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DE THI DH HOA KHOI A 2009 print

DE THI DH HOA KHOI A 2009 print

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Published by api-3822369

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Published by: api-3822369 on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u0110\u1ec0 THI TUY\u1ec2N SINH \u0110\u1ea0I H\u1eccC, CAO \u0110\u1eb2NG N\u0102M 2009

M\u00f4n thi : HO\u00c1, kh\u1ed1i A - M\u00e3 \u0111\u1ec1 : 825
PH\u1ea6N CHUNG CHO T\u1ea4T C\u1ea2 TH\u00cd SINH (40 c\u00e2u)
C\u00e2u 1 : Cho h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m 1,12 gam Fe v\u00e0 1,92 gam Cu v\u00e0o 400 ml

dung d\u1ecbch ch\u1ee9a h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m H2SO4 0,5M v\u00e0 Na NO3 0,2M. Sau khi
c\u00e1c ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng x\u1ea3y ra ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c dung d\u1ecbch X v\u00e0 kh\u00ed NO
(s\u1ea3n ph\u1ea9m kh\u1eed duy nh\u1ea5t). Cho V ml dung d\u1ecbch NaOH 1M v\u00e0o dung
d\u1ecbch X th\u00ec l\u01b0\u1ee3ng k\u1ebft t\u1ee7a thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c l\u00e0 l\u1edbn nh\u1ea5t. Gi\u00e1 tr\u1ecb t\u1ed1i thi\u1ec3u c\u1ee7a V l\u00e0

A. 240.
B. 120.
C. 360.
D. 400.
C\u00e2u 2 : X\u00e0 ph\u00f2ng h\u00f3a ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n 66,6 gam h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p hai este

HCOOC2H5 v\u00e0 CH3COOCH3 b\u1eb1ng dung d\u1ecbch NaOH, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c h\u1ed7n
h\u1ee3p X g\u1ed3m hai ancol. \u0110un n\u00f3ng h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p X v\u1edbi H2SO4 \u0111\u1eb7c \u1edf 1400C,
sau khi ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng x\u1ea3y ra ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c m gam n\u01b0\u1edbc. Gi\u00e1 tr\u1ecb
c\u1ee7a m l\u00e0

A. 18,00.
B. 8,10.
C. 16,20.
D. 4,05.
C\u00e2u 3: Tr\u01b0\u1eddng h\u1ee3p n\u00e0o sau \u0111\u00e2y kh\u00f4ng x\u1ea3y ra ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng h\u00f3a h\u1ecdc?

A. Cho Fe v\u00e0o dung d\u1ecbch H2SO4 lo\u00e3ng, ngu\u1ed9i.
B. S\u1ee5c kh\u00ed Cl2 v\u00e0o dung d\u1ecbch FeCl2.
C. S\u1ee5c kh\u00ed H2S v\u00e0o dung d\u1ecbch CuCl2.
D. S\u1ee5c kh\u00ed H2S v\u00e0o dung d\u1ecbch FeCl2.

C\u00e2u 4: Cho c\u00e1c h\u1ee3p kim sau: Cu-Fe (I); Zn \u2013Fe (II); Fe-C (III); Sn-Fe
(IV). Khi ti\u1ebfp x\u00fac v\u1edbi dung d\u1ecbch ch\u1ea5t \u0111i\u1ec7n li th\u00ec c\u00e1c h\u1ee3p kim m\u00e0 trong
\u0111\u00f3 Fe \u0111\u1ec1u b\u1ecb \u0103n m\u00f2n tr\u01b0\u1edbc l\u00e0:
A. I, II v\u00e0 III. B. I, II v\u00e0 IV. C. I, III v\u00e0 IV. D. II, III v\u00e0 IV.
C\u00e2u 5: Cho h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p kh\u00ed X g\u1ed3m HCHO v\u00e0 H2 \u0111i qua \u1ed1ng s\u1ee9 \u0111\u1ef1ng b\u1ed9t

