Chemical herbicide used in Vietnam as a jungle clearing technique, named for the color of the barrel, associated with cancer and birth defects Many western governments ignored the actions of Hitler after WWI, thinking that they'd just blow over since Hitler had nothing to complain about, but he escalated his efforts instead. Lenin drafts a document rejecting support for the Provisional Government of Russa as established by the Duma. The Army of the Republic of Vietnam, Northern Army. Brutal reputation, sort of a KGB role in some cases. Hitler tries to hold hostage government officials but is arrested and sent to jail where he writes his book. Shutstaffel, secret police, win over SA Power by violence, chosen by Lenin Shutzanteil, storm troopers, state control Buddhist monk sets himself on fire, accusing the Diem government of religious discrimination. Widely published, it led to Diem's downfall and the naming of a new President loyal to the US. Appointed Chancellor and begins to take control of the legislative bodies. Secret Police, helped meet quotas, general discipline The bombing campaign in late December in response to the suspension of peace talks with the north Vietnamese. Causes them to pull out of WWI (Brest-Litovsk), Reds versus Whites (US support) A cause of the Vietnam war. With the French losing power, vaccum would be filled with Red China? Prevents Nixon from maintaining troops in Laos and Cambodia - forbids them from being anywhere but Vietnam. Nixon bombs the nations in response. Lenin's death signals a new era of power. Struggle between Leon Trotsky and Stalin begins. Stalin has power because he is secretary of Politburo.

Agent Orange





April Theses ARVN Beer Hall Putsch Blackshirts/SS Bolsheviks Brownshirts/SA

1917 1955 1922 1903

Russia Vietnam Germany Germany Russia Germany

Buddhist Protest Chancellor Hitler Cheka/KGB Christmas Bombing Civil War Containment of China Cooper-Church Amendment

1963 1933 1918-1991

Vietnam Germany USSR

1972 1918-1921

USA, Vietnam Russia Indochina



Death of Lenin



Dien Bien Phu


Distrust of China

last battle of French in Vietnam. Vietnamese massacre French. Spurs France to leave, happens during Geneva France, Vietnam Conference. Signals the end of the First Indochina War. The decades of occupation by China made Vietnam distrust them greatly. It was absurd for the US to assume that the Vietnamese wanted to be like China or even part of China. Vietnam

Saigon fell to the North. regardless of what it was. Russia Overthrows Cambodia. Disliked China. but received aid from USSR in hopes of becoming independent nation. Laos. Finally Vietnam was reunited. Killing. Humanitarian crimes. Vietnam. It fails. Indochina The US ordered the embassy evacuated as North Vietnamese troops neared Saigon. Russia The people's response to Hitler's decree that all Jews are bad and are responsible for the bad economy. and Cambodia. communits. France The Vichy government of France hands over Indochina to the advancing Japan. Cambodia A Russian general tries to take power for himself and bring back the Tsar. the others will follow suit. An example of the lack of humanitarian rights. Went to Paris Peace Conference. USA A failed offensive movement against Germany in WWI by the provisional government. Brutal industrialization. wage scales based on production. but disillusioned. huge casualties. A notorious North Vietnamese prison that used tortue of POWs for information. Then became revolutionary with Soviet training. It is later returned to France France. Also applies to Latin America. USSR US soldiers were informed of free fire zones where they were instructed to shoot anything that moved. Vietnam economic advances needed to become more socialist. Vietnam A system of roads and paths used as supply lines for the Vietminh. looting. though under a communist government. Cambodia. Vietnam to win over the South Vietnamese over the Viet Cong.Domino Theory 1970s Evacuation of US Embassy in Saigon 1975 Fall of Saigon 1975 Five Year Plan 1928-1932 Free Fire Zones Green Berets Hanoi Hotel Ho Chi Minh 1890-1969 Ho Chi Minh Trail 1960s-70s Indochina Japanese Control of Vietnam WWII July Days 1917 Kent State Kerensky Offensive Khmer Rouge Kornilov Revolt 1970 1917 1970 1917 Kristallnacht 1938 If one falls. helped Viet Cong. Vietnam The US Special Forces used to go directly into villages USA. Japan demonstrations against the provisional government Russia The shootings at Kent State by National Guardsmen during student protests of the invasion of Cambodia by Nixon. Downed morale even more. etc. Laos Named by USA after their leader. Just a week afterwards. break power of pesants to get industrial tools (communal farms). Vietnam The fall of the South's capital city signaled the end of the war. French colony in Asia that is now Vietnam. property destruction Germany . Vietnam A nationalist Vietnamese man with a French education.

