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Brand History

Packaging Brief
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Brand Profile Overview
PT. Greenfields Indonesia is under
the Dairy sector of its corporate brand,
At a glance

● Established by a group of Australian and Indonesian entrepreneur to answer the

needs and demands of fresh milk in Indonesia.
● In 15 years or so have become the market leader of dairy products in Indonesia
● Have the philosophy that happy cows = greater and better quality of milk
● More than 50% of produced milk have been exported to Singapore, Malaysia,
Hongkong, Philippines, Taiwan, and Myanmar.
PT Greenfields Indonesia
Austasia Food Pte Ltd in New Products added to
was established by a
Singapore was launched the production line such
group of Australian and
as a marketing and as Greenfields Cheddar
Indonesian entrepreneurs.
distribution centre for
Commenced the
Greenfields milk and other
development of a dairy
quality dairy products.
farm at Desa Babadan,
Mt. Gunung Kawi,

1997 2003 2015

Early 1990s 2000 2013 2017

Indonesia is going
Market Leader in Fresh
through a period of rapid The operation of a milk Established Shanghai
Milk Sector in Indonesia
economic growth.There’s processing facility that Austasia Food Co Ltd to
an absence of large-scale was being constructed in engage Chinese
commercial dairy farms in Malang consumers directly with Launched more products
Indonesia to meet the our traditional in South East Asia :
demand without the commitment to product Ricotta Cheese
imported goods quality and integrity.
(as of 2018)

The operation of a milk

processing facility that
was being constructed in
Line of
(as of 2018)

The operation of a milk

processing facility that
was being constructed in
Brand Strategy
Brand Objective
To achieve brand association as a safe fresh dairy products

Communication Objective
Greenfields to be the market leader in the fresh quality dairy products market with
great nutrition and freshness.
Greenfields Vision
Menjadi perusahaan yang selalu menghasilkan berbagai variasi produk yang bermutu tinggi dan
aman dikonsumsi.

Greenfields Mission
1. Menyediakan produk yang menyehatkan untuk menunjang pengembangan sumber daya
2. Menyediakan dan mengembangkan sumber daya manusia yang berkualitas dalam
menunjang operasional organisasi.
3. Membina hubungan jangka panjang dengan memberikan layanan costumer secara
profesional dan berkualitas.
Current Situation
★ “Have achieved 54% Market Share in Indonesia’s fresh milk and Market leader of Indonesia’s fresh
milk” - S. Sembiring, Head Manager and Sales PT. AustAsia Food 2017 (source:
★ Large distribution channel -> 20 distributor for National distribution as well as exports in 2017,
aiming to enlarge their channel to 38 distributors in 2018
★ Many large trade clients such as Starbucks, Maxx Coffee uses Greenfields dairy as their products
★ High awareness on Greenfields’ name
★ Greenfield is enlarging its product line within the dairy sector with products like cheese, yoghurt, etc.
To have Greenfield’s as the prime fresh dairy choice

Highlights the safety and quality of the product and its taste

Greenfield milk is an honest milk, straight from the cows to your fridge without any detours,
keeping it HONESTLY FRESH.
Communication Tactics
1. PHASE 1
a. Use TVC to help build the awareness of the product
b. Tasting and Sampling Session
c. Supermarket: displays concentrated at the new dairy ingredient e.g. cheese
d. Use fillers to have presenter launch and explain about the products in a demo e.g. during the commercial of
Indonesian Idol
2. PHASE 2
a. Tasting and Sampling session in supermarket, schools
b. Print ad for further education (recipes, fun fact, nutrition fact)
c. Fillers to have real-life demo to the consumer
a. Maintenance of the campaign for advertising material in all channels (print, digital, direct)
b. Sampling to schools/offices/cafes
c. Greenfields Truck
d. Company Social Responsibilities activities
● To induce repeat purchase from the consumer
● To create a sense of loyalty for the product

- Print : Include sampling pack (tester) inside of a magazine + could add recipes into the spread
- Direct:
- School to school -> sampling/leaflet on site school
- Supermarket -> sampling with a demo session of what menu can come up from Greenfield milk
- Food services sites e.g. cafe, restaurant-> do the sampling/leaflet + tasting on site
- Greenfields Truck

To develop loyalty from the customer


- Product samples
- Special activities at specific outlets
- Announcing new product launch
- Cooking tips
The establishment of Brand Presence
a. In the market
i. Supermarket Domination
1. Geography
a. Freezer
b. Shelf
c. Gondola Head
d. Dairy Product Section
2. POS Materials
a. Gondola Head
b. Floor Graphic
c. Cart Vision
d. Shelfstrip
ii. Outdoor Domination
Flagchain, Windowbill, Transit Ad (on buses,train), display
B. On the consumer’s side