Ni nung n\u00f3ng. Sau khi ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng x\u1ea3y ra ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c h\u1ed7n
h\u1ee3p kh\u00ed Y g\u1ed3m hai ch\u1ea5t h\u1eefu c\u01a1. \u0110\u1ed1t ch\u00e1y h\u1ebft Y th\u00ec thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 11,7
gam H2O v\u00e0 7,84 l\u00edt kh\u00ed CO2 (\u1edf \u0111ktc). Ph\u1ea7n tr\u0103m theo th\u1ec3 t\u00edch c\u1ee7a H2
trong X l\u00e0: A. 65,00%. B. 46,15%. C. 35,00% D. 53,85%.

C\u00e2u 6: Cho b\u1ed1n h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p, m\u1ed7i h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m hai ch\u1ea5t r\u1eafn c\u00f3 s\u1ed1 mol

b\u1eb1ng nhau: Na2O v\u00e0 Al2O3; Cu v\u00e0 FeCl3; BaCl2 v\u00e0 CuSO4; Ba v\u00e0
NaHCO3. S\u1ed1 h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 tan ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n trong n\u01b0\u1edbc (d\u01b0) ch\u1ec9 t\u1ea1o
ra dung d\u1ecbch l\u00e0: A. 4.

B. 2.
C. 1.
D. 3.
C\u00e2u 7: H\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p kh\u00ed X g\u1ed3m anken M v\u00e0 ankin N c\u00f3 c\u00f9ng s\u1ed1 nguy\u00ean

t\u1eed cacbon trong ph\u00e2n t\u1eed. H\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p X c\u00f3 kh\u1ed1i l\u01b0\u1ee3ng 12,4 gam v\u00e0 th\u1ec3 t\u00edch 6,72 l\u00edt (\u1edf \u0111ktc). S\u1ed1 mol, c\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c ph\u00e2n t\u1eed c\u1ee7a M v\u00e0 N l\u1ea7n l\u01b0\u1ee3t l\u00e0: A. 0,1 mol C2H4 v\u00e0 0,2 mol C2H2 B. 0,1 mol C3H6 v\u00e0 0,2 mol C3H4 C. 0,2 mol C2H4 v\u00e0 0,1 mol C2H2. D. 0,2 mol C3H6 v\u00e0 0,1 mol C3H4.

C\u00e2u 8: X\u00e0 ph\u00f2ng h\u00f3a ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n 1,99 gam h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p hai este b\u1eb1ng

dung d\u1ecbch NaOH thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 2,05 gam mu\u1ed1i c\u1ee7a m\u1ed9t axit cacboxylic v\u00e0
0,94 gam h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p hai ancol l\u00e0 \u0111\u1ed3ng \u0111\u1eb3ng k\u1ebf ti\u1ebfp nhau. C\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c
c\u1ee7a hai este \u0111\u00f3 l\u00e0
A. HCOOCH3 v\u00e0 HCOOC2H5. B.C2H5COOCH3 v\u00e0 C2H5COOC2H5
C. CH3COOC2H5 v\u00e0 CH3COOC3H7
D. CH3COOCH3 v\u00e0 CH3COOC2H5

C\u00e2u 9: Cho 1 mol amino axit X ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng v\u1edbi dung d\u1ecbch HCl (d\u01b0), thu

\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c m1 gam mu\u1ed1i Y. C\u0169ng 1 mol amino axit X ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng v\u1edbi dung
d\u1ecbch NaOH (d\u01b0), thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c m2 gam mu\u1ed1i Z. Bi\u1ebft m2\u2013m1=7,5. C\u00f4ng
th\u1ee9c ph\u00e2n t\u1eed c\u1ee7a X l\u00e0

A. C4H10O2N2. B. C5H9O4N. C. C4H8O4N2. D. C5H11O2N.
C\u00e2u 10: H\u00f2a tan h\u1ebft m gam ZnSO4 v\u00e0o n\u01b0\u1edbc \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c dung d\u1ecbch X.

