Instutionalized Organized Funded Academics & Towards Many Deschooling Societies

I. My Concepts of Education: 1. To me, “education” is part of my life & it can’t be abstracted from my “care of self” & can’t be fortified within different Ideological State Apparatuses (ISA,, viz. schools, universities etc). Therefore I’m questioning the taking-for-granted presupposition, the chronological order of 5 (Open Basic Education)+ 5 (Secondary Education) + 2 (Higher Secondary Education) + 3… etc. To understand this position (School as an ISA), patient readers of this bakwas may hear this song: & pl. question the pre-given chronological order of schooling. 2. Furthermore, as I’m deeply influenced by Rabindranath, Gandhi, Russell, Ivan Illich, Paulo Freire ( Reimer ( ) et al., I’m against schooling. On the basis of their wisdoms, the goals of my education are as follows: (a) I’ve to relate myself to supposed “nature” with empathy without deploying violent process of knowing (cf. Nietzsche to Foucault & Asish Nandy) the “object” in a lab state. (b) I’ve to relate myself to my contiguous neighbors, habitats without alienation. It is meaningless to practice economics, sociology etc. without being empathically involved with the “subject” of study. I condemn the armchair – practice of academic tribe & their vulgar vanguardism. In Brecht’s play, “Life of Galileo”, which was revised after Hiroshima-Nagasaki incidence, Galileo the “scientist” was portrayed as a villain. Pl. put why-question here, though children are generally discouraged to do so by the adults. Subjetification (different academio-administrative disciplines) of objectified subjects by deploying disciplinary techs must be condemned at this moment of forthcoming anthropogenic “pralaya”. (c) Apart from supposed nature-culture-connection/relation, the last (but not least) goal of my education is to relate myself with the universe & to understand my position (as a subject) within the universe. It is redundant to say that the one-way traffic (“the banking concept of education” a la Friere) of ISA does not provide such goals in non-participatory system/transmission of information-education. Dear readers, pl. note that I do not provide my “own” thinking so far. I, as an ideologue, ‘m just reiterating/reproducing my cultural capital & I’m posing this socially accumulated knowledge, if not wis(h)dom as my private property by as-sign-ing © . There is nothing new in my ideas. My thinking ability as well as creativity is injured/crippled by my attachment with necrophilic ISAs. Moreover, I’ve become a parasite, a surplus-extractor, thanks to ISAs! Therefore, I’m now switching over to the conjecture of education as “development of skills”. What types of skills do I need to get rid of my parasitic existence? (d) I can’t produce my own food, clothes & can’t make my own home. All these 3 skills were not in my curriculum. So, I’m a “biddebojhai babumoSai”, who can’t participate in “socially necessary labor”. Haha, “lekhapORa kOre je, gaRighoRa cORe Se.”---gaRighoRa? Am I not emitting carbons by publishing papers and using private transport? I’m a nasty member of academic tribe!!!---It’s a moment of my severe ambivalent guilt feeling…. However, the sociology of “literate” academic tribe and its subsequent (un)holy nexus with the political parties (in a form of patron-client relationship) is yet to be written with so-called empirical evidences. We then have to use new terms, viz. “academic mafia” “academic bureaucrat” etc. to describe the situation. II. REMEDIES??? I’m supporting deschooling & the process of deschooling (the invention of poor) is now subsumed/ approximated/appropriated/codified/standardized (synthetic hegemony/ rarefaction) by the state, which is supposed to be withered away (Oh, what a hypocrite am I, a central gov. employee !!!). National Education Policy (NEP,, Yashpal Committee Report (, Krishnakumar’s initiative at NCERT have made a sea-change in education (they followed Ekalavya’s deschooling method) & I’m following their paths in my own case. In this context, I must doff my hat to R.K. Narayan (Pl. re-read Malgudi Days He opposed the increasing weight of school bag as a rajyasabha-member), Ekalavya (Hosengabad, M.P.), Prof. Yashpal, Prof. Krishnakumar. I’m depending on easily available audio-visual aids (the anti-green thermal & nuclear energy must be substituted by so-called non-conventional energy resources), educational tours (e.g., Birla Industrial Museum to our beloved “nature”), NCERT-curriculum in case of my home-schooled son. And there is no exam (cf. . To know the full narrative of my home-schooled son, pl. browse ) My mottos are: 1. I must be an example of my “bukni” (“pronouncement” cf. Kant to Gandhi) –kOtha ar kajer pharak ghocaw! The poison of industrial revolution (though I’m writing this trash by using electric signals, the product of contemporary electronic capitalism! hahaha, Rousseau’s dilemma!!!) must be combated. 1. Back to “socially necessary labor”. In this case there is no imperative to other: “Ekla cOlo re” [if none is responding, go alone]. If you wish, you may come with me & I’ll be happy to be with you…. III. SOME SITES: BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN HOME-ORDER & SCHOOL ORDER??? Cf. My Papers & Teaching on Deschooling: 1997. “Towards a Praxis of Anti-Grammar.” Philosophy and Social Action. Vol.23, No.1 (pp.33-42). Jan-March ‘97. Delhi. Cited in: 2010-11. Resource Person. Deschooling & Mother-tongue Education in the plurilingual context. Pratham (UNICEF) 2001. Resource Person.Dept. of Education, Calcutta Univ. UGC-Sponsored 8th Refresher Course in Education :Language Learning in a Multilingual Classroom