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Toby Screenplay Draft 7

Toby Screenplay Draft 7



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Published by sarebearxx8

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Published by: sarebearxx8 on Jun 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-TOBY-ByD Chandor, B Bolden and R PilkingtonDraft VII WIPStoryD Chandor and B Bolden2009 Bold.Entertainment Contact: 617-955-4253
EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - NIGHTThunder claps and lightning flashes over a snaking suburbanmotorway, lighting up the countryside, heavy rain falling.Piano softly begins to play (Mozart piano sonata in A minor- andante cantabile).Picture holds on landscape for TITLE and OPENING CREDITS.A lone car enters the frame, drives into the distance, itsrear lights disappearing into a wooded area.INT. LUXURY CAR - CONTINUOUSWearing a tweed suit and sitting doll like in the rear of aluxurious car is a SIX year old boy named CHRISTOPHER HENRYLODGES, his family calls him TOBY. He studies pages of SHEETMUSIC in his lap and is lit by a dome light from above. Hislittle finger follows along with the music.In the front seat are his PARENTS;Driving is DAD, GERALD LODGES, a handsome, impeccablydressed, middle-aged man with graying hair. He checks hisson in the rear mirror, smiling.His MOTHER, JOANNE GREENBURGH LODGES, in evening attire,sits with her legs crossed and is smiling. She turns herhead, looking back.MOTHERToby, what’s that coming up?Toby lifts his head, listening, squinting one eye. Hismother hums along helping, hitting the bass notes. Dadbrings the car around a wooded corner.EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - CONTINUOUSLuxury car coming around curve, headlights blasting throughrain.INT. LUXURY CAR - CONTINUOUSToby looking up, struggling with answer.YOUNG TOBYRec--! Rec-cit-ta-teeve!Dad laughs and mother shakes her head, smiling.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.MOTHERThat’s right, "Recitative".Toby grins while meeting his mother’s eyes. As she turnsback to face the front, bright lights from an oncomingvehicle blasts the windshield with light. The motherscreams, tires screech, COLLISION.EXT. WOODED SUBURBAN ROAD - NIGHT/RAINThe car is SMASHED, engine steaming, hissing, horn BLARING,wheels GRINDING as they continue to spin.Mozart sonata starts playing again, softly. Out of theshattered passenger window crawls YOUNG TOBY, face isbloodied, struggles as he stands dazed, rain pounding aroundhim.On the roadside nearby, his mother lies face up with a cutfrom forehead to cheek, contorted torso, bloodied dress,DEAD.He looks into the car, sees his father; caved in around thesteering wheel, bloodied, DEAD.He moves away from the car, barely comprehending, looking tothe road. Another car is spun around, headlights blastinginto him.VFX01 - FLASHBACK / VISIONS - SERIESA silhouetted FIGURE appears against the headlight beams;hooded, darkened face, staggering, coming closer, fallingdown. Toby uses his hands to block the bright headlight, hesquints and vision is blurred.The car’s wheels grind, thunder claps, horn continues toblare.INT. LIMO BUSY BOSTON CITY STREET - DAYNOW 21, the adopted sir name for TOBY is GREENBURGH and heis sitting in the rear of a LUXURY LIMO.One turns into multiple HORNS blaring and a loud CRASHINGsound awakens TOBY. He is startled, quickly opening thedoor, getting out.(CONTINUED)

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