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Pick a topic

You can give a speech on objects, a process, an event, or a concept.

Its a good rule is to choose something you are extremely familiar with. Also do at least some research on the topic. Remember, informative speeches simply inform people. Dont give opinion.

Narrow down your topic

You should be able to thoroughly cover your topic in the time allotted.
Pick out a specific purpose for your speech to guide your presentation as well as guide your audience's attention.

Develop your thesis

The thesis is a statement that describes your (narrowed) topic.
Ex: In this speech, you will learn about zippers should be "In this speech, you will learn how the zipper was first invented."

Do your research & Know your Audience

If there's one rule to writing an informative speech it's this: know your subject. Use reliable sources and take notes as you go It's a good idea to assume they know little about your topic. (Which is why youre informing them, right?) With this in mind, you may need to give background information

Outline your speech

Expand your outline

Make it interesting and informative by elaborating on your key points.
Have at least three key points for your speech.

Write a conclusion & Time your Speech

The conclusion should quickly summarize the main points of your speech.
Since you have been given a time limit, practice out loud and time yourself. Add or cut out material as necessary.

Lets Practice
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