1. Awareness build up
a. Fillers
i. 1 minute program of cooking with dairy tips
b. Radio Commercial
c. TVC
d. Digital Campaign -> tips and tricks, health facts
e. Greenfield truck
f. Greenfield Honest Milk Calendar
g. In-store Radio Announcement
2. Trial-Inducing Samples

a. Sampling
i. Magazine
ii. Schools
iii. Office
b. Tasting Session
i. Greenfields Cooking demo in
School/offices (allowing students/workers
to cook using Greenfields dairy products
e.g. pasta)
ii. Greenfields Truck

3. Repeat Purchase Schemes

A. Bowl for cereal

B. Coffee sachets
C. Mug
Greenfields Truck
To establish mind association between Greenfields and dairy milk
Greenfields Truck

- Opening + Greetings by
- Talk Show discussing topics
about nutrition and dairy
- Games/Activities to entertain
the guests (mostly families)
- Tips and tricks for parents
(product in application)
- Sampling of products
Greenfields Truck
GreenFields Easy Cooking
● To establish mind association
between Greenfields dairy
products and the kitchen
● To introduce Greenfields dairy
new product line: Cheese and
how it could enhance your

FORMAT (5 min cooking video)

- Opening and intro with Chef
Fahmi (Corporate Chef PT.
Austasia Food)
- 3 to 4 minute of cooking process
+ cooking recipes
- 1 minute of presentation tip
GreenFields Easy Cooking

- Uses Youtube
as the media
Real Milk for Real Hope - Greenfields CSR
Real Milk for Real Hope - Greenfields CSR
- Done in YCAB Foundation (2012)
to celebrate World School Milk Day
- The campaign is to help improve
the health of indonesian children
by proving better nutritions.
- The campaign will involve the
Greenfields’ customers via their
program in which every liter of milk
purchased, one liter will be
donated to the under previleged
children under YCAB Foundation.
- Greenfields will donate 10.000 liters
milk to the YCAB’s students.
Brand Dynamics

Awareness Fillers + Merchandise

Taste Sampling

Action Availability of products (campaign)

Satisfaction Satisfied

Loyalty Repeat Purchase


To achieve brand association as a safe fresh dairy products

Female, 20 - 39, SES AB, Urban

We present to you the world’s most honest milk in your homes

Establish brand presence



Gondola Flagchain, Recipes/Cooking Video
Shelf Sampling Promo
Windowbill, Fillers
Freezer Tasting (get a gift)
Transit Ad (on Calendar
Shelf Vision Cross-sampling
buses,train), In-Store Radio
Floor Graphics
Shelfstrip Display Commercial
Header Social Media Presence
Target group (Primary)

Female, 20-39 years old, AB SES, Urban, Family Oriented

She always knows and want the best for her family; what kind of
nutrition that the family needs. She is determined to give her family the
best and the finest quality of fresh milk from the finest cows to fulfill and
ensure the quality her family’s nutrition.
Segment Variable Market Characteristics

Geographic Region Metropolitan Area

Target group Density Urban

Climate Tropical

Primary Target Demograph Age 20-40

Sex Female

Family Size Single, married, widow, widower

Income -

Education Middle school and upwards

Occupation Housewives, Executives, Entrepreneur

Race/Ethnic All races and ethnicities in Indonesia

Nationality Indonesian

Religion All religions in Indonesia

2018 Competitor Activity/analysis - Liquid Milk
1. Indomilk TVC “Kesegaran Susu Asli” Freshness
Full Cream FC Print
Full Cream Chocolate Thematic Ad
UHT Milk Thematic campaign
Non-Fat Free gift

2. Diamond TVC excellent nutritional content Excellence

Fresh Milk Thematic Ad
UHT Milk
Full Cream Milk

3. UltraMilk TVC Goodness of Nature Natural

Ulta Mimi Print Ad
Full Cream UHT Thematic Ad
Low-fat High Calcium

4. Frisian Flag TVC Pola hidup sehat keluarga Healthy

Full cream Print Ad anda
Flavoured Milk Thematic Ad
Market Analysis (Key players)
Key Player in the the category

Liquid Milk : Indomilk, Diamond, Ultramilk, Frisian Flag

Yogurt : Heavenlyblush, Cimory, Elle Vire, Biokul

Cheese : Kraft, Prochiz

Brand Personality Statement
Greenfields is a great middle aged mother, who lives in an urban area of Jakarta, who have looked
everywhere to give the best for her family, but she couldn’t find it, so instead she create an
innovation by producing the best dairy products with the finest cows to produce the finest quality
and nutritions for her family. She knows that the best dairy products are found without any
perseverance, thus she sealed and delivered the dairy products straight away from the cows,
keeping its authentic and nutritious taste for her family’s health benefits.

