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SSsshhh.. Let me stare at you. Yes you. Im talking to you.. Do you know that the ARCHITECTURE is a canvass to FASHION imagination? Construction is the foundation of fashion design it takes YOU and your SKILL to turn to a twodimensional drawing into a successful garment. Basic Fashion and Architecture Design guides you through the process, teaching You the theory, practical skills and techniques you need to. Customizing is HOT. Everything can be customized , from pimped cars, to retro furniture that not only tells the story and more than two-hundred years of undisputed elegance but also the contemporary nature of a style that represents the pinnacle of male haute couture. Weve always admitted the links between car design and architecture. But Buildings and Fashion ? It takes some bravery to talk of fashion in terms beyond superficial styling to clothing design innovation in the same breath as an architectural legend, but in doing this proves that the two disciplines are intertwined in more ways that we need to. The relationship between fashion and architecture is not a particularly oblique one. Both are based on structure, shape and prettying up basic necessities, clothes and shelter. It is less discussed, and yet even glance at your garden-variety of modern architect proves that this is a group of a style conscious as fashion designers. Somehow, Architects are borrowing the techniques of pleating, stapling, cutting, and aping from traditional tailoring for design of buildings, that are flexible, interactive, inflatable and even portable. I love Fashion I love Architecture and guess what, Both of this field, is the most comprehensive study of this exciting area to date. It is the first attemptto investigate the contemporary relationship between architecture and fashion in considerable depth, by examining the ideas, imagery, and techniques. The membrane

structures, pliable metals, lightweight glasses and plastics used in building construction are creeping onto the catwalk. As they do so, their impact on recent textile developments has produced fabrics that enable clothing to act as individual climate controlled environments that can exchange information with embedded sensors, resulting in wearable dwellings that act as both shelter and clothing. Weve known all about what is in, but entering on the mainstream of tunnels of buildings onto the hole of a pin..makes our ideas gain into fashion, power, femenity, and beauty. FASHION is seen as transient , superficial and uses soft, fluid materials, while Architecture is thought to be immense and enduring Architects and Fashion designers produce their environments which are defined through spatial awareness. Despite the obvious differences in size, scale and materials, the source of both fashion design and architecture is in fact, the human body and and both ezpanded on ideas of space movement which extend to express personal , political and cultural identity. Fashion Designers approaching Fabrics and garments as architectonic construction. Architects approaching Buildings as superficial pleating. FASHION & AHITECTURE is approaching you.. Nowstart to get your own style !