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Friday, March 16, 2012 [Culture Issue]

Friday, March 16, 2012 [Culture Issue]

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Published by uwogazette

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Published by: uwogazette on Mar 16, 2012
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March 16, 2012
 Solution to puzzle on page 10
 Custom Clothing &Promotional Products
 Room 267, UCC purpledoor@uwo.ca  www.usc.uwo.ca/purpledoor
2 •
• Friday, March 16, 2012
Crossword By Eugene sheffe
The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands or another. I you thinkthat X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and wordsusing an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error.© 2002 by Kings Features Syndicate, Inc.
 Room 267, U.C.C.
Richmond and Towerattract the oh-so-elusivestudent audience tothe theatre
Stephanie Buchy turnsher passion for paperinto profit
Tips and tricks tomaximize your studentliving space
You submitted it,we published it
Fatty acids mayimprove brain function
One of our editorstries hot yoga for thefirst time
Your food needs,all on one page
Local group receivespraise for latest album
Cover by Nyssa KuwaharaThanks to our cover modelsSean Addison, Rafael Avila,Bryn McDonnell and Kristen Turner
Volume 105, Issue 86www.westerngazette.ca
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• Friday, March 16, 2012
• 3
“Theatre really does have the po-tential to be kick-ass, to be just asgood as any other entertainment[students] want to go see—it’s justthey don’t know it,” Markus Liik,ounding partner o Richmondand Tower Productions, sayswhen asked about the potentialor students to become theatre-goers.He explains many studentsthink o theatre as something thatis “not their thing.” He notes manyhad seen a show that simply didnot appeal to them, or showsthat were more narcissistic thanentertaining.“There needs to be a ocus onmaking it entertaining and mak-ing it relevant,” Liik says.He says when the companydecides on a production, theylook or shows with a great hookto attract students. For example,the company’s most recent show,
, eatured a proessor-student relationship.“For the all one that we do, themore well-known the play is, themore audience we can pull in,” JoDevereux, an English proessorat Western, explains. Devereuxdirects an annual show put on bythe English department wherestudents can get involved orcredit. She says it was up to thestudents in the course to promotethe show. She also explains sev-eral proessors would include theplay in their syllabi, which encour-aged students to go see it.According to Liik, when Rich-mond and Tower chooses shows,they look at how to market themas well—including having a slicksocial media campaign. Theircampaigns eature trailers and en-courage their crews to eature theshows on their Facebook proiles.“What you really need to do ishave a network on campus,” heexplains, noting no other compa-nies in London have that advan-tage. “We reach out to an audi-ence who wouldn’t go see it.”Liik also says many people areeager to help out. “Lots o people just enjoy getting involved andbeing part o the process.”Devereux explains she neverhas problems attracting crew-members or actors or the shows.“For auditions, we usually getlots,” she says, noting crew volun-teers come rom all over.Liik explains part o the reasonRichmond and Tower was startedwas simply because they oundlocal theatre wasn’t appealing totheir network on campus. “Whatwe ind is, by and large, it takesthe right show. But i you’re doingtheatre through the university,you’re kind o constrained,” heexplains. “We ound we could dowhatever the hell we wanted.”
—Cheryl Stone
The curain rises on suden heare
With the irst London Domes-tic Arrivals Film Festival beingheld this year, students return tothe editing room to prepare orWestern’s student ilm estivals—including the Ivey Film Festival.“This is the ourth year [it hasbeen run]—this has been ourlagship event every year,” saysMatt Boswick, president o theentertainment business club atthe Richard Ivey School o Busi-ness. “The goal o the club is topromote the entertainment indus-try and give [students] the op-portunity to get involved in thatindustry, because there are notas many opportunities to get intothe entertainment industry.”Boswick, who was head omarketing or the previous IveyFilm Festival, observes an in-creased involvement within thestudent body as well as with com-panies. The estival has expandedto include more judges to relectthe increasing participation andrecognition.“It’s a little bit dierent than[the other ilm estivals in London]because it’s completely ree oranyone to come,” Boswick says.“Because o the sponsorship romthese companies, we are able topromote it or students who cancome and see all these ilms orree. It gives students the oppor-tunities to network with peoplerom these companies who cometo judge.”Among the judges is DarinBristow, a producer or Corus En-tertainment in Toronto. Bristowwas impressed with the quality othe ilms screened at the estivaland has been a judge at the esti-val since the irst Ivey Film Festi-val our years ago.“[The estival has] grown interms o entries—the quality wasthere since the very beginning.When I was asked to come be a judge [the irst time], I was blownaway with the quality o the ilms,”Bristow says.“Ivey Film Festivals are simi-larly antastic opportunities orstudents to show o their ilm-making prowess and get someexposure,” says Josh Litman, astudent ilmmaker who submit-ted two ilms to the estival lastyear and won Best Comedy or hiscomedy ilm
Death by Hot Wings
.This year, Litman is submittingtwo o his own ilms, as well asparticipating in three others.“Taking into account the sheernumber o ilms the Ivey Festivalhas to deal with, and the act thatit’s completely ree to submit andattend, it’s a antastic opportu-nity,” Litman concludes.
The Ivey Film Festival will be screening films on March 21 in room 1R40 o the Ivey Build-ing. Submissions to the estival are due Sunday, March 18 by midnight.
—Brent Holmes
Ivey hoss a esivalo opporuniies
Courtesy of Markus Liik 

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