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Homeopathy More Than a Cure

Homeopathy More Than a Cure

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Published by Khalifullah
A Homeopathic journey to harmony
A Homeopathic journey to harmony

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Published by: Khalifullah on Nov 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 First Chapter 
 In 1990 a magazine published my article about homeopathy, which in our country at thetime was as yet completely unknown as a method of treatment. The editor of themagazine asked me if I could cure his two year old daughter from the chronic eczema,which had defied any orthodox treatment. It worked - the eczema disappeared withoutshowing any tendency to recur. After this, the editor, buoyed by the success, rememberedone really big problem - his relative, a paediatrician from a small town in SouthernBohemia had a five year old daughter who suffered since the age of one from a severeeczema. They had tried everything, but corticoids and other contemporary prescriptiondrugs failed them completely. The disease was spreading constantly and it had made itsmark not only on the life of the child, but on the life of the whole family. At night the girlsuffered from pains and itches, she could not sleep and neither could her parents. So itwent on for four years. To prevent her from scratching the dripping wet rash that coveredmost of her body she was forced to wear a pair of heavy woollen gloves to bed, even insummer. Her constant discomfort understandably affected her environment. And theprognosis was bad, the things were going to get worse.One day we had met in the editorial office at the river embankment. The father, a beardedpaediatrician, seemed reserved, making it obvious that he was not to be easily hoaxed.The mother was tense. Only five year old Alenka was relatively calm. She was used to itthat her life, despite all the parental care, was mostly unpleasant, and she phlegmaticallyaccepted it. Nothing would surprise her. Her face was transfigured by the enduring rash,her eyebrows were irregular, her facial expressions restricted, as any movement to herwas clearly irritating or painful. Her little face appeared stiff. It was covered by a nastyreddish rash, and so was the rest of her body. I struggled to overcome an overwhelmingcompulsion to scratch myself here and there - the child seemed to radiate the itcheverywhere. Then we began the homeopathic interview, the basic and essential part of anexamination.The girl kept quiet and the parents talked. They said, that they had tried everythingpossible, all known courses of orthodox treatment, but to no avail. Exhausted from thedisease was not only the child, but also themselves. The problems came in the first yearof her life. First there was only a rash on her thighs, it has began to spread. Particularly tothe folds of her limbs, after having a bath and after scratching herself. When shescratched herself, abscesses formed on the skin. The child's condition deteriorated atnight, when she scratched herself excessively and cried. Things got worse after a middaysleep or when the child was exposed to warmth, in the sunlight, in summer, in a hot roomand under the blanket. The physical symptoms always increased when the girl wasagitated, particularly when she demanded something in vehemence. In addition to this,she often suffered from colds and lately also from cough, which after a prolongedphysical exertion becomes asthmatic.
The father was well aware of the fact that eczema in children is often accompanied byasthma, that sometimes a fully blown bronchial asthma develops after the eczema, thiswas another cause of worries about the girl's future. After all, asthma could be a life-threatening disease. Through further inquiry I learnt that the girl behaved well in the pre-school, that she was sociable, that she was fond of sweets and refused to eat meat, exceptfor chicken. She eat little and she loved margarine. She drunk a lot, only cold drinks, thehot drinks she refused. Rather shy, her timidity became more pronounced as she wasgetting older.The following day the father collected from me a vial with white lens-like pills, describedas
Sulphur 200
. He was instructed to give the child a single pill to be sucked in the mouthwithout any water. One hour before taking it and one hour after, no food nor drink. Withit came my advice to stop any current orthodox treatment, at least two days before takingthe remedy. This made the father hesitant, though he agreed with the former. Hemaintained that if the child would not get her treatment, she would suffer a lot and theointment would have to be quickly applied. I said, however, that the psychological effectof the remedy could be almost instant, that the remedy would soon relieve the suffering,even though in the early stages of treatment the eczema would not be affected or it mayeven get a little worse. With regard to the eczema they had to be patient, the treatmentand the cure of a chronic illness is a long term proposition. The doctor left full of determination, but also full of doubts.For three months I had no news from them, until the phone rang late at night. I heard therather anxious and somewhat exasperated voice of the paediatrician from SouthernBohemia: "What should we do?! It's awful! We did everything as you'd told us. For threemonths she's not been on any medication - and, indeed, the pains and the itch had gonealmost immediately. Now she sleeps well and so do we. But the eczema's hardly changed.And the cough! The last two days she's been coughing herself to near exhaustion. Thefact is, she's no longer so asthmatic. But this dreadful cough! She coughs almostconstantly. Shouldn't I give her some cough mixture?""No," I answered. "Just hang on in there. Don't do anything just yet, call me in two days."Again several months went by, without any news from them. Then, unannounced, oneday they invaded my flat. They were joyful and they looked happy. Alenka had noeczema and no other problems. The cough went away the day after the phone call, andafter that the eczema gradually disappeared. First in the face, then on the body, last on thelegs. The child was healthy and for six months she had not taken any chemicalpreparations or any other medication. Such are moments, when one feels that things inthis world must have some purpose.Approximately a year after our first meeting they visited me for the third time. Alenkawas still all right, but they said that occasionally a light eczema had appeared in the foldsof her elbows. She was given
Sulphur C1000
, a single dose.

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