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Road Delays06

Road Delays06

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Published by thestate
road map for the week of jan. 6
road map for the week of jan. 6

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Published by: thestate on Jan 07, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jan. 6, 2014
Expect delays, nighttime lane closures and periodic lane shifts for a 10 mile work zone to widen Interstate 20 from Interstate 77 ( 7!"7# past $pears %reek %hurch &oad ( '!"# in &ichland %ounty" %ompletion is anticipated summer 201!"Expect minor delays, flagging operations and possi)le nighttime detours on *lpine &oad (under I+20# )etween araway -ri.e and /olo &oad in &ichland %ounty while ramp intersections are )eing impro.ed and I+20 )ridges are )eing widened  reconstructed" %ompletion is anticipated summer 201!"est)ound traffic on I+20 )etween $pears %reek %hurch &oad and I+77 is shifted and will continue for approximately for  to ! months" 3his shift will split the west)ound motorists into two separate lanes of traffic )ordered )y concrete )arriers" 3he right lane will tra.el ad4acent to the west)ound lanes and will )e a)le to access all existing exits" 3he left lane will tra.el ad4acent to the east)ound lanes and will )ypass the $pears %reek %hurch &oad and %lemson &oad exits, )ut will ha.e access to the *lpine &oad and I+77 exits"Expect nighttime lane closures on I+2 from the I+77 interchange (mile marker 115# to $+%aw %aw &oad" (mile marker 1# in )oth the east)ound and west)ound directions" 6ightly lane closures will continue through uly 2015" Expect sporadic delays to complete the work on 8$+1 (9er.aisillwood3wo 6otch# from the %ongaree &i.er to : mile past ;eltline &oad" 3he anticipated completion date is anuary 201!"Expect possi)le lane closures on *ssem)ly $t" ($+!'# from /endleton $t" ($+17!# to ;lossom $t" (8$ 217# in &ichland %ounty for sidewalk and *-* ramp reconstruction, traffic signal installation" /lease note< 6= >E3 38&6 onto 9reene $t" from *ssem)ly $t" heading  6orth)ound or $outh)ound" *nticipated completion date is an 10, 201!"Expect lane closures and flagging operations on ?ope erry &oad in >exington )etween 8$+7' and idway &oad for a )ridge replacement o.er 1! ile ;ranch %reek" %onstruction is expected to )e complete ay 201!"Expect lane closures and flagging operations on 8$ 7' in >exington )etween 9eorge $treet and est ;utler $treet for widening and intersection impro.ements" lagging operations and lane closures will also impact est ;utler $treet, &eed *.enue, =ld %hapin &oad, 8$+1, and /ark &oad in this .icinity" %onstruction is expected to )e complete *pril 201!";eginning =ct" 21, 201, -errick ?ollow &oad )etween -e.il@s ;ack)one &oad and -errick /ark &oad will )e closed to through traffic for phase two (final# of the )ridge replacement o.er ?ollow %reek" 3he detour route will )e -e.il@s ;ack)one &oad, -og >eg &oad, &idge &oad and -errick /ark &oad" $igns will )e posted marking this route" 3he road is expected to re+

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