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Electrical machine drawing

Electrical machine drawing

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Published by Sristick

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Published by: Sristick on May 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A MULTIMEDIA APPROACH TO ELECTRICAL MACHINEDESIGN: A New Architecture of Software Development forElectric Motors
M.A. Jabbar and S.W. Yeo Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  National University of Singapore Kent Ridge, Singapore119260Contact: elemaj@nus.edu.sg 
Abstract -
This paper describes a new architecture of design software for electrical machines. Thisarchitecture integrates design
with design calculations, and utilisinginteractive GUI creates a virtual design office. Thissoftware is built with Microsoft Excel as a platformwith VBA. The program structure is simple and veryinteractive and flexible. All design work is done inmacros using VBA.
Design of electric motors requires repetitivecalculations for choices to be made. The complexitiesof design require highly efficient algorithms togenerate optimal design for manufacture. During thelast few decades, many designers have developedcomputer programmes to design electric motors [1-3].Generally where all these design software go lackingare in the lack of databanks and databases like thosecatalogues and design information available in adesign office. The programs written are also non-interactive and non-portable, using mainly main framecomputers. New developments of multimediafacilities in desk top computers have been totallyignored.Our objective is to create a virtual design office for electrical machines. This is an interactive package,complete with different design modules for each typeof machines, with databases and databank, to be usedfor the design of electrical machines. Data stored inthe databanks and databases can be updated by usersat ease. We tried to make use of available multimediafacilities to create visual facilities for the designers.Microsoft Excel with VBA is chosen as the platformfor the design software as it is the most popular spreadsheet software. Excel intrinsic functions arealso easily available; management of data can also beachieved easily. A module to manage the databanksand databases is also created.
The main architecture of the package is shown inFig.1. The Data Centre presents and manages alldatabases and databanks used in the package. Alldesign modules store data locally or collect relevantdata from the Data Centre. The stored data is used indesign calculations within the respective module only.These stored data can be easily synchronised with theData centre as well.
Electrical Machine Design CentreDesign ModulesData Centre
Fig. 1. Structure of the Software PackageThe components of the design package as modules for different electrical machines are shown in 2. Themodule of 
 Electrical Machine Design Centre
servesas the portal to the rest of the modules. At the sametime it also provides information regarding theoperating parameters, e.g., ranges of power output,operating frequency, etc. each module is developed todesign for. It also provides a short introduction to theoperating principle of each machine. A screenshot of the machine design centre is shown inFig. 2. 
The function of the Data Centre is to present andmanage the databases to making design decisions.Data kept can also be updated easily with the built-inupdating wizard. Some examples of data kept in thedatabank are provided here.
 A. Classification of Insulation
The insulation material is classified by their maximum operating temperatures. Classification is asTable 1. 
 B. Wire-table
The databank contains wire-tables for both roundconductors and rectangular conductors of wide ranges.
Second International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering ICECE 2002, 26-28 December 2002, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ISBN 984-32-0328-3
C. Lamination Materials
A database is created to store sets of laminationmaterials with information such as classifications,material densities, B-H characteristics and Losscharacteristics. A guided updating process is also provided. The graphical representations as shown inFig.3 are provided for the users to make moreinformed decisions.Table 1 Classification of Insulation MaterialsClass Y A E B F H CTemp.(
C)90 105 120 130 155 180 >180Fig. 2. Main page of Machine Design Centre
 D. Magnet Data
 Nine sets of magnet data (discretised demagnetisationcurves) can be stored in this section, each set consistsof up to four discretised demagnetisation curves atdifferent temperatures. A wizard is also provided for the guided updating process for checking andinterpolation of data. Information bout cost, materialdensity, maximum operating temperature andmaximum energy product (
) of the magnet arealso stored.
 E. The Input Sheet The Input Sheet 
is the program driver 
It specifies allthe input requirements for carrying out design. For many quantities this input sheet also provides defaultvalues to help the users. It is implemented on aworksheet in an excel workbook. The requirementsfor every type of machine are different, thus their Input Sheets will also be different. As an example, theInput sheet of BLDC design module is shown inFig.4.It can be seen fromFig. 4that the controls on the
sheet utilises the Excel built-in ActiveX control.Specifications such as power, power supply, speedand many other parameters can be laid down here. Asthe specifications are changed, another group of  parameters, showing the merit of specifications, isupdated continuously.
UpdatingdataViewingof DataSatisfy withOutput?Print outEndStartInput(Specifying requirements)Design Calculations &OptimatisationOutputSynchronise withMD-DataArchive(Comparing of Outputs)Data & Guides
Yes No
Fig. 3. Overview of machine Design ProcedureThis input sheet is also the control centre of thedesign module. Various functions can be activatedhere. The synchronising of data with the
 Data Centre
 is activated here. So does the reviewing of variousdesign data and help and guild lines prior to layingdown specifications.The presentation of data stored within each module isthe same as the Data Centre, except updating of datacannot be performed in local storage.
 F. Design Calculations
One or more worksheets are allocated for 
. Most calculations were performed withthe intrinsic excel function. VBA is usually employedif looping or complex decision-making is required.During the design calculations, the software illautomatically lookup databases and databank for thecorresponding value as the software tries to generatean optimum output. No user intervention is requiredin this process.
G. The Output Sheet 
Detail information about magnetic design, windingdesign, dimensional aspects, calculated values of various important parameters are presented in the
worksheet. Screenshot of 
isshown inFig. 6. 
 Fig. 4. Screenshot of the
worksheet – 
Corresponding Parameters
.Fig. 5. Screenshot of 
 H. The ArchiveThe
worksheet stores up to 5 recent designsfor comparison. Only essential parameters are listedfor comparison.
The Archive
is shown inFig. 5. Selected designs can be transferred to
 worksheet for a detail printout.
The designs generated by various modules have beenverified. Operations and the design generated by thesoftware have been very satisfactory. For example,the module for the design of switched reluctancemotor was verified against an existing SRM madeMagna Physics (M124-010A001-14). Various parameters of this SRM were measured and tested.The main specifications of this motor are:Average Torque 1.78NmVoltage Supply 320VOperating Base Speed 4000 rpm No of Phase 4

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