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BSE Mumbai

Project Management
Home work / Workshop January 2012

Zarir J Daruwalla
Version 0.1

• The following is the high level scope of work of the library – The interiors need to be setup – The library needs to be stocked for all the reading material required for the various courses offered. You have been assigned the task of Project Manager. • Assumptions and constraints – An empty room has been provided within the building – The library must be ready for use before the start of the academic year. Within 4 months which offers 5 different courses – Size of room provided 20ft x 20ft 3/11/2012 2 . • A library needs to be designed and built for the institute. – The required persons must be trained – The books or white-papers could be available in electronic or paper media.Project workshop scope of assignment.

• Timelines to submit the report – Date to submit report and presentation: 20 February 2012 – Date to start presentations: 21 February 2012 3/11/2012 3 .Project workshop scope of assignment. • Various deliverables as PM are mentioned later • Make and state the assumptions made if any.

Project workshop Deliverables 1/4 • The following 3 main deliverables are required from each group: – An executive summary of the project along with the final ‘vision’ to be given to the Dean. for the final approval of the build of the library – A 7-10 minute presentation to the class on how you went about working as a team. – A detailed report sometime in the future(assume the project sponsor has given his approval) on all aspects of the project. 3/11/2012 4 .

– High level scope of facilities and how the library will benefit the institute. 3/11/2012 5 . – Details/Vision about the final library for his approval. – Add topics which you feel are pertinent to get his approval of why the project should be given to you. for the final approval of the build of the library – A presentation to the dean.Project workshop Deliverables 2/4 • An executive summary of the project to be given to the Dean.

– During the presentation. 3/11/2012 6 .Project workshop Deliverables 3/4 • Presentation to the class. – The class are expected to provide critical comments on each presentation. use any tool as required. – Each group will make a 7-10 minute presentation to the class – The presentation should include the methodology/approach used to create the deliverables.

Project workshop Deliverables 4/4 • The main deliverables is a report which has the following details. Approach and methodology for the cost estimation of the project. (assume this report is for the project sponsor 2-3 weeks after the assignment has been given to you as Project Manager) – – – – – – – – – A detailed scope A detailed project plan Detailed project schedule. 3/11/2012 7 . The Work break down structure (WBS) A detailed human resources requirements and allocation Identify the various stakeholders and roles. Identify the all Risks and a risk mitigation strategy for each risk Include sections as given by PMBOK knowledge areas. but not limited to.

• Each group’s work will be evaluated based on the – – – – – – Completeness Realistic and practical timelines The level of details Class room Presentation Team effort Report Presentation.Project workshop Evaluation • All documents to be used for the class presentation must be given along with the reports. 3/11/2012 8 . 3/11/2012 9 . – Format of file: LIBRARY_PM_GROUP<group id>.doc • Presentation to class – Power point • Tool required for creating job scheduling – MS project 2003 or – Free tool for scheduling is available for download at. http://www. For word document • LIBRARY_PM_GROUP1.<file_type> – E. power point etc is expected as required.Project workshop – Word 2003 or higher Tool • Report must be in Word format • Embedded excel.g.