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Published by Jessa Carilla

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Published by: Jessa Carilla on Apr 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your Target
At the end of this activity, you willgain competence in determining theappropriateness of teaching aids tolearning tasks.
Your Map
To reach your target, follow thesteps below:
Field Study 3
(Technology in the LearningEnvironment)
Episode 2
As you look around and examine board displays, use the
activity forms
 provided for you to document your observations.
An Observation Guide for BOARD DISPLAYS
Read the following statements carefully before youwill observe inside the school.
1. Go around the school and examine the board displays. Howmany board displays do you see?2. Where is the display board found? Are they in places wheretarget viewers can see them?3. What are the displays about? What images and colors do yousee? How are the pieces of information arranged?4. What materials were used in making the displays? Are bordersused? How are they used?5. Do you notice some errors? (e.g., misspelled words, grammarinconsistencies and the like?6. Are the messages clear and easily understood?7. You may choose to take a photo of the display board (if allowed).
“Technologies can andshould become thetools of meaningfullearning.”
D. Jonasses, in
Learning withTechnology: A Constructivist Perspective
Look around a schoolfor bulletin boarddisplay.Choose one andevaluate the display.
Propose enhancementsto make the displaymore effective.
Name of FS Student
Effective Communication
Conveys the message quickly and clearlyThe message should be read again in orderto understand it fully.
Colors and arrangement catches andholds interest
The board display is unattractive for it hasonly one color and does not catch theattention of the viewers.
Objects are arranged so stability is perceivedThe last box is mot balanced with the otherboxes in the bulletin board.
Repeated shapes or colors or use of bordersholds display togetherThe border of the title of the board displaydoes not hold unity with other displays.
The style and approach entice learners to beinvolvedIt does not entice learners to be involvedbecause it is not attractive nor hasinteraction.
Letters and illustrations can be seen from agood distanceThe letters cannot be seen from a gooddistance. The viewer should be near thedisplay in order to see.
Free from grammar errors, misspelled words,ambiguityThe board display ids free from grammarerrors and misspelled words.
Well-constructed; items are securelyattachedThe items in the board were well-constructed. They are securely attached onthe bulletin board.
Name of the Cooperating School Observed: Leyte Normal UniversityDate of Visit: February 9, 2011Location of the cooperating school: Tacloban CityAs we went over and examined the board displays of the said campusparticularly on the left side of the lobby of the college building, we noticed thatthere were there were about nineteen board displays. The board display is foundbeside the second door of the dean of College of Education. They are not in placeswhere target viewers can see them because in the first place, the students are notallowed to pass by the lobby. Most of the displays are about the personalinformation and schedule of the teachers of the university. Most of the images arepictures of the school faculty and colors that are mostly seen are green, blue andred. Materials that are mostly used in making the displays are cartolinas andstyrofoams. Borders are also used by emphasizing certain words. We didn’t noticeany errors in the board displays. Some of the messages are not clear and easilyunderstood.
Topic of the Board Display: Announcements
Check the column that indicates your rating.
comments to back up your ratings.
– Outstanding
– Very Satisfactory
Did the board display design reflect the likes/interests of its targetaudience? Why? Why not?
No, because the board display is blunt due to the usage of color. As weobserved the bulletin board and examined it. Its target audience are the incomingfirst year students. So, the bulletin board should be made according to theinterests of the said audience. The board should contain a highlight andbackground color respectively. Moreover, the board is not attractive. It can’t catchattention at the first glance. Also, the arrangement of rectangles is not well done.
Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience tounderstand? Why? Why not?
Yes, the language used was very clear and simple. The target audience caneasily understand the message or the content of the bulletin board. The languageused became clear because the pieces of information were organized and theyare arranged in bullet forms.
What do you think was the purpose of the board display? Was it effective?Why? Why not?
The purpose of the bulletin board is to inform the incoming first yearstudents about the performance and excellence of the university. Also, toencourage them that enrolling in this university is not a waste of time and moneybecause the responsibilities of the campus are stated there.
What suggestions can you make in order to improve the displays of the board?
Our first suggestion is the color of the displays. Attractive color schemes fitthe interests of the target audience. Second is the arrangement of the displays.Since there are nine displays, it would look organized if the remaining one whichhas not a pair will be put in the middle of the four pairs. Third, the capitalization of the letters didn’t follow the visual principle of only making the title capitalized if and only if it is only one word. The only capitalized letter should only be the firstletter of the word.
Paste (or download) here the photo of the display board you had taken.

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