The papers referred to US policy in Vietnam during the Truman Presidency. Discrimination against the Jews. In Vietnam. mixed economy The S. was later tried and convicted for the event. Led to the "February" revolution in March let communism go for now (hands-off). The aftermath formed the committee who burglarized the Democratic National Headquarters (Watergate Scandal). A gasoline-based flamethrower used since WWII. establishing the country's secret police system. the commander of the US troops. 7 key men making decisions (Lenin alive) A weak democracy that was still involved in WWI. all history is a class struggle. The first bombing of North Vietnam in response to the Tonkin Gulf incident. economy recovers from wars. Catholic. rids army of valuable officers from WWI. Power by democratic process Russia and Czechoslovakia not invited. industrial revolution is last class struggle. A massacre by the USA. Quotas for traitors must be met.Lebensraum 1923 Germany Marx and Engels 1848 My Lai Mensheviks 1968 1903 Russia Munich Conference 1938 Europe Mentioned in Mein Kampf. Napalm National Women's Day Riot 1917 NEP (New Economic Policy) 1921-1928 Ngo Dinh Diem Night of the Long Knives Nuremberg Laws Operation Rolling Thunder PeMex USA Russia USSR 1934 1935 Germany Germany USA 1938 Mexico Pentagon Papers Politburo Provisional Government 1971 USA USSR 1917 Russia Purges 1936-1938 USSR . often harmful to the villages and people living there. economics influences history. US supported SA Falls to SS. unpopular. it was used as a jungle clearing technique. comparable to the Rape of Nanking in WWII. The release of these papers during the Vietnam war fueled anti-war sentiment. appeasement rules that USSR isn't doing anything wrong. Exile and death common. Hitler calls for more living space before he unites with Austria-Hungary and the Sudetenland. reveals Hitler's racism to the core. Communist Manifesto. It produces horrible wounds when in contact with people. unpopular with people. Vietnamese President. Bolsheviks still want power. This escalates the conflict. William Caulley. American companies lose their holdings in Mexican oil as they are nationalized. They are within the limits. doesn't trust anyone. Lenin does not cooperate with them (April Theses) Stalin becomes paranoid. causes some to go into hiding.

produced more than anyone else. It gave Johnson the power to make war without Congress' permission. The ship was in disputed waters. Asia A senator during the Gulf of Tonkin resolution who voted against it because of suspicions that President Johnson was lying about the incident in SE Asia. Money goes into Germany through US. a holiday. Oregon After WWI. It took several months for the South to regain control of those cities.S. lose territory to Russia. 5 million die USSR . Germany to France/Britain.) USA The US Navy ship 'attacked' by the North Vietnamese in 1964. Increased trade results. American and S. Spurs the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. France/Britain back to US to repay the debt. 33 Billion US Dollars to be repayed by Germany after WWI. Rhur Valley is occupied by France. Vietnam The legislation pushed through Congress by Johnson with the promise that things wouldn't escalate. modeled after NATO. USSR The Communists attacked virtually every major city in S. came into power as the struggle with the French ended. Vietnamese troops were surprised because of a holiday truce. South Vietnam signed. USA Roosevelt has the power to lover tariffs as part of the Good Neighbor Policy.Reichstag fire 1933 Germany Reparations 1921 Europe Hitler uses this fire set by a 'communist' to justify more power and the emergency decree. USA The famine of Ukraine was due to collectivization and harse collection policies of the USSR government coupled with a severe draught. Vietnam on the first day of Tet. declared a new policy: any nation wishing to be free (democratic) would be supported militarily by the US (against communism. USA ends Russian involvement in WWI. but fail to overthrow the government. get on with civil war at home. Maddox 1964 Ukrainian Famine 1932 The South East Asian Treaty Organization. allowing for the further decline of confidence in the US. Truman. Paul Bunyan of Russia. He was also a civil rights supporter. Germany The model worker. and they inflicted large casualties on the North. Est. the communists in Germany rise up. Germany defaults in 1923. The North held the US Embassy in Saigon for 8 hours. SEATO 1955 Senator Wayne Morse Spartakist Uprising 1919 Stakhanov 1928-1932 Tet Offensive 1968 Tonkin Gulf Resolution 1964 Trade Agreements Act 1934 Treaty of BrestLitovsk 1918 Truman Doctrine 1947 U. Inspired Walter Cronkite's "stalemate" comment. in a speech with the goal of getting money for Greece. Germany Germans.S. but North did not. allowing him to act out against any communists trying to harm Germany.

