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Special GL Transactions: Definition

Special GL Indicator

Customers’ reconciliation accounts

Accounts defined for Special GL Transactions

ØSpecial GL Transactions allow the user to post the document to an alternative GL account instead of “normal” Customer’s reconciliation account, ØThey are defined in Customizing for Customers and Customers reconciliation accounts.

Posting a Down Payment
Customer’s Account 10 1 Bank Account 10 GL Down Payments 10 1

ØThe Customer pays A Ltd a down-payment: $10.000,ØThe down payment is booked on Customer’s account with Special GL indicator ØThe amount of $10.000,- is shown on Customer’s account, but on different GL Account, instead of Customer’s reconciliation account Except of “normal” special GL transactions, in the system there may be defined “noted items”. If the special GL transaction is defined as “noted item” than postings with this indicator do not lead to an update of the transaction figures. Typical example is “Down Payment Request”: a posting done with this indicator stores only an information in the system that is used later to post automatically a down payment.

Inter-company Processing AR header reference = AP header reference Inter-coy Billing Invoice (IV) SD / CRM Document 200000224 4 HDR Ref: 2000002244 Copart Inc AP Inter-coy Billing Invoice (IV) AR SD Document 100000114 4 HDR Ref: 1000001144 Copart Dallas Yard F110 AP FI Document 300001524 4 HDR Ref: 2000002244 AR Copart VB2 FI Document 200000634 4 HDR Ref: 1000001144 F110 AR header reference = AP header reference .

Cash Receipting / Payments B u si e ss Tra n sa cti n s i cl d e d i n o n u n Pro ce ss: •C u sto m e r Pa ym e n ts •Manual Checks •Clear Customer Accounts •Post processing transactions •Idoc’s •Inter-company Payments .

Activity Flow C heques w .Manual Check Deposit .

.- 200.Account Assignment Check Deposit List Customer Account Postings O..200.- .(2 Bank Account 2) 200.b.Check Deposit .(1 Incoming checks Account 1) 200.) 200.

direct posting (on-line) .batch input 4 .Initial Specification House Bank ID Customer Matchode Postprocessing method: 2 .Check Deposit .

Posting Posting Processing type 2 Batch Input Direct Posting Processing type 4 Process Process Log Log .Check Deposit .

000 ABC Inc.000 ABC Inc. 46. 20.000 Customer 1 46.000 20.000 26.000 2 Bank 3 26.000 .000 3 Customer 3 20.Clearing: Customer and Vendor 1 2 3 Customer invoice Customer invoice Customer payment 46.

Dunning .Process Overview Customer Open Items Update Dunning Program Print Dunning Notices Customer Master Record Update .

the dunning run can directly and automatically be followed by the printing of dunning notices. receivables are due at the net due date. deleted.Dunning Proposal Schedule Dunning Run Check / Edit Dunning Proposal •The dunning run creates a dunning proposal which can be edited. and recreated as often as necessary. The editing of the dunning proposal would therefore be skipped. . •As a general rule. •If desired.

customer invoice). There are two ways to to it: •You can enter a dunning block in the item (e. . then the system puts this item on the blocked items list and this items is not included in the dunning notice. •You can enter a dunning block in the customer master.Dunning Blocks Dunning Block 0001 Customer Master OR Line Items •You can prevent customer invoice from dunning. In such case the system does issue a dunning notice at all for this account.g.

•The higher the dunning level the more insistent is the dunning text. no dunning level can be skipped.e. •Each item to be dunned gets a dunning level according to its days in arrears.Dunning Levels Dunning Levels •A Ltd dunning procedure has three dunning levels. i. •From one dunning run to another the dunning level can only be raised by one. .

the dunning data is only updated in the items. •If one-time customers are dunned. •enters the dun date and the dunning level into the dunned items (e. invoices) and customer master records.Print Dunning Notices 1 Schedule printout 3 2 Check Spool Request(s) Print Notices •The print program for the dunning procedure: •generates dunning notices. .g. •Dunning notices are printed in a sequence defined by sort criteria.

if a credit card chargeback is received in the CMF file from First Data. processing payments from buyers. the system will allow corrections to be made to the deposits. company checks. the system will automatically post the balance back to the Buyer’s account with an invoice or debit . Miscellaneous buyer A/R processes not covered in Buyer Settlement. including the steps related to creating buyer invoices. If errors are discovered with the deposit slip or during the bank reconciliation process. We will also need the system to automatically mark the Buyer as suspended.Buyer A/R • Buyer Settlement. the system will allow you to mark it as NSF and an invoice or debit memo will be created to post the receivable amount back to the Buyer’s account. NSF items. • If a check is identified as NSF. Similarly. credit chargebacks. etc. etc. accepting deposits from buyers. including managing deposits. cashiers checks. • For checks and other receipts such as money orders. and cash. A daily deposit slip will be printed from the system. the receipts are deposited in the bank daily. paying refunds.

• Two other examples of miscellaneous A/R invoices are the UPI process and Trade Centre. such as rents from tenants. The settlement process culminates in the entry of manual miscellaneous A/R invoices to record the revenues and are then cleared with the payments from the Buyer at the same time . The process for printing the deposit slips and depositing the payments in the bank are the same in SAP.Misc A/R • For miscellaneous A/R items. Payments are generally made by check and follow the standard process for manually posting the cash receipts and applying them to the customer account. the invoice to record the receivable is manually posted in Accounts Receivable.

Integrate dispute information in line item layout .

Dispute Case from Document .

Collection Mgt .