Cho 110ml dung d\u1ecbch KOH 2M v\u00e0o X, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c a gam k\u1ebft t\u1ee7a. M\u1eb7t kh\u00e1c, n\u1ebfu cho 140 ml dung d\u1ecbch KOH 2M v\u00e0o X th\u00ec c\u0169ng thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c a gam k\u1ebft t\u1ee7a. Gi\u00e1 tr\u1ecb c\u1ee7a m l\u00e0

A. 20,125.
B. 12,375. C. 22,540. D. 17,710.
C\u00e2u 11: Hi\u0111rocacbon X kh\u00f4ng l\u00e0m m\u1ea5t m\u00e0u dung d\u1ecbch brom \u1edf nhi\u1ec7t
\u0111\u1ed9 th\u01b0\u1eddng. T\u00ean g\u1ecdi c\u1ee7a X l\u00e0
A. etilen. B. xiclopropan. C. xiclohexan D. stiren.
C\u00e2u 12: Cho lu\u1ed3ng kh\u00ed CO (d\u01b0) \u0111i qua 9,1 gam h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m CuO
v\u00e0 Al2O3 nung n\u00f3ng \u0111\u1ebfn khi ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 8,3 gam
ch\u1ea5t r\u1eafn. Kh\u1ed1i l\u01b0\u1ee3ng CuO c\u00f3 trong h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p ban \u0111\u1ea7u l\u00e0
A. 0,8 gam. B. 8,3 gam. C. 2,0 gam. D. 4,0 gam.
C\u00e2u 13: \u0110un n\u00f3ng h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p hai ancol \u0111\u01a1n ch\u1ee9c, m\u1ea1ch h\u1edf v\u1edbi H2SO4

\u0111\u1eb7c, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m c\u00e1c ete. L\u1ea5y 7,2 gam m\u1ed9t trong c\u00e1c ete
\u0111\u00f3 \u0111em \u0111\u1ed1t ch\u00e1y ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 8,96 l\u00edt kh\u00ed CO2 (\u1edf \u0111ktc) v\u00e0 7,2
gam H2O. Hai ancol \u0111\u00f3 l\u00e0
A. CH3OH v\u00e0 CH2=CH-CH2-OH. B. C2H5OH v\u00e0 CH2=CH-CH2-OH.
C. CH3OH v\u00e0 C3H7OH.

D. C2H5OH v\u00e0 CH3OH.
C\u00e2u 14: D\u00e3y g\u1ed3m c\u00e1c ch\u1ea5t \u0111\u1ec1u t\u00e1c d\u1ee5ng \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c v\u1edbi dung d\u1ecbch HCl
lo\u00e3ng l\u00e0
A. AgNO3, (NH4)2CO3, CuS.
B. Mg(HCO3)2, HCOONa, CuO.
C. FeS, BaSO4, KOH.
D. KNO3, CaCO3, Fe(OH)3.
C\u00e2u 15: Cho ph\u01b0\u01a1ng tr\u00ecnh h\u00f3a h\u1ecdc: Fe3O4 + HNO3\u2192 Fe(NO3)3 +
Nx Oy + H2 O
Sau khi c\u00e2n b\u1eb1ng ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p h\u00f3a h\u1ecdc tr\u00ean v\u1edbi h\u1ec7 s\u1ed1 c\u1ee7a c\u00e1c
ch\u1ea5t l\u00e0 nh\u1eefng s\u1ed1 nguy\u00ean, t\u1ed1i gi\u1ea3n th\u00ec h\u1ec7 s\u1ed1 c\u1ee7a HNO3 l\u00e0
A. 46x \u2013 18y. B. 45x \u2013 18y. C. 13x \u2013 9y. D. 23x \u2013 9y.
C\u00e2u 16: X\u00e0 ph\u00f2ng h\u00f3a m\u1ed9t h\u1ee3p ch\u1ea5t c\u00f3 c\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c ph\u00e2n t\u1eed C10H14O6
trong dung d\u1ecbch NaOH (d\u01b0), thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c glixerol v\u00e0 h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m ba

