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External Observations Form

External Observations Form

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Published by Jessica Christine

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Published by: Jessica Christine on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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External Observations
Describe the school and what was observed (activities, teaching methods, etc.)My observation was at Northview Middle School was in the classroom of Amy Miller. I observed and helped in her Algebra classes on April 19 as they reviewed for arecycle test. I chose to do my first observation in the same school as I am studentteaching to start to steal ideas from other teachers that I know and respect.The Algebra Classes in our school get the chance to take the test twice a couple of  weeks apart. The day I as observing they were preparing for the 2nd time students would take the test. Mrs. Miller started by reviewing the old test and letting studentsknow how the tests would differ. Each student got to see their old test and compare theiranswers to the correct ones. This gave students the chance to see what problems andmistakes they had made the previous time and try to fix those. After reviewing the old test, Mrs. Miller handed out a review worksheet. For thistest there were three formulas students would need to use. Students had to go throughthe worksheet and identify which formula to use and write this down and get itapproved by either myself or Mrs. Miller before they could start to solve. I really likedthis idea. By checking them, students did not have to do unnecessary work and we madesure that they knew what formula applied to what situation. Once they had our initialsdown, students could work on the problems. This gave us the opportunity to work withstudents who may need more help.Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and got great ideas about how studentscan work together and with the teacher in a relaxed setting. Students stayed engagedand got the work done, but were able to enjoy working with groups and partners. Ienjoyed watching her relationships with the students and hope to be able to do the same when I am a full time teacher.
Teacher Signature: Date: School and Grade Level: _
Amy Miller
 ________ April 19, 2012 Northview Middle School, 9
External Observations
Describe the school and what was observed (activities, teaching methods, etc.)
My observation at Waukee Middle School provided a lot of great insight. I helpedin 6
grade Pre-Algebra classes taught by Jon Nost. These students are some of the mostadvanced for their age group and thus were able to work very independently. Mr. Nostgave a short period of direct instruction and the rest of the class was followed withcollaborative learning and guided instruction. Students were able to mainly learn by themselves or with small groups to master the material.I also learned much about how Waukee assesses. Students and the teacher decidetogether when they will test. This allows them to determine when they are ready and feelconfident in the material. This means all students may not assess at the same time, it is when the student is ready. Waukee also does standard based grading. This means each standard is assessed by a rubric for each student. The teachers created a rubric detailing what criteria eachstudent must meet to be at the level of beginning, developing, satisfactory, or exceedexpectations for each standard. When students assess their understanding is evaluated based off the rubric.These ideas are all things I want to implement in my class. Standards basedgrading is something that takes a lot of work but also that can be valuable andeliminates point counting. I also loved how much independent learning happened.Students knew the routine and expectations and worked together to solve problems.This would not work in all classes but with students at a high level, standards basedgrading would be amazing.
Teacher Signature: Date: School and Grade Level:
Jon Nost
April 24, 2012 Waukee Middle School, 6

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