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including architecture‟ „industrial design‟ and „engineering design‟. • It is a powerful tool for innovation and creative work.What is Design Paradigm ? • Design Paradigm presents a new approach to solving design problems and thinking about the ways things work.” . to indicate an archetypal solution. • Par-a-digm for Greek paradeigma to show side-byside (metaphor) • “The term „Design paradigm‟ is used within the design professions.

• Nature‟s Paradigms are the benchmark of inspirations that mankind has tried to used as tool for innovations. • Designers without having enough exposure and observation of nature would leads to excellent craftsmen but would fail to make innovative solutions. • Nature is the greatest teacher in the design. .Cont… • It teaches us to think differently.

The B&S Paradigm essentially allows things to rotate around an axis without coming out of the position that has the rotational dynamism. It also helps joining two separate parts together.Eg: Socket Socket is a combination of two units ‘ball & socket’ joints that animals have in their anatomy. .

Define Problem • • • • • • • • What is the essence of the problem? Where is the essence of the prior solution (if any)? Where did the prior solution fail? If it did not fail. how can the prior solution are improved upon? What other ways might there be to do things? Are there other problems similar to this one? What form does this solution imply? What other forms or basic approaches might work as well? .

• The paradigm has given us a new way to categorize things we encounter and find a new approach to formulating new ideas.How do we recognize Design Paradigm? • Design Paradigms are found all around us. • It is the discovering of a fundamental truth about the way things work. . many yet waiting to be discovered.

• They give us handle on how to think of and talk about the ways that● Things operate ● How they change. used as basis for visual and functional analogies.Visual and Functional Relationship • Design Paradigms function as metaphors. • Metaphor is the bridge between what we know and what we wish to know. • The visual images make things to understand easier. and ● How objects relate to others .

● Metaphor is a tool we use to try to understand things that are not yet familiar to us.Metaphor • Metaphor play important role in our thinking and speaking that are parallel to how we use paradigms in the design process. collapsing time. ● Metaphor is used in explaining something we understand to someone else. ● It is a bridge spanning gaps in our abilities. distance and other barriers .

Cont… • Metaphor can be applied in introducing new design automobile . and in new technologies• Commonly today we compare with the human mind and computer hardware. new products. storage of information and data • Horse-driven carriage.

• Application of both metaphor and paradigm requires that two domains be linked. the association between domains is visual and functional rather than verbal. and that these two domains be different.Cont… • The prime difference between paradigms and metaphors is that with paradigms. . usually the familiar and the unfamiliar.

" . meaning to imitate) is a new discipline that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. • Studying a leaf to invent a better solar cell is an example. and mimesis. meaning life.Biomimicry • “Biomimicry (from bios. I think of it as "innovation inspired by nature.

” . By mimicking the small hooks of the burrs. he was able to develop the product we now know as Velcro.Eg: Velcro “The product‟s inventor George de Mestral stumbled upon the idea by observing how burrs stuck to his dog’s fur and his clothing.

may be the closest man-made material yet to mimic the remarkable gecko (lizard) toe hairs. 29. . 2008) reports— “A new antisliding adhesive developed by engineers at the University of California.Eg: Vibram Shoes The Science Daily (Jan. Berkeley.

• It enriches the innovative ideas for the further innovations. • It is imperative to admit that there are millions of other paradigms yet to discover.Conclusion • It is important to examine each product‟s functioning carefully and isolate the basic paradigms that are inbuilt in the product or system. • The anvil of nature‟s rich resource can lead to innovative design solution. • It has attempted to build an understanding and realization of nature‟s role in design profession. .