what does the housemaid force that orders [konkuribu-tsu] to true ..".. [hi] also say the [bakasuka] to me who jobs? The Paris ell looked at such externals r with the hold of the knee or the Japanese syllabary of the knee squatting down. r of young entertainment and a man who saved one's own skin. However, there was having survived in this place no one besides two people p and others getting bored now .. ":::... [End of Page 263]

Because it is 274, the Paris ell is a fathom. Mouth [ukotonishita]. "Prince" [Isoga] u [Nandai] P or more is busy now c:2. u It heard it from the edelweiss externals. When wound of my back" . person was a cause

v "" It might be if it hears it. u Then, f child also knows. If you saw the wound of my back. The crest printed there is 11 yeses. v I survived. We wish to express our gratitude about it. The [**kaji] barrel trowing of c E E2 shame [toiki] is swallowed once with the sigh. It is [ni] ..knack knack c".. ..hood "My country hears it ..seeming when having ruined because of it..".. ..turning over.. [iton] to one sleep [hi**] that was "this [pa] empire territory. u Yes. When the country of me who pierced the confusion of the accident was in the morrow the done art, either was suppressed to the empire, and annexed. Then, " The Paris ell stands up. [End of Page 264]

275 mistakes. It is pulling out ..pull.. [gi] [takukira] from the sheath as for", one [reka] foundation of a nation story [chiyoukensa], and [nusoshite] and the length sword. [] that doesn't become even the present crime of [no] ..what your how much regret of it and doing in the place where violence was disliked for [to] my ..misappropriating.. country of [] 1.. ..dependence.." Limit of the avoiding mud sitting the popular voice. The [rini] shout and the point of a sword were allotted to the scruff of the neck, and neither surprise nor he is still frightened. Even respect is [hi] [gezu].

u Wanting your death : with : c [go]ing needing stripes opinion that the people's deaths ..risking.. ..[remamo].. are rowed and c is done ..a lot painful for my surroundings of the death and the [ibautta] people even if it wants .... to live even if it does so and they want to die .. the wasted actually. It is ..destroying.. ..[suhodo].. the [**] as for one country, and if there is [rareta] power, the empire is knocked down even if it is regained and, ..21......1.. ..misappropriating.. ..[ha].. therefore, you who guards you are rush mat [shimerutamenidesu] of . my country " Knack knack c: E knack. [Mahiro] liberated from sea lion [semisuhi], [miyouyaku], and the fetter stands and L. It says by the pupil that stares at the distance.

[End of Page 265]

276 , Paris ell. When having spoken with the cayenne, [dayo] [ichi] 7 c: cayenne externals and ::: P a little while ago" "I aim at this union of continents" [ma]ing getting [] P" There is no color of the lie spuriousness in his expression while the [usoitsuwa] ear is doubted. [Pope] u I think that it is indeed impossible to say the prevention of all [arasoran] beforehand. however [Tameonni] of peace someone is a Japanese oak named ..summary.. [nakereponaranai] as for this continent.

Other who thinks that I can repress this continent in a little sacrifice [**] [wagisei] [wa] ..doing so.. me? And, one how hears the Paris ell in the voice that trembles a little fall. 1 [Tte] with eyes. Such..this..markka..defend..serious..this..continent..float..?..of Goodness that you however distort the life-or-death crisis : ..getting.. some time ..becoming.. ..... The nod, and [parieru] sheathed the sword, and, however, nodded to one thought that the appearance that your country revives was shown while crying as laughed. Though it is necessary to have known in reality. [Fuyasa] [kare] is not bad. Only when it was brandished by him, he : to power that is born and has it. When by yourself and it ..king [tari].. obtains it even though [**] in [onore] [horo] country.

[End of Page 266]

It was a start. The Shin [ni]ing floated and was left uneasiness by the invasion of [tei] country. Still, the small country that loves freedom and peace also returns to piece peaceful former every day in this small, positive country. The snake that assumes the freedom and peace to be a roof over one's head peels off the fang now [kigebo] [gomikahebi] [musoshite]. Snake's name is Miss markka. The spared Shin ring deflecting where it has already retreated in the dance will do hard [era] of the name of plot before long, and be a name of the small country that shocks and gets continent all h. 277

[End of Page 267] oods..Aki..Treasure Island..publication..light..Novell..terrible. Splendidly in 2008'. . It is woods Tomo Aki from whom rodomontade got the criticism with peculiar characteristic L. There is no mistake thinking seeing the author's writing to be one and [somachi] said the first time familiar. And, everybody familiar is an every time usual woods. As for the plan of complete different world fantasy, it had thought only about it before the debut. [Kobouken] and I, etc. were a complete ""of Dragon Quest 1 FF age fees, and the yearning to royal road barrel adventure fantasy [akokamiriyokufuko] [-] the one was still strong, too. It ..[dokidogi].. gets excited rich individuality it because it travels around the unknown world with attractive characters (small Setsu Chiyo of beauty woman who includes it). In [tsutanacho] "[Ri] is ..-.. seeing' after all, from editor in chief Your Excellency at that time

[End of Page 268]

One. is not made so good [padu] though there is ..beginning.. yep next Composition then by the crack of [**] at a confused life to [yatterukotohaho] [n] (omission) [tto] even if going by the royal road as the sound of the treatment is not emitted either.

