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Kalzip FC rainscreen system

Ingenious, attractive, innovative and economical

Kalzip FC rainscreen is a non-penetrative façade system that incorporates a fast-to-install lightweight flat rainscreen panel, suitable for both new build and retrofit projects. The main feature of the system is its flexibility which allows the installation of the profiles to be carried out in two directions, either from the top down or from the bottom up. This choice of panel mounting direction is a unique benefit which enables not only easier and faster installation compared to conventional panel systems but also allows scaffolding or subsequent construction work to be coordinated independently from the installation process. The system's innovative design and technical capabilities also allow individual sheets to be removed and installed without compromising the adjoining panels or the overall integrity of the façade system.


Product advantages and system characteristics
• Contemporary, visually stunning aesthetics • Several different standard profile widths provide flexibility and scope for design • Highly cost-effective through simple and fast installation techniques • Optimised panel geometry means low inherent weight and reduced use of materials • Variable acoustic and thermal insulation options • A wide range of color and surface finishes with edge folding as standard • Fully integrated corner panels (optional) • High structural performance • Creation of fixed point with a specially designed fixed point clamp

Kalzip FC rainscreen system

Technical information
The Kalzip FC rainscreen system has been designed for horizontal installation and for use with all common substructures. The panels are fixed into either proprietary individual clips or continuous modular rails which feature integrated plastic inlays that lock the panels securely into place. The individual mono-click brackets can also be used for creating special details. The modular click rail is typically supplied in three to four metre lengths. This is not only for practical handling reasons but also where a break in the façade sub-construction is required to allow expansion between floors. A specially designed setting out tool is available to ensure the correct spacing and alignment between adjacent rails. The same tool can be adjusted to accommodate all standard profile cover widths. The system components have been optimised to enable the system to be adjusted and aligned solely via the substructure. Fully integrated corner panels add a subtle yet harmonious detail to the building geometry and enhance the overall aesthetics of the façade.

Installation from the bottom upwards

Installation from the top downwards

Profile options and dimensions (units in mm)

Materials and finishes: FC rainscreen panels are available in stucco embossed aluminum EN AW 6025 (AIMg2.5SiMnCu) and painted aluminum EN AW 3004 (AIMn1Mg1) or EN AW 3005 (AIMn1Mg0.5) The profiles are available as standard in a range of colors. Other surface finishes are available on request including stucco-embossed, AluPlusPatina, micro-ribbed, and with integrated recessed seams. Protective foil: All material is provided with protective film. Please check with our Technical Services Department for further information.

Replacing a damaged panel

Panel suffers accidental or deliberate damage

Damaged panel is cut along its length

Lower part of damaged panel is pulled down and removed


Upper panel is unclicked. Top part of the damaged panel is unhooked

Replacement panel is hooked on

Panels are clicked into place to finish repair

Kalzip FC rainscreen system

Flexible for all sub-structures in new build or retrofit
The Kalzip FC rainscreen system is suitable for all common sub-constructions. Adjustment of the panels takes place solely via the sub-construction. The Kalzip FC rainscreen panels can therefore be installed quickly and easily without the need for additional alignment.
The following systems are recommended:
1. Structurally effective modular click rail SEL-40 on L-section (figure 1) The advantage of these sub-constructions are that they require very few components. Quick and economical installation is therefore possible. Installation experience is an essential requirement here as the components need to be aligned in several directions at the same time. 2. Adjustable aluminum sub-construction pre-punched mono-click brackets (figure 2) The advantage of this sub-construction is that it uses conventional systems, onto which mono-click brackets can be fixed in modular positions. This sub-construction is recommended e.g. when there is a change in panel cover width within the façade. Adjustable aluminum sub-construction with modular click rail (figure 3) This option uses commercially available systems without additional modifications. The advantage is economical and simple installation (alignment takes place in two steps) The structurally non-effective modular click rail must be fixed to the vertical L-section and at every panel support.

figure 1

figure 2

figure 3

3. Adjustable aluminum sub-construction installed horizontally with structurally effective modular click rail (figures 4 and 5) In this case, there is a standard sub-construction (figure 4) which is installed horizontally. The wall brackets may require additional reinforcement (figure 5). This sub-construction can be used in projects where horizontal members are more economical for structural reasons, e.g. in the case of ribbon windows. The structurally effective modular click rail enables the arrangement of the sub-construction to take place independently from panel alignment and is therefore the simplest installation solution.

