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Simple Machine Detailed Lesson plan

Simple Machine Detailed Lesson plan

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Published by splitsecond
Basic Simple Machines
Basic Simple Machines

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Published by: splitsecond on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A DETAILED LESSON PLANIN SCIENCE VII.Objectives:Given the necessary materials for an experiment, the pupilsshould be able to:1.Identify, define the three simple machines, and state the differencesand similarities in the use of simple machines.2.Dissect a broken appliance or toy, and group according to categoryof simple machinesI.Subject Matter: Simple Machines: Lever, Wheel and Axles, ScrewReferences: BEC SCIENCE VIMaterials: Broken toys or appliances, screw drivers, pliers, hammer,worksheetsConcept: 3 simple machines1.Lever – a lever is a stiff bar that rests on a support called afulcrum which lifts or moves loads
Wheel and Axle – A wheel with a rod , called an axle, through itscenter lifts or moves loads.
Screw- A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a pole whichholds things together or lifts materials.I.Procedure: Teacher ActivityStudents ActivityA. Pre-Instructional Activities1. Review (through game) (Force)Let us recall our pastlesson about force and Pulley. Groupyourselves into five(5) and each of you should cooperate.I will ask the 1
question,and the first group that will give thecorrect answer will be given a 1ptand they will ask a question that willbe answered by the other groups. The group that will ask a question willbe given a 3pts. The group that willanswer correctly will be given a 2pts.What is a Force?(Facilitating)Grp1-Ma’am force is pushing or pullingon an object we give its energyand cause it to move, stop orchange direction(question to the other groups)-Who is the scientist whointroduced 3 basic laws of motion?Grp2-Sir Isaac Newton(question to the other groups)-Enumerate the 3 basic laws of motions?
Last Question for the groupEnd game
Every time you move something, use your pencil, or walk, you are using force.These forces are examples of everyday life,because that is what a force is, everyday life.-Every day you use force to make your lifeeasier. Sometimes it is hard to understand howforces help you.2. Motivation
- I will show you a picture, and tell mewhat can you see?Picture A Picture BPicture C Picture DGrp3-the 3 basic laws of motions areLaw of inertia, Law of acceleration, and Law of interaction(question to the other groups)-What is the Law of inertia?Group4
All objects resist changes in their state of motion
-What is the law of acceleration.Grp1
-that heavier objects require moreforce to move the same distance aslighter objects
(question to the other groups)
-what is Law of interaction?
that for every force there is a reactionforce that is equal in size, but opposite indirection.
(question to the other groups)-What equipment did we use toshow this motions?Grp3-Pulley
-ma’am Picture A is a SHOVEL-ma’am Picture B is SEESAW
 Picture E-Have you tried riding in a Wagon orplaying with the seesaw?-What is the use of a shovel?-Did you ever use a scissor before or ascrew?B. Presentation-What you saw in the pictures areexamples of simple machines.-Let us take two example from thepicture“the Wagon”
Wagons are used fortransporting people or goods.
“The Scissor” are use for cutting
Scissors are used for cutting various thinmaterials, such as paper, cardboard,metal foil, thin plastic, cloth, rope andwire. Scissors can also be used to cut hairand food.
From the examplesWhat is a SIMPLE MACHINE?1)Discussion There are 3 types of simple machines:1. Lever – a lever is a stiff bar thatrests on a support called a fulcrumwhich lifts or moves loads2. Wheel and Axle – A wheel with arod , called an axle, through its centerlifts or moves loads.3. Screw- A screw is an inclined planewrapped around a pole which holdsthings together or lifts materials.
-ma’am Picture C is a WAGON-ma’am Picture D is a SCISSOR -ma’am Picture E is a SCREWS-Yes ma’am-ma’am it is use for digging.- Yes ma’am-ma’am it is a machine that makes our work easier.-Listening

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