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and adds new columns for the test cases/scenarios.Map Unit Testing ‡ To ensure quality of map deliverables. Inc. . a map is being tested for its functional requirements against the specification report (in MS Excel Format) ‡ Developers/QAs use the same specification report. The specs will then be renamed as the Test Scenario document May 18. test input and comments. 2011 | Slide 2 © 2009 GXS. expected output.

Screenshot of Test Scenario: May 18. 2011 | Slide 3 © 2009 GXS. Inc. .

These are usually created from the original input file of the map and are modified per test scenario. .Test Documents ‡ Test Scenario ± identifies the positive or negative scenario of each mapping rule or condition in the specification report. May 18. 2011 | Slide 4 © 2009 GXS. Inc. ‡ Test Files ± refers to the test input files derived from the positive or negative scenario of the test cases.

. These variables are to define the Conditional Error message [] VAR->OTConditionalMsgC = "Conditional (first present.Conditional Statements . Inc. 2011 | Slide 5 © 2009 GXS. then none of the others can be present): " VAR->OTConditionalMsgL = "List Conditional (first present. so one of the others must be present): " VAR->OTConditionalMsgO = "One (one required and only one can be present): " VAR->OTConditionalMsgP = "Paired (one present. so all must be present): " VAR->OTConditionalMsgE = "Exclusion (no more than one can be present): " VAR->OTConditionalMsgF = "First (first present. so all must be present): " VAR->OTConditionalMsgR = "Required (at least one must be present): " Snippet from standard model: May 18.

QA Process Workflow ‡ QA verifies completeness AND correctness of map package from the developer Readme file (.MANDATORY . back to the developer o Developer fixes the issues.MANDATORY . .MANDATORY . QA sends Test Status Report email (with information on the logged issues in HPQC).mdl) Target model (. and replies to the Test Status Report email of QA.MANDATORY .MANDATORY . with the updated map package attached on the email May 18.txt.if required in the map o If issues/defects are found.MANDATORY .MANDATORY .bat) Input file(s) (.if provided in original specs package from FM .mdl) Attachment file (. .) AI generated output file(s) Sample output XREF table . Inc.exp) Batch file (.txt) Source model (.in.MANDATORY . 2011 | Slide 6 © 2009 GXS.att) Export file (. etc.readme.

. May 18. QA sends an email to the analyst or integrator for output approval or for deployment of the map. Inc. 2011 | Slide 7 © 2009 GXS.QA Process Workflow cont. Logs a new defect QA Closes the defect ID HP-QC Fix the issue Developer ‡ If no more issues are found on the map.

2 is a Web-based test management tool that organizes and manages all phases of the application testing process ‡ QA testers use this tool for defect logging May 18. . 2011 | Slide 8 © 2009 GXS.HPQC: Quality Administration ‡ HP Quality Center 9. Inc.

. May 18.HPQC: Quality Administration ‡ HPQC captures all issues and defects detected in maps being tested. ‡ This is also used to track common issues and defects that needs to be focused on by management to be able to put in measures on how to prevent the defects from recurring. Inc. 2011 | Slide 9 © 2009 GXS.

HPQC: Quality Administration HPQC Defect Window May 18. . Inc. 2011 | Slide 10 © 2009 GXS.

Inc. 2011 | Slide 11 © 2009 GXS.HPQC: Defect Module Window May 18. .

1 Outbound map * Exercises will be given by the end of this session. Inc.1 Inbound map . . May 18.‡ Discussions or clarifications with the team« ‡ EDI unit testing training (hands-on) . 2011 | Slide 12 © 2009 GXS.

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