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of Greek: physio - nature; therapy - treat

Area of clinical medicine that studies the medicinal properties of physical factors and developing methods of their application for treatment and prevention of diseases and for rehabilitation.

Physical therapy factors of influence

- Reflex-segmental - At the whole organism

General contraindications for using physioprocedures - sharp exhaustion of patient - serious condition of the patient - inclination to bleedings - neo of different genesis - blood diseases - cardio-vascular and respiratory failure - liver and kidney disorders -wide-spread atherosclerosis -hypertension disease, stage II-III -active tbc.

Classification of physiotherapy techniques

For the area of influence:
1.General. 2.Local. 3.Reflex-segmental. 4.Influence on biologically active points.

For localization:
1.Superficial. 2.Cavital. 3.Intravessel. 4.Intraorganic.

Classification of physiotherapy techniques

For the closeness of contact: 1.Contact. 2.Distant. For technique method: 1.Stable. 2.Movable.

Inhalation therapy
Inhalation therapy used in sanatories for recovery patients with bronchopulmonary pathology.

Used in sanatorium treatment for recovery and treatment of patients with different pathology.

Used for treatment diseases of neurological nature, different inflammatory processes and also to strengthen immunity.

Hydrotherapy is a large segment in physiotherapy. Is used for various pathologies of neurological, rheumatic, traumatological character.

Hydromassage is part of hydrotherapy. Used in endocrine pathology (obesity, lowered metabolism), prevention depressions of different genesis, various cosmetic defects.

Practicing hydromassage, we must remember, that we can not direct the stream of water on the regions of face, mammae glandulas, genitals, proctology area.

Applications of paraffin
Used at pathology of joints (inflammatory and endocrine character), at diseases of neurological sphere.

Ancient method of treatment diseases of broncho-pulmonary, joint, muscular systems. A classic example is a Finnish sauna.

Infrared sauna modern method of treatment and prevention of following diseases: overweight, cosmetic problems, low metabolism, stress disorders, vegetative dystonia.

Heat capsule is used for creation of concentrated heat of total and local character. It is used to decrease body weight, improved discharge toxins from the body, increase metabolism, treatment of flu diseases, lowers the stress level

Massage is a part of physiotherapy. Used for various diseases of different etiology. At this moment are present a great quantity of different massage techniques.

Relaxation massage
Used for removing stress of different etiology, disorders of sleeping and for improvement of general health condition of a patient.

Often massage is used for removing various pain symptoms of different etiologies (pain of low back, pinched sciatic nerve, etc.).

Healing showers
Healing showers used in physiotherapy for different purposes: excitation, relaxation, massage, increasing overall resistance of the organism.

The time-tested method used in skin, joints, bones diseases. Often muds used in cosmetic field (Dead sea muds, blue muds of the Black coast).

Healing muds in cosmetology used for: skin problems, psoriasis, eczema, for rejuvenation and improvement of total external look.

Crio - therapy
The modern method of treatment which is used in following diseases: low metabolism, overweight, skin diseases.

Often this method practiced a known people (actors, pop-stars, politicians, TV presenters).Bruce Willis, Hollywood movie star, every morning plunges his face and head in a bucket of ice water with ice cubes, it is example of a primitive crio-therapy.

This method is 3000 years old. It is created by ancient Hindus. There are about 25 schools in India now, which are Involved in magnet-treatment. Method is simple, does not cause negative consequences, can be used in various fields of medicine.

Ultra sound therapy

Ultra - sound therapy is applied in medicine as the purpose of diagnostic and treatment. Areas of using: gynaecology, internal medicine, cardiology, urology, surgery.

On the slide demonstrated method of treatment by ultra-sound arthritis of shoulder joint of the patient.

Treatment baths
Treatment baths - are the part of hydrotherapy. There are different types of treatment baths : to the water that fills them, we adds various healing substances, gases, extracts from plants, salts.

Electrical sleep
Fixation of electrodes for electro-sleeping: a - average cuff b - eye electrode in - soskosimular electrode

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