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Special Offers

July & August
mccain gourmet chips £11.49 a box

A preview of what’s inside.....
39p per portion 44p per portion

frank dale mini strawberry & cream scones 1x48 £19.13

sidoli cherry/walnut loaf 19ptn £8.50



Non Foods

Game Glace STO121S 600G £16.87

veal glace STO119S 600G £16.50

lamb glace STO117S 600G £15.13

beef glace STO122S 600G £16.43

beef jus STO141S 1ltr £5.74

lamb stock STO137S 700G £13.07

veal stock STO135S 700G £13.07

mushroom stock STO138S 700G £12.44

mushroom stock base BOU425S 1kg £15.59

beef paste BOU601S 1kg £10.02

chicken paste BOU602S 1kg £10.02

jalfrezi paste CIS499S 1kg £6.54

rogan josh paste CIS402S 1kg £8.01

tomato concasses MED104S 4.1kg £3.73

chestnut puree ORI098S 435g £1.74

silverskin onions in wine CVG314S 1.65kg £3.76

golden gravy mix GRA201S 2kg £9.58

apricot halves TFR104S 2.5kg £3.14

pear halves TFR207S 820g £1.19

peach halves TFR099S 840g £0.93

pineapple pieces TRF110s 2.25kg £2.90

red mountain coffee BEV220S 750g £7.50

fresh brew teabags BEV316S 1100 bags £8.75

apple juice JUI107 12x1ltr £5.99

orange juice JUI106 12x1ltr £5.99

premium orange juice JUI200 12x1ltr £13.18

premium apple juice JUI201 12x1ltr £12.55

regular coffee pods BEV140 144 pods £27.50

decaf coffee pods BEV142 144 pods £27.50

buon gusto BEV135S 1x1kg £9.50



Non Foods

Nature Valley: official suppliers to the olympics

ginger nut crunch BIS400

oats & chocolate BIS401

maple syrup BIS402 oats & honey BIS403

buy any 2x3ltr italian cooking wine, get 1x500ml liqueur glaze free

red wine ALC130 2x3ltr £7.50

white wine ALC130 2x3ltr £7.50

buy 4 burts 40g cases, get the 5th case free.



Non Foods

buy any 3 frank dales products and get 1 fruit tart selection free.

mini salmon/cheese bagels BUF409S 1x45 £18.66

mini beef wellington BUF406S 1x48 £17.75

cheeseburger crostini BUF408S 1x45 £17.43

mini straw/ cream scones IND930S 1x48 £19.13

mini smoked salmon terrine BUF404S 1x48 £18.31

mini fruit tart selection IND718 3x12 £11.69

duck spring roll SRO117 1x50 £16.00

spring roll selection SRO118 3x15 £10.63

pop pop chicken POU301S 1x1kg £6.50

smoked salmon & dill mousse PAT185S 600G £5.35

pork farmhouse pate PAT159S 454G £4.18

stay crisp POT125 4x2.5kg £10.99

sweet potato POT456 4x2.5kg £22.99

mashed potato POT420 4x2.5kg £16.06

mini waffles POT402 10x907g £16.93

gastro POT124 4x2.5kg £16.49

Rustic POT209 4x2.5kg £11.49

gourmet POT208 4x2.5kg £11.49

traditional POT210 4x2.5kg £11.49



Non Foods

marzipan gateau GAT260 16ptn £11.47

lemon & lime mousse cake GAT261 16ptn £9.60

caramel gateau GAT262 16ptn £8.85

toffee apple fudge cake GAT263 16ptn £9.16

raspberry charlotte cake GAT264 16ptn £9.58

jeweled with passion GAT265 16ptn £8.57

lemon drizzle TBA223 14ptn £7.95

cherry/ walnut loaf TBA221 14ptn £8.50

toffee/ pecan loaf TBA220 14ptn £8.50

naughty chocolate loaf TBA222 14ptn £7.95

stick ginger loaf TBA224 14ptn £7.95

The West Country Cake Company
chocolate cake TOP450 14ptn £9.50 fruit cake TOP453 14ptn £10.80

victoria sandwich TOP456 14ptn £9.00

dorset apple cake TOP457 14ptn £10.15

toffee indulgence TOP455 14ptn £11.48

coffee & walnut TOP458 14ptn £9.38



Non Foods

July Only

glass multi power kitchen surface clean cream
JAN203S 1x750ml £2.18 JAN605S 1x750ml £2.50

blue conditioner
JAN702S 1X5LTR £5.70

glass rinse aid
JAN402S 1x5ltr £12.70

dishwasher rinse aid
JAN404S 1X2ltr £7.35

Sterling everyday low prices
rogan josh curry sauce 1 madras curry sauce balti curry sauce plain mint crisp sm plain flour sm self raising flour 2 sage & onion stuffing natural breadcrumbs basmati wild rice
1x2.25kg 1x2.25kg 1x2.25kg 1x1kg 6x1.5kg 6x1.5kg 1x2.25kg 1x2.25kg 1x3kg £6.92 £6.92 £6.92 £7.38 £5.20 £5.60 £4.23 £2.82 £15.37



blackforest gateau 1 strawberry gateau choc fudge cake double choc gateau strawberry ice cream chocolate ice cream vanilla ice cream quiche lorraine 3 tomato & basil quiche cheese & onion quiche broccoli & stilton quiche spanish quiche

16ptn 16ptn

£5.86 £5.86 £5.86 £5.86 £5.86 £2.91 £2.91 £2.75 £5.71 £5.80 £5.80 £5.58 £5.80


16ptn 16ptn 16ptn 1x4ltr 1x4ltr 1x4ltr 12ptn 12ptn 12ptn 12ptn 12ptn

coffee mandarin gateau




anti bacterial spray 1 pearl pink soap lemon floor gel 2 peach perfumed soap

1x750ml 1x5ltr 1x5ltr 1x5ltr

£1.47 £6.46 £7.86 £8.38





Non Foods

July Only

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