Viet Cong Vietminh Vietnamization War Communism 1955-1975 1941-Present 1970-1975 1918-1921 Vietnam Vietnam USA. not real communism. the equivalent to "Commie" League for the Independence of Vietnam. lots of looting. Black: Rise of Single Party States Red: Vietnam Green: Politics in Latin America . just trying to win the war. founded by Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam Russia A derogatory term meaning Vietnamese Communists. mixture of many ideological groups. grain at gunpoint on both sides. The movement of American troops to simply put the conflict back in the hands of the Vietnamese.

Term 442nd Infantry Combat Team Date 1942-1945 Nation Description Adolf Hitler Airplane Airplane 1889-1945 Alsace Lorraine 1870-1871 America First Anschluss 1940s 1938 Arms Race Artillery Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand Axis Powers 1910 1914 1936 Bataan Death March 1941 Battle of Britain 1940 Black Hand Blitzkrieg Bombing of Dresden Committee to defend America Double Entente 1939-1945 Feb-45 1940s 1904 All-nisei unit. most decorated in the war. bombings. France and Britain enter a military alliance and nonEurope agression pact. during WWII. sparking Austria Hungary to give and Serbia Serbia an ultimatum. Allen White (journalist). Germany. Germany attempt to weaken morality and ability to fight total war. Great Britain. Sarajevo. Germany/Austria.Germany "unifies" with Austria Hungary in a rigged Hungary election. The nationalist organization that assassinated Franz Ferdinand. Shell-hole shelters. Russia. Also called the annexation. total warfare This area was lost to Germany in the Franco-Prussian war. There were five members who staged an Serbia ambush of the royal transport. Blamed Jews and Communists for Germany's troubles. Jailed in 1923 for Beer Hall Putsch. Japanese march them to Japan their death camps. . a tactic used by Germany to reduce Europe casualties and prevent long wars. small dogfights. America should get involved USA through aid to Britain and France. Lightning war. Reconnaissance efforts only. Germany (unified) and Italy. later appointed Fuhrer. Germany bombs civilian targets in England in an Britain. wrote Mein Kampf in jail. Germany Appointed Chancellor in 1933. many casualties. Russia until Operation Europe Barbarossa. supplies. and France jumped into action building huge peacetime armies in preparation for Europe the inevitable war to come. wanted to prove patriotism Austrian born painter who served in WWI. Organization including Charles Lindbergh that wanted to stay out of the conflict in Europe to take care of our USA own problems. part of Germany total war. USA/Philippines/ US surrender in Philippines. The Black Hand ambushes and assassinates Austria-Hungary the royal convoy. relatively ineffective versus machine guns. European USA theatre only. Allies bomb Dresden for no strategic purpose. It was a sore spot for French at the beginning of France WWI.

