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Ch 7. Auto Suggestion

Ch 7. Auto Suggestion

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Published by Aalams07

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Published by: Aalams07 on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter  7of 
Law of Successfor both the Worlds
Q. S. KhanB. E. (MECH.)
Auto Suggestion
How Auto Suggestion Works?
When people first come in contact with crime,they dislike and regret it. If they remain in contact with itfor some time, they became accustomed to it and tolerateit. If they remain in contact with it for a long enough time,they finally accept it. This is human nature.
Pavlov, a Russian physiologist conducted anexperiment on his dog. He used to ring a bell and thenimmediately give some food to his dog.After a period of time, the dog associated the bell withfood and would salivate at the ring of a bell, whether foodwas present or not. This result is world famous and knownas conditioned response.That means if mind is consciously trained to developsome changes and response in the body after getting someoutside signal for sometime then later on the mind willautomatically and without conscious effort develop samechange if it gets the same external signal.For example, if the mind gets a signal to have sex,initially in a natural way it will develop changes in the bodyto  have  sex. If  the person on having  sex,  derives pleasure
Law of Success for both the worlds
and satisfaction, the mind associates signal of sex withpleasure and in future it will prepare the body positively tohave satisfactory sex with slightest possibility and signal osex. On the contrary, if the mind gets the signal of sex.Initially, in the natural way it prepares the body to have sex,but after having sex if the person faces humiliation,dissatisfaction, punishment etc. and if it is repeated for acertain period of time, the mind will associate signal of sexwith humiliation, dissatisfaction, and in future on havingsignal of sex the brain will not prepare the body to have sex,but will develop some other defence mechanism to avoidsex, (This is also a basic cause of impotence).Similarly if a signal is given to the mind about businessand success plan and after that if artificially we feelachievement of our goal and the pleasure and satisfactionwhich we will get after getting actual success and if it isrepeated for sometime, then afterwards the mind willassociate business with success and prosperity and alwaysrespond positively with every thought of business. Itspositive response means positive attitude, enthusiasm,persistence, new plans and ideas in the subconscious mindand a burning desire etc. Presenting thoughts to the mindand artificially sensing the positive feeling, we learn it anddo it in Auto Suggestion.
Importance of Auto Suggestion
How does a poet write a poem? The poet firstdecides his topic in mind and clearly defines his views. Insimple words, he decides what he wants to say, then waitscalmly and concentrates to hear the sound within him. Hecannot write a poem at will. He waits for the flow of thoughts and when they start coming, he puts them downon paper.
15 - Auto Suggestion

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