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Categories Founder

Categories Founder

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Published by marie

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Published by: marie on Feb 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Categories Christianity Confucianism Buddhism Taoism Islam HinduismFounder
Founded byJesus Christ inc. 30 AD, Israel.Founded byConfucius (551
479 BC), ChinaFounded bySiddharta Gautama(the Buddha) in c.520 BC, NE India.Lao-Tzu, c. 550BC, China.Muhammad, 622AD, Saudi ArabiaIndigenous religionof India asdeveloped topresent day.
Gods andGoddeses
One God whois a Trinity of Father, Son,and Holy SpiritNONE Varies: Theravadaatheistic; Mahayanamore polytheistic.Buddha taughtnothing ispermanent.Pantheism - theTao pervades all.Yin-yang -opposites makeup a unity.One God (Allah inArabic)One SupremeReality (Brahman)manifested in manygods and goddesses
HumanSituationand Life'sPurpose
All have sinnedand aretherebyseparated fromGod. Salvationis through faithin Christ and,for some,sacraments andgood works.Purpose of life isto fulfill one's rolein society withpropriety, honor,and loyalty.Purpose is to avoidsuffering and gainenlightenment andrelease from cycleof rebirth, or atleast attain a betterrebirth by gainingmerit.Purpose is innerharmony, peace,and longevity.Acheived by livingin accordancewith the Tao.Humans mustsubmit (islam) to the will of God to gainParadise afterdeath.Humans are inbondage toignorance andillusion, but areable to escape.Purpose is to gainrelease fromrebirth, or at least abetter rebirth
Eternal heavenor hell (ortemporarypurgatory).NONE Reincarnation(understooddifferently than inHinduism, with nosurviving soul) untilgain enlightenmentRevert back tostate of non-being, which issimply the otherside of being.Paradise or Hell. Reincarnation untilgain enlightenment
Prayer, Biblestudy, baptism,Eucharist,church onSundays,numerousholidays.Honesty,politeness,propriety,humaneness,perform correctrole in society,loyalty to family,nationMeditation,mantras, devotionto deities (in somesects), mandalas(Tibetan)General attitudeof detachmentand non-struggle,"go with theflow" of the Tao.Tai-chi,acupuncture, andalchemy to helplongevity.Five Pillars: Faith,Prayer, Alms,Pilgrimage,Fasting. Mosqueservices onFridays.Ablutions beforeprayer. Noalcohol or pork.Holidays relatedto the pilgrimageand fast of Ramadan.Yoga, meditation,worship (puja),devotion to a godor goddess,pilgrimage to holycities, live accordingto one's dharma(purpose/ role).
 The Holy Bible(Old and NewTestamentsAnalects Tripitaka (PaliCanon); Mahayanasutras like the LotusSutra; others.Tao Te Ching,Chuang-TzuQur'an(Scripture);Hadith(tradition)The Vedas,Upanishads,Bhagavad Gita,Ramayana,etc.

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