German and Austria-Hungary sign a military alliance All British troops were evacuated to England from France during this northern retreat. Father of Ferdinand. a warm-water port for Russia. Hapsburg emporer. No discrimination in employment for defense industries and government. Germany and Russia are left out of the loop because they were too late. the USSR took the opportunity to invade Finland. Standard naval ship. unlawful detainment/beating. the source of gret fervor (kamikazes) and nationalism. a great leader. Several cities were firebombed as a tactic of total warfare. and no clear doctrine. Internment for all Japanese and Japanese-Americans. The nationalistic. France. Woodrow Wilson's idea of ending the war. grieving over son's death. heavy warfare. No immigrants from Japan. sent ultimatum to Serbia under advice from Austria-Hungary Germany. racist. No ethnic Chinese to immigrate for 10 years. The race for Africa. San Francisco's schools USA. glorified war. and Europe Belgium amass large tracts of land abroad. social darwinist ideology characterized by a paramilitary force. Spain. anti-semitic. . renewed for another ten. Japan would not discriminate. anti-communist. It had more firepower and armor than any other ship made up to that time. Hitler/Mussolini/Franco During the time Germany was busy with France.Dreadnaught Dreadnought Dual Alliance 1906 1879 Britain England Europe France. the US allows him to stay alive after the war. a ship designed specifically for war. propaganda/symbolism. elite race. loss of rights. Loss of property. Enforced by Fair Employment Practices Commission. Britain USA Dunkirk Evacuation 1940 Exclusion Act Executive Order 8802 Executive Order 9066 1882 1941 USA 1942 USA Facism Finnish War Firebombing Fourteen Points 1930s 1939-1940 Europe USSR/Finland Europe/Pacific 1919 USA Britain builds the first dreadnaught. He had no real military Japan power. too expensive for battle use. England. benefited only allies Franz Ferdinand 1863-1914 Franz Joseph Gentleman's Agreement 1830-1916 1907 Hirohito 1941-1945 Imperialism Heir to Austro-Hungarian empire. Portugal. nationalism in the Balkans all contribute to Germany and Russia being anxious to gain territory nearer to home. assassinated by Black Austria-Hungary Hand with wife Sophie at Serbian border in 1914. The Japanese Emporer during WWII. This spurs an arms race between the Entente and Alliance powers.

sansei Italy invades Ethiopia 1941-1945 1934 USA Africa Japanese Embargo Korean War League of Nations 1939-1941 1950-1953 1919 USA/Japan Lend-Lease Act 1941 USA/Europe Germany invaded Poland using the Blitzkrieg tactic. peaceful economic growth. Mussolini invades N. Inflicts major carnage. All of this was in response to the Japanese invasion of mainland Asia down to Indochina. The famed usless defenses set up by France on the Eastern border to defend against Germany. Europe leads to control of more England key areas. hard to destroy because of portability. Divided Korea into same line as before. Top navy and in control of seas will lead to world USA dominance (Control of trade). first involvement of UN military (multilateral forces). It was prearranged to partition the land between Germany and the Soviet Union. Infantry rushes are obsolete. The first modern model was the Maxim. It was extended to the Soviets later that year when the non-agression pact was violated by Germany. Congress. In this order: aliens. Hitler simply went through Belgium and the Netherlands to get around France the line. Limitations of Japan 1900-1945 Machine Gun 1883 Maginot Line Mahan Theory Makinder Theory 1940 1890s 1904 Midway 1942 Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty 1939 1905 and 1911 Morocco Areas to emigrate to (Korea/Manchuria). It was costly but effective in wiping out opposition on small islands. required big artillery to destroy. . Wilson's brainchild. in an attempt to reach Japan through fueling station islands instead of invading Japan directly. and Roosevelt froze their assets in 1941. US imposes embargo. Africa. A tactic used by the U.S. Included a cancelled commercial agreement. born citizens. Germany challenged French authority. A small island west of Hawaii that was the turning point Pacific in favor of the U. extended to Britain and France. food resources Japan in exchange for techology.S.Invasion of Poland 1939 Poland Island Hopping 1941-1945 Pacific issei. All three were interned. the US 'leased' military equipment to the allies. This only heightens the threat Africa of war. The justification was a 'border incident' staged by the SS troops. The non-agression pact signed by the Soviet Union and USSR/Germany Germany before the outbreak of WWII. precursor to the UN but without any power. leading to world domination. no shipments of fuel or scrap metal. but Ethiopia falls. nisei. These terms referred to the generations of Japanese in America. GB helped and Germany loses both times. Having control of E. naturalized. in the Pacific theatre.

