By: Engr Jonathan Sulit

What is a signal???

• A signal is a function that conveys information about the behavior or
attributes of some phenomenon
• A signal is a physical quantity which varies with respect to time, space
and contains information from source to destination
• To be transmitted, data must be transformed to electromagnetic
Analog and digital signals
• Data can be analog or digital. Analog data are continuous and take
continuous values.
• Digital data have discrete states and take discrete values.
• Signals can be analog or digital. Analog signals can have an infinite
number of values in a range; digital signals can have only a limited
number of values.
Transformation of Information to Signals
Analog vs Digital Signals
Periodic Signals
Aperiodic Signals
Sine Wave
Amplitude Change
Frequency Change
Phase Change
Time and Frequency Domain
Digital Signal
Amplitude, Period, and Phase for a Digital Signal