mu\u1ed1i (kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 \u0111\u1ed3ng ph\u00e2n h\u00ecnh h\u1ecdc). C\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c c\u1ee7a ba mu\u1ed1i \u0111\u00f3 l\u00e0:
A. CH2=CH-COONa, HCOONa v\u00e0 CH\u2261 C-COONa.
B. CH3-COONa, HCOONa v\u00e0 CH3-CH=CH-COONa.
C. HCOONa, CH\u2261 C-COONa v\u00e0 CH3-CH2-COONa.
D. CH2=CH-COONa, CH3-CH2-COONa v\u00e0 HCOONa.

C\u00e2u 17: L\u00ean men m gam glucoz\u01a1 v\u1edbi hi\u1ec7u su\u1ea5t 90%, l\u01b0\u1ee3ng kh\u00ed CO2

sinh ra h\u1ea5p th\u1ee5 h\u1ebft v\u00e0o dung d\u1ecbch n\u01b0\u1edbc v\u00f4i trong, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 10 gam
k\u1ebft t\u1ee7a. Kh\u1ed1i l\u01b0\u1ee3ng dung d\u1ecbch sau ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng gi\u1ea3m 3,4 gam so v\u1edbi
kh\u1ed1i l\u01b0\u1ee3ng dung d\u1ecbch n\u01b0\u1edbc v\u00f4i trong ban \u0111\u1ea7u. Gi\u00e1 tr\u1ecb c\u1ee7a m l\u00e0

A. 13,5.
B. 30,0.
C. 15,0.
D. 20,0.
C\u00e2u 18: Cho h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p X g\u1ed3m hai ancol \u0111a ch\u1ee9c, m\u1ea1ch h\u1edf, thu\u1ed9c
c\u00f9ng d\u00e3y \u0111\u1ed3ng \u0111\u1eb3ng. \u0110\u1ed1t ch\u00e1y ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p X, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c CO2

v\u00e0 H2O c\u00f3 t\u1ec9 l\u1ec7 mol t\u01b0\u01a1ng \u1ee9ng l\u00e0 3 : 4. Hai ancol \u0111\u00f3 l\u00e0
A. C2H4(OH)2 v\u00e0 C3H6(OH)2. B. C2H5OH v\u00e0 C4H9OH.
C. C2H4(OH)2 v\u00e0 C4H8(OH)2. D. C3H5(OH)3 v\u00e0 C4H7(OH)3.

C\u00e2u 19: Cho 3,68 gam h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m Al v\u00e0 Zn t\u00e1c d\u1ee5ng v\u1edbi m\u1ed9t

l\u01b0\u1ee3ng v\u1eeba \u0111\u1ee7 dung d\u1ecbchH2SO4 10% thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 2,24 l\u00edt kh\u00ed H2 (\u1edf \u0111ktc).
Kh\u1ed1i l\u01b0\u1ee3ng dung d\u1ecbch thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c sau ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng l\u00e0
A. 101,48 gam. B. 101,68 gam. C. 97,80 gam. D. 88,20 gam.

C\u00e2u 20: N\u1ebfu cho 1 mol m\u1ed7i ch\u1ea5t: CaOCl2, KMnO4, K2Cr2O7, MnO2
l\u1ea7n l\u01b0\u1ee3t ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng v\u1edbi l\u01b0\u1ee3ng d\u01b0 dung d\u1ecbch HCl \u0111\u1eb7c, ch\u1ea5t t\u1ea1o ra
l\u01b0\u1ee3ng kh\u00ed Cl2 nhi\u1ec1u nh\u1ea5t l\u00e0
A. KMnO4. B. K2Cr2O7. C. CaOCl2. D. MnO2.
C\u00e2u 21: Cho 0,25 mol m\u1ed9t an\u0111ehit m\u1ea1ch h\u1edf X ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng v\u1edbi l\u01b0\u1ee3ng

d\u01b0 dung d\u1ecbch AgNO3 trong NH3 thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 54 gam Ag. M\u1eb7t kh\u00e1c, khi cho X ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng v\u1edbi H2 d\u01b0 (x\u00fac t\u00e1c Ni, t0) th\u00ec 0,125 mol X ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng h\u1ebft v\u1edbi 0,25 mol H2. Ch\u1ea5t X c\u00f3 c\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c \u1ee9ng v\u1edbi c\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c chung l\u00e0: A. CnH2n-1CHO (n\u2265 2).