Hong Kong. raping. killed winter 1917 during Civil War. Effective at first until issue of gas masks. Normandy invasion (coalition forces) Chancellor of Germany under William I. declares war on Austria Hungary and mobilizes. a new technology. This was not enforced. Midway. Guam. and France got together and set limits for Germany. rationed scarce goods. This was made possible by aircraft carriers. who has an alliance with them and who is gaining support in the Balkans. After end of war with Germany. pillaging. Kept complicated diplomatic strategy. 1/2 million dead. US Congress authorizing the president to prohibit all arms shipments to nations at war and to adivse all US citizens not to travel on belligerents' ships except at their own risk. 2. gave some power to Duma because of protest. No moving beyond the Sudetenland.403 people died.000-300. killing. GB. 1945 1924 Allies USA 12/13/1937 China/Japan 1942 USA Rhineland 1934 Germany Russian mobilization 1914 USSR . Raised taxes.000 dead. specialized foreign treaties/alliances. Appeasement prevented any action on the part of the allies When Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia. The mission failed. Russia. opressive? The violation of the German-USSR non-agression pact signed before the war. introduced income tax to Americans. Hitler payed no attention and began to secretly build an army. Italy. before Japan is defeated. In an attempt to reach the capital city quickly. The hub of US naval activity in the Pacific was bombed by Japanese aircraft. Japan also attacked the Philippines.Munich Conference 1938 Europe Neutrality Act 1935 USA Nicholas II Office of Price Administration 1894-1917 1942 Russia USA Operation Barbarossa 1941 Operation Overlord 6/6/1944 Axis Allies Otto Von Bismarck 1871-1890 Passchendaele 1917 Germany Belgium Leaders from Germany. Retaliation for Shanghai. Hitler did not count on the Russian winter. 100. Set prices on items to control inflation. Stalin and the Czech leader were not invited. didn’t' want war. Pearl Harbor Poison Gas Potsdam Quota Immigration Act Rape of Nanking Revenue Act 12/7/1941 Pacific Jul. and Malaya. British attack. bogged down by mud and mustard gas. Militarization of this area is banned by Versailles. Tsar of Russia. Truman mentions atomic bomb (TCS) limited the number of immigrants from any nation to 3% of the population living in the US in 1890 Japanese invade Nanking. Congress declared war one day later.

. English Prime Minister. ignored negotiations orders. A general term involving economics. controlled Baltic Sea The area of Czechoslovakia that Germany claimed was being opressed. It was the turning point on the eastern front in Europe in favor of the allies. New technology. The result of this was that if one nation declared war on another. Failes miserably. British/French attack on German line at strategically unsound point. ambiguous figure. couldn't deal with Bismarck's complicated diplomacy. It is a race to develop the technology before Germany. not widely used. civilians. and brutal tactics to create an environment in the enemy territory that was not condusive to war. didn't stop war when he could have.Schlieffen plan 1914 Germany Secret Alliances Sir Edward Grey before WWI Europe 1905-1916 England Spanish Civil War 1936 Spain Stalingrad Submarine Submarine 1942-1943 USSR Sudetenland Tank Tehran The Manhattan Project 1938 1943 Czechoslovakia Allies 1941 USA The Somme 1916 France Theobold Von Bethmann-Hollweg 1909-1917 Germany Total War Europe Implemented after Austria declares war. killing of many innocent people. The brutality of the seige makes it one of the bloodiest in world history. politics. Britain declares war to protect Belgium. Chancellor under William II. Timetable for 2nd front in WWII (RCS) Scientists escaping Nazis and US scientists develop the atomic bomb to be used in the war. 1 million casualties. it would only be a matter of hours until the whole continent would be at war with one another. The city in the USSR was never taken by the Nazis in Operation Barbarossa because of the Russian winter. demoralization. Germany begins to try to quickly defeat France through Belgium before Russia can mobilize and they will have to face two fronts of war. the republican gov't and communists supported by the USSR. Franco and Catholics supported by Germany and Italy vs. The Munich Conference finalized the union of it with Germany because Chamberlain believed it would prevent war. Many European nations signed secret military alliances between one another in an attempt to protect themselves from agression. allies gain only 8 miles. covert operations. Sinking of many ships (cut off supplies).

