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Why community matters! Webcast Summer Of Code 2009 Wilco Jansen

May 22, 2009

What are we going to talk about?


What are we going to talk about?

A project like Joomla can only be achieved with an active community, in case of Joomla! the FOSS philosophy is used and the project materialized by the GPL

The beginning…


On 31 August 2005


On 27 April 2009


User Groups Around the world


To boldly go where no one has gone before?

• 4.640.631 visitors and 24.235.484 page hits past month • 1.611.740 posts, 360.683 topics and 276.761 users in our forum • Almost 10.000.000 download • 82.000 registered developers and 2.255 registered projects on Joomlacode • 4.688 registered (active) projects on our extensions site • 60+ supported languages

To boldly go where no one has gone before?

To boldly go where no one has gone before?


The key for the growth of Joomla!


The licence





“All together”


The Summer of Code link

5th year Google Summer of Code

2005 – 6 projects 2006 – 8 projects 2007 – 10 projects 2008 – 15 projects and...

18 projects accepted!

Lessons learned (mentor version)
• • • • • • • Let the student make a plan before start Talk every week on work at hand, and work planned next week, keep a constant eye on the schedule As mid-term approached (6-12 July), make sure coding starts in time (23 May according to Google, but start earlier on if possible! Summer hollidays are parallel with SoC...students will dissapear, and re-emerge! No code during mid-term = 100% failure in the end An active way motivating involvement is to let the students actively blog The ambition level of every project so far has proven to be to high, accept lesser work completed, better some stages finished well then have nothing in the end Some students are new to open source, make sure they understand the do's and don't in FOSS projects Always remember this should be a learning expierence by students!

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Lessons learned (student version)
• • • • • • Plan first, then act! See also mentor remarks Handle SoC as a full time job, you are getting payed ;-) Time needed to complete code is always short, start soon and set reasonable milestones You mentor is there to help, use their knowledge! Use the tools provided to interact with other mentors and students (Skype chat is a good source) No code = fail mid/end-term, no code at mid-term is also fail, make sure to start coding and go through the results at least once per 2 weeks with your mentor Learn from others, there are plenty of examples out there If you use work from others, make sure you add a comment

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