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Jeevan Bharti, LIC building

Connaught Place, Outer Circle, built in



LIC byCharles Correain CP. It is

a stone and mirror glass building under
a steel framed parasol set on a podium
designed .The building is substantially
different from their surroundings as
well as from standard commercial


complexfor theLife Insurance

Corporationof India (LIC) is situated on the
outer road of Connaught Circle, and acts as
a pivot between the colonnades of
Connaught Place and the new generation of
high-rise towers that now surround it. Thus
the building is both proscenium and
backdrop: a twelve-storey stage-set whose
faceted glass surfaces reflect the buildings
and trees around Connaught Place, and
beyond which the new high-rise imagery of
Delhi can be glimpsed.


two lower levels of the

complex consist of shopping decks
and restaurants, while the upper
levels of offices are located in two
separate wings, generating a total
built-up area of 63,000 square
metres. Connecting the two wings,
is a great pergola, 98 metres long,
supported at either end by masonry
piers and in the middle by


one side of the outer circle stands the imposing structure

of the LIC building. Architect Charles Correa has designed
this monumental structure. The language is that of red Agra
sandstone cladding on the external walls with a glass facade
and a massive space frame structure to define the entrance
space. There is a large flight of steps on the front side,
further emphasising the monumental scale of the building.
There is a quaint little market just behind the LIC building,
on the Janpath, which is exclusively for garments. There are
lines of shops on either side selling T-shirts, ladies wear
etc.with a wide central space through which the people
move and haggle with the vendors.


office complex of LIC is situated on the outer road of Connaught

circle and acts as a pivot between the colonnades of CP and new
generation of high rise towers that now surround it . Thus the building
is both a proscenium and a backdrop: a 12 storey stage set whose
faceted glass surface reflects the buildings and trees around CP.


lower levels of the complex consists of shopping decks and

restaurants while upper level are offices located in two separate
wings . A pergola connects the two buildings .

city proposal for an elevated pedestrian walkways if constructed

will pass through the two blocks , allowing pedestrians to traverse the
building as the great darwaza i.e gateway defined by a portico form.

Principles of building
Few cardinal principles in his vast body of work;




income generation


open-to-sky space