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Choose 5 activities to complete each week. Please remember that Homelink, Poetry Journals, Family Projects, and Read and Review are NOT optional. Poetry Journal’s MUST be turned in on Thursday!! Initial each activity box that is completed and return in to school on October 1st.





FAMILY PROJECT (see attached) Due: September 4th

August 30

1 Letter List (see attached)

August 29

2 Help dust or vacuum your family/living room 9 Tell your family what you like most about them 16 Help make ALL the beds in your house 23 Help your family set the dinner table 30 Read a story together Sing 2 songs that you have learned in Kindergarten


Homelinks 1*3 & 1*5 Counting Steps Numbers All Around


5 Draw a picture of your home, practice saying your address 3X 12 Begin to practice tying your shoe 19 Practice saying your phone number 3X 26 Practice tying your shoe and zipping your jacket

6 Poetry Journal Read & Review 13 Poetry Journal 20 Poetry Journal Read & Review 27 Poetry Journal Read & Review Read & Review


8 Play the letter/sounds Go Fish game (see attached)

10 Practice writing your first name 3X 17 Name 3 different foods that are made from apples 24 Play the letter/sounds Go Fish game (see attached)

11 Homelink 1*7 Measuring Volume 18 Homelink 1*11 Sorting Groceries 25 Homelink 2*1 I Spy Geometry


15 Letter List (see attached) 22 Practice counting to 30



29 Practice writing your first and last name


©Shannon Martin Graphic/Fonts copyright DJ

©Shannon Martin Graphic/Fonts copyright DJ

©Shannon Martin Graphic/Fonts copyright DJ

©Shannon Martin Graphic/Fonts copyright DJ

September Family Project
This month's project is called “I’m Learning at School”. For this project, I am sending home a schoolhouse. You may want to help your child cut open the doors and find or draw a photo of himself/herself or your family inside the open doors. Talk with your child about what types of things they are doing and learning in Kindergarten. (You may want to review our past weekly newsletters.) Then assist your child in decorating the outside of the school with what he/she likes best about Kindergarten so far, whether it is their new friends, new songs, games, snacks, books, centers, specials, etc. Again, have fun spending time with your child and be creative! You may want to help your child find magazine pictures to cut out and glue on, paint, draw, etc. Or you may want to cut windows, add our school name or room number, etc. All family projects are displayed throughout the month on the bulletin board outside our classroom!

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