can't go to US for emigration. Europe Italy joins the Dual alliance Europe Russia joins the Double Entente. military. Included a guilt clause blaming Germany and called for reparations. This document required Serbia to give in to ALL points in order to avert war with Austria Hungary. Azerbijan. Germany Front. no involvement until Zimmerman USA telegram to Mexico Spheres of influence. Germany's policy of becoming a world power . Germany was blamed explicitly for the war and was therefore required Europe to pay reparations. 1945 Treaty ending Russia's involvement in WWI after the revolution in 1917. economic power. The Democratic government established in Germany after WWI. rival England. 9 months of battle. division of Allies Germany (RCS) . 1 million casualties. and perhaps even Germany outright war. propaganda tool In the Treaty of Versailles after WWI. compensated for physical Germany deformity. It Europe also returned all territories to prewar status. Failed Germany because of guarded convoys and radar. blocked from citizenship.through colonization. controlled inflation. Angered Japan . Winning by dragging the war out to kill more people more people still alive = victory Sears and Roebuck VP headed this congressional committee. moral victory. fixed USA profit from the gov't. It gave Germany Poland. France Germans win the fort. Racism USA. Treaty ending the first World War. Symbolic fort. Emporer of Germany. US President. Germany down from war The groups of German submarines that tried to interrupt supply lines in the Atlantic in order to cut off GB. The one Austria-Hungary term they couldn't accept was military control by and Serbia Austria. It failed to provide economic solutions to Germany reparations and was widely criticized. poland free elections. didn't want war Each leader is trying to get the other's nation to step Russia. It gave opportunities to American businesses to produce war goods in exchange for generous. draws troops away from Western Russia. Bought war goods. spurred consumption when they USA expired. Japan prevents prosperity.Treaty of BrestLitovsk 1918 Treaty of Versailles 1919 Triple Alliance 1882 Triple Entente 1907 Ultimatum for Serbia 1914 US Quotas on Asian immigrants 1890s Verdun War Bonds 1916 1941-1945 War Guilt Clause War of Attrition 1919 War Production Board 1942 Weimar Republic 1919-1933 Weltpolitik William II Willy-Nicky Telegrams 1900-1914 1888-1918 1914 Wolf Packs Woodrow Wilson Yalta 1913-1921 Feb. and Balkan states.

Red: Causes of WWII Blue: Causes of WWI Purple: World War II Europe Pink: World War II Pacific (US included unless otherwise colored) Brown: World War I .

