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Seeing-Eye Miniature Horses (Sketch)

Seeing-Eye Miniature Horses (Sketch)

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Published by Steve Sarro
A seeing-impaired employee brings his new seeing-eye miniature horses to the office, with hilarious results!
A seeing-impaired employee brings his new seeing-eye miniature horses to the office, with hilarious results!

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Published by: Steve Sarro on Sep 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seeing-Eye Miniature HorsesBySteve Sarro & Ben EmeryCopyright 2012Steve Sarro & Ben Emerystevesarro@gmail.com
INT. OFFICE - MORNINGTIM, SCOTT & DAVE are meeting in Tim’s office, Tim seated athis desk and Scott & Dave seated in chairs opposite fromhim. The office door is upstage, with a window out on thehallway next to it. The door is closed on a leash, the endof which is tied in a knot around the door handle. Thisleash is being violently tugged from outside the door andthere is an audible commotion outside, animal noises,occasional banging against the wall. Tim and Scott arelooking over paperwork and pay little attention to thenoises, Scott looks worriedly at the door. He is disheveled,his shirt untucked and torn, his hair is a mess with bits ofhay sticking out of it.SCOTTSo, the warehouse did anotherphysical count and we’re stillshowing a 30 piece discrepancy.TIMDave, if you can reviewyour department’s orders for lastquarter, this is a top prioritytoday.DAVEYeah... uh, sure, I’ll have thatdone as soon as, uh...SFX[Horse neighing]More violent banging against the door. Dave loses his trainof thought.TIMEverything okay, Dave?DAVEYeah, fine, fine... just... dealingwith a little... situation thismorning.More violent tugging.SFX[Horse neighing, angry snort.]SCOTTA situation?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.DAVEYeah, I mean nothing serious.TIMYou’re talking about... the horses?DAVEYeah, the horses.SCOTTHorses?DAVEHorses, yeah.TIMSo... how are things going with thehorses?DAVEThey’re good! They’re really good!They’re amazing creatures, veryclever.TIMAh-hah.We see through the upstage window an employee walking buylooking at papers, suddenly they scream, papers go flying,as they struggle with something beneath our window view andeventually disappear below it.SCOTTWait, sorry... horses? What are youguys talking about?TIMBen’s seeing-eye horses.SCOTTBen has... seeying-eye horses?Here, in the office?TIMYeah, you didn’t see them?SCOTT(thinking)I don’t think so--wait, are youtalking about those dogs that havebeen running around the office thismorning?(CONTINUED)

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