A Project by Debojyoti Ghosh


As part of our B.Com( Marketing) curriculum

we were required to do a one month internship in an organization.  I along with four of my classmates joined ITC Ltd and there we were required to do our internship under the guidance of Mr Shubhashish Dutta(Assistant Manager ,Education and stationery products business)

I also visited various stationery shops and conducted a survey of ITC Classmate stationery products . Promotion of IDEAS FOR INDIA campaign. .BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF OUR WORK  I visited various schools in Kolkata and did a     survey on what brand of exercise notebooks were the schools using Whether the schools had dealers to supply them the required stationery or whether they purchased it from the open market Promotion of Classmate notebooks .

K. Xavier s Collegiate School Seventh Day       Adventist Dioceasean School for Girls Carmel High School A. Sebastian High School .Ghosh Memorial Kamala Girls High School Navanalanda High School St.SCHOOLS COVERED  Hartley s High School  St.

SCHOOLS COVERED  Lycee  Cambridge International  Calcutta International School  Dolna High School  Delhi Public School  Cathedral Mission High School  Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan  Modern Academy .

 It included questions like  Strength of the school  From where do they purchase stationery items  Whether they have dealers to supply the stationery or not  Which stationery brand do they prefer  Which quality paper do they prefer .RESEARCH WORK  I visited the schools after fixing an appointment with the principal or the administration officer.  I visited them with a questionnaire which consisted about 20 questions.

 Do they give importance to quality or price  What should be the ideal price of notebooks  Whether they are aware of Classmate notebooks or not  I also showed them samples of the notebooks. pens and pencils and asked for their valuable suggestions on the products  I also visited around 50 stationery outlets and enquired about the availability of Classmate products. Mikado etc . the demand for the Classmate products . the timely delivery of the products by the dealers and it s sales with respect to competing brands in the market like Lokenath. Merit.

FEEDBACK FROM SCHOOLS  The schools had an average capacity of 2000 and     above Most of the schools I had covered already had appointed dealers to provide them the stationery every year. The schools want notebooks which are economical as well as superior in quality The average price of notebooks the schools buy are within the range of rs6-rs10 These notebooks are sold at any price between rs12-rs 20 depending on their quality and customer base .

 Seventh Day Adventist has a dealer who      supplies the notebooks at RS 11 and the school sells it at RS 17. They use papers of the Andhra mill which is of 65 gsm Their dealer is BOOKLINK.40 Elliot Road Hartley s has a dealer in college street and sells the notebooks for RS 12 to the students. They do not seem satisfied with their current dealer So ITC can focus on this school .

K.Ghosh Memorial has a dealer called BINAPANI BOOKSTALL opposite to the school who provides the school with all the stationery. Cathedral Mission allows its students to purchase stationery from the open market  So this is another school where ITC should focus  A.  He provides local notebooks to the school but is open to providing the school with classmate copies if he is duly rewarded in terms of commission .

 Promotions can be done in the form of organizing various events in schools. . participation in the form of heavy advertisements in fests.MY SUGGESTIONS  I feel that since most schools already have dealers and are satisfied with the quality and their commission. ITC should promote its products extensively in the schools to make the schools more brand conscious and penetrating brand CLASSMATE into their minds. sponsoring gift items on children s day.

 A major finding of this research study is that most schools have shops within the premises or dealers who provide them with all the necessary stationery items and even the text books throughout the year. I also feel that the amount of commission (RS3)provided to the dealers is not enough as they are earning almost double(RS6) that amount by selling the local quality. The advantage of this is that the school authorities do not have to worry about the stati0nery products and the customers deal directly with the dealers .

 Since Classmate only deals in notebooks and other stationery it should visit these shops and dealers and try to convince them to sell their products and lure them with attractive offers.  It should also be in constant touch with the school authorities so that they build a long term relationship with the schools .

Mikado.FEEDBACK FROM RETAILERS  The retailers reported that the demand for Classmate notebooks were good and customers were well aware of the product  They also reported that only the upper middle class and the upper class of consumers chose to purchase Classmate notebooks as they were higher in price compared to other brand like Merit. Lokenath .

 So the demand for Classmate differed in different regions.  I also came to know that there is distribution problem in Classmate products in certain areas like Lake Gardens and Kasba.  Retailers were unhappy about the fact that the dealers keep on changing .  The areas dominated by the high income group saw a rise in demand for the products while other areas reported low and moderate demand.

 Retailers also reported that their were phases in between when the distribution had stopped and they had to go to the markets to purchase the product  Demand for the long copies were more as compared to the small ones. .

.SUCCESS  Success represents those schools which have considered our offer and are eager to go ahead with the deal after consultation with other staff members .  They desire a quotation from the company in a printed format and are willing to discuss the matter with the concerned person and then take a final decision regarding their acceptance of the offer.

St.K. A. Pratt Memorial.Xavier s. Rammohan Mission .  It includes schools where the authorities showed disinterest in the offer or were unwilling to meet me and discuss the issue. James.FAILURES  Failures include those schools which are not interested in the offer given by the company.  Some of these schools already have dealers supplying them stationary for years others have tuck shops within the school.  To name a few these schools include. St. .Ghosh Memorial.

METHODOLOGY USED  I used a questionnaire when I visited the schools and stationery shops.  The questionnaire for the schools included questions regarding the number of students.  The questionnaires were different for the schools and the stationery shops. what the students and teachers look for in buying or suggesting a notebook and many more . the notebooks commonly used and preferred by them. .

.METHODOLOGY-RETAILERS  I asked retailers questions regarding the sale of Classmate notebooks and pens and their demand in the market.  They were also asked to highlight upon the distribution and supply of ITC s products on which I got a negative feedback.

PROMOTION OF IDEAS FOR INDIA  I visited around twenty schools to promote this event.  Most schools were willing to participate in this event.  The schools liked the concept of the contest  Banners and posters were put up in every school .

CONCLUSION  The survey on Classmate notebooks and promoting Ideas For India for a span of time of two months has been very interesting. how to promote a product  This was only possible because of the contunious guidance of Mr Shubhashish Dutta my project guide in this internship and Mr. my professor . how to convince customers.  I have personally learnt a lot from this internship like how to deal with clients. Shivaji Banerjee.

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