000 men into Havana. but will prevent the expansion militarily. changes Cuba. Change in US-Cuban Policy 1934 Comecon (CMEA) 1949 USSR The USSR's response to the Marshall Plan. Agreement to accept 20. Brussels Pact 1948 Europe The military alliance of European nations beginning NATO. Was it in violation of the UN? Buffer Zone USSR The idea that the Soviet Union wanted a buffer between them and Germany. an attempt by the Soviets to get America to give up their part of Berlin. Containment 1947-1962 USA A policy adopted by the U. Supports until 1958.S. They had been invaded 2 times in 20 years and had a right to protect themselves. and politically.moving towards free market and free speech. Favors Batista. It allowed them to capitalize on E. then communism and persecution. USA. implemented perestrioka and glasnost .000/year in 1994. They will give military assistance to any nation attempting to become communist. forgoes Platt Amendment rights. USSR Negotiated SALT I and II talks.Term A Divided Berlin Date 1945 Nation Germany Description During the Cold War. Bay of Pigs 1961 Berlin Blockade 1948 Germany 1948. European resources for their military expansion during the Cold War. Berlin was an exit point for those in the USSR and a haven for spies. Coup in 1959 1959 The USSR-friendly gov't is overthrown by CIAIran/USSR/US sponsored rebels. Brezhnev 1964 Breznev Doctrine 1962 USSR USSR's response to the Truman Doctrine. This prompted the building of the Berlin wall. A group of Cuban exiles sponsored by the US invades Cuba. USA tariffs to favor Cuba. This was directed at Latin America and Africa. Castro becomes Cuba prime minister when he succeeds. Cuba in a failed attempt to overthrow Castro. USA . economically. Air drops of food saved many lives and preserved the sectors of Berlin. US allows money to be sent to relatives 1998. Successor to Khruschev. They will not fight the USSR or China. Castro leads 9. Fails due USSR to lack of air support. Cuban Exiles 1950s-Present Cuba. in reference to communism. This ends USSR's hopes for a warmA water port and their investments in Iranian oil Coup in Iran 1953 Fleeing Castro.

writes guide to guerilla war. The fall of the Berlin Wall. Spain time. making cooperation in USSR many areas possible. W. Ukraine Massive famine due to drought and economic control over crops by USSR. USA had originally asked USSR to SA invade Japan as ally but decides to use bombs instead. Made possible by détente. Batista kills civilians in Cuba an attempt to find Castro's men. as the US pressured the USSR. Bush. symbolized the fall of the Soviets two years afterward and the reunification of many families and Germany friends divided by the wall. Russia is threatened by the use of atomic bombs so near Asia/USSR/U to their border. Hungarian students revolt. USSR invades Hungary to Europe support communist interests. USA. Carlos (CIA supported) invades A and is successful. Cuba.Cuban Independence1898 Cuban Missile Crisis1962 Death of FDR 4/12/1945 Death of Stalin Détente 1953 1962-1975 Ernesto 'Che' Guevara Fall of Berlin Wall 1989 Famine of 1932 1932-1933 Gorbachev 1985 Guatemala 1952. targeted for the USSR Berlin Wall. USSR providing aid to the members of the Warsaw Pact. Arbenz recieves aid from USSR and Guatemala/US Czech arms. Che Guevara aids and writes guide. 6 million dead The last leader of the Soviet Union. spurring a crisis bringing the world close to USSR nuclear war. Teller Amendment dictates that US will allow Cuban autonomy. Communist. Castro's tactics after landing in the Sierra Maestros. in 1952 Truman tries to overthrow Arbenz but is unsuccessful. 1954 Guerilla Warfare 1956-1959 Helsinki Conference1975 Spanish-American war ends. the hero of Latin America and US liberals. Helps Castro. Europe Established disputed territory from WWII. Hiroshima/Nagasaki1945 Hungarian Revolution 1956 Hurricane Michelle 2002 International Investment Bank 1971 . Latin killed in Latin America during a guerilla war he was America advising. USA Truman becomes president by default. US exports to Cuba when they ask for help after the Cuba. CIA kills many Guatemalans. U-2 spy plane spots Soviet missile silos in Cuba in Cuba. but Platt Amendment allows them to become involved at any USA. Negotiates with George H. USA storm The Warsaw Pact's answer to the IMF/World Bank. In 1954. purges end. USA and A period of easing of the tension. USSR Krushchev takes power. must attend Potsdam in FDR's place. October.