B. CnH2n-3CHO (n\u2265 2).
C. CnH2n(CHO)2 (n\u2265 0).
D. CnH2n+1CHO (n\u2265 0).
C\u00e2u 22: H\u00f2a tan ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n 12,42 gam Al b\u1eb1ng dung d\u1ecbch HNO3

lo\u00e3ng (d\u01b0), thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c dung d\u1ecbch X v\u00e0 1,344 l\u00edt (\u1edf \u0111ktc) h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p kh\u00ed Y g\u1ed3m hai kh\u00ed l\u00e0 N2O v\u00e0 N2. T\u1ec9 kh\u1ed1i c\u1ee7a h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p kh\u00ed Y so v\u1edbi kh\u00ed H2 l\u00e0 18. C\u00f4 c\u1ea1n dung d\u1ecbch X, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c m gam ch\u1ea5t r\u1eafn khan. Gi\u00e1 tr\u1ecb c\u1ee7a m l\u00e0: A. 97,98. B. 106,38. C. 38,34.

D. 34,08.
C\u00e2u 23: Cho 3,024 gam m\u1ed9t kim lo\u1ea1i M tan h\u1ebft trong dung d\u1ecbch
HNO3 lo\u00e3ng, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 940,8 ml kh\u00ed NxOy (s\u1ea3n ph\u1ea9m kh\u1eed duy nh\u1ea5t, \u1edf
\u0111ktc) c\u00f3 t\u1ec9 kh\u1ed1i \u0111\u1ed1i v\u1edbi H2 b\u1eb1ng 22. Kh\u00ed NxOy v\u00e0 kim lo\u1ea1i M l\u00e0
A. NO v\u00e0 Mg. B. N2O v\u00e0 Al C. N2O v\u00e0 Fe. D. NO2 v\u00e0 Al.
C\u00e2u 24: Cho 10 gam amin \u0111\u01a1n ch\u1ee9c X ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n v\u1edbi HCl
(d\u01b0), thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 15 gam mu\u1ed1i. S\u1ed1 \u0111\u1ed3ng ph\u00e2n c\u1ea5u t\u1ea1o c\u1ee7a X l\u00e0
A. 8.
B. 7.
C. 5.
D. 4.
C\u00e2u 25: Cho h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p g\u1ed3m Fe v\u00e0 Zn v\u00e0o dung d\u1ecbch AgNO3 \u0111\u1ebfn khi
c\u00e1c ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng x\u1ea3y ra ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c dung d\u1ecbch X g\u1ed3m hai mu\u1ed1i
v\u00e0 ch\u1ea5t r\u1eafn Y g\u1ed3m hai kim lo\u1ea1i. Hai mu\u1ed1i trong X l\u00e0
A. Fe(NO3)2 v\u00e0 AgNO3.
B. AgNO3 v\u00e0 Zn(NO3)2.
C. Zn(NO3)2 v\u00e0 Fe(NO3)2. D. Fe(NO3)3 v\u00e0 Zn(NO3)2.
C\u00e2u 26: Thu\u1ed1c th\u1eed \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c d\u00f9ng \u0111\u1ec3 ph\u00e2n bi\u1ec7t Gly-Ala-Gly v\u1edbi Gly-Ala
l\u00e0: A. Cu(OH)2 trong m\u00f4i tr\u01b0\u1eddng ki\u1ec1m.
B. dung d\u1ecbch NaCl.
C. dung d\u1ecbch HCl.
D. dung d\u1ecbch NaOH.
C\u00e2u 27: Cho 6,72 gam Fe v\u00e0o 400ml dung d\u1ecbch HNO3 1M, \u0111\u1ebfn khi

ph\u1ea3n \u1ee9ng x\u1ea3y ra ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n, thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c kh\u00ed NO (s\u1ea3n ph\u1ea9m kh\u1eed duy
nh\u1ea5t) v\u00e0 dung d\u1ecbch X. Dung d\u1ecbch X c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 h\u00f2a tan t\u1ed1i \u0111a m gam Cu.
Gi\u00e1 tr\u1ecb c\u1ee7a m l\u00e0: A. 1,92. B. 0,64. C. 3,84. D. 3,20.

