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IF YOU DON¶T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING,IT DOESNOT MATTER WHICH WAY YOU ARE GOING: Lewis Caroll through the words of Cheshire cat in Alice
in Wonderland


‡ It is the process by which an organization sets goals and formulates strategic plan for achieving them.

Service Marketing Planning Process Strategic Context Mission Corporate objectives Situation Review Marketing audit SWOT analysis Key assumptions Marketing Strategy Formulation Marketing Objective and strategies Estimate expected results Identify alternative mixes Resource allocation and monitoring Resource Allocation and Monitoring Marketing programmes Monitoring. control. review .

. .In annual reports. websites. . empl perf.g.The mission statement .Corporate objectives. . conference rooms.E. share etc.aligned with mission -act as scales to measure the company progress towards achieving mission. quality.‡ Establishing strategic context: . internal notice boards.defines the purpose of its existence and its philosophy and provides direction to the management. Walt Disney .established in different mngt areas like customer service.

Internal Env: strength and weakness of an org. - .‡ Situation Review: .Analyze the external and internal environment ± competition. fund position. social economic conditions. political legal factors. .. labour mngt etc.Marketing audit is a systematic process of reviewing and evaluating a company¶s operation. .

org conditions.-Analysis of market conditions.position and strategy of competitors. . lifecycle stage of service needs to be considered. .carried out every year before the marketing plan is formulated. env conditions and competition. . attractiveness of market.

. ± Identifying alternate strategies. ± Estimating expected results. ± Formulating strategies.Marketing Strategy Formulation -here actual planning takes place. -this includes ± Establishing marketing objectives. -management tries to formulate strategies which are in line with corporate objectives.

‡ To execute the strategic plan we need to allocate the resources. .the time limit and resources required. ‡ The strategic plan needs to be divided into short term and long term plans.Resource Allocation and Detailed planning ‡ Last step in the planning process. ‡ For each of these sub plans d detailed plan needs to be laid down which specifies the objective .

‡ Need to develop marketing budget for each year. ‡ The management should conduct regular meetings with the marketing team. ‡ Need to arrange for the required funds and infrastructure facilities. the management should assign responsibilities to different departments and staffs. .Implementing the marketing plan ‡ To execute the plan effectively.

. ‡ The report generally include information on ± employee productivity ± Costs incurred on marketing activities.Monitoring .g.: sales reports).review and control ‡ It is important to ensure that the organization is heading in right direction. ‡ Large service organizations collect information and prepare periodic reports for better monitoring (e.

ROI ± Effectiveness of advertisement. profit .± Change in market share. ± Revenues. ± Number of customer complaints .

. Life cycle analysis.‡ Different techniques such as BCG matrix. Multiple Factor portfolio model.

Distribution of services .

there is no scope for any inventories.. finance service consultants. . . ‡ Since services are produced and consumed at the same point and cannot be inventoried. ICICI prudential Life insurance .runs operations at 23 locations.000 advisors. ‡ E.developed a multi channel distribution strategy.43. .‡ Distribution strategies of services are different from those for packaged goods.12 bancassurance tie marketing through individual agents. .g.bancassurance(offering banking and insurance products at one time) .

‡ The company sends around 50. ‡ Interested customers can fill up forms and mail it on a convenient time to interact with company agents.‡ ICICI prudential has an innovative way to distribute its products to Mumbai customers. Who have a wide distribution network. . ‡ The distribution is timed perfectly ± around the end of financial year when employees think of tax saving and planning to invest in financial services. ‡ Around 2 lakh people employed in Mumbai get their lunch from dabbawallahs.000 direct mailers to office goers by hanging a mailer to the handles of meal dabbas.

buyer¶s agents Agents or brokers .Channel options for service providers Service providers Customer franchisees Electronic channels Seller¶s.


Promotion of services .

‡ Financial auditors.Introduction Why promotion for services? ‡ Intangible characteristics Service providers often find it difficult to tangibilize their services in order to appeal to the target customers. handouts. lawyers. They rely on word of mouth publicity. tax consultants cannot advertise on an individual basis. press releases etc. . doctors.

Elements of promotion mix .