Castro Cuba is elected president. Europe The plan for economic assistance of postwar European nations. main targets of collectivization. declares Cuba socialist. Chancellor of West Germany. gives revolution its name. even the USSR. Characterized by corruption. It is made possible by détente. USA and USSR recruit war criminal scientists for development of military technology and for intelligence USSR/USA reasons. Europe/USA/C Beginning with the Brussels Pact. Cuba Failed coup led by Castro. Czechoslovaki Declares Czechoslovakia a socialist nation. Brain child of US Europe President. USSR. recognizes East Germany as a nation. 1960 Non-Aligned Movement 1961 Ostpolitik 1972 . USSR Larger farm owners. prostitution. a military alliance of anada W. involved in international disputes as well as purges and trapping spies in the USSR USSR. especially USSR. No compensation. Batista rules through 1959 when Castro overthrows him. US cuts off diplomatic relations. gambling. It was offered to all nations. West/East Germany Willy Brandt. Cuba United Fruit Company loses all Cuban land. Europe against any agressor. withheld grain because of cheap prices. and Cuba tourism for foreigners. The movement is fairly strong. Result of collectivization is famine. Asia picks up for a lasting impression. Cold War era wars were all limited. under USSR a control (satellite) The establishment of this group of smaller nations that do not wish to be aligned with either the USA or the Latin America.Iron Curtain 1946 Europe KGB Kulaks 1917-1991 1930s League of Nations 1918 Limited Wars Machado Overthrown by Batista 1933 Marshall Plan 1947 Moncada Barracks 1953 Nationalization of Business 1960 NATO 1949 Nazi War Criminals 1945 New Constitution New Czechoslovakian Constitution 1976 A term given to the dividing line between communist and democratic nations. USSR refuses to get involved. Communist secret police. Communist party writes. Asia Korea and Vietnam were not total war for fear of nuclear destruction of the world. but never really Africa. especially in Europe after WWII. but they refused.

Roosevelt. 1977 USA/USSR USSR/Afghani Soviets invade Afghanistan and put their own leader in stan place. Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty. declared a new policy: any nation wishing to be free (democratic) would be supported militarily by the US (against communism. limits number of nukes. War in the Pacific 1941-1945 Warm Water Port USSR A need of the USSR for a warm water port year-round for commerce. Prague Spring 1968 Recognizing the Soviet Union 1930s Roosevelt chose to recognize the nation. establishing Cold War tension 1945 . the US stops trade after missile crisis. Soviets Invade Afghanistan 1979 Suez Canal Crisis 1956 Egypt In 1956. This costs many American lives in order to win. free elections in Poland.Potsdam Churchill. They attempt to get it in the middle east during the Cold War. division of Berlin. Treaty of Paris 1951 Truman Doctrine 1947 USA Truman. 1946 Yalta 1945 Allies Churchill. Stalin. terms of surrender by Japan. SALT I and II 1972. Returned all property taken by Germany during the war. division of Germany. Egypt (USSR) and Israel (US) went to war over the Suez canal. Decided to divide Korea between communist and Stalin. Truman threatens to use atomic bomb USSR/Czecho A liberal movement in Czechoslovakia is put down by slovakia the Warsaw Pact forces. main Europe foundation for the EU. Russan help in Japan.) USSR refuses to get involved in Japan and open two USSR/USA fronts. Reparations at 20 billion US but never payed fully. Made possible by détente. in a speech with the goal of getting money for Greece. European nations in response to NATO. led by USSR. made permanent in 1996 after 2 planes are shot down Trade Embargo 1960-Present Cuba. World Bank and USSR sees these two organizations as a way for the US IMF Established Europe to spread capitalism and western ideas. Truman dictatorship at the 38th parallel. USA Establishes the European Economic Community. Division of Germany between Allies. though they did not accept the tzar's debts after WWI. Eventually it was reopened under an international force. Originally diplomatic. Warsaw Pact 1955 Europe The military alliance of E. but never succeed. Treaties of Rome 1957 Established European Coal and Steel Community. organize a United Nations Organization Orange: Aftermath of WWII. Europe precursor to EU.

Green: The Cold War Sky Blue: Cuba .

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