Communication Statement
HONEST MILK, milked and sealed fresh from our farm
Brand Positioning Statement

For milk and lactose lovers, Greenfields is the solution for those who wants pure and
fresh milk milked and sealed directly from the cows, without any chemicals that would harm
your bodies. Greenfields ensures you that their milk is the freshest, safest and most honest
milk there is. Suits best for mothers who only wants the best nutrition for their children.
Greenfields milk can be enjoyed by anyone at any age, anywhere and anytime they want.
Indonesia is still low in the milk consumption number however, Greenfields Fresh Milk have
become the market leader after 15 years since its debut and have contributed to the rise of that

How do we remain being the market leader in the dairy sector and how to increase the public’s
awareness and milk consumption?


Greenfields Milk is the most honest milk because it is milked and sealed fresh from our farm
without any additives, preservatives and hormones.

Based on the communication statement:
“HONEST MILK, milked and sealed fresh from our farm”

● Honesty is taking the fastest route with no detour straight to your fridge
● Honesty is serving you with the real fresh milk free of any additives,
● Honesty is giving you the highest quality milk and meets the world’s
toughest microbiological standards.
- One of the largest dairy farming industries
in Southeast Asia
- Being used in big retail stores like
- Faster deliveries to places (Hongkong in
just 5 days)
- Large possible consumer -> not only the

target group of customer (all ages
- Promotes healthy nutritions

- Cases of leaked package
- Similar design of packaging to
several competitor


The milk processing industry is involved
in some generic milk drinking
campaigns to increase milk
consumption across Indonesia
Visible to grow more local farms and
producing more milk volume
Visible to be able to take part in the
growing market of milk industry
Big competition in the dairy products
The still low rate of Indonesia’s
national milk consumption
Moving Samples
Greenfields to conduct moving sampling. A specially designed truck/van is
made for this purpose to raise the brand awareness mobile, reaching to places
that aren’t aware of Greenfields (perhaps remote area). The van/truck should
have: fridge/cooler to always make the milk fresh, storage space, cooking
section (cheese products), cleaning facilities, folded table, tv, speaker,
merchandises, and samples to be distributed as well as staffs to represent

This would not only raise the awareness of Greenfield brand but also to the
awareness to drink cows milk to Indonesians.
Cooking Contest
Greenfields to hold a contest (perhaps a cooking contest) to as well introduce
their premium cheese gourmet product to the market. This is driven by the fact
that not many are aware that Greenfields does have a cheese gourmet
product line.

The mechanism of this contest is to be held in an open space of shopping

malls during weekend to attract packed visitor of the mall to take a look/peek
at the event. This activity might as well be used to give free samples to the
Storytelling Contest
Greenfields to hold a contest for parents to storytell their experience with
Greenfields products, the chosen winner could be featured in Greenfields TVC
telling her story.

The objective here is to establish an emotional engagement with the target

market (mostly families).
Interactive Web
Greenfields to have a more interactive web to attract children to visit and
engage with their website and furtherly Greenfields product.
(refer to Lemari1011 by Rinso)

Children as the consumer of Greenfields milk have a big power in asking their
parents to purchase Greenfields products.
Advertisement Materials
Transit Ad and
POS Materials
Proposed Ad
(Digital and
Proposed In
SuperMarket Ad
Materials to raise
brand presence
Packaging Brief
Greenfields MILK line
Greenfields Yogurt line
Greenfields Gourmet Cheese line & Whipping Cream
A. Reason for brief
- Why is the change of pack proposed?
- At the moment, Greenfields’ dairy products have a range of products found in the market. The
appearance of the premium dairy brand lacks shelf standout or appetite appeal compared to
the other dairy products competitor.
- With the change of pack, hopefully Greenfields would not disappoint big important trade clients
that they have such as Starbucks that have been using Greenfields as their dairy product.
- At the moment, the products of greenfields does not embody the same color compared to its
initial brand equity.
- What evidence is there of weaknesses in
A. Reason for brief present design?
- Package defect found thru the handling process
(from filling process to deliverance to warehouse).
There are 9 types of defect that was found from
1680 cases in 2012
- Package doesn’t embrace the ‘Honest Milk’ brand
equity, rather they put emphasize on putting the
target market’s face on the packaging (mom and
son, etc)
- The present design is too typical of a milk carton
packaging design (similar design to Diamond’s,
Frisian Flag, Indomilk Pasteurised Liquid pack
A. Reason for brief
- What evidence is there of
weaknesses in present
- The present design doesn’t stand
out from its competitor. The color
scheme and packaging looks
similar to Ultra Jaya, Indomilk.