4. Structurally effective modular click rail on steel cassettes (figures 6 and 7) This design is often used in industrial buildings. The structurally effective modular click rail should be used to accommodate different cover widths of the panels and cassettes (figure 6). Alternatively for higher thermal performance requirements a continuously insulated steel cassette system can be used as the backing wall (figure 7). When installing the modular click rail on this system, please observe the steel cassette manufacturer’s installation recommendations to achieve a thermal break.

figure 4

figure 5

figure 6

figure 7


Kalzip FC rainscreen system

Precision right down to the very last detail
All Kalzip FC rainscreen system components are developed to accommodate a wide range of requirements and are harmoniously coordinated. Detail example: joint
1 Kalzip FC rainscreen panel 2 Mono-click bracket 3 Angle profile 4 Wall bracket 5 Thermal break 6 Thermal insulation 7 Brickwork/concrete 8 Vertical joint flashing

Detail example: external corners non right-angled
1 Kalzip FC rainscreen panel 2 Mono-click bracket 3 Angle profile 4 Wall bracket 5 Thermal break 6 Thermal insulation 7 Brickwork/concrete 8 Flashing 9 External corner flashing

Corner panels
Both internal and external corner panels are produced in the factory to suit project requirements. This gives maximum flexibility when detailing and fixing panels. Corner panels with angles other than 90° can also be produced. For wind loading and stability reasons, panels fitted in corners require additional supports. Please contact our Technical Services Department for further information.

Accessories A full range of Kalzip FC rainscreen accessories is available.

Mono click bracket

Modular click rail ME Modular click rail SE Modular click rail SEL


FC rainscreen flashing support

FC rainscreen fixed point clamp

FC rainscreen guidance snapper

Kalzip FC rainscreen system

Project case studies
Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, USA
Architect: Trahan Architects Façade area: 34,000 square metres Profile: Kalzip FC rainscreen 30/305R Surface finish: Anodized aluminum Over 365,000 square feet of Kalzip FC rainscreen system have been used to re-clad the exterior of the Louisiana Superdome after it was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The state of Louisiana, which owns the facility, wanted a system that would allow for the repair of individual panels without having to dismantle the entire system. The specification also required rigorous testing of the system in mock up form as the entire wall system, not just the panels, had to meet stringent requirements for wind resistance and other severe weather conditions. Completed in 2010 the Kalzip FC rainscreen system not only fulfilled but also, in many instances, exceeded all technical and performance expectations. Aesthetically stunning the new anodized aluminum panels are the same color as the original façade maintaining the original appearance of this highly distinctive structure.

Spirit of Spice Warehouse, Willich, Germany
Architect: Dewey + Blohm-Schroder Achitekten Façade area: 330 square metres Profile: Kalzip FC rainscreen 30/300 Surface finish: polyester coated The owners of the spice factory in Willich, Germany turned their hobby into an occupation and established a company for the manufacture and sales of spices in 2005. By 2010 its huge success had made it necessary for them to construct a new building, which houses rooms for production, administration and also an apartment. The open side of the elongated structure (in a recumbent U- shape) faces to the north and west overlooking a nature conservation area whilst the south side, which is clad with Kalzip profiles, backs onto a 'mixed use' industrial estate. The roof and wall surfaces merge into one another through the building's shape and design. The standing seams and the AluPlusPatina finish give the building a characteristic surface that conveys quality and durability. The building, which was conceived as a 'passive' house, is equipped with a geothermal system, solar hot water production, controlled forced ventilation and a 600 square metre photovoltaic plant making it as independent of external energy supplies as possible. The Kalzip profiled sheets enable the nonpenetrative installation of the solar modules. For the external façade, the architects chose the Kalzip FC rainscreen system. Characteristic of this system are the large panels, which provide the façade with a calm and highly aesthetic surface.
Care has been taken to ensure that this information is accurate, but Tata Steel Europe Limited – including its subsidiaries – does not accept responsibility for information which is found to be misleading. Copyright 2011

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