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This is very interesting. How our corporations are bringing in drugs into this country.

And getting away with it and murder! This is INSANE! Check out this BRAVE womans blog. Preview below. But she tells the stories much better than I can. I urge you to go to her blog, you will enjoy it and get some new insight in how massive amounts of drugs and illegals get into the US. She has been doing this since 2008. And the drugs keep trucking in. You knowol Ron Paul is from Texasthe crazy nut ya think he knows about this? Sure does want to figure out why he wants to legalize drugs? Because it shuts this all DOWN! All the killing, all the trafficking, all the kids in our jails that we are funding Since they got caught with drugsthe TRILLIONS of dollars of imprisoning people who take drugs. who cares what someone else puts in their bodyits their choice! ~victoria

Subject: The Secret Life Of a Housewife Elizabeth Todd Burns describes herself as ; "I live on the Tex-Mex Border. I see a lot of stuff on the news about my area. I am out and about schlepping kids and running errands all day. I look around and wonder if the people who write the news have ever been here." Her blog is amusing, entertaining, and informative. Her microphone for interviews is a rubber kitchen spatula on which she has clipped a small transmitter. You can't help but laugh when you see that. She includes interviews with illegals she runs across that are crossing her family's very large ranch in Brooks County, near the Texas Mexico border. The county has a population density of 8 people per square mile and is one of the poorest in Texas. In her blog she reveals how "big oil" controls access to several million acres of ranch land from the Rio Grande to Corpus Christi and how this land has become a "freeway" for smuggling drugs and illegals past the Border Patrol checkpoints. She shows drug stashes, arms caches, and pits where the Zetas have buried bodies. She is more at war with the big oil than the cartels, blaming the companies (more specifically the company lawyers) for allowing basically unlimited access to the cartels on their leases, but not allowing law enforcement. From one of her blogs: I'm NOT exaggerating about people getting kidnapped and killed in the AMI. I reported the situation to Exxon and El Paso Corp's lawyers and the Border Patrol. Then, the lawyers told law enforcement that I was making it all up and there was nothing dangerous going on. The oil company lawyers claimed that only people trained by them could inspect their operations due to "highly flammable hydrocarbons." They went to court and got an injunction based on the imminent danger posed by any untrained individual on or near Exxon property. And, then they refused to escort law enforcement onto the property. The kidnapping, trafficking, and killing continues to this day. Kevin Beiter sent me a letter saying that: "In the case of a real emergency" I was not to contact anyone besides their law firm and to do so via certified mail. It's 12 miles just to get to the post office from the ranch HQ. So, when I see guys with machine guns marching kids with bales of marijuana strapped to their backs on the ExxonMobil lease, I should immediately go to the post office and send the law firm of Hornberger, Sheehan, Fuller, and Beiter a letter to their San Antonio office? Those kids are dead in a pit before that letter would arrive. The gauger reported the same thing I was reporting. The oil companies did not report it to authorities. Those lawyers have no regard for human life. It's not very comforting to know that they are also the people who determine the environmental policy for the oil companies. They sign off on what can be dumped and buried.

From one of her blogs; I love how this chic slept soundly in the Kelsey Compressor Station. In 2007, ICE contacted us about access to the Kelsey Plant because they had suspects in there. We told them to call ExxonMobil. They called ExxonMobil who referred them to the lawyers. The lawyers said it was a liability to have untrained people in the plant. Some how they don't seem to care about the untrained meth smugglers hanging out in there. Or, the nice young girls from El Salvador snoozing away. Just the law enforcement can't go in there. El Paso's pumper brought her to the gate. He's a nice guy. She was lucky that one of the not-sonice guys didn't get her in their grubby mitts. A deputy from Dimmitt County told me bulk meth smuggling is now a huge problem in Carrizo Springs. It all blends in with the Eagle Ford Shale oilfield traffic. Where there is meth, it always seems like their more violence. I feel sorry for the oilfield workers and cowboys who get sucked into that. Someone offers them $10,000 for a key to a ranch or the use of a company truck or a few frack tanks. On the ExxonMobil properties around here, the big thing is to park frack tanks on the properties. THey are great to pack with anything. Good for stealing condensate because they hold 400 bbls. No one pays any attention to them coming and going. Exxon's workers just think it's one of Exxon's partners and pay no attention. (or they get paid $10,000 to ignore) Big Oil Jr.'s Cousin told me that condensate stolen in frac tanks from the Kelsey area gets put on the train in tankers, shipped up around Houston and sold back to ExxonMobil. I love how Pat Lochridge publicly denies that his client is being robbed. I like that his client is buying stolen condensate that was stolen from the client itself. Just absurd. Now ExxonMobil and El Paso and several other majors have gone to the FBI and demanded assistance to stop the huge problem of condensate theft in the Eagle Ford. I don't think they are going to get very far. There is no way to stop it. It's just going to get worse.