Ten years of startup life in 20 minutes

January ‘09 Stephen Wang Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder http://www.alivenotdead.com/stephen stephen@alivenotdead.com

• About alivenotdead.com •Introduction •Artists •Traffic • Prior co-founded companies •College-run startup •Design Reactor •Rotten Tomatoes •XMFish.com •Alivenotdead.com • Take aways •Follow your passion •Work with talented friends •Find the right market

What is alivenotdead.com?
alivenotdead.com is • An international community dedicated to artists and their fans. • 360,000+ members • 1,000+ artists

alivenotdead.com: a few of our artists
Jet Li Daniel Wu Nicholas Tse Karen Mok Van Ness Wu Linda Chung

Fiona Xie

Lisa S.

Vincent Kok

Mavis Fan

Josie Ho

Paul Wong

Race Wong

Rosanne Wong

Ella Koon

Ankie Beilke


Candy Lo

Khalil Fong

Kelly Hu

James Kyson Lee Aimee Chan

Sam Lee

MC Jin

Andrew Lin

Cherrie Ying

24 Herbs

Ana R.

Michael Wong

Justin Lo

Functionality of alivenotdead.com - Artists
• Communicate with fans • Network with other artists • Promote projects • Find jobs • Sell products

Functionality of alivenotdead.com - Members
• Interact with favorite artists • Connect with other fans • Discover new artists • Find out about upcoming events • Share photos/blogs

Traffic and Site Stats
• Users & Artists: •From 6 artists to over 1075 artists (since May 2007) •Over 350,000 registered users (since May 2007) • Traffic / Registration Stats •550,000 unique visitors per month (Oct 2008) •700 – 2000 new users per day

College-run apartment startup

• Surrounded by entrepreneurs • Ask help from really talented friends • A great way to pay the bills

Design Reactor
Leading entertainment web design agency Do a startup when you can afford to starve and the only way you can go is up It’s easier to find talented friends when they’re all unemployed

Rotten Tomatoes
• The premier destination for movie buffs and casual film-goers alike • 8.2 million monthly unique visitors • 60 million monthly page views • Acquired by IGN.com/Fox Interactive Media

Rotten Tomatoes

The best lessons are learned in hard times. Bad times are always around the corner. Make sure your friends are there, too.


Started as OpenRice for China, but is now online community for Xiamen 100K+ unique visitors a day, 2.2M pageviews/day Find what works and make it number one When you get comfortable, it’s time to move.

Following The Heavenly Kings, the Alive boys work with the Rotten Tomatoes team

It’s only been a year and a half, so let’s see where the adventure takes us.

Find me online … we’re looking for interns!

Thank you and I hope to meet more entrepreneurs from this audience! Stephen Wang Message me at: http://www.alivenotdead.com/stephen

Previous Events

Pre-Event Publicity: Banners
Front Page Super Banners / Spotlights / Artist-Only Banners

Pre-Event Publicity: Standalone sites
Standalone website integrated to alivenotdead.com back end

JetLi.com Official site for Jet Li

SixthfloorRearFlat.com Official site for "Sixth Floor Rear Flat 2"

HKPAG.org Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild

Pre-Event Publicity: Partner Profiles
alivenotdead.com partner profile – a channel to users and artists



BEATS Magazine

Post-Event Publicity: Media Exposure
alivenotdead.com's community generates regional media exposure

Post-Event Publicity: Media Exposure
alivenotdead.com's community generates regional media exposure

Post-Event Publicity: Artist Blogs / Photos
alivenotdead.com's artists generate post-event buzz

Post-Event Publicity: Artist Blogs / Photos
alivenotdead.com's artists generate post-event buzz

Post-Event Publicity: User Blogs / Photos
Through event pages, users can share photos and blogs after events

Belvedere: Dead Not Alive Halloween Party

• Primary print and TV media event for Halloween 2008 in HK • 500+ attendees in costume
Oct 2008: Dead Not Alive Halloween Party alivenotdead.com / Belevedere / Azure

Jaegermeister: Hardpack CD Release Party

• Hardpack + Guests (Jun Kung, Josie Ho, Joey Tang, Phat Chan)

Nov 2008: Hardpack CD Release Party alivenotdead.com / Jaegermeister / Element

Silly Thing: BAPEHEADS HK Show Afterparty

• VIP after party for Kanye West / N.E.R.D. / Teriyaki Boyz Concert

Apr 2008: Kanye West Concert Afterparty alivenotdead.com / Silly Thing / BAPE / MILK

alivenotdead.com 1 Year Anniversary Party
• International media coverage • Performance by 24Herbs • 800+ attendees

May 2008: alivenotdead.com 1 Year Anniversary Party alivenotdead.com / Diesel / 42 Below Vodka

Edwin Jeans: Audiotraffic CD Launch

• Audiotraffic + Guests (Paul Wong, Josie Ho)

Mar 2008: Audiotraffic CD Launch Party alivenotdead.com / Edwin Jeans

Diesel: Wing Shya Exhibition & Party
• Wing Shya Photo Exhibition • Performance by •Dan the Automator (US) •24Herbs (HK)

Sept 2007: Wing Shya Exhibition Diesel / alivenotdead.com

Diesel: Terry Richardson Exhibition & Party
• Exhibition by renown photographer Terry Richardson • Photoshoots of alivenotdead.com artists • Performance by •Qiu Hong •Hardpack •My Love Puzzle

Nov 2007: Terry Richardson Exhibition Diesel / alivenotdead.com

Diesel: Pat Lee Live Art Performance
• Pat Lee live illustration on Queens Road Central in downtown Hong Kong • 2-hour performance • 300+ spectators

Jan 2008: Pat Lee Live Art Performance Diesel / alivenotdead.com / Pat Lee Productions