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Chapter 7 HR_Answers

Chapter 7 HR_Answers

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Published by Mohammed Adnan Khan
Chapter wise PMP questions
Chapter wise PMP questions

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Published by: Mohammed Adnan Khan on Sep 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Answer: B.
Enterprise Environmental Factors
 Project team members are drawn from all available sources, both internal and external.When the project management team is able to influence or direct staff assignments,characteristics to consider include:
Who is available and when are they available?
What competencies do people possess?
Have the people done similar or related work? Have they done it well?
Are the people interested in working on this project?
How much will each team member be paid, particularly if they are contracted fromoutside the organization?
Answer: C.
Release criteria.
Determining the method and timing of releasing team members benefitsboth the project and team members. When team members are released from a project at theoptimum time, payments made for people who are finished with their responsibilities can beeliminated and the costs reduced. Morale is improved when smooth transitions to upcomingprojects are already planned.
Answer: D.
Recognition and rewards.
Clear criteria for rewards and a planned system for their use willpromote and reinforce desired behaviors. To be effective, recognition and rewards should bebased on activities and performance under a person’s control......Win-lose (zero sum) rewards that only a limited number of project team members canachieve, such as team member of the month, can hurt team cohesiveness. Rewarding win-win behavior that everyone can achieve, such as turning in progress reports on time, tendsto increase support among team members.Recognition and rewards should consider cultural differences. For example, developingappropriate team rewards in a culture that encourages individualism can be difficult.
Answer: B.
 Co-location involves placing many or all of the most active project team members in thesame physical location to enhance their ability to perform as a team...Co-locationstrategycan...enhance communication and a sense of community...
Answer: D.
Project Human Resource Management
 ...The Project Human Resource Management processes include the following:
9.1 HumanResource Planning
—Identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, andreporting relationships, as well as creating the staffing management plan.
9.2 Acquire
Project Team
—Obtaining the human resources needed to complete the project.
9.3Develop Project Team
—Improving the competencies and interaction of team members toenhance project performance.
9.4 Manage Project Team
—Tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues, and coordinating changes to enhanceproject performance.
Answer: C.
Acquire Project Team: Tools and Techniques.1 Pre-Assignment.2 Negotiation.3Acquisition.4 Virtual Teams
Answer: D.
Human Resource Planning: Outputs.1 Roles and Responsibilities.2 ProjectOrganization Charts.3 Staffing Management Plan
Answer: C.
Manage Project Team
 ...Management of the project team is complicated when team members are accountable toboth a functional manager and the project manager within a matrix organization (Section2.3.3). Effective management of this dual reporting relationship is often a critical successfactor for the project, and is generally the responsibility of the project manager.
Answer: C.
Matrix-based charts.
A responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) is used to illustrate theconnections between work that needs to be done and project team members. On larger projects, RAMs can be developed at various levels...RAMs can show responsibilities atvarious levels of detail. The people can be shown as persons or groups.
Answer: A.
The staffing management plan describes necessary time frames for project teammembers, either individually or collectively, as well as when acquisition activities such asrecruiting should start. One tool for charting human resources is a resource histogram(Section6.5.3.2). This bar chart illustrates the number of hours that a person, department, or entire project team will be needed each week or month over the course of the project. Thechart can include a horizontal line that represents the maximum number of hours availablefrom a particular resource. Bars that extend beyond the maximum available hours identifythe need for a resource leveling strategy, such as adding more resources or extending thelength of the schedule. A sample resource histogram is illustrated in Figure 9-6.
Answer: B.
Team-Building Activities
 Team-building activities can vary from a five-minute agenda item in a status review meetingto an off-site, professionally facilitated experience designed to improve interpersonalrelationships. Some group activities, such as developing the WBS, may not be explicitlydesigned as team-building activities, but can increase team cohesiveness when thatplanning activity is structured and facilitated well. It also is important to encourage informalcommunication and activities because of their role in building trust and establishing goodworking relationships. Team-building strategies are particularly valuable when teammembers operate virtually from remote locations, without the benefit of face-to-face contact.
Answer: C.
 Training includes all activities designed to enhance the competencies of the project teammembers. Training can be formal or informal. Examples of training methods includeclassroom, online, computer-based, on-the-job training from another project team member,mentoring, and coaching.If project team members lack necessary management or technical skills, such skills can bedeveloped as part of the project work. Scheduled training takes place as stated in thestaffing management plan. Unplanned training takes place as a result of observation,conversation, and project performance appraisals conducted during the controlling processof managing the project team.
Answer: C.
Team Performance Assessment
  As development efforts such as training, team building, and co-location are implemented, theproject management team makes informal or formal assessments of the project team’seffectiveness. Effective team development strategies and activities are expected to increasethe team’s performance, which increases the likelihood of meeting project objectives. Theevaluation of a team’s effectiveness can include indicators such as:• Improvements in skills that allow a person to perform assigned activities more effectively• Improvements in competencies and sentiments that help the team perform better as agroup• Reduced staff turnover rate.
Answer: B.
 Staff assignments are negotiated on many projects. For example, the project managementteam may need to negotiate with:• Functional managers to ensure that the project receives appropriately competent staff inthe required time frame, and that project team members will be able to work on the projectuntil their responsibilities are completed• Other project management teams within the performing organization to appropriatelyassign scarce or specialized resources.The project management team’s ability to influence others plays an important role innegotiating staff assignments, as do the politics of the organizations involved...
Answer: C.
Staff acquisition.
A number of questions arise when planning the acquisition of projectteam members. For example, will the human resources come from within the organization or from external, contracted sources? Will team members need to work in a central location or can they work from distant locations? What are the costs associated with each level of expertise needed for the project? How much assistance can the organization’s human

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