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Indian Snacks INDUSTRY
Indian Snack food market is estimated to be worth US $3 billion Organized sector is growing at 15 -20 per cent a year. Unorganized sector is growing at 7-8 per cent. The market in India is diverse with over 1,000 different snack products and some 300 types of savories. Potato-based snacks, and in particular potato chips, are the largest product segment, holding an

ITC Foods division
ITC Foods, which entered the market in 2001, is the smallest business in the Rs 23,000 Cr. ITC Group.

The launch represents ITC Foods' fifth major line of foods business after the highly successful Staples, Biscuits, Ready-to-Eat and Confectionery businesses.

The Bingo brand of chips was launched by ITC on 14th March 2007 with an aim to capture at least 25 percent market share of the Rs 2000 crore branded

The launch is symbolic of ITC Foods' distinct approach of introducing innovative and differentiated products in a largely undifferentiated market place. Bingo’s launch was strategically timed around the World Cup. The idea was to get the consumer to take that first bite. The company has positioned this brand as a

Bingo’s portfolio includes an array of products in both Potato Chips & Finger Snacks segment. The Potato Chips offerings comprise of 4 innovative variants inspired by the snacking habits of different parts of the country as well as Masalas, Salted and Tomato flavours.


ITC Foods


Bingo! ~ Product Portfolio
Bingo provides innovative finger foods like the pakoda inspired Live Wires, Khakra inspired Mad Angles and time pass snack in the form of Tedhe Medhe. The Potato Chips offerings include Salted, Masala and Tomato flavours, Chatkila Nimbu Achaar, etc. Bingo! – International Cream & Onion is the brand’s latest addition to its existing unique and exciting range.

Value ProPosition
•Variety & innovation in a largely undifferentiated market •Foray into the “H ealth Snacks ” segment by introducing Bingo as baked-chips •ITC launched BINGO in 16 flavor s to cater to tastes of the country •Leveraged the retail and marketing expertise of ITC Foods

Market Share: Organized Sector

Before the launch of Bingo, Mar 07

After the launch of Bingo, Dec 08

12 - 20 Years > 50 Years 35-50 Years 20-35 Years Conservative, reserved, shy Outgoing, Fun Loving, Bindaas Psy cho grap hic (A tt itu de / Be havior) Plain Salted East South Musta rd Nimbu flavor Spicy / Red Chilly

Age Group Attitude/Behavior Geography Taste

De mogra phi c (A ge Gr ou p)
North West

Indian Geog raphy

Tast e

Targe ting

20-35 Years
De mo grap hi c A ge Grou p
Mustar d Sting

Outgoing, Fun Loving, Bindaas
Plain Salted Spicy / Red ChillyNorth Nimbu Spicy

Atti tu de / Beha vior


In dian Ge og ra phy & Tast e


Bingo! is positioned as a youthful and innova snack, offering the consumers with choice in of both formats and flavors including Local ta Crisp and Clear Punch line

Lays is positioned as a very good quality snack with international taste. No one can eat just One..!

The major competitor of Bingo is Lays with a market share of 45% Haldiram with market share of 27% Bingo is holding 16% Regional players are holding rest of the share

What’s in my name ?? (brand name)


Who am i?? (Brand identity)
Bring excitement to the lives of the customers. A brand which is for the whole country by providing the customers with tastes (flavors) from all around India. Bingo identifies itself as a brand which is youthful, fun and colorful The unique shapes in which it comes, which makes it easily recognizable amongst the consumers.

What do I possess?? (brand property)
Bingo has a unique musical sound that is loved by everyone. It is one of the properties that is remembered by everyone and it is used to recall the brand by every age group.