Greenfields in the middle of the milk

sector in Supermarket
B. Brand Intention
1. Product Description/Physical Attributes
Product Variant Sizes Packaging Technique
1. UHT Milk Full Cream, Hi- 1L Carton Flexi
Calcium Low Fat,
Skimmed, Choco

2. Pasteurized Milk Fresh Milk, Hih- 200 mL, 1 L, 1.5 L Carton Flexi
Calcium Low Fat,
Low Fat macchiato,
Skimmed Milk,
Choco Malt,
B. Brand Intention
1. Product Description/Physical Attributes
Product Variant Sizes Packaging Technique
3. Yogurt Original, Mango, 125gr, 500gr, and 1kg Cup Plastic
Blueberry, and

4. Whipping Cream Whipping Cream 1L Carton Flexi

5. Gourmet Cheese Mozzarella Cheese 250gr, 1 kg Tetrapack Flexi

Ricotta Cheese 200gr Cup Plastic/flexi
Boccocini 33 gr Can Rotho
Camembert 125gr Cup Flexi/plastic
Mozzarella Shredded 200gr Cup Flexi
2. Basic Consumer Benefit/Role in the market/users/brand intention

Consumer Benefit: The premium taste and the nutrition from the dairy products.

Role in the market: Greenfields as a driver to raise the milk consumption of

Indonesia and countries nearby (considering the number is still low)

Intention: Greenfields intends to serve the best and finest nutrition the most
honest way possible without additives being added.

3. Target Group
Female, 25-45, AB+ SES, Urban
C. Summary of Current Market Position
● Liquid Milk:
○ Greenfields
○ Ultra Milk ○ Kraft
○ Diamond ○ Prochiz - To increase market share over
○ Frisian Flag ○ Greenfields time
○ Indomilk - To gain more awareness and
share in the cheese and
whipping cream sector
● Whipping Cream - To gain more brand image over
● Yogurt: ○ Anchor time
○ Heavenly Blush
○ Elle & Vire - To protect and surpass existing
○ Cimory
○ Elle Vire ○ Greenfields products
○ Greenfields
○ Biokul
D. Packaging
1. Current Position
a. Greenfields
i. Initial Equity : Greenfields typeface/green color/cows
ii. Consistent use of logo in all products
iii. Some products in “me-too” packaging desing (e.g. Liquid Milk: UltraMilk)
b. Indomilk
i. Initial Equity: Indomilk typeface/blue color
ii. No central packaging concept
iii. All product packaging design evolution process: sweet condensed, pasteurized,
powder, sterilized bottle, sterilized can.
c. Frisian Flag
i. Initial Equity: Diamond + Flag
ii. Centralized packaging concept
iii. Consistent usage of logo throughout product category
d. Diamond
i. Initial Equity: diamond/ red and blue color/cows
ii. Simple design packaging concept

A. Aims of new design

a. Brand Image: The leader in the milk category - market leader tonality
b. Main idea to be expressed: honest quality
c. Subsidiary ideas to be expressed: i am different than the other milk
B. Wording to be included on pack:
“HONEST MILK, milked and sealed fresh from our farm” (refer to old packaging)
A. Types of outlet where the products will be sold:
a. Supermarket
b. Minimarket (Alfa, Indomaret)
c. Non-pasar large
B. Additional info on pack
a. Instruction for use (best consumed 4 days after opening)
b. Ingredients

E. Mandatories
a. Design
i. A stronger packaging to make Greenfields milk stand out on the shelves (preferably a
different shape of packaging compared to the old one)
ii. Should emphasize the brand Greenfields as Honest Milk
iii. It should have a central packaging concept for all product category
b. Packaging copy
i. Logo, typeface, cow, product name, variant/flavor
ii. Batch number, bar code
iii. weight/volume, ingredients, company, certification
iv. Vitamins and mineral content
v. “Honest Milk”

c. Type of design proposal

a. Complete packaging design for all product variants and sizes
b. Number of fonts permissible: 3 different fonts family maximum
c. Number of color permissible: 5 color maximum
d. Family-friendly design -> prevent spilling

d. Proposed new design of packaging


Pouch -
can be thrown
immediately, doesn't
take so much space,
could prevent spilling
by adding a cap to the

Milk bottle -
Allows one time
consumption of the
milk, easy-to-go, the
neck prevents from
dropping the bottle
E. Research
- Whether the new design solve the weakness and problem of the current packaging
- Packaging equity study (finding and studying consumer perception on Greenfields design)
- Testing the durability of the packaging (will it spill or drop easily)

F. Consumer Testing
We will evaluate the effectiveness of the new packaging design through:
● Quantitative and qualitative research of the final dummy
● Display impact of the pack (real life shelf-display and merchandising)
● Message conveyed by the pack - ensure that the information is being communicated and
understood by the consumer

G. Timing
● Concept Design : 4 weeks
● Packaging Design : 2 weeks
● Research : 8 weeks
● Production : 4 weeks