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Mycology Lab Projection

Mycology Lab Projection



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Published by: api-3700579 on Oct 14, 2008
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AIRBORNECONTAMINANTSALTERNARIAASPERGILLUSBOTYRISCHAETOMIUMCEPHALOSPORIUMCURVULARIAFUSARIUMCULTUREMORPHOLOGYRapid-growing colonies, grayishto black to brown; underside jetblackFlat, compact colonies, white atfirst then becoming black,green, bluish or yellowSoft looking tan to gray colonySlow growing, flat, white,yellow, tan or brown colonyWhite to tan to rose-colroedcolony, eventually developingWhite aerial hyphae.Dark brown to black colony onboth sides ragged inappearance.Fast-growing colony. At first,white and cottony but develpingrose to red color on both sidesMICROSCOPICVIEWDESCRIPTIONLarge, hand grenade-shapedspores with both longitudinaland transverse cross walls.Borne singly or in chains.Septate, dematiaceous fungi.Small one-celled sporesirradiating out from swollenbase (see arrows)Colorless, one celled sporesborne in clumpsLarge, dark, central structure isperithecium that containsascospores (sexually produced)Single celled, clear, ellipticalspores held together in a ballunless broken looseLarge, bent spores with 3 to 5cells. Similar toHelminthosporium spp. Brown,septate hyphae.Largest spores are sickle-shapedand may contain several cells.Small spores with one to twocells have more rounded ends.AIRBORNECONTAMINANTSGELASINOSPORAGEOTRICHUMGLIOCLADIUMHORMODENDRUMNEUROSPORA (MONILIA)NIGROSPORAPAECILOMYCESCULTUREMORPHOLOGYDark colony with numerous smallblack dots which are perithecia(sexual organs for Ascomycetes)White to tan, flat or fluffy,rapid-growing fungusFlat, rapid-growing colony.White at first, then developingdark green central portionGreen to gray to black colony onboth sides. Often wrinkled andgrows flat
White at first but grows rapidlyfilling the entire Petri dish in a fewdays and becoming a salmon tobrown color. Mycelium may hangfrom the lid of the Petri dish.
Rapid growing, producingabundant fluffly, aerial hyphae,gray to black on both sides.Resembles Mucor or RhizopusFlat, rapid-growing, tan-coloredcolony resembling Aspergillusspp.MICROSCOPICVIEWDESCRIPTION
Squashed peritheciumshowing many asci, eachcontaining 8 sexuallyproduced ascospores
Note hyphae breaking intoarthrospores. May be confusedwith Coccidioides immitis.Numerous small spores heldtogether in a clump. Similar toPenicillium spp. Except for theclumping of spores.Dark brown septate hyphae bearbranching chains of elongate toovate spores that often contain asmall black dot at the end. Sporebearing structures look tree-likeClear septate hyphae with largemasses of ovate spores which areair-dispersedLarge, clearly visible jet blackspores.Similar to Penicillium spp.except small spores areproduced on very long, slenderstructures
AIRBORNECONTAMINANTSPENICILLIUMPULLULARIA (Aureobasidium)RHODOTORULARHIZOPUSSACCHAROMYCESSCOPULARIOPSISSEPEDONIUMCULTUREMORPHOLOGYWhite colony at first butdeveloping blue to green colorBrown to black, flat, greasy-looking coloniesA pale yellow to vivid orangeyeastGray to brown to black colonyfilling a Petri dish in 2 to 3 days.Similar to
spp.White to tan yeast coloniesPowdery, light brown, wrinkledcolony resembling Penicilliumspp. Except for color.Fluffy, white colony resemblesHistoplasma capsulatumMICROSCOPICVIEWDESCRIPTIONSmall, round spores borne in“brush-like” formationsMixture of dark, thick-walled,large hyphal cells and clearspores which seem to be buddingLong, slender yeast cells, usuallybudding, but may appear to formpseudohyphae.
Similar to
spp. except foot-like structures (rhizoids) at base of spore bearing hyphae (see arrows).Spores in sporangium clear,coenocytic hyphae
Typical yeast cells thatreproduce by budding.Resembles Penicillium spp.except spores are larger andform unbranched-chainsLarge, rough-walled spores thatresembles Histoplasmacapsulatum
AIRBORNECONTAMINANTSSPOROBOLOMYCESSTEMPHYLUMSTREPTOMYCESSYNCEPHALASTRUMVERTICILLIUMCULTUREMORPHOLOGYA light tan yeast colony Brown to black, wrinkled fuzzycolonyDry, flat, leathery colony growsclose to the mediumGray to brown to black fluffycolony that may fill a Petri dish ina few days. Similar to Mucor andRhizopus sppPowdery to pinkish brown colonythat looks similar to Penicilliumspp.MICROSCOPICVIEWDESCRIPTIONYeast cells that may form longslender tubes. Reproduces bybuddingHyphae are brown and stronglyseptate: huge multicelledterminal spores that may eitherbe smooth or roughVery fine (1um) branching hyphaethat readily break apartBroad, clear, nonseptate hyphae,spores in many slender sac-likestructures (sporangia) adhere to aswelling on the terminal end of hypha.Single-celled elliptical sporesborne in clusters that arearranged in whorls
Cultured on Sabouraud plus 2antibiotics at room temp. for 2-3weeks. Fluffy white colony withslight yellow undersideCultured on Sabouraud mediumplus 2 antibiotics at room temp. for 1-2 weeks. White on top with brightyellow underside.Culture on Sabouraud medium plus2 antibiotcs at room temperature for 3 weeks. Similar to Microsporumcanis but with less pigmentation.Cultured on Sabouraud mediumplus 2 antibiotics for 3 weeks atroom temp. White to intense orangeyellow strains; often sectorsCultured on Sabouraud mediumplus 2 antibiotics for 5-10 days atroom temp. Grows rapidly,producing a cinnamon to browncolored flat colony.Cultured on Sabouraud mediumplus 2 antibiotics at room temp. for 1-3 weeks. White to buff surface:bottom often yellow red brown.Cultured on Sabouraud mediumplus 2 antibiotics for 1-2 weeks atroom temp. Cottony white surface,may develop pink to tan coloration;bottom often colorless to yellow.
No distinguishing spores will notgrow on riceHighly diagnostic large, thick-walled, rough spores containingmore than 6 septa.Large spores similar toMicrosporum canis but distortedand bent in shape.No distinguishing spores.Prominent septa, giving term“bamboo hyphae”.Numerous, characteristic, Largespore; thin-walled, pointed endswith 2-5 septa.Egg-shaped, thin- walled; largespores with 1-3 septaHuge, long, thick rough- walledspores with more than 8 septa.

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