How do I look? (Brand Packaging)
The packaging is very attractive with dominant variant color, crimp border colors and a pictorial view of the flavor. This property of flavor depiction is very informative for consumers and a layman can also associate with it. The names provided to various variants are very traditional and Indian, so that people can easily

What do I portray? (Brand Personality)

Innovative Experimentative Adventurous

Stylish and Cool

The advertising strategy used humour to sell Bingo. ITC used a 360 degree brand building effort to boost the new launch. Ogilvy & Mather (O&M), focused to position the brand as youth-centric. The variety came through a series of fun campaigns — consumers were asked to design the ads for Bingo using the angular shape of the chips as the central theme. Crowd sourcing which serves two purposes – it engages the end-consumer and the campaign is done at the


Superior material (Moulded plastic) provides better aesthetics Increased Visibility of packs with amphi-

theatrical tray design Slotting allows for standalone vertical

stability of packs Modularity & Standardization Entry with 3 trays to avoid excessive

inventory/empty space Whenever needed, 4th tray can be


Most of the advertisements were considered vague In initial stages about 70% of viewers could recall the brand. This helped in capturing 16% of market share in just 18 months. The Advertising was highly successful in creating Brand Awareness

Frito Lays has revamped the product by reducing the saturated fat content by 40 per cent. Healthy snacks is the next buzzword. Frito Lays is expected to launch Rs 3 packs for higher penetration.

High Decibel Advertising : Bingo was able to capture the Share of Noise through its heavy spend. Novelty Factor : The snack market is driven by impulse purchases Regional Flavors: Lays was the first to localize flavors but Bingo specialized on local flavors and the key differentiator was the Localized flavors. Distribution strength: The strong distribution has helped in terms of Shelf Space and retailer

Brand identity Prism
ITC, Shape s, Games , P oing! !! Inn ovative, Expe rim ent ati ve



e qu si


rso na




Ou tgo ing , F un loving

Indi an, Dif ferent

sto m Re s er ’ fle cti on
Cool, Young a t hea r t


’s er ion tomject s Cu pro elf S
I am Bi nda as!! !

Survey Questionnaire for Bingo!

Survey Analysis
1.1 Frequency of chips purchase

1.2 Awareness about brands

1.3 Knowledge about bingo!


1.5 No. of flavours tried


1.7 Rating Bingo
1.7.1 Flavours

1.7.2 Packaging

1.7.3 Name Appeal

1.7.4 Availability

1.7.5 Taste

1.8 what describes bingo!?

1.9 Recallable properties

Nodal map For bingo!

bole to?????

I try Bingo because it stands apart, different from the crowd, almost edging on "weird"

Differently shaped, cool and fun chips to have

Good traditional Indian flavours but Ilove to consume those flavoured items as dishes in the restaurant

Too many flavours confuse me!!!!

Not able to differentiate whether it is Indian or international

Amazing taste!!!!

Stagnant Market Share Brand Loyalty of Lays customer is posing threat to Bingo Many of the flavors of Bingo are having the same look and packaging Advertisements have failed in creating an urge among customers to go and buy a pack of Bingo Unawareness of the variety of flavours Threats of local players Taste and too many flavours


ITC Foods



BRAND Packaging
Bingo! can come up with different shapes of packaging. A triangular pack can be one of the options
Benefits: Different packaging always attracts consumers Novelty sustains the consumers’ interest in the brand

Usage of different colors for packaging different flavors, so that the customer is able to differentiate among various flavours

Seasonal promotions
Gift packs: Combo packs in festival season with 4-5 flavors Tie up with Coca Cola: At time of Diwali, Cricket Tournaments etc…

Title sponsors for programs targeting the youth

Change in Advertising: The existing advertisements have been successful in creating brand awareness. The new advertisements will focus more on taste and variety of flavours available and tempting the consumers to purchase the product after seeing them. A continuing character will be used in the advertisements. An animated potato will be used in the advertisements, where the tastes of the various flavors will be theme the advertisements

Having too many flavours is causing some problems because customers can’t differentiate between.
So many (16) variants is a good option to launch with so that people are tempted to try each of them But gradually they can reduce from their portfolio, the ones which they come to know are not doing well in the market So this would also reduce the problem of confusion amongst the consumers.

To launch a ‘send in your Bingo! Recipe’ contests.

Tha nk You

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