‡ Personal contact through face to face meetings are more successful in increasing business and building a rapport with the customer. ‡ Different modes are: face to face conversations.(a) Personal Selling ‡ Personal selling involves persuading an existing or potential customer through oral communication. tele marketing or internet chatting. . to purchase the service offering of the company.

. premium payment structure. They train the insurance agents on insurance policies.  Helpful to rural India.  Educate customers on different policies. process to redeem them etc.  Encourage to pay premium money regularly.Example: Insurance promotion ‡ LIC is a government owned and trusted insurance company in India.

posters ‡Electronic displays ‡Transit advertising Broadcast ‡TV ‡Radio ‡Internet Cinema Advertising types Print ‡Newspapers ‡Magazines .(b) Advertising Outdoor ‡Billboards.

Print Ads of Hotels .


Print ads for Airlines .

Outdoor Adverting .

American Airlines ad at the Ogilvie Transportation Centre .

. the rewards it received for safe. ‡ Companies can publish newsletters with customer comments circulate them among potential customers.‡ ss Variability in services: Even if the service offering is the same. This assures in terms of safety and customer service. expertise and skills of the personnel involved. punctual travel. ‡ Eg: Airline industry advertises its friendly and pleasant employees interacting with customers. ‡ Service customers design advertising campaigns that attach tangible clues to intangible services. the actual delivery can differ. due to the attitudes.

cash discounts.contests etc. ‡ Eg: HDFC offer free transfer of balance and low interest charges if customers transfer balance from other credit cards .warranties. ‡ Eg: Club Mahindra offers free holiday packages to potential customers . ‡ Eg: Andhra Bank promote their credit cards to potential customers by offering free user charges for the first yr of issue.(c) Sales Promotion ‡ Companies adopt different sales promotion strategies to pull the customers to regularly use their services ± free coupons.encourage them to buy club membership.

brochures. ‡ Eg: Event sponsorships. press conferences. ‡ Public relations is to maintain good relations with company employees. govt. customers. stationery etc. ‡ PR activities are press releases.(d) Publicity and Public Relations ‡ Companies use publicity campaigns to bring in awareness about their offers among customers and general public. regulatory authorities and public . event or person. ‡ Publicity involves use of information that induces interest towards a company. public service official website. corporate identity materials like logo. . charitable donations.

more efficient. ‡ Less expensive. direct mail and online marketing without any intermediaries in the process.(e) Direct Marketing ‡ Involves contacting potential customers directly through telemarketing. This is not possible with an intermediaries. . ‡ Personal touch to marketing activities. ‡ Eg: Customer of an insurance company needs specific information or customized change in the service offering.

Promotional Strategies for services Services cannot be inventoried. Matching demand with capacity is a challenge.what a woman(service personnel) stood for hospitality and care. Taj group¶s ³She¶s the Taj´ campaign . .(airlines ± flier schemes ±price discount on subsequent travel ± when customer collects certain no: of points) Role of service personnel differentiate service and gain competitive advantage through customer service. loyalty schemes. offer memberships in the form of advance purchase.

. At Masala Art ± promoted by Taj hotels in Delhi ± chef cooks in front of the customer. Customer as a co producer selecting investment options. . Service delivery location a spacious. service providers stress on the role of customers in their promotion campaigns. ordering menu in restaurants requires customer participation.Cntd«. well-lit and well-ventilated cyber café in a complex Vs a narrow one in a by-lane.

PROCESS IN SERVICE MARKETING ‡ Element of the extended marketing mix of services marketing ‡ Outlines the procedures and methods to be followed to produce and deliver a service ‡ Explains a series of activities ‡ Sequence and roles are played by the Service provider Intermediaries Customer .

TYPES OF PROCESS LINE OR FLOW OPERATIONS Arranged in a logical flow or assembly line Output of a particular stage becomes input for the next stage High coordination and speed of operation are necessary Inflexibility involved Can be adapted to specific needs Applicable to fast food restaurants .

JOP SHOP PROCESS ‡ Activities and sequential arrangement based on the type of job at hand ‡ Flexible ‡ Eg: In a coffee shop. management consultancies . ‡ Customization ‡ Demands more service personnel ‡ Eg: recruiting firms. Café Latte or an Espresso. the same set-up can be used to serve Cappuccino.

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