It is an idea very cod.

Game..become..novel..genre..Rhodes..record of a a row..become complete. In the issue..yearn..yearn..say..adventure..very nace..notice..see..end..notice. Moreover, the material is noticed even not to be prepared for another. The pinch of that and unemployment it waits for neither postscript 279 nor time. The employment agency and the temporary staffing agency come material [nonai] [mono**] and [nan] ..cordial.. [karensai] is not treated. ble..bowl..roll..orbit..get on..suspension of sentence..adhere..sink..ahead..Tokyo Bay..Kanda..river..return..soil..Fuji..sea of day..then..fight. [End of Page 269]

280 u It is a good age of individuality now. Let's make the best use of individuality (idea halt condition. ) v "One ..1 and [go] good at the pull.. ..mouth [shiwaretano].. . It is "One unreasonable [tomacha] 1. ..part of tightening what "Pull" whether is the end in the chapter and when explaining.. [gingadesu] of [**] ahead when looking back on the criticism of ..referring.. work to [ima]. It is ..".. feeling by boys' comics like continuation to the next number ..coming.. .. [koreha] [kin] (... In short, do you call [battari] to attract the reader? It seems to be good. All of woods Tomo Aki run here [yohe] now and revelation like lightning runs the mind of melon lightning [gototenkei] [watashi] such as [--] all present.

Having noticed synonymity with expanding of deflecting the rodomontade of a continental class while the idea is stopping : if an unreasonable [hokocha] [battari]ing is effective ..[ji] E c.. ..sleep P without (... [Kosude] and [deshita] after it finished writing this volume. The that the damage is done is terrible. When my trying. The materials of [nanse] [nikan] eyes can say, and are nothing. no already , It is fine. , When it is written thus what it whether is [aademo], and of the work, it is a postscript. It is terrible and postscript [ppotamehokai] 71 person ratio) Seeing for the first time of the work of [kihissha]. It sees the postscript of other [tsutanacho] in the bookstore and [omoshirotemi] by way of experiment. Because it was written, only "The postscript was interesting" with the questionnaire postcard for mere show [End of Page 270]

[Haari]. To [jiman] boast and the advertisement It is however good because it is an age of individuality. do not become it Postscript..cancer..such..charge..combat..alcazar..following..charge..Composit hard..surely..manage..become..maybe. My best regards because there is no something that it is possible to rely on besides. It is ..receiving.. [kukiyoushiyukudasaimashita] . of [gi] and illustrator's stern and often as for the illustration of such an unreasonable work. pull Please continue your favors toward putting the order in detail somehow excuse me in the future.

Thank you for everybody of the reader who got this book for the hand at the end. H tea worried tea fantasy that not is, and 'Miss markka foundation of a nation story. ' it is ..what the royal road begs after all.. How? It to half regret, and, however, to begin the second volume by feelings that it wants to write after all as the half troubling just now. If it is possible to watch it by a story of just the still start and long eyes, I am honored. . OL [ushiuranai]-. Moon woods Tomo Aki .2. Place ..Inoue Shinichiro.. ..issue..Kitchen range..story..edit..decrease. v Eight [hi] . permission..copy..reproduction..reprint..forbid..war..armrest..order..reader..tu rn over..say..our company..load..change..time..first edition..issue. Pocket War..defeat..military force..defeat..young..culture..power..defeat. Our culture was very powerless compared with the war, and we experienced the body and felt whether only a mere enemy flower strongly. We failed for the intake of the West modern culture to establish the tradition of a modern culture at years of 80 years after the Meiji era though it was not necessarily too short, and to form oneself as a cultural layer where an unrestrained criticism and a flexible good sense were abundant. And, these were the responsibilities of those who published it of whom the duties who were the spread infiltration of the culture to the each level.

We got taking it back to the drawing board again, and stepping forward from the first step done through necessity in 1945. On the other hand, [**] [rasutameni] is a heaven-sent opportunity in the cultures of our countries that exist in a current tohubohu, immaturity, and the misinterpretation as for order and a certainty base though this is big and unhappy. To carry out the wish since establishment here, the Kakugawa pocket edition is published though Kadokawa Shoten looks back on around nor the best, has the cornerstone [tarubeki] ambition and the decision of rebuilding in a cultural crisis of such a mother country, and left. It tries to examine merits of all the complete volume library pocket editions that have been published up to now and the weak points, and to offer the ceremony census register of immortality in the now and then east and west to a lot of lamplight kites as low-priced and a suitable beauty book for the bookshelf in a conscientious edit. However, we do not aim to make the dilettante of encyclopedia knowledge in [**]. The road to order and rebuilding is indicated in the culture of the mother country to the end, and it is love May 3, 1949 the prayer of a lot of reading [ko] that doesn't expect to complete it as a palace of the continuance development getting, art and science, and the education from here on out as the business with the honor of Kadokawa Shoten ..this pocket edition.. according to the expostulation and support that it is not made to complete. this hope and the ambition walk