C\u00e2u 28: M\u1ed9t h\u1ee3p ch\u1ea5t X ch\u1ee9a ba nguy\u00ean t\u1ed1 C, H, O c\u00f3 t\u1ec9 l\u1ec7 kh\u1ed1i

l\u01b0\u1ee3ng mC : mH : mO = 21:2:4. H\u1ee3p ch\u1ea5t X c\u00f3 c\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c \u0111\u01a1n gi\u1ea3n nh\u1ea5t
tr\u00f9ng v\u1edbi c\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c ph\u00e2n t\u1eed. S\u1ed1 \u0111\u1ed3ng ph\u00e2n c\u1ea5u t\u1ea1o thu\u1ed9c lo\u1ea1i h\u1ee3p
ch\u1ea5t th\u01a1m \u1ee9ng v\u1edbi c\u00f4ng th\u1ee9c ph\u00e2n t\u1eed c\u1ee7a X l\u00e0

A. 5.
B. 4.
C. 6.
D. 3.
C\u00e2u 29: Cho d\u00e3y c\u00e1c ch\u1ea5t v\u00e0 ion: Zn, S, FeO, SO2, N2, HCl, Cu2+, Cl-.
S\u1ed1 ch\u1ea5t v\u00e0 ion c\u00f3 c\u1ea3 t\u00ednh oxi h\u00f3a v\u00e0 t\u00ednh kh\u1eed l\u00e0
A. 4.
B. 6.
C. 5.
D. 7.
C\u00e2u 30: Nung 6,58 gam Cu(NO3)2 trong b\u00ecnh k\u00edn kh\u00f4ng ch\u1ee9a kh\u00f4ng

kh\u00ed, sau m\u1ed9t th\u1eddi gian thu \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 4,96 gam ch\u1ea5t r\u1eafn v\u00e0 h\u1ed7n h\u1ee3p kh\u00ed X.
H\u1ea5p th\u1ee5 ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n X v\u00e0o n\u01b0\u1edbc \u0111\u1ec3 \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c 300 ml dung d\u1ecbch Y. Dung
d\u1ecbch Y c\u00f3 pH b\u1eb1ng: A. 2.

B. 3.
C. 4.
D. 1.
C\u00e2u 31: Poli (metyl metacrylat) v\u00e0 nilon-6 \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c t\u1ea1o th\u00e0nh t\u1eeb c\u00e1c

monome t\u01b0\u01a1ng \u1ee9ng l\u00e0
A. CH3-COO-CH=CH2 v\u00e0 H2N-[CH2]5-COOH.
B. CH2=C(CH3)-COOCH3 v\u00e0 H2N-[CH2]6-COOH.
C. CH2=C(CH3)-COOCH3 v\u00e0 H2N-[CH2]5-COOH.
D. CH2=CH-COOCH3 v\u00e0 H2N-[CH2]6-COOH.

C\u00e2u 32: H\u1ee3p ch\u1ea5t h\u1eefu c\u01a1 X t\u00e1c d\u1ee5ng \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c v\u1edbi dung d\u1ecbch NaOH v\u00e0
dung d\u1ecbch brom nh\u01b0ng kh\u00f4ng t\u00e1c d\u1ee5ng v\u1edbi dung d\u1ecbch NaHCO3. T\u00ean
g\u1ecdi c\u1ee7a X l\u00e0: A. metyl axetat. B. axit acrylic. C. anilin. D. phenol

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