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³The iPod will never take off.´ Sir Alan Sugar, Entrepreneur $1.2 billion net worth, Amstrad Electronics. ³Nobody would need a computer in their home.´ In 1977, Ken Olsen, the founder and CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation. "Groups are out. Four-piece groups with guitars particularly are Fourfinished." Dick Rowe, Decca Recording Company executive, 1962 (turning down The Beatles). In 1883 Lord Kelvin said that X-rays would turn out to be a hoax. XIn 1878 the chief engineer at the Post Office said we had no need for the telephone in Britain, as we still had plenty of messenger boys.    

SMM versus traditional media.Social Media Marketing 101  Defining Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM examples Selecting SMM channels    .

Opportunity to develop a relationship with constituents.What is Social Media Marketing?  SMM is primarily an internet/mobile-based set of tools. SMM is user-generated content (UGC). internet/mobileInteractions depend on the varied perspectives and "building" of shared meaning among communities.     . userAn evolving PR channel.

Why is SMM Important for SMG?  Think of it as an interactive Website. No other media has the potential/cost effectiveness of SMM. Opportunity to be on the forefront of Internet 2. Feedback tool for our customers and partners.     . Greater Exposure ± Facebook 3rd busiest search engine after Google and Yahoo. YouTube 5th busiest.0 marketing and customer interactions.


they created an unforeseen force to raise money. the Obama campaign did not invent anything completely new. organize locally«get out the vote that helped them topple the Clinton machine and then John McCain. Instead. by bolting together social networking applications under the banner of a movement.´ New York Times .³Like a lot of Web innovators.

Social Media Marketing: Similar but Different  There are distinct calls to action in SMM. SMM is dynamic ‡ Two-way communication Two‡ SMM is brand/relationship based Content not just copy is the key.    . Message is adaptable.

Measuring Success  Ways to measure: ‡ Positive comments on SMM sites ‡ Increased traffic ‡ Time/value equation ‡ Overall organizational growth .

Selecting Social Media Channels ‡ What are your organizational/marketing goals? How well do related messages align with social media? How complex are the messages? Who is your target audience and what is the call to action? action? How time sensitive are the messages or promotions? What resources do you have to devote to the process? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

videos or other digital assets that are accessible via the Internet. Demographics: Broad Reach. The URLs of the pages organize them into a hierarchy. although the hyperlinks between them control how the reader perceives the overall structure and how the traffic flows between the different parts of the site. The pages of a website can usually be accessed from a common root URL called the homepage.   .Website  A website is a collection of related web pages. images.

  Demographics: Broad Reach. descriptions of events. .000 blogs as of July 2009.Blog  A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) weblog) is a website. or other material. maintained with regular entries of commentary. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.000. A typical blog combines text.600. 1. and links to other websites. 112.000 updates daily. images.

Demographics: Primary users aged 25-35. Started in 2004 there are 124.Facebook  Facebook.0000. 35+ users are 25the fastest growing population. 55% Female. is a free-access freesocial networking website where users interact with other people or organizations.000 joining daily.   .0000 users. Facebook. With 250.

Twitter  Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service. microUpdates are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them (known as followers or ³Tweeps´).0000 users with 3. Demographics: Highly connected Internet users. 63% are male.    .500 new users joining daily.0000. Tweeps´). Started in 2006. 2.

It is a series of visual or sound files which are distributed over the computer by syndicated download. male. through Web feeds. A podcast can be distinguished from most other digital media formats by its ability to be syndicated. 35-   . and aged 35-44. educated. Demographics: Users are typically. and downloaded automatically when new content is added.Podcasts  A podcast is a special type of RSS feed. to portable media players and personal computers. subscribed to.

>17yrs: 70% use as primary search engine. It displays a wide variety of user-generated video usercontent. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals. Demographics: Broad Reach though majority of users are reported to be 1818-35 years old. although media corporations offer some of their material via the site. view.YouTube  YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload.    . and share video clips.

       . Potential pitfalls (e. Initial setup costs.Important Factors & Characteristics  Control of message and formality of voice. Effective message format and content.g. dormancy). Importance of segmenting audience. Ongoing resource commitment required for success. Ability to market your presence. The ability to integrate w/ traditional and other SMM efforts.

aka ³calls to action´.Next Steps  Meet with the full Internet Committee ‡ Determine goals ± define success ‡ Determine most appropriate SMM vehicles ± Facebook. format and content ‡ Define ³rules of engagement´     What is appropriate to use? From whom do we ³harvest´ content? From where do we ³hunt´ for content? How often should we update content? ‡ Define resources required for project  Present Project Plan to Board . twitter etc. ‡ Define messages .

Discussion Apple I Computer .1977 .

Suggested SMM Vehicles .

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