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Level Special Effect Type
Diabolic Vision (Necromancy)
Feet-Off-The-Floor (Alteration, Necromancy)
Frostbite (Necromancy) o
Reek (Necromancy, Evocation)
Whisper's Hands of Darkness (Necromancy) o
Blackshroud (Necromancy) o
Cause Notes and Secondary Information
Gaunt (Necromancy, Alteration)
Martallus's Ice Arrow (Necromancy, Evocation) o
Wizard's Level Staff Special Powers
Caress of Infinite Pleasure (Necromancy)
Evermore's Necromantic Touch (Necromancy) o
Grasping Hands of Horror (Necromancy) o
Improved Spectral Hand ( Necromancy )
Larisen's Dark Aura Expansion (Necromancy)
Life Illusion (Necromancy; Illusion/Phantasm)
D6 Roll Area Hit
D100 Effect
Saphrael's Arc Bolt (Evocation, Necromancy)
Smashing the Bones of the Feet (Necromancy) o
Class Strength Gain
The Curse of Wearying Illness (Necromancy)
Whisper's Bolt of Darkness (Necromancy) o
Blackthorn Sorcerers Blade (Necromancy) o
Type of Chance of Time Information Finding Required Examples
Diona's Sustaining Vigilance (Necromancy) o
Evermore's Black Death (Necromancy) o
Independent Spectral Hand (Necromancy)
Malleable Flesh (Necromancy) o
Saving Throw
Vanquil's Cellular Regeneration (Necromancy)
Round Healing
Whisper's Storm of Darkness (Necromancy) o
Zandae's Explosive Skeletons (Necromancy) o
Spirit Releasing Undead
Arrow of the Certain Death (Necromancy) o
Azura's Soul Whip (Evocation, Necromancy) o
Blackthorne’s Ball of Maggots (Necromancy) o
Darkray's Strength of Life (Necromancy)
Decay of the Rotting Corpse (Necromancy) o
Diona's Endorphic Demise (Necromancy) o
Evermore's Drain Life Force (Necromancy) o
Kalli's Steel Bones (Necromancy, Alteration)
Maxxam’s Horrible Wounding (Necromancy) o
Nezrod’s Necrotic Blast (necromancy) o
Spirit Safebox (Enchantment/Necromancy)
Weakening (Necromancy) o
Zanatose's Dark Disjoining ( Necromancy)
'Irnar's Poloroidic Pregnancy (Necromancy)
Amson’s Restorative (Necromancy, Alteration)
Azura's Black Scythe (Evocation, Necromancy) o
Bloodboil (Necromancy) o
Corpion's Bleeding Wounds (Necromancy) o
Create Dry Bones (Enchantment, Necromancy)
Darkmoon's Demonic Child (Necromancy) o
Conc. Time HP of Spell Radius Min
Duath's Black Fog (Conjuration/Necromancy) o
Fatality Explosion (Necromancy/Alteration) o
Kalli's Unthwartable Revenant (Necromancy)
Korel's Strength of Darkness (Necromancy)
Korel's Vampiric Strike (Enchantment, Necromancy) o
Recipients Constitution Constitution Bonus
Lordus' Humorous Amputation (Necromancy) o
Missiles of Withering (Necromancy/Evocation) o
Die Roll Effect
Hit Dice / Level Damage Inflicted Magical Aging
Hit Dice Length of Pain
Type of Target % Good % Evil
Type of Target % Lawful % Chaotic
Sasha’s Soulburn (Necromancy, Alteration) o
Stealing the Vigour of Years (Necromancy) o
Whisper's Damage Transference (Necromancy)
Whisper's Rune of Healing (Necromancy)
Alefian's Song of Vitality (Necromancy, Song)
Person was Modifier
Damien's Induced Vomiting (Necromancy ) o
Deny Death (Necromancy)
Evermore's Necromantic Wrath (Necromancy) o
Kalli's Semblance of Undeath (Necromancy)
Gem Value Intelligence Skills (cumulative)
Pilops's Death (Necromancy) o
Total Saving throw difference bonus or penalty
Vengeance from the Grave (Necromancy) o
Whisper's Legion of Doom (Necromancy)
Zanatose's Thieving Hand (Necromancy) o
Burble's BloodFire (Alteration, Necromancy) o
Criogene Life Preservation (Necromancy)
CyroBane's Blizzard Death (Necromancy) o
Demon’s Breath (Evocation, Necromancy) o
Nathalanthas's Burning Bones (Necromancy) o
Noska Trades' Mass Contagion (Necromancy) o
Radu's Superior Animation (Necromancy)
Skarm’s Undead Life (Necromancy, Alteration)
Spider Type Roll (on d20)
d8+d12 Type of Undead
Undead Spellcaster (Necromancy)
Vandaern's 'Carnation Missile (Necromancy) o
Whisper's Dicey Healing Gate (Necromancy)
Xerion’s Immortality (Necromancy, Alteration)
Victim level Type of Zombie
Fenzill's Phantasmal Fingers (Necromancy)
Jorami's Dance of the Dead (Necromancy)
Misty Assassin (Alteration/Necromancy) o
Ralorn's Bolt of Dragon Slaying (Necromancy) o
Ray of Repeating Summoning (Necromancy)
Rip Life (Necromancy) o
Shalla's Parasitic Soul Splice (Necromancy) o
SoulRipper (Necromancy) o
Xanithar's Soul Distortion (Necromancy) o
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The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic

The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic

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Published by Jashkar

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Published by: Jashkar on Jul 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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